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Discernment Charts – NT Epistles: God Won’t Talk to Doubters


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Spiritual discernment is about being able to tell the difference between truth and lies.  It is God who teaches you how to get better at discernment, and a key part of this process is learning to think critically about the things you’re being taught.  Critical thinking is a form of questioning–and once you start asking the right questions, it’s amazing how much guff you find in the Bible.

The purpose of our Discernment Charts – New Testament Epistles series is to help you sharpen your discernment skills by showing you how to flesh out many beliefs and attitudes that a single point of teaching promotes.  These charts focus on statements that were made by apostles in the early Church.  Are the New Testament authors teaching you well or are they leading you astray?  Ask God for His opinion on these matters.  (Click the image to enlarge it.)


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