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Recovering from the Distress of Witnessing Demonic Possession

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Witnessing someone having a demon-induced fit is an extremely upsetting experience.  Once the horror show is over, you will naturally have many questions about what happened and what it all means.  Questioning is a very good thing—it’s how you move forward in your understanding of truth.  The tricky bit is getting solid answers.

Among Christians, it’s very difficult to find accurate teaching about demons.  Both in and outside of the Bible, you’ll find the power of demons being grossly exaggerated, while the advice being given for how you ought to deal with demons is utterly useless.  The apostle Paul would have you view yourself as having to duke it out with legions of supernatural superpowers while he urges you to suit up in some fictitious “spiritual armor.”  On the subject of demons, Paul was a moron.  Meanwhile, you have Peter encouraging you to view Satan as some prowling lion just waiting for his chance to devour you.  Now there’s a nice image to help you stay calm and relaxed.  And of course Peter is being a dingdong, because Satan really doesn’t have the power to devour you or any other human.  And when the apostle John claims that the devil rules the world, well, that’s your cue that John also has no clue what he’s talking about.

Once you realize that New Testament Jews had more awe of demons than they did of God, you can start to understand why Jesus intentionally fibs so much on the subject of demons in the Gospel books.  All of Jesus’ famous instructions for how to drive demons out of people—that guff about praying and fasting—it’s all complete hooey.  Demons are utterly unaffected by what words you’re yammering to God, and they couldn’t care less about the contents of your stomach.  As for things like rebuking, holy water, crosses, and Bibles: they’re only good for laughs.  You’re merely entertaining demons when you start in with the exorcist toys and pre-written prayers.  None of it does anything to help the situation or intimidate your supernatural antagonists.

If you really want the truth about demons, here it is: you are powerless against them.  Before you consider this a source of panic, let’s get some perspective.  How many earthly creatures are you really a match for?  Isn’t it true that some tiny mosquito could take you down by injecting you with some nasty virus?  Isn’t it true that you’d make a nice lunch for billions of animals on this planet?  If you can’t even stand up against a swarm of hornets, and if you can’t even tell when your body is being attacked by lethal bacteria, then how is it a surprise to learn that you’re no match for demons?

The incredibly arrogant delusion that humans can send malicious spirits packing is something you’re taught by spiritual morons.  You aren’t born subscribing to such an idiotic theory—instead, it gets pounded into you over the years by folks who claim to know what they’re talking about.   Until you have reason to doubt these fatheaded fools, you believe them, and that sets you up for quite the nasty shock when you actually start trying to deal with demons yourself.  When you’re finally forced to admit that they don’t seem to be the least affected by your biblical approach to combatting them, you end up having to question the wisdom of that biblical advice you’ve been taught to cling to.  This is a very good thing, because the Bible really isn’t a useful source of information on the subject of demons.  It’s a very useful source of information on how spiritually dark New Testament Israel was, and it gives us many helpful insights on how God works with people who are begging Him for help while they simultaneously reject any truth that offends their egos.  But when it comes to helping you deal with real life encounters with demons, the Bible is pretty useless.

Now the purpose of this post is to help stressed out witnesses of demonic attacks get real answers to their questions.  Getting an accurate understanding of what you saw and getting help with drawing the right implications from the whole experience will go a long way towards helping you recover from the terror that these things so often cause.  When we listen to God, we end up feeling calmer and hopeful.  When we listen to delusional humans, our fear continues to increase.  So let’s now work our way through a list of questions that you might be asking.


Demonic possession is a very real thing, but that doesn’t mean what you saw was the real deal.  There are some rather reliable indicators though, which we’ll now talk you through.

Let’s start with the source.  If you were watching a video of someone being possessed, it is very likely the whole thing was staged.  If what you saw occurred during some kind of public event which was pre-planned on someone’s part—such as a church service or a conference starring some famous Christian ego—then it’s very likely that what you saw was staged.  You see, real incidents of demonic possession can’t be anticipated or scheduled.  They happen without warning, and humans are then left scrambling to try and deal with it.  But because these events can be highly dramatic, they make for great television, and today you can find reams of fakers flooding the internet with staged shows.

Observing the general panic level is a great way to sort out if you’re dealing with something real or rehearsed.  If there was one human or a group of humans leading the efforts to exorcise the demons, how did they behave?  How calm were they?  Calm leaders are very good indications that you’re dealing with a pre-rehearsed show.  Another good indicator is when the demons act submissively towards the exorcists.  In the scene you observed, did the resident demons seem intimidated by what the exorcist was praying or waving?  If so, you were likely being scammed.  But if it seemed to you that efforts to drive the demons out were having no impact, and if the whole thing creeped you out, then it’s far more likely you were witnessing a true case of possession.

Let’s talk about the creep factor for a moment.  In staged possession showdowns, all of the fits and hysteria are just an act.  Because the actor is acting so bizarre, you’ll feel uncomfortable watching them, just as you’d feel uncomfortable watching a man trying to eat his own foot.  Abnormal human behavior always disturbs the audience, but when demons actually get involved, the fear factor leaps up to a whole new level.  Why is this?  Well, suppose you are walking along in a park when suddenly a huge wolf springs out of some bushes and starts snarling viciously at you.  Why does your heart suddenly start racing at the sight of the beast?  Why does terror rip through you?  The reason is that your mind has just made a very swift assessment of the wolf’s potential to harm you and it has concluded that you have no reliable defenses.  If you run, you’ll likely get attacked from behind.  If you just stand there, rigid with fear, you’ll likely get attacked from the front.  And when you do get attacked, it’s likely going to be horribly painful and death will not come swiftly.  This is what your mind concludes, and it is that logical conclusion which is causing you to feel such terror.

Now demons are around all of the time, but they usually prefer to mask their presence.  As long as we don’t detect them, we don’t feel afraid of them.  But when they suddenly make their presence known—which often happens in cases of true demonic possession—then our minds fly into threat assessment mode and we swiftly conclude that we are no match for the thing that is currently causing some other human to behave in bizarre ways.  In cases of dramatic possession episodes—where the demon is causing the body of its human host to do things which no human would find pleasant to do—it becomes quite clear that we are in the presence of a very malicious, powerful, human hating creature.  Demons can force our bodies to do things that we can’t make them do, and this makes us feel extremely vulnerable and powerless to defend ourselves.  The terror you feel in the presence of demons is really a fear of being harmed in some hideous way.  Demons hate humans, and they get a lot of sadistic joy out of tormenting us.  So when you fear them, that fear is very reasonable.  You’re not imagining that the creature hates you and everyone else in the room—it really does.  You’re not imagining the danger level—demons could very easily rip you apart.  But don’t just stop reading here, because understanding the power of demons is only half of the picture.  To put them in proper perspective, we need to talk about God’s role in the whole scenario, and we’ll come to that shortly.

Now suppose what you saw was the real deal: some demon really was taking possession of some human’s body.  What exactly is possession?  How much power did the demon have over the human?  It’s helpful to understand these things, so let’s talk about the mechanics of possession.

Suppose a car represents a human’s body, and the engine that’s under the hood of the car represents that human’s soul.  Now let’s have you play the part of a demon who wants to possess the car body.  You walk up to the car and try to get in, but the door is locked.  You don’t have any tools with you, and you have no way of breaking into the car.  So now what?  Well, this just isn’t your lucky day.

The first critical point to understand about possession is that it is not possible at all times.  Demons can’t just go hopping in and out of humans whenever they want.  Instead, we’re all like locked cars to them.  This is true regardless of what your religious beliefs are.  Simply being a Christian doesn’t make your car doors permanently locked, and the fact that you’re not a Christian doesn’t mean all of your doors are hanging open.  It is God who controls whether your car doors are open or not.  Demons don’t control the locking mechanisms, and neither do you (even though it’s your body).

Now let’s have you roleplay the demon again, only this time, when you walk up to the car, you find that the door is unlocked.  Oh, good, now you can make trouble.  You open the door and climb inside.  Okay, now you’re in the cab of the car.  How long are you going to stay there?  Well, it depends on your mood.  Suppose after a few minutes, you find it boring, so you climb back out of the car and walk away.  This is how it works in real cases of possession: demons don’t always just come and park permanently in one human body.  Instead, they often prefer to jump in and out of humans. But remember: they can only get in when the door is unlocked, and that is something God controls.

Let’s go back to you roleplaying the demon.  You’ve climbed in the car, you’ve horsed around for a few minutes, and then you got bored and left.  You go off and do something devilish, and then you decide it might be fun to repossess the car again.  So you walk back over to it and try the door.  Rats, it’s locked again.  Since you can’t have any fun, you kick one of the tires and leave.  A while later, you come back and try the door again.  Oh, good, it’s become unlocked, so now you can get back inside.

This is how it works for demons in real life: they can’t just possess humans anytime they want.  They have limited windows of opportunity.  Just because an opportunity exists, doesn’t mean a demon wants to spend all of his time camping out in a particular body.   Unlike God, demons and angels are limited beings who can only be in one place at a time.  So they don’t want to spend all of their resources parked in one spot.  They like to stay on the move.

Now what happens during an exorcism is that a demon happens to be residing in a body, making a royal mess of things, when a bunch of humans come along and try to make the demon leave.  Let’s have you roleplay the demon again.  There you are, inside the cab of the car.  You’re clawing at the seats, you’re ripping out the radio, and you’re breaking the controls on the steering column. You’re being a general pest when suddenly a bunch of toddlers come running up to the car and shout at you to come out.  When you see them, you laugh.  They start banging on the door with their weak, toddler hands, but you just make faces at them. Then you blare the horn and all the kids jump in fright and some of them start crying.  You find it all hilarious.  The kids don’t threaten you in the least—instead, they’re just adding to your entertainment because you find it so fun to scare them by blaring the horn.  When you then fire up the engine and start chasing the kids around the parking lot, you’re howling with laughter while they’re screaming with terror.

This is how it is for demons when we humans come along and try to oust them from their host body.  It’s a riot for them.  Using their host body to attack other humans in the room is just too much fun.  Demons love putting on a theatrical show and we humans are so easily terrified.

Alright, so now let’s go back to our car metaphor.  There you are: the resident demon who is currently possessing a car.  As you chase screaming kids around, blaring your horn and laughing hysterically, suddenly some invisible force grabs you by the throat and the next thing you know, you’re lying on the pavement in a dazed state.  The car you possessed is several yards away and all of its doors are locked.  Suddenly your fun game is over.

God is the only One with the power to force a demon to leave a human host.  We’ve already explained that demons often leave of their own accord.  But sometimes they get stubborn, and when they are in a stubborn mood at the same time that humans are trying to get rid of them, that’s when all kinds of attention gets focused on the situation.  And since the humans are powerless to oust the demon, it will remain in its host body until God decides to kick it out.  Meanwhile, the presence of other humans who are all focusing on the demon only encourages the demon to act more aggressive and theatrical.  Demons want you to focus on them and fear them, so as long as you’re going to insist on giving them an audience, they are very likely to put on a grand performance.  The point is that all of this fuss we make over possessed people is actually making the whole problem worse.  By giving demons a greater audience to perform in front of, we only encourage them to torment their hosts even more than they otherwise would.  Here’s where you get into multi-hour showdowns in which Christians pray themselves into exhaustion while the possessed person is jerked all over the place by his demon host.  It’s draining for everyone and it only benefits the demon.  But this is what happens when we don’t seek God’s wisdom in these moments.

Now before we leave our car analogy, there’s one more vital point that you need to understand.  Remember that we said the car represents a human’s body while the engine under the hood represents that person’s soul.  As the demon sitting in the car, can you access the engine?  No, you can only play around in the cab of the car.  When you look around for some mechanism that you can use to open the hood, there isn’t one.  You see, demons never possess a human’s soul.  They simply can’t access it.  We’ve already explained that they can’t even access bodies unless God gives them a window of opportunity.  Well, God never gives demons access to anyone’s soul.  This means that there is no such thing as spiritual bondage, nor do demons have the power to prevent any human soul from speaking to God (see Spiritual Bondage: Exposing the Scam).

Now once you understand that demons cannot separate you from God, you can see why being possessed just isn’t the epic spiritual crisis that people make it out to be. The fact that a demon is being given the opportunity to temporarily mess around with your earthsuit does not mean God has abandoned you, it does not mean you’re on your way to Hell, it does not mean that your prayers are going unheard, and it does not mean you are permanently stuck in the clutches of some malicious spirit.  If you want to accurately assess whether God is currently pleased or displeased with you, you need to forget about what demons are currently doing to you and instead consider how much your soul cares about pleasing God.  It is very possible for your soul to be in an excellent place with God even as demons are really messing with your body.   It is very possible to be in a terrible place with God while demons are being kept far away from you.  So you see, focusing too much on what demons are doing is going to lead you to draw some very wrong conclusions.  Humans from all religions tend to draw many false assumptions from observing demonic activity, and this only leads to great confusion.


Here’s another question that you’re probably asking: where was God when a demon was tormenting some human in front of you?  The answer is that God was right there, controlling the whole situation.  You see, our car metaphor was limited, as all metaphors are, and it gave the impression that demons have free rein to do whatever they want to a human once God lets them get inside a body.  This simply isn’t true.  God micromanages these situations, and that means demons are stuck choosing between a very limited menu of options.  Making some human convulse or display superhuman strength or make guttural growls isn’t always on the menu.  When they are in the mood to be theatrical, demons love to team up and pull off coordinated feats.  For example, while Demon A makes human Fred growl and convulse, Demon B throws knives around the room while Demon C lifts up a table so that it will appear to levitate.  The purpose of such theatrics is to freak out humans while demons draw attention to themselves.  But again, God micromanages these situations, and He never lets demons do everything that they’d like.  From the perspective of demons, God is a real killjoy.


Just as it’s deeply disturbing to watch humans torture each other, it’s deeply disturbing to watch demons tormenting a human that they are currently possessing.  So why did God arrange for you to be on the scene and get an eyeful?  What was His point?  Was He just trying to give you nightmares?  No, God does these things to help you, and there is actually a lot you can gain from witnessing a dramatic possession event.

Do you want to grow in a positive relationship with God?  Do you want to gain greater confidence in His love for you?  Do you want to experience deeper peace of soul?  Do you want to get better at staying calm in the midst of upsetting circumstances?  Do you want to stop being so easy for demons to mess with?  If you’re answering “yes” to these questions, then you need to realize that witnessing a dramatic possession event can really help you in all of these areas.  You see, having a correct understanding of the power structure between God, demons, and humans is critical to helping you spiritually mature.  And the more mature you become, the better you’ll become at spiritual discernment, and the less fearful you will be.

Now when it comes to demons, humans tend to either grossly underestimate or greatly overestimate their power.  Folks who think they can control demon behavior through prayers and talismans are underestimating the power of demons and the power of God.  As long as you’re telling God who to save and who to exorcise, you’re acting like you are the master and He is your slave.  This is a very common mindset among Christians today.  While they agree that God is more powerful than they are, many Christians then go on to say that God can’t exercise His power without their prayerful assistance.  When Christians boast of being great prayer warriors or intercessors, they’re boasting of having the ability to control God.  When Christians talk of building prayer walls or directing angels or toppling demonic strongholds, they are arrogantly taking the glory for commanding, well, everything.

How does God react to us pretending that we are His controllers?  Not very well.  But if God sees that you really do care about pleasing Him, then He will help you break out of the incredibly arrogant delusion that He exists to do your bidding.  Having you witness demonic possession and experience how utterly unaffected demons are by your attempts to drive them away is very good for your spiritual health.  Because when you pray against demons and nothing happens, it becomes quite obvious that your influence over demons and God isn’t nearly as great as you thought it was.  Experiencing a host of supernatural beings totally disregarding your demands that they behave in a certain way is very good for you.  It will help you understand that you are actually at the bottom of the power structure—not the top.  And once you realize that you’re the last rung, you can see that you need to majorly revise the way you talk to God in your prayers (see Treating God Like God: Simple Steps to Improving the Way that We Pray).

Helping us break out of unbounded arrogance is just one reason why God puts us on the scene of some scary possession event.  Another common reason is to help us realize how much we’re being deceived by the human leaders who we’ve been taught to put our faith in.  Deliverance ministers are very shady con artists who go around convincing people that every problem they have is a sign that they are demon possessed.  After utterly terrorizing you with stories about how you’re filled with malicious spirits, deliverance ministers then don the hero cape and volunteer to rescue you from a crisis that they intentionally thrust you into.  It’s rather like shooting someone with a gun, and then expecting to be applauded for giving him first aid.  If you  hadn’t injured him in the first place, he wouldn’t need medical treatment, so you hardly deserve an award.  But this is how deliverance ministers work: first they terrorize you, then they try to get you to feel spiritually dependent on them to save you.  Then they put you through a bunch of distressing rituals.  If you fail to feel entirely cured, they tell you it’s all your fault for resisting their help.  If you do think you’re cured from a problem you never had, they thrive in the worship you so freely give them and they use your new sense of spiritual dependence on them to create new crises for them to save you from.  Deliverance is a vicious, yet extremely lucrative “ministry” and many Christians get in on the act.  These people do nothing but lie to you, and yet their great confidence plus their use of many basic psychological manipulation tactics gains them a lot of credibility among souls who don’t know better.  So what’s a swift way to break you out of such brainwashing?  Having you witness firsthand what a crock deliverance methods are can be a useful strategy.  When you see a possessed person remain tormented in spite of everything the deliverance minister does, and when you hear the lame excuses offered to try and explain why the cure never happened, you can start to see how misplaced your trust in these jerks has been.  And when you then see how the victims of deliverance continue to languish, you will be motivated to start questioning everything deliverance teachers have told you about how God and demons operate.

So far we’ve discussed two common reasons that God has people witness dramatic possession episodes. One reason is to help humans break out of the delusion that supernatural beings will take orders from us.  A second reason is to help humans realize how many of their spiritual leaders are lying to them on spiritual matters.  A third common reason that God has people witness possession events is to help them become aware of how real and malicious demons are.  This third reason is often a factor in cases where witnesses to a possession don’t believe in the reality of demons.  In atheistic countries like America, in which all the sciences are based on the premise that God does not exist, demonic problems are often misdiagnosed as psychological problems.  When a fellow hears voices threatening him, an American psychiatrist labels him as schizophrenic and starts prescribing medications.  No one acknowledges the possibility that there could be real third parties threatening the man.  Instead, the man is labeled as delusional or paranoid and he’s blamed for all of the visions and sensations and voices that he’s experiencing.

Once we take God out of the picture, we turn into idiots.  Certainly the mind can malfunction and the body can convulse without demons being involved.  But in many cases, demons are very much involved, and ignoring their reality only leads to us passing out  wrong diagnoses and ineffective remedies.  Arranging for humans to witness a dramatic possession episode can be a very effective way in having them reevaluate their beliefs and become receptive to the idea that maybe they don’t understand as much as they thought they did.

The critical point for you to understand is that you weren’t on the scene of a possession episode by accident.  God planted you there intentionally for the purpose of spiritually educating you.  When God teaches you truth, His truths will always help you improve your treatment of Him and reject lies.  Think about the three common reasons we’ve discussed—do any of them sound relevant to you?  Have you been taught that your prayers have the power to control the behavior of demons and God?  Are there human leaders in your life whose wisdom you are now starting to question?  Did you used to think demons were just a fairytale but now you’re having doubts?  Ask God to help you learn everything He wants to teach you through this experience.  And remember this key principle: if God has involved you, then it’s partly about you.  The fact that you weren’t the one actually possessed doesn’t mean you weren’t one of the targets of this experience.  God could have easily had you avoid the whole thing, but He didn’t, because He knows you can benefit from it.  Don’t let the opportunity be wasted.  Ask Him to help you align with everything He wants to teach you, and then wait for Him—not some idiot demon worshiper—to confirm to you what those lessons are.


Once you understand that God is the One allowing demons to attack people, and once you understand that He controls how vicious those attacks are and how long they last, it’s only natural to wonder if God’s going to come after you next.  So is He?  Not necessarily.  There is no rule that says God can’t help you thrive spiritually unless you get terrorized by demons.  Experiencing possession doesn’t make you better than anyone else.  It is not a prerequisite for anything.  God is a brilliant and capable Educator who can teach you everything He wants you to know using a billion different methods.  The key to not being tormented by “what if” fears is to understand two essential facts: that God is for you, and that He is the only One who knows the future.

While demons are malicious and sadistic creatures who hate human beings, God is pro-human.  He is also a very kind, compassionate and gracious Being who is extremely easy to succeed with.  Once you understand that your Creator actually enjoys helping you thrive as His creature, then the fact that God is at the top of the power structure becomes a great comfort to you.  If God was some anti-human monster, than the fact that He controls the activity of demons would be very upsetting.  In the hands of God, demons can either be used as terrifying weapons or extremely effective teaching tools.  How God chooses to use demons in your own life depends on how you are responding to Him with your soul.

So, do you want to please God?  Do you respect Him as the Supreme Authority over all that is created?  God never misjudges the desires of your soul.  Even if you’re currently cowering in fear, afraid of even talking to God for fear that He’ll zap you, God sees past your fear and understands whether you really want to please Him or not.

In this world, there are scores of souls who sincerely want to please their Creator, but they’ve become convinced that He is impossible to please or that He has already rejected them.  If you hide out from humans out of fear of being rejected, your evasive behavior will probably cause them to write you off.  But when you hide out from God because you mistakenly think He hates you, God comes after you and helps you understand that your beliefs about Him are incorrect.  You see, God really isn’t some brooding Volcano who views humans as tiresome irritants.  God created us on purpose and He enjoys working with us.  So when you find yourself cowering in God’s Presence for any reason, the best thing you can do is ask Him to correct any false beliefs you have about Him.  Reverence for God has nothing to do with viewing Him like some volatile Tyrant.   The fear that God is going to nail you with some brutal trial just for kicks is based on false assumptions about who God is and how He operates.

When God knows that you want to succeed with Him, then He will force demons to play the part of His teaching tools.  You see, demons really want nothing to do with helping you grow closer to God.  Whenever they interact with you, their intentions are to lead you spiritually astray and increase your overall misery in life.  But because God micromanages every move that demons make, their malicious intentions only end up helping you grow closer to God if you are relying on God to teach you in life.  The key is to recognize that it is God who you need to be relying on for truth—not humans who are trying to freak you out with demon horror stories.

God is the only One who sees the future.  Humans and demons are incapable of seeing what God is planning to do next—all they can do is try to make educated guesses based on what He’s done in the past.  But since God is such a wild and unpredictable Being who loves variation and change, it’s guaranteed that He’s going to end up breaking any pattern He starts.  What this means for you is that no one can predict how involved demons will be able to get with you in the future.  When humans try to freak you out with prophecies that God is going to sic demons on you, you need to recognize those prophets for the blowhards that they are.  When demons boast that they’re going to possess you or attack you in some way, you need to realize that they are just lying.  Demons are chronic liars, and they talk far more than they act.  This is not how they want it, but it’s what they’re stuck with because they are forced to work within the limits God sets on them.

Suppose some huge, burly beast is snarling at you from inside a cage.  It keeps describing all of the horrible things it’s going to do to you when it gets out of the cage.  So how should you respond?  You can see that the beast is in a cage that it can’t get out of, so should you stand there melting in fear?  No, you should recognize the difference between wishful thinking and a legitimate prophecy.

Today, the vast majority of what passes for “prophecy” is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of humans.  They predict what they want to see happen for their own carnal reasons, then they claim it was a vision from God.  Demons play a similar game: most of what they say to you is nothing more than them describing what they wish they could do to you.  But here’s a useful tip to bear in mind: as long as demons are talking about it, it means they can’t get permission to do it.  Demons don’t want to just talk about possessing you—they want to do it already.  They don’t want to just threaten to kill you—they really want to follow through.  But then there’s God: always vetoing all of the really good ideas that demons come up with.  So they’re stuck with having to try and freak you out solely on the basis of empty threats.  When God actually does let them do something, it’s never what they want to do.

Demons are like a man who hates you and wants to gun you down.  So the man grabs an automatic rifle and fires it at you, only to find that instead of bullets, the gun fires cotton balls.  From the perspective of demons, what they actually get to do to you is a far cry from what they wish they could do to you.  If you could see how much God is constantly shielding you from their malicious designs, you’d realize how much He is on your side and you’d stop stressing over Him suddenly unleashing demons on you just to do it.

Towards souls who sincerely care about pleasing Him, God always has positive reasons for allowing demons to harass them.  When you ask God to help you learn everything He wants to teach you through your involvement with demons, you will end up greatly benefiting from the interactions God sets up for you.  So do you need to be afraid of interacting with demons in the future?  Not hardly.  With God on the job, you can be sure that you’ll never have to deal with demons beyond what is going to actually benefit your soul in the long term.  You see, because God loves you and is for you, He forces creatures who hate you to actually help you grow closer to Him.  It’s a brilliant set up which plays entirely into your favor.

Now towards souls who are giving God a bunch of snarky attitude, demons can be excellent tools for motivating repentance.  Even atheistic Americans will portray their movie characters as crying out to God for help when things become truly dire.  In the same way, suddenly finding themselves in the presence of powerful, human hating creatures has a way of making the most hardened spiritual rebels bow down to God in desperation.  Here again, demons are being forced to do what they don’t want to do: help humans return to God.  It doesn’t always work out that way, of course.  Sometimes humans refuse to take the opportunities God is giving them.  Sometimes humans even try to snuggle up to demons—convinced that they can somehow get demons on their side and manipulate them into doing what the humans want.  Is it really possible to con demons into becoming our allies?  No, it isn’t, but they love to see us try (see Attracting Demons).

So then, is God going to tell you in advance about all of the ways He’s planning to use demons in your life?  No, He’s not.  God didn’t design humans with the ability to handle future knowledge well, which is why He rarely tells us about the future.  Instead, He encourages us to stay focused on the present and on the goal of pleasing Him.  He also encourages us to remember that everything He does with us will be for our best.  Most comforting of all, God never leaves us to go through problems alone.  He is always with us, whether we feel emotionally connected to Him or not, and He is always carefully limiting the experiences we have so that they will remain spiritually productive.  What this means is that no matter what God has planned for you, you don’t need to be afraid.  Instead, you can look forward to every trial drawing you closer to Him if you ask Him to have His way in your life.  It is by practicing total submission to God and asking Him to make us pleasing in His sight that we end up on the road that leads to fabulous soul peace and joy.  As for demons, they become reduced to tools that help us grow closer to God, and we stop making them our primary focus.

Now just as God isn’t going to outline His future plans for you, He isn’t going to share with you what His plans are for other humans.  When you see someone go through a possession experience, you have no idea what God was doing with them, or what specific lessons He was teaching them.  It simply isn’t your job to figure out what God is doing with anyone else.  Instead, you need to keep your focus on your own walk with Him.  The fact that everyone else you know gets possessed doesn’t mean you’re going to be.  What God is doing with you is personal and tailored to your specific needs.  What He does with others is between Him and them and should not be viewed as some prediction of what He’ll do with you.  The fact that you witnessed possession does not at all increase your own chances of being possessed, nor does it mean that this is some standard way that God works with all humans.  There is very little that is “standard” with God because He is so obsessed with variation.  And yet once you know that God is pleased with your desire to please Him, His wildness just adds exciting suspense to your story.  Who knows what God will do with you next?  Who knows what exciting, brilliantly executed, perfectly set up scenario He has prepared for you?  Whatever it is, you can be sure that it will be specifically designed to help your little soul grow closer to your Creator—what’s not to love about that?

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