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To correctly apply the things Jesus says in the Gospel books, you must interpret His words within their original cultural context.  The theological climate of New Testament Israel was drastically different from Old Testament Israel.  While spiritual rebellion abounded in both cases, there were many concepts being pushed by Jewish preachers in the New Testament which were not being taught during the Old Testament.  As a result, the Jews living in New Testament Israel needed different lessons than the Jews living in the Old Testament.

It’s vital to realize that most of the things Jesus says in the Gospel books–including His parables–are directed at Jews.  He is speaking to a very specific audience within the context of their cultural values, beliefs, and concerns.  Since you’re not a Jew living in New Testament Israel, you should be very cautious about taking Jesus too literally.  The purpose of our Jesus in Context charts is to help you understand the original purposes behind some of the famous statements Jesus made–statements which are often misunderstood by Christians today.  (Click the image to enlarge it.)


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The Inner Room: Understanding How God Judges You
Jesus vs. the NT Jews: What it Means to Please God
Know Your Bible Lesson 49: The Sermon on the Mount
Understanding Jesus: Many Will Try To Enter But Won’t Be Able (Luke 13)
What it Means to be Aligned with God

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