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Cyrus & 777: Debunking Christian Idiocy About Trump


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Among the ocean of folks who claim to be Christian prophets, the vast majority of them are total blowhards.  If you do it right, prophesying baloney to the masses can result in those same gullible masses gifting you with fame, wealth and worship.  All you need to get started in this particular racket is a raging ego, a bunch of greed, no character, and no fear of God.  Every human comes equipped with the ego and the greed.  Once you struggle through enough rounds of telling yourself that it’s perfectly okay to knife people for the sake of your own gain, your character will be sufficiently eroded.  And as for no fear of God—well, the best solution there is to avoid developing any reverence in the first place.  Do what the atheists do: give yourself permission to ignore a God who you don’t personally approve of.  Then sit back, relax, and let your imagination run wild.  Throw any cockamamie theory you come up with onto the web, slap Jesus’ Name on it, sprinkle in some references to Scripture, and the undiscerning masses will come. 

Now in some fields, diversification is essential to getting people attracted to your brand.  If you want to grow fast in the world of kitchen tools, don’t just make the same can opener everyone else is making—do something different.  In many fields, the key to competing is to come up with a new spin on an old idea—something that will make you stand out from the pack.  This isn’t how it works in the false prophet racket.

If you want to make it as a Christian false prophet, imitation is the key.  As a newbie who hasn’t sold any bestsellers about blood moons, your best start up strategy is to act like a brainless little yes-man who just repeats whatever the top names in the field are saying.  Innovation is for the big boys—they’re the trail leaders, the trend setters.  They’re the ones who cue the rest of the group what the current theme is.  After all, you can only milk the blood moon thing so long before the undiscerning masses get bored.  So then you have to switch over to something new, like the rise of the antichrist or that infamous nuclear holocaust which is ever imminent but never arriving.  When hard times hit and world events aren’t providing good material to work with, you can always fall back on that old standby: predicting exactly when the rapture will occur.  Of course it won’t happen when you say it will happen, but if you push the date out far enough, you should be able to squeeze a few bestsellers out in the interim.  And then of course there’s always the “I’ve been to Hell so pay me to talk about it” gig.  Heaven, Hell—it doesn’t matter which one you pick as long as your stories are packed with drama.

The Christian false prophet community functions like anemone in the ocean: as the current shifts back and forth, you see all the little anemone arms changing direction together.  And because humans have always had a thing about numbers, once scores of prophetic blowhards are prophesying the same thing, the undiscerning masses figure that the high numbers alone proves the claims must be true.  Well, no, it doesn’t prove anything.  Just as you have to do endless proving of your allegiance to the mob boss if you want him to keep promoting you through the ranks of his organization, small time Christian blowhards have to do endless proving of their allegiance to the well-established liars if they want those men and women to share the glory.  You can’t just expect Prophet Big Stuff to put his money making name on the cover of your new book about the epiphany you had from Jesus which is loaded with colossal hints that God thinks you’re all that and a bag of chips.  If you want to have Prophet Big Stuff boost your book sales, you’d better revise your epiphany so that Jesus makes at least one comment about how impressed He is with Big Stuff as well.  Then you’d better spend a lot of time praising Big Stuff on your own website and gushing over what an anointed man of God he is before you even try to approach him for a public recommendation.

Once you understand how important imitating and fawning is in the world of Christian false prophecy, you can understand why so many of these clowns report having the same epiphany about future events.  You can also understand why so many false prophets are bogged down with the same delusions about God.  Take God’s view of ethnic Jews and the political nation of Israel.  To hear false prophets tell it, ethnic Jews are God’s favorite people on the planet and He wants the rest of us to treat the problems of ethnic Jews as more valid, significant, and tragic than anyone else’s.  And yet if we crack open the Torah and read up on the accounts of Yahweh first organizing Israel as a nation, what do we find?  We find Yahweh telling the Jews to get over their superiority complex and realize that all people are equal in God’s sight.  We find Him saying over and over that Jews and non-Jews are to live by the same laws without anyone looking down their noses at people who were born with a different set of chromosomes (see Yahweh Talks Ethnicity: Jews & Non-Jews Are Equal Before God).

Now Christian false prophets aren’t just limited to the Torah.  They have a whole collection of Jewish authored books in their Bibles. If you read through that collection, you’ll discover that Jewish culture has always considered fierce patriotism and racial hatred to be very important values.  So when modern ethnic Jews display attitudes of entitlement and talk as if Israel is the most important nation in the world, they’re just clinging to the same infantile mindset that their ancestors had.  Happily, not all ethnic Jews are this immature.  But it does put Israel’s superiority complex in perspective when you understand that she’s always been that way.

Modern religious Jews have thousands of years of cultural tradition pressuring them to carry on the foolish attitudes of their ancestors.  But what excuse do Christians have?  None.  You see, Christianity doesn’t have bumpkus to do with ethnicity.  In fact the God who Christianity is named after—Christ—was very vocal about His disgust with Israel in the four Gospel books of the New Testament (see Insulting Israel: Jesus Attacks God’s Chosen People).  In the Bible, Yahweh and Christ make it quite clear that They judge humans by their soul attitudes, not by their chromosomes.  This is one of many reasons why the real Gods are so easy to succeed with: They don’t condemn or reward people for things which people have no control over.  Did God ask you what ethnicity you wanted to be before you were born?  No, He didn’t.  Your ethnicity was just one of many factors that God forced upon you.  So, no, God really isn’t impressed with ethnic Jews, nor is He down on non-Jews.  Your genetic material doesn’t have bumpkus to do with how God views you.  What He cares about is how your soul responds to His convictions.  Are you listening to Him and embracing an eager-to-please attitude?  Or are you being a rebellious brat and telling Him to shove off?  Divine judgment becomes very easy to understand once you stop focusing on irrelevant matters.  Ethnicity is totally irrelevant, and so is the name of the country that you call home (see More Lies from Paul: God Loves Jews More Than Gentiles (Romans 11)).

So if God really doesn’t care more about Israel than He does other nations in the world, and if He doesn’t have ethnic favorites, then why are Christian false prophets so gaga over Israel?  Well, remember how Jewish culture has spent thousands of years treating racial hatred as a fabulous thing?  Christians today are working hard to adopt this mindset in order to be accepted by ethnic Jews.  But wait–why are Christians so invested in what certain humans think of them when God’s opinion is the only one that matters?  Good question.

Now every culture has its good and bad points.  Modern day America has some very positive aspects to it, but it also has some really negative elements.  Suppose a non-American comes along, observes American culture, and then decides to pick out some of the worst elements of American culture to imitate.  The result would be a mess, right?  Well, this is what Christians today do are doing with ancient Jewish culture.  Instead of choosing the best parts of Jewish culture, Christians are obsessing over some of the worst and most useless traditions and values that ancient Jewish culture promoted.  For example, fasting for the purpose of trying to make God pay attention to you and give you your way is a totally useless and disrespectful practice.  But because the ancient Jews were huge fans of fasting, we find modern day Christians fasting as well (see All About Fasting).

Now ancient Jews didn’t just fast as a means of trying to manipulate God.  In their culture, the public broadcasting of personal emotions was highly valued, and the more dramatically you communicated your feelings, the better.  When an ancient Jew was upset, he wanted the whole world to stop and take notice, so he’d go through a bunch of dramatic behaviors.  He would stop eating—and let everyone know about it.  He’d wear rough, scratchy material called sackcloth.  He’d weep and wail at the top of his lungs.  He’d throw dirt on himself, and he might even throw himself onto the ground in a full-blown adult tantrum.  If this is how you’re used to behaving in your relationships with humans, then naturally you’re going to bring those same behaviors into your relationship with God.  When people upset you, you turn on the drama.  When God upsets you, you whip out the same theatrics.

Modern American culture handles emotions differently than ancient Jewish culture.  In modern America, we’re obsessed with cleanliness and we’re phobic about natural body odors.  We’re big fans of breath mints, soaps, deodorants, and clean clothes. So we’re not about to start throwing dirt on ourselves just to get people to pay attention to us.  Dirt is dirty, and dirty people smell.  Americans don’t want to smell and they don’t want to be dirty, so American Christians pass on Jewish theatrics which result in getting dirty or working up an intense sweat.  In our conflicts with other humans, we have other, cleaner ways of expressing ourselves.  But when we’re having conflicts with God, a strange need to imitate ancient Jews emerges and we find Christians fasting as a means of trying to amplify the potency of their prayers.  This is how it works with modern Christians: they’ve decided to keep certain ancient Jewish customs alive, even though those customs have no spiritual value whatsoever.  In fact, fasting for the reasons that Christians do encourages wrong soul attitudes and reinforces false beliefs about God.  So while ancient Jews fasted because fasting was their cultural norm, modern American Christians are just being Jewish wannabes when they fast.

In the modern Christian Bible, we find accounts of ancient Jews engaging in a lot of useless and harmful spiritual practices.  Considering the fact that the biblical records were all written by ethnic Jews, it’s pretty sobering to find Jews depicting their own people as such spiritual dingdongs.  Despite all of the direct revelations and dramatic interactions they experienced with Yahweh, the Jews acted like a people with no spiritual center.  They readily accepted every new god they were introduced to by the nations around them—even nations who they considered to be bitter enemies.

If we liken the biblical world to a buffet of different religions and gods, the ancient Jews were like folks who went down the line and plopped a sample of each dish onto their plates.  Philistine gods, Egyptian gods, Assyrian gods—the more the merrier.  The Jews couldn’t ever get enough deities to satisfy them.  When they ran out of new gods to absorb from other cultures, they’d start inventing new ones for themselves by carving figures out of wood.  In the Old Testament prophetic books, we find Yahweh railing against the Jews over and over again for their incessant idolatry and total rejection of Him.  Israel’s spiritual history is really very dark and dismal, which makes the Christian obsession with imitating ancient Jews downright offensive.  Where do we get off imitating the behaviors of people who were so into spitting in Yahweh’s face?  It’s not like we’re trying to imitate the few dedicated believers that we read about in the Bible—no, it’s the spiritual rebels that we’re so obsessed with.  The folks who think they can push Yahweh around by fasting, and the idiots who bought into every asinine superstition of the idolatrous nations around them—these are the spiritual zeroes who Christians are tripping over themselves to imitate today.  When Christians talk about Jewish history, they totally blow off God’s assessments and instead they align with the biased viewpoints of people who have no regard for God’s feelings.

If you help Jews, you’re a winner.  If you’re hurt Jews, you’re a despicable monster.  This is how you think when you’re an ethnic Jew with a raging superiority complex.  Today we find non-Jewish Christians working hard to keep affirming this same infantile mindset.  World leaders who are nice to Israel get praised and blessed by Christian prophets.  But world leaders who take a negative stance towards Israel are prayed and prophesied against.  Even though God tells us to not be hasty to judge and not to draw conclusions when we’ve only heard one side of the story, Christian prophets blow off what God says and embrace the totally biased viewpoints of ethnic Jews who feel like the entire universe should be bowing down to them.  If the American president doesn’t perpetually kiss Israel’s toes and celebrate her bullying behavior, then false prophets fire up Photoshop and post pictures of the American president with 666 on his forehead.  After all, if you’re not sucking up to Israel, you’re clearly a servant of Satan—this is one of many moronic assumptions which the Christian false prophet community fiercely defend.

Now once you figure out how brainless false prophets are, all you have to do is make noise that you like Israel and you’ll get anointed fatheads coming out of the woodwork to lay their hands on you and declare all kinds of fabulous predictions for your personal future.  This is what has happened with the current president-elect of America.  Mr. Trump has sung the Israel song, and he’s earned his reward.  How Mr. Trump actually feels about Israel is irrelevant—he’s said the magic words, and the fuse has been lit.  While false prophets can usually be counted on to say a few words on major political events, it’s not every day that a single American politician gets to enjoy the level of gushing admiration that Christian false prophets are currently raining on Mr. Trump.

Trump has become an obsession with the Christian community, and false prophets have played a huge role in making this happen by painting Trump as a world savior.  And of course once the heavy hitters started with the public anointings and prophecies of great success, all of their minions rushed to synchronize their visions.  For months now, we’ve all had to listen to false prophets idiotically suggesting that Trump is going to be another Cyrus, and that it’s oh so significant that the man is going to be 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old on Inauguration Day.  But wait—Cyrus?  Triple digits of the same number?  Why do these things sound so familiar?  Yes, that’s right: we’re acting like Jewish wannabes again.

Those of you who have parked your brains and jumped aboard the Trump worship train with no discernment whatsoever are making a serious mistake.  Not only is this business about Cyrus and 777 beyond absurd, the fact that you’re immediately giving credibility to this garbage is only getting you into trouble with God—the same God who is about to start ripping the world apart during the end times.  That’s hardly a smart move on your part.  With the end times so imminent, it’s really time for you stop acting like a brainless idiot who doesn’t give a darn about God’s opinion.  Before you start throwing around Cyrus’ name, you need to understand who Cyrus was and if the way Christian prophets are interpreting his actions lines up with how Yahweh interprets things.  You see, the Cyrus that false prophets are talking about was not a hero, and he didn’t save anyone, least of all the Jews.  It’s time for a little history lesson.


To get the correct view of Cyrus, we have to start with the prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel.  The lifetimes of these three Jewish men overlapped and they were alive on the planet when Yahweh leveled the city of Jerusalem, flattened His Temple (the one that Solomon built) and forced thousands of Jews to be dragged off to foreign lands as prisoners of war.  But wait—why would Yahweh ever want to brutally destroy His own chosen nation?  Remember our discussion of how spiritually fickle Israel has always been?  The Jews treated Yahweh like dirt for centuries and He finally said “enough.”

Now Yahweh didn’t obliterate Israel all at once.  Instead, He trashed her in three main stages which were spread out over centuries.  The first blow came right after the death of King Solomon.  While Christian leaders encourage you to look up to Solomon, in reality the man was a rebellious fool who spent his life lusting after beautiful babes and false gods (see Ecclesiastes: The Ramblings of a Spiritual Fool).  Solomon’s foul attitude and public display of “I hate Yahweh” resulted in Yahweh sparking a civil war that caused Israel to fracture into two warring kingdoms: Israel in the north and Judah in the south.

Jump forward hundreds of years and we come to the lifetimes of the prophets Isaiah, Hosea, Micah and Amos.  By now both Jewish kingdoms have had a boatload of time to repent, but of course the Jews couldn’t be bothered.  So through the mouths of His four prophets, Yahweh announced that He was going to do the unthinkable and hand the northern kingdom of Israel over to the Assyrians.  The Assyrian Empire was the dominant power in the biblical world at that time, and God used the ruthless Assyrian army to trash many nations.  By the time Assyria was done ravaging Israel, there was no more Israel: there was just a bunch of ravaged land populated by a bunch of foreigners who the Assyrians had imported.  Most of the Jews who had been living in the north were either killed or exiled during the bloody takeover.  Now tiny little Judah was all that was left of the much larger nation which King David had ruled over centuries before.

After the fall of the north, Yahweh gave the rebellious twerps in Judah a bunch more time to get their act together, but of course they couldn’t be bothered with respecting God.  It was during the lifetimes of the prophets Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel and Daniel that Yahweh dealt His third deathblow to Israel.  By now the Assyrian Empire had been conquered by the Babylonian Empire, and it was the Babylonians who razed Judah to the ground.  The Babylonians took Jerusalem out in three major assaults.  During the first two, Daniel and Ezekiel were hauled away as prisoners of war, and this is how Daniel ended up working for the king of Babylon in the royal palace.

Now during the fall of the south, the Jews were filled with complaints about how unjustified their punishment was.  According to them, Yahweh was a short-tempered Jerk who was pounding them for no reason.  Despite all of the insults and griping that His chosen brats were flinging at Him, Yahweh declared that their exile wouldn’t last forever.  Through the mouth of Jeremiah, Yahweh told the little jerks that after they stewed in captivity for seventy years, He’d bring some of them back to their coveted homeland and He’d help them rebuild.  What a generous Guy Yahweh is.  But it’s not like the Jews said “thank You.”  Instead, they just griped and fussed their way through seven decades.

Meanwhile, on the empire front, things were changing.  The Babylonians were doing their own form of spiritual rebellion, and Yahweh eventually took them down using the Persians.  Now when one empire conquers another, the new empire naturally claims all of the old empire’s turf as theirs.  So Jews who were originally enslaved by Assyrians became slaves of the Babylonians once Assyria fell.  And all the Jews who were owned by the Babylonians became the property of the Persians once the Babylonian Empire fell.

Now while old emperors were getting killed and new emperors were moving in to the royal palace in Babylon where Daniel was working, those seventy years that Yahweh talked about were ticking away.  Cyrus was the Persian king who was in power when that seventy years came to an end and—what do you know?—Cyrus suddenly invited native Israelites to return to their homeland and rebuild.  That’s just not something that you’d expect a Persian emperor to say.  In the first place, Persians had their own gods, so why should Cyrus give a hoot about Yahweh getting a new Temple built for Him in Jerusalem?  In the second place, the Persians had conquered the Israelites, and sympathizing with your prisoners wasn’t a politically savvy move.  So what was Cyrus’ motivation?  Well, based on the wordy proclamation that he put out, we can tell that Cyrus had become a sincere follower of Yahweh, so when Yahweh gave Cyrus instructions about how to manage the Jews, Cyrus was eager to obey.

So now that we understand history, let’s ask some questions.  Who should we be crediting with Cyrus’ conversion to Judaism?  Yahweh, not humans.  It is God who reveals truth to people and it is God who gives us the ability to understand what He is saying.  The fact that a politician who was steeped in Persian culture and beliefs could realize that Yahweh was the true God demonstrates how capable God is of helping souls find the truth.  Cyrus chucked his Persian gods aside to honor Yahweh—that’s not the act of an emperor who is putting his career first.  Cyrus’ conversion should give you confidence that the real Gods know how to make Their identities clear to you, no matter what your background is.  If you really want to know the truth, Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will make sure you find it.

It’s Yahweh who you should be focusing on when you read about Cyrus, not the human emperor.  But of course false prophets aren’t going to teach you how to learn the right lessons from Scripture.  They’re just going to use Scripture to manipulate you.  Today false prophets are waxing on about Trump being a second Cyrus—a man who doesn’t know God, yet God will use him to do great things.  What a bunch of malarkey.  In the first place, Cyrus did know Yahweh, and it was his personal devotion to Yahweh that motivated him to obey Yahweh’s convictions.  In the second place, what Cyrus did was a fulfillment of what Yahweh said He was going to do 70 years earlier.  If you read the original prophecies, you’ll notice that Yahweh takes full credit for bringing the Jews back to Judah.  So when you praise Cyrus the man for something that Yahweh says He deserves the credit for, what are you saying to Yahweh?  You’re saying that you don’t give a darn about His interpretation of world events.  You’re saying that His sovereignty is irrelevant to you.  To you, it’s all about Cyrus. Cyrus is the hero because Cyrus saved the Jews.  No, Cyrus really didn’t save anyone.

The exile of Jews was a much deserved act of Divine punishment.  How do we know it was deserved?  Because that’s what Yahweh says, and as Christians, we’re supposed to be agreeing with God’s assessment of things.  You see, when you act like the destruction of Jerusalem was a terrible, unjust thing, you are siding with humans against God.  You’re treating the viewpoint of a bunch of spiritual rebels as more valid than God’s.  Of course the ancient Jews hated being driven from their homeland.  Hardcore brats and unrepentant criminals always talk as if their actions shouldn’t have any negative consequences. When you align with such logic, what are you saying to God?

Are you starting to see the problem with exalting Trump as another Cyrus?  Cyrus wasn’t a hero, nor did he save anyone.  Exalting King Cyrus for actions which Yahweh specifically claimed the glory for is obnoxious behavior for Christians.  Before you stand around praising ancient names from Scriptures, you should at least take the time to read up on what is said about those people in the biblical records.  Before you start praising men like Samson, Solomon, and Gideon, you should take the time to think about what kinds of soul attitudes they modeled.  Okay, so Gideon went to battle against crazy odds because Yahweh was telling him to.  But that’s hardly the whole story.  After the battle was over, Gideon hauled piles of loot home, melted down a bunch of jewelry and created some stupid metal breastplate for himself which he actually declared to be a god.  He was so into worshiping his deified breastplate that he got his entire town to join in the idolatry.  Yet the undiscerning fool who wrote the book of Hebrews actually lists Gideon as a good spiritual model for us all.  Not hardly.

As for Solomon—how wise can a guy be if he turns away from Yahweh to go worship a whole pantheon of false gods?  If Yahweh says He is angry with someone—which He does in the case of Solomon—then how do you justify elevating that person as some kind of fabulous?  As a Christian you need to pick a side already and stop acting as fickle as the ancient Jews.


So now that we understand why Trump is no Cyrus, let’s deal with this lunacy about 777.  Any time Christian leaders start obsessing over numbers, they’re encouraging you to embrace the idiocy of numerology. To understand how numerology works, let’s pick a random number, like 9. Now let’s pull some totally random association out of the air—how about baloney sandwiches.  Let’s decide that the number 9 represents baloney sandwiches.   Don’t ask why, just go with it.

Now once we decide that 9 is the number of baloney sandwiches, how should you interpret the fact that the car in front of you has a 9 on its license plate?  Come on, it’s obvious.  That 9 staring you in the face is a clear sign from the universe that baloney sandwiches are going to happen sometime in your future.  Hey, your cell phone is vibrating.  Hey, look: the incoming number starts with 9!  Wow, two 9s in one day?  That can’t possibly be a coincidence.  It’s obviously a sign from—wait, who exactly is responsible for sending us these numerical hints?  The answers vary, depending on what religion you’re in.  If you’re into astrology, you’ll say it’s the star gods and planet gods who are dropping 9s in your path.  If you’re into New Age, you’ll figure it’s a mystical force in the universe.  If you’re an atheist, you’ll say it’s just a random yet meaningful coincidence.  If Judaism is your thing, you’ll credit Yahweh, angels, or demons for putting specific numbers in your path. If you’re a Christian, then you need to grow up and stop listening to spiritual idiots. While you’re at it, get an identity of your own and stop acting like a wannabe Jew.

Numerology is as old as the hills, and while it comes in many versions—including the much ballyhooed Bible codes—it’s all pure idiocy.  As is the case with all superstitious beliefs, the mystical meaning of numbers exists entirely in the minds of people who want numbers to mean more than they do.  The common way to engage in numerology is to jump onboard some other moron’s set of mystical meanings.  If you just rip off someone else’s system,  you don’t have to bother with inventing your own from scratch.  Now when it comes to Christians, guess whose numerology codebook we ripped off?  The Jews’, of course.  We Christians really need to get a life.

So how do you know your Christian leaders are imitating the Jews with this trip about Trump and triple 7s?  Because it’s the Jews who associate 7 with “perfect” and it’s the Jews who consider triplicating things to be the ultimate form of emphasis.

Ever wonder why the angels say that God is holy, holy, holy in the Bible?  Doesn’t one holy get the point across?  What’s with saying it three times?  Well, remember how we said the ancient Jews were huge fans of dramatizing their emotions?  If you’re going to start wailing and screaming over every little thing, what are you going to do when something really big happens?  If you’re already running in full drama mode in daily life, then you’re going to need to find a new way to add emphasis to your super theatrical style.  Here’s where ancient Hebrew speakers came up with the idea of repeating themselves.  Repetition is a form of emphasis that many languages use.  In English, when we’re upset about something, we often make the same point multiple times in order to demonstrate just how upset we are.  If you read through the prophetic books of the Bible, you’ll find Yahweh and Jesus using a boatload of repetition when they are talking to Jews.  When God talks to a Jew, He talks like a Jew.  So when God wants His Jewish audience to understand that He’s really ticked about something, He hammers the same point over and over.

Now repeating the same idea with slight changes in wording is a familiar idea for English speakers.  But Hebrew speakers cooked up a second, clever use of repetition that involves saying a single word multiple times in a row.  A famous example of this is when Jesus said:

“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord!’ will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only the one who does the will of My Father in Heaven.” (Matt. 7:21)

Notice that double Lord.  When Jews said the same word two times in a row, it was their way of underlining it, bolding it, and adding an exclamation point after it.  So these folks who are calling Jesus “Lord” are really trying to suck up to Him by adding extra emphasis to a very common Hebrew title which meant “master.”  A double Lord is like saying you really, truly consider Jesus to be your Lord.  Of course Jesus then goes on to say that these oozing fans are going to get chucked into Hell because despite their devoted talk, they really don’t care about Him at all (see Recognizing Wolves: By Their Fruits You Won’t Know Them).

Now while doubling up was big, the ultimate form of emphasis was tripling.  A God as glorious as the magnificent Yahweh is clearly worthy of the triple holy treatment.  Yahweh isn’t just a single holy God.  Even a double holy doesn’t cut it for a God this awesome.  So when Yahweh gives Jews visions of angels worshiping Him, naturally He depicts those angelic beings as declaring that He is holy, holy, holy. To translate a triple holy into written English, we’d have to blow up the font, use all caps, bold it, italicize it, underline it, and break out a whole crop of exclamation points.  Triple holy is as holy as you can get.

Now tripling up works both ways: you can use it to talk about the good and the bad.  In Revelation, the hated Emperor Domitian gets slapped with triple 6 by Jewish John.  When you see Jews going into tripling mode, that instantly tells you that they’re feeling extremely strong about whatever is being tripled.  But what’s with the numbers in Revelation?  Well, by the time of the New Testament, the Jews were steeped in their own version of numerology and they’d worked out a whole system of how numbers should be decoded.  Referring to Domitian as 666 was the same as saying he was Mr. Evil, Evil, Evil.   John is intentionally avoiding using the emperor’s name because he knew that Domitian was very intolerant of being ripped on in print.

Back in John’s day, you couldn’t talk smack about the Roman emperor and get away with it.  Since modern Americans delight in publicly slamming their leaders, it’s very hard for us to imagine what it would be like to live in a society where leaders feel no obligation to just eat whatever snark we feel like throwing at them.  Domitian was the emperor of Rome, and as such, he didn’t have to tolerate his citizens mocking him in print.  The apostle John was already living on a Roman prison island at the time he wrote Revelation, and he wasn’t interested in bringing more grief on his head.  So when it came to specifically identifying what real life figure the antichrist in his visions represented, he reverted to numerology.  Of course this system would only work if John’s intended audience was also into numerology.  Unfortunately, they were, so the triple 6 reference made perfect sense to them.

Now while 6 was the preferred number for a tyrant like Domitian, the Jews liked to associate God with 7s, because they’d randomly decided that 7 should be linked to concepts like perfection and completion. You see where this is going, right?  When modern day Christian prophets start trying to associate Trump with the number 7, they’re saying that the man is either perfect, Divine, or a combination of both.  By tripling the 7, they are saying that Trump’s perfection and/or his association with the Divine is occurring to the ultimate degree.  So, really??  Trump is 777?  Why don’t you just fall down and worship the man while you’re at it?  Why don’t you just tell Jesus that you’ve found a better God for yourself and start calling yourself a Trump-ian?  You’re certainly not acting like a true Christian when you start oozing over a mere mortal to this degree.

Now let’s be clear: whatever Trump is or isn’t, he isn’t the one who claimed to be the triple 7 savior of the world.  That reeking pile of idolatry was entirely produced by the Christian leaders who you’re so impressed by.  We’ve warned you over and over again that the end times are about to start, and that God’s patience with this kind of rebellion is going to be shorter than ever.  But hey, for all you know, we could be false prophets as well, so don’t stop worshiping a mortal on our say so.  Ask God what He thinks of your love affair with numerology, your idolization of a single American politician, and your devotion to Christian leaders who make a career out of mocking God.

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