The Trinity Doctrine: Its Origin & Absurdity


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The Church teaches you to believe in one Triune God–a God who is “three in one.”  And when this confuses you, she tells you to stop trying to figure out the mysteries of God and just go with it because it’s what the Bible teaches.

The Church has been lying to you.  Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are not three separate Personalities of one Divine Being.  They are three separate and distinct Gods.  Now  before you get all upset, you need to take an honest look at your own behavior and realize that while you claim to be a monotheist (someone who believes in just one God), in practice, you’re an obvious polytheist (someone who believes in multiple Gods).  And that’s a good thing, because true Christianity is a polytheistic religion.

Who do you pray to?  Who do you sing worship songs to?  Sometimes Yahweh.  Sometimes Jesus.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit.  You frequently focus on just one God.  Other times, you refer to multiple Gods, like when you start a prayer “Dear Father” and end with “in Jesus’ Name.”  You say that Yahweh sent Jesus to die for your sins.  You say that the Holy Spirit came inside of you at the moment of salvation.  You have no problems referring to your Gods as separate Beings, nor do you have any problems treating Them as such.  But should someone say to you, “So, I see that you worship three Gods,” you then get all up in arms and feel that you’re being accused of some terrible heresy.  Why is this?  Because the Church has totally scared you with this Trinity business and she says you’re violating Holy Scriptures if you dare to say that there is more than one God.

Well, if being biblical is your goal, you flunked that test long ago.  Because you see, the Bible does not teach that Jesus is God.  Jesus certainly teaches this in the Gospel books.  But in the New Testament epistles, guys like Peter and Paul teach that Jesus is not God.  You see, the New Testament was penned by followers of Judaism, and Judaism is a monotheistic religion which says that Yahweh is the only God.  A good religious Jew considers it quite blasphemous to suggest that anyone could be equal to the magnificent Yahweh.  Jesus said that He is equal to Yahweh.  Jesus said He was a second, all-powerful God. But Peter and Paul teach that Jesus is merely a human who was greatly favored by Yahweh and rewarded with all kinds of power, status, and glory in eternity because He did such a good job serving Yahweh on earth.  So what we really find in the Bible is the early Church leaders denying the Divinity of Christ.  Do you still want to be biblical?

Christianity is a relatively young religion.  It’s only a been around about 2,000 years, because before Christ revealed Himself to us, we didn’t know He existed.  Throughout the Old Testament, it is Judaism which is being promoted, not Christianity.  The Old Covenant that you hear so much about was Judaism.

Most of the writers of the Old Testament were followers of Judaism, and this is why they teach that Yahweh is the only God.  Genesis was written by Moses, and in the Creation account, you will find Moses saying that Yahweh created everything that is.  Only Yahweh.  All by Himself.  There is no reference to a Triune God in Genesis.  You only think there is because Bible translators have botched the translation of certain Hebrew words to make it sound like what Moses really wrote was something like, “Let Us make man in Our own image.”  But is this what Yahweh really said?  Nope.  What the Hebrew scholars are so slow to tell you is that the term Elohim can be interpreted two ways.  The right interpretation depends on context.  If a polytheist is talking about his multiple gods, he might refer to his elohim.  Or, if a monotheist like Moses was trying to indicate that the single God he was talking about was a Being who was far superior to all others, than Moses might refer to Yahweh by the honorary title of Elohim. The ancient Hebrew language sometimes used plurality to do what multiple exclamation points do for English writers.  When Moses refers to Yahweh as Elohim, he’s saying that Yahweh is GOD!!–as opposed to some average, run-of-the-mill deity.  And given how vocal Yahweh was about His hatred of people worshiping any other god besides Him, it’s more than a little absurd to suggest that Moses was crediting the creation of our world to multiple Deities.  In Genesis, Moses is giving all of the glory to Yahweh for creating–it’s only many centuries later that a bunch of Roman bishops cooked up the Trinity theory and started pushing the absurd lie that a strict monotheist like Moses actually believed that Yahweh had Divine equals.

So now wait–if the Trinity theory is a bunch of baloney (which it is), where did it come from and how did it become one of the main pillars of modern Christianity?  To answer this, let’s take a quick chronological tour through the theology of the Bible.


In the Old Testament, Yahweh is the only God talking when God is being quoted.  In the Old Testament, there are 6,000 uses of Yahweh’s Name, but in most English translations of the Bible, Yahweh’s Name has been scrubbed out of the text and replaced with an all caps “LORD.”  Why are we trying to hide specific references to Yahweh under a generic title for God?  Because the Church needs you to believe in the Trinity doctrine.  It’s pretty hard to sell the Trinity theory if she gives you a book that’s peppered with specific references to Yahweh.  But if she replaces Yahweh with a generic title of respect–then she can teach you to think of all three of your Gods whenever you see the generic titles of Lord or God.  Suddenly you’re thinking of Jesus as the good Shepherd when you read Psalm 23.  But what David actually wrote was “Yahweh is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”  David wasn’t referring to a Triune God.  David was a monotheist and he believed that Yahweh was the only true God.  You’ll find the Psalms peppered with specific references to Yahweh.  There isn’t a single mention of Christ, and yet today the Church tells you that the psalms are loaded with Messianic prophecies.  The New Testament apostles tell you this too, and everyone’s lying to you.  Let’s hear it for good leadership.

You’ve heard of the Ten Commandments.  Well, if you have them hanging on your wall, you’d better take them down, because as a Christian, you’re violating them.  You see the first command says that Yahweh is the only God and to worship any God other than Him is a terrible sin.  In the Old Testament, Yahweh orders the immediate execution of anyone in the Israelite community who tries to worship any God other than Him.  He also claims to be the only God in existence, the only God who will ever be, and He says that no one is like Him.  There is absolutely no room for the worship of Jesus under the Old Covenant.


But then in the Gospels, we suddenly meet Jesus.  What a shocking Figure He was.  And wow, what a Blasphemer.  Jesus actually had the audacity to claim to be Yahweh’s Equal.  Jesus claimed to be a second, all-powerful, uncreated God.  Well, this was good enough to get Him executed under the Old Covenant.  So the Jews executed Jesus.  Not because they cared about pleasing Yahweh, but because accusing Jesus of blasphemy was a handy way to get rid of Him.

But then Jesus came back from the grave.  Yikes.  Jesus said that He raised Himself back to life–something the Jews believed only a true God could do.  So Jesus proved His God credentials by raising Himself.  Ah, but if we admit Jesus is a second God, then we’ve got a major theological problem on our hands.  Because in the Old Testament Yahweh claims to be the only God.  So what is Jesus trying to do–call Yahweh a liar?  Well, yes, that’s exactly what He did.  And Yahweh Himself seconded the motion by publicly telling everyone to listen to Jesus.  So now we’ve got Yahweh changing His story about how many Gods there are.  He used to say there was only One–now there are obviously Two.  But then Jesus introduces the Holy Spirit as a third God and, now everyone is very uncomfortable. You’re probably very uncomfortable reading this, right?  We humans are totally unnerved by the thought of our Gods boldfaced lying to us.  Well, They do.  The Bible actually contains many examples of Jesus and Yahweh lying, but of course the Church teaches you that this simply isn’t true.  The Church lies, lies, lies to you because she doesn’t want to face how wild our Gods actually are.


Well, as uncomfortable as you are, imagine how the Jewish apostles felt.  No way were they going to just swallow this business of Jesus being Yahweh’s Equal.  That just can’t be.  So the New Testament apostles deny Jesus’ claim to have raised Himself back to life, and instead they give Yahweh the credit for that one.  Peter and Paul teach that Yahweh raised Jesus from the dead.  By doing this, they keep all of the God power in Yahweh’s court and reduce Jesus to the mere human that they need Him to be (see Who raised Jesus from the dead?).  Of course this is not what Jesus said, but you’ll find a boatload of lying going on in the New Testament epistles.

Now it’s so incredibly blasphemous to suggest that anyone could be equal to the magnificent Yahweh, that Peter and Paul go to great lengths to humanize Christ in their teaching.  Paul teaches that Christ is a mere mortal whose reign over this earth is only temporary.  Paul paints Christ in a very derogatory light: portraying Him as locked in an ongoing struggle against foes who are greater than He is.  In fact, Christ is so incapable that He actually needs Yahweh to conquer His enemies for Him.  And once Yahweh does, then Christ will be dethroned from His current position of power, and bow before the great Yahweh, because obviously Yahweh is superior to Christ.  This is what blasphemous little Paul teaches, and along the way he takes many potshots at Yahweh (see The Great Offense of Paul: Rejecting the Divinity of Christ).  But of course the Church does more lying to you and teaches you to actually revere the great “St. Paul” as a fine example of spiritual maturity when in reality the man is an obvious spiritual rebel who totally contradicts much of what Christ and Yahweh teach.  It is because Paul so openly rejects the Divinity of Christ that we argue that the man was not even a true Christian (see Debunking the Conversion of Paul).  You see, that’s what we’re supposed to be teaching you: that true Christians must revere Christ as God Almighty, not as some human bumpkin.  But while we teach that Paul was blasphemous to deny the Divinity of Christ, Christians call us satanic heretics.  Well, if you think it’s satanic to teach that Christ is God, what can we say?

Turning to the epistle of Hebrews, we find more Christ bashing, only this time Christ is portrayed as a human halfwit who had to “learn obedience through suffering.”  The Jewish author of Hebrews says that Yahweh created all things, including Christ.  Well, sure, because Christ is not God, so obviously Someone had to make Him.  And according to the Hebrews guy, Christ had to become human and die on a cross, because that was the only way to defeat that bad ole devil.  The New Testament writers exalt Satan and angelic beings to idolatrous degrees, and they frequently portray Satan as being more powerful than God Himself (thus God finds defeating Satan to be such an enormous struggle–see How the NT Epistles Define Christ: Not God, Just Another Flawed Human).  Well, we call this kind of rot the blasphemous garbage that it is.  But Christians say we’re clearly led by Satan to so adamantly defend the Divinity of Christ.  What can we say?


By the time we reach the end of the New Testament, we’re in quite the muddle.  Jesus says that there are three Gods: Himself, Yahweh and the Holy Spirit. But the New Testament apostles all teach that Jesus is just a human and that Yahweh is the only God.  Roll the clock forward a few centuries and we’re around 325 AD. Emperor Constantine is ruling over his portion of a fragmented Roman Empire.  Constantine claims to be a Christian, and he doesn’t like this guff he’s hearing about Jesus being a mere created being.  Why not?  It’s biblical.  The New Testament is filled with teaching that Jesus is a created non-God.  Well, apparently Constantine has enough of a connection with the real Jesus to realize how wrong such teaching is.  So Constantine orders the Christian leaders in his empire–who were Catholic bishops–to do something to stomp out this irreverent rot about Jesus being a non-God.  The bishops respond by holding the Council of Nicea, and at that meeting it is declared that not only are Jesus and Yahweh the same kind of Divine Being, but They are also one Being.  This is when the doctrine of the Trinity is born–not in the Bible, but 300 years later as Catholic bishops try to come up with a doctrine which will counter some of the blasphemous teaching about Christ that is found in the Bible. Talk about ironic.

Jump ahead to 381 AD, and more work needs to be done.  You see, the bishops forgot to lay down some formal teaching about the Holy Spirit at Nicea, and those irreverent rumors about Jesus being a mere created being are still flourishing.  How very irksome.  Meanwhile, Roman Emperor Theodosius I has made Christianity the official religion of the empire and he says that Nicene Trinitarian Christianity is the only true Christianity, thus all who don’t fall in line are to be persecuted.  But wait–we need official statements about who the Holy Spirit is.  So the bishops meet again and at the First Council of Constantinople, it is declared that Jesus was “begotten” of Yahweh, whereas the Holy Spirit “proceeded” from Yahweh.  Now that clears everything up, right?  No, everything’s a muddled mess.  What is the difference between begotten and proceeded?  So now Yahweh is birthing Gods?  What on earth are we to make of this language?  Well, as widespread persecution of all non-Trinitarians begins, no one is about to try and push the bishops to clarify how our three Creators are really one blob.  Christian leaders who won’t teach that “God is three-in-one” are getting blacklisted from the Church, and now everyone’s too afraid to stand up against the powers of the Church.

You know what it’s like to be afraid, right?  That’s why you’re being a good little Christian and dutifully defending all of the lies the Church is stuffing down your throat.  The Bible is inerrant and Divinely inspired–you know, that same Bible in which we find it being said that Jesus is not God.  Oh, but don’t you dare accuse the apostle Paul of being the outrageous blasphemer that he was or the Christians you so count on to support you in life will get nasty and ostracize you.  You see, truth is as unpopular today as it’s always been, and the Church works hard to keep you from being exposed to it.  But on our site, we teach you the truth, and we don’t hesitate to point out errors in the Bible.  We’re not going to insult Christ by calling the apostle Paul a true believer.  We’re not going to exalt Peter as wonderful when the man spoke so derogatorily about who Jesus was.  We’re not going to tell you the Bible is true and correct when New Testament writers are intentionally misapplying Old Testament passages all over the place and putting words in Yahweh’s mouth that Yahweh never said.  Instead, we’re going to show you the lies, the contradictions, and the carnal games the Church plays.  We’ll help you understand the motivations for why Christians are trying so hard to avoid certain theological truths, and we’ll urge you to not let any humans hold you back in your pursuit of truth.

True Christianity is a polytheistic religion.  This is what the real Gods teach, and we’re not going to change truth just to be politically correct.  We want you to stay out of Hell, and the only way that’s going to happen is if you are meeting the salvation requirements of your three Creators.  The Trinity theory is manmade rot which is nothing more than an attempt to avoid facing how wild our Gods can be.  Taken too far, the Trinity theory can land you on the wrong side of eternity.  So before you just fall in line with what a bunch of bishops taught way back in the day, and before you go around calling blasphemous teaching about Christ “God breathed,” you need to be asking the real Gods to open your eyes to what the real truth is.  Only They can tell you, because only They know.

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