Respecting the Difference Between God & His Prophets

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Because the Church today has made a complete mockery out of the prophetic calling, few Christians understand how it really works.  You see, there’s an enormous difference between calling yourself a prophet and having God call you one.  Suppose you decide to take a tour through Europe just because you want to.  Since the whole trip is your idea, where you decide to go and what you decide to do will entirely depend on what you feel like doing.  You’ll be your own tour guide, and when problems arise, you’ll resolve them however seems best to you.  This is what it’s like for the vast majority of the folks who are claiming to be speaking for and serving the Christian God today.  They’re just saying and doing whatever they want, and then they slap His Name on it. When problems arise in their self-made ministries, they resolve them however seems best to them.  They don’t really care about what He wants, but they do expect Him to bless anything they do in His Name, even though He never approved of it.

Now let’s start that trip through Europe over again, only this time, it’s not your idea to go on the trip at all.  This time you’ve got a gang of burly men who are heavily armed ordering you to do exactly as they say or else.  You don’t end up in Italy because you want to: you go there because you know horrible things are going to be done to you if you don’t.  As you get escorted through Germany, France, and Switzerland at gunpoint, you only dare to talk to people who you’re told to talk to, and when problems arise, you are told what to do about them.  In this second analogy, you’re not on vacation:  you’re a hostage who no one can rescue.  This is what the real prophetic calling is like.  It’s not a joyride.  It’s a hostage situation, only your Captors happen to be the Creators of everything that exists.  Being killed by Them is the least of your worries, because these Beings have the power to keep you alive in a state of agony that your tiny mind can’t even begin to imagine.

Now we—the folks who run The Pursuit of God site—are real prophets.  Never in a million years did we think we’d be in this position with God.  But when God suddenly commands you to communicate some message for Him, then if you have any ounce of wisdom, you do what He says.  You simply don’t lip off to the God who came up with Hell.  Now as we explained with our hostage analogy, when you’re a real prophet, you have no say about what kinds of things God is going to order you to say.  A lot of people find our material extremely offensive.  A lot of people think our delivery style is too harsh and condescending at times.  When your brother in Christ expresses some beef with you, there is a strong expectation that you make some adjustment to please him.  Well, when we’re not prophesying and we say something that offends someone, we are very quick to apologize.  We really don’t go through our daily lives talking to people the way we talk on this website.  But when God has a gun to our heads, and He’s ordering us to say something with a specific tone, then you come along and complain that we’ve offended you, is pleasing you going to matter more to us than pleasing Him?  Not even close.  As much as we understand why people get offended by what we say, we will not apologize for obeying God, nor will we run the risk of His wrath exploding at us because some of our readers have ruffled pride.  You see, when you’re the real deal and you’re not just talking to hear yourself, you are not in control of the situation.  Compared to God, we have the authority and power of carpet lint.  So if you have a beef with something He’s making us do, take it up with Him.  Yammering at us won’t get you anywhere because you simply don’t threaten us, whereas He absolutely terrifies us.  The fear of the Lord is a real thing, not some Christian catchphrase, and if you’re going to survive the prophetic calling, you’d better have a boatload of reverence.

Now some prophets are one hit wonders: God orders them to speak for Him on one or two occasions, then He leaves them alone.  Other folks end up as what we call “career prophets”, meaning that God locks them in for the long haul and pretty much trashes any dream of a “normal” life that they might have had.  We are career prophets.  We’re going to be serving God in this capacity until He kills us off.  It doesn’t mean we’ll always be posting things on a website, because God likes to use a variety of delivery styles. But we know that this calling has no earthly expiration date for us, and that’s just the way it is.  None of us get to decide for God how we’re going to serve Him—at least not if we’re going to have any hope of pleasing Him.  When you’re God’s slave—which all humans are—then the only way you’re going to please your Master is by doing what He tells you to do.  You see, there really is no glory for humans in serving God.  As Jesus said in His Parable of the Unworthy Servant, no amount of slaving for God will ever earn us the status of His equals.  We will always be His slaves, and nothing we do will ever shrink the gap between Him and us.  If you listen to power hogs like the apostle Paul, you’ll spend your life lusting after glory that God is never going to give you and expecting to get some fat promotion in Heaven for the troubles you endured down here.  But if you listen to Jesus, you’re going to embrace your place as a slave who can never succeed at doing more than the very least that you ought to do.  This is how things really work: God is the only glorious One.

Now because it so rare for any Christian to understand the principles we’ve explained so far, as soon as people hear us refer to ourselves as prophets, they figure we’re just like the self-titled fatheads who they’re so used to seeing strutting around the Church, and then they try to approach us on that basis.  Because false prophets are in it for the glory, they welcome your worship.  Try to give us your worship, and we’ll blast you with hostility.  We want nothing to do  with your soul admiration, and as a Christian, how dare you give to humans what only God is worthy of?  Would you build a billion dollar mansion for a bunch of fleas to live in?  Would you take your dog to dine in a five star restaurant?  When you worship humans, you are royally offending your Creators.  And since the Gods who you are so grossly disrespecting are the Gods we’re serving, don’t come around us with that idolatrous garbage.

So why are we taking the time to explain to you how the real prophetic calling works?  It’s not for our sake, but yours.  Education is critical to improving the way you treat God, and there are right and wrong ways to interact with humans who God is speaking through.  One very common trap that you don’t want to fall into is confusing prophets with God Himself.  Legitimate prophets of God are not His equals, they’re His hostages.  They do not tell God when to speak, He tells them.

Now and then we get someone talking to us as if we are God’s puppeteers—like we can make Him speak on cue.  When you try to use God’s prophets this way, you only end up in trouble with God Himself.  He’s not hiding in some cave that only we know the way to.  He’s right there, taking note of how much you’re disrespecting Him when you try to get us to give you some “word.”  If you want a word from God, you need to talk to Him yourself.  Sure, God will sometimes speak to you through another human.  But He should always be the first One you go to, not a human.

Another important principle to bear in mind is that God responds to you based on your soul attitude towards Him.  What this means is that if you are giving God a bunch of attitude, you’re an idiot to think any real prophet of His is going to smile on you.  Because real prophets get their messages from God, if you’re being a punk to God, you can expect harsh answers from His prophets—if they talk to you at all, that is.  In our time running this online website, many folks have sidled up to us, trying to get us to give them some word that is totally opposite to what God is already saying to their souls.  People do this with prophets because they like to pretend that getting a prophet to counter God will somehow make God’s convictions null and void.  Well, no, it really doesn’t work like that.  A thousand prophets can tell you that God thinks you’re amazing, and that won’t have any impact on how God actually feels about you.  If you’re refusing to submit to Him as the Supreme Authority that He is, He’ll be chucking you into Hell when you die, no matter how many humans are singing your praises.

As we explained earlier, legitimate prophets are hard to come by, and among those who are truly authorized by God to speak, only a few of them are putting their hearts into obeying Him.  What this means for you is that you shouldn’t be putting any stock in a message some prophet speaks until you receive personal confirmation from God that He was indeed the Source of that message.  With most prophetic messages being complete hooey, you would be a fool to assume some prophet is accurately speaking for God.  As we often tell you, no created being can stand in for God in your life. If you insist on treating humans as your idols in life, God will make sure your false gods lead you terribly astray.

Let’s review.  Real prophets of God do not control His mouth, His actions, His moods, or anything else.  Real prophets of God are just humans who have been ordered to speak certain messages from God.  If they refuse to do so, they get in line for horrible consequences. If they do obey God, they are very likely to end up shunned by humans, since much of what God chooses to say through His prophets tends to grate on human pride.

Trying to use God’s prophets as a substitute for Him in your life will only get you into trouble with Him.  God’s prophets cannot influence how God views you, they can’t help you go around Him, and they have no control over the messages He assigns them.  The only time you should take a prophetic word seriously is when God confirms to you that He is the Author of that message. At that point, the prophet who spoke the message becomes irrelevant: it is God Himself who you are defying if you refuse to align with whatever He’s told you.

Since God is the One telling His prophets what to say, how God communicates to you through one of His prophets will align with what He’s already telling you in your soul.  So if you’re being a spiritual brat, you will not be able to find a real prophet of God who will affirm your behavior, and trying to do so is only going to get you into great trouble with God.

Real prophets who are obeying God will despise your worship, they will not try to profit off of the messages they give, they won’t charge you to gain access to what God says, and they won’t let any human shape the messages they deliver.  This calling is not a fun game, it is a hostage situation. You do it right, or you suffer the consequences: there is no third option.

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