The End Time Prophet: Understanding God’s Interpreters

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As humans, we feel more comfortable communicating with our own kind than we do trying to talk to some other kind of being.  When it becomes necessary to try and figure out what’s going on in the mind of some non-human, we often try to find another human who can act as a skilled interpreter for that other non-human being.  This is what you’re doing when your pet dog is acting strange and you take him to a veterinarian.  You believe that the vet has a better understanding of dogs than you do, and you’re hoping that he can help you make some sense out of your pet’s odd behavior.  The vet listens to you describe how Scruffy has been stealing articles of clothes out of your laundry basket and dragging them into his doggy bed each night.  You’re so exasperated by Scruffy’s behavior that you’re ready to ring his furry neck.  But when the vet gives you his interpretation of Scruffy’s thieving, suddenly your attitude changes.  The vet says that Scruffy is emotionally bonded to you and wants to be near you all the time.  When you send him off to bed and close the door of your bedroom each night, it makes him feel stressed to be separated from you.  So he finds something with your scent on it—like a piece of clothing that you recently wore—and takes it to his doggy bed so he can feel like he’s in your presence when he sleeps. 

Now when you first dragged Scruffy into the vet’s office, you were viewing him as a rebellious little punk who was dangerously close to being dropped off at an animal shelter.  But when you hear the vet’s interpretation of Scruffy’s behavior, your anger vanishes and you look fondly down at your pet.  When you get home, you give him a treat and lots of petting.  That night, you leave the door of your bedroom open and Scruffy happily sleeps on the floor near you.  His thievery stops, and your view of him remains far more positive than it was before you got help from the vet.  This is how helpful an interpreter of non-human behavior can be.

Now as nice as it is to get help with our pets, it’s far more important that we get help with understanding our Creators.  The three Gods who brought humans into existence are not humans Themselves—instead, They are an entirely different kind of Being who we find no parallel to in this world.  Most humans find it difficult to interpret God’s actions.  Most humans have no confidence about identifying when God is speaking to their souls.  Given this situation, it would be quite handy for us if God were to pick some humans to act as His interpreters now and then—especially when He’s doing something that really upsets us.  So does He?  Yes.  But not as often as we think.

Whenever humans are looking for help, there is an opportunity for someone to come along and scam them.  Let’s go back to our vet analogy.  The man you turned to for help interpreting your dog’s behavior could have really known what he was talking about, or he could have just been making up a yarn to get money from you.  In the world today, a lot of people are financially profiting off of lying to frustrated pet owners.  It can take time to figure out if an “expert” really knows what he’s talking about.  Meanwhile, folks who go around waving titles and degrees can sound quite impressive and convincing.  Well, the same is true in the world of God interpreters.  Pastors, prophets, shamans, mediums, intercessors, deliverance ministers—the list of titles that are used in this field goes on and on.  The problem is that the vast majority of folks who claim to be reliable God interpreters are just scamming you.  They don’t really know what they’re talking about, they’re just making stuff up.  They’re not any better than you are at discerning when God is speaking, and that means they can’t give you any real help.

Now if you’ve been reading our end time material, then it should be getting obvious to you that this final chapter of human history on Earth is going to have many unique aspects to it.  It’s going to be frightening and chaotic and confusing.  It’s going to be a time when we could all really use God to help us out by picking some human who He is willing to talk to us through.  Happily for us, this is exactly what He will do. The individual we refer to as the end time prophet will be functioning as a God interpreter.  This person will occasionally pass on instructions, explanations and guidance from God to the world using a communication style that humans can easily understand.  But before you get too excited about this, you need to understand how real prophecy works.  You see, the most of the examples of prophecy that you come across on the internet or in whatever religion you’re currently playing with aren’t the real deal.  Islam’s famed Muhammad was not a legitimate prophet, because he was not passing on information from the real Gods.  Those clowns who yammer on in each new addition of The Watchtower—a publication that  Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught to never question and always believe—are really just a bunch of delusional blowhards.  The Catholic pope is another self-proclaimed God interpreter who is really just using God as an excuse to promote his own agenda.  These bloated egos who have set up shrines to themselves on the internet, claiming to be anointed seers while they pump out a bunch of vague, circular nonsense, are really just talking to hear themselves.  Deliverance ministers who tell you that every problem you have is a sign that you’re possessed by demons and cult leaders who randomly go into physical fits which they want you to interpret as evidence that they are “spirit filled” are also just a bunch of sleazy con artists.  You see, it’s very rare to find someone who is legitimately and accurately speaking for God.  But why is this?  Well, there are several reasons.

When you took your dog to the vet, there was a mutual understanding that if you paid the man money, he’d give you some help with a problem of your choosing.  Well, when you’re dealing with God, the rules are very different.  For starters, God can’t be bought, nor does He perform on cue.  This means that you can’t make God address your problem just by sending a fat check off to some charity or by slaving in some ministry effort that you think He’s a fan of.  Trying to schmooze someone who you think might be a God interpreter is not only ineffective in making God talk to you, but it’s a good way to get God ticked at you.  You see, God takes a very dim view of humans who try to profit socially or financially from their association with Him.  The fact that God selects you to be one of His interpreters does not make you better than human, nor does it give you any grounds for demanding that humans grovel to you, worship you, or treat you as a replacement for God in their lives.  A God interpreter who is doing the job right will not try to downplay the vast difference between God and himself, nor will he encourage you to accept his interpretation of God as good enough.  Even when a prophet knows that he is accurately speaking some message from God, he will tell you to get your own confirmation from God before you act on the information.  You see, prophets who are obeying God are not invested in getting you to believe them, nor are they interested in trying to wedge themselves between you and God.  Their focus is on pleasing God with how they handle the assignments He gives them.  Your opinion of their work is irrelevant, because you are not the one they are serving.  Prophets who actually know God better than you do will be very put off by your attempts to glorify them because of their spiritual connections.  Since humans are very prone to exalting those who are well-connected with God, prophets who are doing the job right distance themselves from people and the idolatrous attitude that comes with them.  This results in God’s authorized interpreters intentionally remaining in the background, while the posers work hard to stay in your face.

Once you understand how real prophets behave, you will gain a deeper appreciation for what a bizarre exception the end time prophet will be to the normal behavior of real prophets. This will be the first time any of us have seen a legitimate God interpreter holding the attention of the entire world.  There will be a global obsession with trying to understand this person better and with figuring out how people might take advantage of this person’s connections with God.  At some point, the government of your nation will start investing serious resources towards these two goals, both publicly and secretly.  The hope will be that if the end time prophet can be understood, he (or she) can be controlled and ultimately stopped.  So what should you think of this agenda?  If you’re in law enforcement and your government assigns you the task of getting information out of the end time prophet through any means necessary, before you act like a brainless automaton, think about exactly what it is you’re trying to do.  This person will be feared and hated because of the miracles God is doing through and around him.  Are you really going to stop God from tearing up the place by hassling His prophet?  No, because God is impossible to threaten or intimidate.  Unlike a human terrorist, who you might get to stop doing whatever he’s doing by threatening to harm the humans he personally cares about, you really can’t stop God from attacking people by harming His designated interpreters.

Now the belief that it is possible to silence God by silencing His interpreters is one that humans have been clinging to for thousands of years.  Down through the ages, countless individuals who were believed to be speaking for God have been murdered by those who felt threatened by the things God was saying.  How has this worked out for us?  Have we ever succeeded in silencing, weakening, or driving God away by snuffing out those who claim to be His interpreters?  Not hardly.  When the end times begin, we will not find ourselves contending with some crippled, struggling Deity who is still mourning the loss of His human besties.  Instead, we will find ourselves dealing with a terrifying Being with immeasurable power who is going to persist in systematically dismantling our world regardless of who we arrest, torture, or kill.  Instead of providing His faithful followers with a shield of protection, we will see this God mowing down His fans right alongside those who openly despise Him.  There will only be one glaring exception to this rule: the end time prophet.  While humans are getting killed by the thousands, there will be countless attempts to slaughter God’s end time interpreter.  You will hear it reported many times that efforts to kill the end time prophet have been successful, and yet this person will always resurface.  You see, it is God who decides who lives and who dies, not us.  When you see God associating Himself with someone as publicly as He will be with His end time prophet, you would be wise to sincerely seek God’s direction before you attempt to interact with His human representative.

Gaining a better understanding of how real prophecy works can help you steer clear of many bad choices.  For example, suppose you read in the news that the end time prophet has just obliterated the school that your children attend.  With both of your children now buried in a pile of rubble, you are going to be very upset.  Suppose you should then happen to encounter the end time prophet face to face on a street a short time later.  You naturally want an explanation for why God did this terrible thing, so why not try to throttle an explanation out of His interpreter?  Is it true that prophets have the ability to read God’s mind whenever they want to?  No, this is a complete crock.  Despite what many self-anointed egos are claiming online, real prophets don’t posses a comprehensive understanding of why God does what He does.  Real prophets can only relay messages from God to you when God tells them to do so.  But when God isn’t giving the prophet anything to say, the prophet isn’t going to have anything useful to tell you.  Think about what this means.  If God can’t be pressured into speaking when you want Him to, then what can you hope to gain by hassling His interpreter?  If the prophet just makes something up to get you off his case, will you have gained any useful information?  No, you’ll just have a bunch of hooey.  That’s the best case scenario—the worst is that God comes after you for the way you’re treating His guy.

Let’s now talk about another kind of situation that you could find yourself in during the end times.  Suppose someone you love gets badly injured during some destructive miracle that God did.  Your person is really suffering in some overcrowded emergency shelter.  There isn’t nearly enough medication or medical personnel to go around.  You’re so upset one night that you go outside and find some lonely dark alley to stand in.  You’re praying for God to please have mercy and heal your loved one when you look up and see the end time prophet walking down the alley towards you.  Here’s a thought: why not ask the prophet to pray for your loved one?  Better yet, why not ask him to lay his hands on your person and heal them?  After all, isn’t this how it works when someone has special hookups to God?  No, it’s really not.  Despite what self-promoted healers want you to believe, no human has the ability to control the flow of God’s power.  Though your eyes will think they see hardcore evidence that the end time prophet possesses a ton of supernatural power, this will simply not be true.  It is going to be God’s power at work in and around this person, so when you want God to use His power in a certain way, He’s the One you need to go to.

Asking God’s prophet to relay some message to God on your behalf is only going to get you into trouble with God.  You see, when you ask the prophet to pray for you, you’re really asking the prophet to side with you against God.  Think about it.  God is very precise and purposeful in what He does.  Your person didn’t become ill by accident or because God made a mistake.  God is not limited like you are.  He’s not so busy dealing with other problems that He’s forgotten all about your situation.  The end time prophet is not going to be a spiritual infant who doesn’t understand the basics about how God works.  This person will be very aware of the fact that God has intentionally downed your loved one, and since the prophet’s loyalties will be with God, he is not going to be willing to insult God by treating His actions like some bad error in judgment which needs to be corrected.

Now let’s be clear about this issue of praying in times of crisis.  Going directly to God when you are upset about what He’s doing is the best thing for your soul.  Of course you’re going to want God to protect, heal, and resurrect the people you care about who get harmed by something He does.  There’s nothing wrong with expressing your honest feelings to God as long as you do so in a respectful manner.  God is not going to be upset with you for asking Him to undo some damage He’s done, as long as you’re willing to take “no” for an answer.  As long as we’re willing to accept God’s refusal to do what we want, we’re not trying to act like His superiors.  We only get in trouble when we start demanding that God do as we say, or when we start trying to find ways of pressuring Him into yielding to us.  Turning to someone who you think is extra close to God and asking that person to put in some word for you is just a cheap manipulation tactic.

Don’t fall into the common trap of assuming that popularity is evidence of correctness.  Among Christians it is enormously popular to try to pressure God into obeying humans using a variety of lame tactics.  The next time you see Christians sounding the call for prayer support, you need to recognize that as the disrespectful, domineering behavior that it is.  The sad truth is that most of the folks in this world who claim to be loyal to the three real Gods are abysmal examples of how to treat those Gods with respect.  The common Christian approach to prayer is built on the absolute lie that God will succumb to the same sort of manipulation tactics that work on humans.  The reason Christians are constantly trying to get more people to join them in nagging God about the same issue is that they think they can wear Him down and/or intimidate Him into doing what they want if they just get enough humans to gang up on Him at the same time. If praying in groups isn’t working, then it’s only a matter of time until some irreverent halfwit suggests that everyone start fasting as well.  What makes us think that God will stop being annoyed by bratty behavior as long as the brats are skipping meals or going without their morning shots of coffee?  What makes us assume that God will find our emotional tantrums more persuasive than a calm, sober request?  How dumb is it to assume that God is impressed with the same social ranks that we are, therefore He’ll be more prone to listen to some title bearing “pastor” or to some successful evangelist than He will to some nobody?

God is not a human, He doesn’t think like a human, and He is completely unaffected by human manipulation tactics.  If you can succeed at really getting a grip on these basic facts, you will stop trying to treat God as idiotically as most Christians do.  Improving your treatment of God in this world will greatly improve your experience of Him in the next world, so it is in your own best interests to sincerely seek His help in this area.  Ask Him to educate you on what it means to treat Him with respect and don’t even think about trying to get His end time prophet to play the role of your spiritual ambassador.

Now because most people aren’t going to bother listening to or seriously thinking about the end time instruction we’re posting, there will be many people who make an attempt at trying to use the end time prophet as a leveraging tool with God.  You will see online videos of people who tried to publicly attack or worship the end time prophet only to have terrible things happen to them.  Imagine some woman rushing up to the prophet shouting praises and applauding wildly after the prophet appears to miraculously restore some devastated city street.  Not every miracle God does in the end times will be destructive—there will be some very positive miracles as well.  It is the positive ones that will inspire prophet worship, and of course those gushing over the prophet will be hoping to buy some shielding from future attacks.  And yet imagine how terrifying it will be when our applauding woman suddenly feels her hands detach from her wrists and fall onto the ground.  Now she has a pair of bleeding stumps and she’s screaming in terror as the blood gushes out.  The prophet is standing there with a rather indifferent look on his face.  So much for gaining leverage with God.

Now imagine a gang of police officers who have surrounded the prophet and are trying to beat the life out of him with their heavy batons.  It certainly looks like they have the upper hand when suddenly the torso of every officer detaches from his body at the waist and falls to the ground separate from his legs.  It’s as if some invisible saw has just sliced through every man with surgical precision.  The men are all dead in minutes, lying in a very nasty pool of their own innards.

Now we aren’t making these examples up just to be gross or dramatic.  The events we just described are things which will actually occur.  God is going to retaliate in some very frightening, graphic, and vicious ways towards those who try to use His prophet as a tool for manipulating Him.  In the case of the applauding woman who lost her hands, a human was inappropriately exalting God’s prophet in hopes of getting God to do her special favors in the future.  In the case of the gang of officers, men were trying to stop God from doing further damage to their country by taking out His representative.  In both cases, humans were trying to use God’s prophet as a means of controlling God.  This is what you need to avoid doing.  If you learn this lesson now, you’ll spare yourself a lot of grief.  God won’t always be killing those who insult Him by the way they treat His prophet.  We all know that there are many fates worse than death that can happen to humans, and God will be using a wide range of retaliatory responses to curb people’s treatment of His chosen interpreter.

As we said earlier, understanding how the prophetic calling actually works can help you make much wiser decisions in the future.  When you are clinging to the delusion that God’s prophets can turn God’s Voice or power on and off like a faucet, then it can seem impossible to resist asking such prophets to make God do something for you.  But once you break free of the absurd theory that any created beings can dominate their own Creators, then you will stop feeling tempted to ask the end time prophet to pray for you or do miracles for you because you’ll realize this person simply doesn’t have the power he will appear to have.

God speaks when He wants to speak, and no dot of a human can decide for God when that will be.  God helps, heals, and destroys according to His agenda, not ours.  If you want to progress in your own relationship with God, you need to deal with Him directly, not look for human allies who can influence Him on your behalf.

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