Demons in the End Times: Understanding Possession & Exorcism


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Because God’s control over His own creations is absolute, not partial, demons never have free rein over humans.  Demons never get the luxury of getting to do everything they want exactly how and when they want.  Instead, demons are stuck in the same position that humans are stuck in: they’re forced to make the best of a situation that is far from their ideal. 

What human wants to spill coffee on his shirt just as he’s on the way out the door for an important meeting?  Do we trip over our feet, drop things, and get stuck in traffic on purpose?  No, we get forced into these situations by God.  Our loved ones don’t die on us because that’s what we wanted—they get torn away from us against our wills. As frustrated as you might be with how your own life is going, realize that you’re not alone.  Demons are stuck in the same mess.  Their problems are different than yours, but the underlying issue is the same: none of God’s creatures get to work independently of Him.  We’re all being constantly impeded, redirected, and forced to comply with God’s will for our lives.

While God gives us real choices, they are always limited choices, because we’re only ever allowed to choose between a set of options that all work well for God.  Whether you choose to submit to Him or defy Him in life, He’ll be happy—you’re the only one who will be negatively impacted if you make the wrong choice.  This is how it works when your choices are being controlled by Someone Else—that Someone Else always ends up pleased, while you run the risk of being very miserable if you don’t follow the instructions that your Choice Controller gives you.  When God tells humans to submit to Him, He’s not saying it for His own benefit, but for ours.  God doesn’t need us to submit to Him in order to be personally satisfied.  So while we like to tell ourselves that we have enormous sway over God’s happiness, we really don’t.  While He has the power to drastically change our quality of existence, we can’t do anything to drag Him down.  This is one of those truths that many God haters refuse to accept, because they are clinging to the dream that it’s possible for them to somehow hurt God.  But no, it’s not possible.  We just wish it was (see Sticking It To God: What Every Really Angry Soul Needs to Know).

Understanding how limited demons are is critical to you responding to their activities in a way that pleases God.  During the end times, some demonic activity is going to become highly publicized.  If you’re living in a society which scoffs at the concept of supernatural beings, and if you haven’t been personally exposed to how dramatic demons can be, then you’re going to find it quite alarming when some of their stunts are caught on camera and posted on the internet.  If you’re going to interpret such things correctly, you need to understand some basic principles about how demons interact with humans.  In this post, we’re going to explain the mechanics of demonic possession and exorcism.


Now the fact that someone is demonically possessed does not mean that they are acting out in public.  You could pass a possessed person on the street and not even know it.  When you watch horror movies about demonic possession, you need to realize that the stunts the possessed people perform are very dramatic and extreme.  Is it really possible for demons to cause humans to levitate, crawl up walls, talk in strange voices, and exhibit superhuman strength?  Yes, and these kinds of things do happen in real life.  But far more often, possessed people don’t express the full range of drama that you see in movies.  Often the symptoms are more subtle, and in many cases, demons wait until they get their victims alone before throwing them into fits.

What demons attempt to do to their human targets depends on many different factors.  Just as some human murderers try to hide their crimes while others want to flaunt them, demons have many different motivations behind how they interact with humans.  So there is no formula we can use to predict how a demon will try to manipulate his human target.  And contrary to what many Christians believe, humans are complete dopes when it comes to detecting demonic activity.  You won’t know that a demon is present unless he intentionally makes his presence known, or God chooses to alert you.  Because God has not equipped you to handle seeing how active demons are in your life, He intentionally blinds you to most of what they do.  At the same time, demons often find it much more effective to hide their presence from you.

If you want to get anywhere with spiritual discernment, you need to realize how very easy you are for supernatural beings to deceive.  There’s no room for thinking you’re clever in the world of discernment.  Today you can find many Christians and non-Christians promoting themselves as experts on the subject of demons.  And yet what any human knows or thinks he knows about demons is just a drop in the ocean of what there is to know.  So there are no “experts” in this field, and the smarter you think you are, the more vulnerable you are.

Demons are not humans.  They are a very different kind of being.  When it comes to knowledge about human activity and how humans function, demons are far superior to us.  Demons understand you better than you understand yourself, which is why they can so effectively manipulate and upset you.  Contrary to what most Christians will tell you, demons can hear your thoughts (see Can demons read our minds?).  More importantly, they can accurately assess your soul’s current attitude towards God, and they use this information to their advantage all the time.  If you’re already in a state of rebellion, demons will encourage you to stay there.  If you sincerely care about pleasing God, demons will accuse you of rebelling.  Demons are chronic liars, they have massive egos, and they are sadistic in nature.  This means that your misery is very entertaining to them.  You will never succeed in befriending a demon or forging any kind of alliance with one.  People try to do this sort of thing all the time, because they do not realize how demons view humans.

You have nothing to offer a demon.  From his perspective, you are pathetically blind, stupid, and weak.  You’re a pushover. You’re so ignorant about how things really work, and you’re so very easy to con because you trust your senses to tell you what’s real and what’s not.  When demons show up in a certain form, you really believe that’s what they look like, when in reality, they’re just donning a costume.  You see, demons have all of the advantage on their side.  They can see all of the cards you’re working with, while they keep their hand completely hidden from you.  So this isn’t a fair fight, and you do not possess any weapons that demons find threatening.  The holy water, large crosses, and Scripture quoting that the Church teaches you to put your faith in are complete jokes to demons.  They know the Bible better than you do—they aren’t intimidated by you quoting verses at them.  Your holy water is just water—it doesn’t have any magical power no matter how much you pray over it.  Crosses are just inanimate objects.  Bibles are just books.  Priests are just humans—they aren’t more powerful than you are.  Most importantly, Jesus doesn’t take orders from you.

Now are demons afraid of Jesus?  Yes, because as one of their Creators, Jesus has the power to greatly harm them.  But unlike most Christians, demons understand that Jesus doesn’t take orders from us.  So when you go into your zealous rebuking act and declare in Jesus’ Name that demons leave the premises, are demons really threatened?  No.  They’re just laughing at how stupid you look while you pompously strut around your house telling yourself that you’re throwing up prayer walls.  Demons never confuse you with a true God.  They never confuse your silly drama with Yahweh, Jesus or the Holy Spirit threatening them. Until one of their own Creators drives them off, demons aren’t going anywhere on your say so.

You see, the Church today has turned spiritual warfare into an obnoxious game in which humans play the part of wannabe sorcerers.  She teaches you to view your Creators like magic talismans which you can wield about at will.  She says that merely by saying Jesus’ Name, you can force Jesus to act the way you want Him to.  But no, you can’t, and demons know that you can’t.  But they also know that your efforts to dominate Jesus will only get you in trouble with Him, which is why demons actually like it when Christians go into their spiritual warrior acts.  Go ahead: stay up all night with your intercessory prayers.  Fling that holy water. Do that fasting.  Smear that oil on your forehead.  You’re not distressing demons, you’re entertaining them.  They love watching you command your Creators.  Demons are all for you embracing soul attitudes which God says He dislikes, and the Church’s approach to spiritual warfare is driven by many wrong soul attitudes.


Now since the Church today is such a rebellious twit, when she’s not trying to tell you that you can control your own Creators, she’s grossly exaggerating the power of demons in your mind.  Today the concept of spiritual bondage is promoted as a dire situation in which demons can seize control of your soul and effectively cut off your ability to communicate with God.  But no, this is a complete lie, as is so much of what the Church teaches about demons (see Spiritual Bondage: Exposing the Scam).

To understand how possession works, you need to understand the difference between your soul and your earthsuit.  A metaphor is helpful here.  If your soul is a man driving a car, then your earthsuit is the car.  The car is not the man, and the man is not the car.  Now suppose a demon were to jump into the engine of the car and start forcing the car to do things that he wanted it to do.  By seizing control of the car’s internal parts, the demon gains control over what the car does.  Meanwhile, the man who is sitting in the cab of the car is feeling very afraid as the car suddenly starts swerving all over the road.  The man pulls at the steering wheel and stomps on the brake pedal, but the car does not respond to his commands because the demon who is under the hood is forcing the car to do what he wants it to do.  This is how demonic possession works: demons temporarily take control of your earthsuit.  They don’t gain control over your soul—which is what the false belief of spiritual bondage says.  The most demons can ever do is take control of your earthsuit.

Now when we say that demons take control, do we mean they take absolute control? No, because as we explained earlier, no created being ever gets absolute control over anything.  So you see, while the demon is in the engine of the car, trying to make the car do whatever he wants, the demon is being controlled by God, who is not letting the demon do everything he wants.  Maybe the demon wants to make the car smash into a wall, but God will only let the demon make the car swerve dangerously close to the wall.  Demons are always limited in their control over humans, and this is a critical point to understand.

Now when you’re the person who is being possessed, are you focused on how limited a demon’s control over you is?  No, you’re terrified, and leaping to the assumption that the demon has gained total control not just over your body, but over your soul as well.  This is what demons often tell the humans that they possess—they claim to have total control over that human, and they tell the human that he can no longer communicate with God.  These are just lies of course, but when you don’t know better, you believe them.  Demons love to exaggerate the extent of their power, and humans are very gullible and prone to believing anything demons say.

So once a human becomes possessed, how long will he stay that way?  It depends.  In some cases, demons hop in and out of people, only manipulating their earthsuits for brief moments in time.  In other cases, demons stay for long periods and the person feels like he’ll never get free.

How a human responds to being possessed varies greatly.  Some people think being possessed is a wonderful thing, because it makes them feel powerful and special.  Other people are terrified, and still others don’t even realize they’re possessed.  Why are there such differences in responses?  It depends a lot on how the demon is interacting with his target.

Demons will encourage you to do anything which they know God doesn’t like.  When you get into the world of the occult, you find many humans completely buying the lie that they can get demons to serve them or at least partner with them, the result of which will be humans getting a chance to control demonic power.  Is this true?  Do demons really take orders from humans?  No, but in many cases they will pretend that they are being subservient to humans in order to encourage humans to keep putting their faith in lies.  Nothing kills your desire to submit to God faster than thinking that you are a kind of god.  In this world, there are many people who think they are gods—or at least on their way to becoming gods.  How do dots like us become so delusional?  We just keep swallowing one ego-pleasing lie after another, and demons love to supply us with those lies.

So when you are some fat headed fool who fancies yourself to be a potent sorcerer, and you want to flaunt your great powers to another human, you might start begging and bribing demons to come and possess you.  In your delusional mind, you think that having a demon take control of your body somehow gives you access to that demon’s power.  Does it?  Of course not.  But when this is what you think, and when a demon is intentionally playing nice with you in order to keep you stuck in this kind of arrogance, you will view demonic possession as a fabulous thing.  Should your demon hosts ever turn aggressive, your joy would quickly turn to terror, and this sort of thing happens a lot in the world of humans courting demons.  But no one wants to brag about going from a powerhouse to a pawn, so the stories of demonic relationships suddenly going south are suppressed in demon worshiping communities.  Just as modern American society tries to keep those with intellectual disabilities hidden from view, in communities where humans fancy themselves to be potent sorcerers, no one wants to talk about how their demon servants viciously turned on them.

It’s when we’re bound up in arrogance that we think being possessed is a good thing.  Other times, we find possession to be totally terrifying—especially in cases where we were not trying to get possessed.  We find these kinds of horror stories happening a lot in situations where humans are dabbling in occult activities.  There’s a common belief that you can just play on the fringes of the demonic world without putting yourself in harm’s way.  Here’s where we get get out the Ouija boards, tarot cards, and séances and start horsing around just to see if anything will happen.  Often in these cases, humans are looking for a quick thrill—a small dose of supernatural activity which will catch them off guard without doing them any real harm.  When demons suddenly decide to get aggressive with humans who are baiting them, someone often finds himself in a very serious predicament in which he has lost control over bodily functions which he never thought he could lose control over.

Once a demon possesses someone’s earthsuit, can he force that human to do what the human doesn’t want to do?  Absolutely.  When you get into the world of extra heinous crimes—situations in which humans not only kill their victims in hideous ways, but also follow up with dismemberment and possibly even eating parts of their victims, demons are very involved.  There are many activities which even depraved human earthsuits find repulsive. Demons can override your earthsuit’s will and force it to do things which neither your soul nor your earthsuit want to do.  Being forced to do things which utterly repulse you is a particularly hellish situation and one that results in immense trauma.

Once demons decide to show their true colors by acting aggressive, their underlying hatred for humans often becomes quite clear as they force their targets to harm themselves and others in vicious ways.  Demons love suicide and everything that comes with it, and if it’s at all possible, they would love to kill their targets.  But despite what they claim, demons do not have the power to separate your soul from your earthsuit.  Only God has this power, so demons are unable to kill anyone by themselves.  They are also incapable of severing your soul’s communication with God, and this means that even in cases where humans are possessed by multiple demons, the souls inside of the possessed earthsuits are quite capable of talking to God.  God never just hands you over to demons.  Instead, God allows demons to possess you for the purpose of improving your communication with Him, not sever it.


Because humans cannot control what demons do, humans can’t force demons to possess them.  Because demons are under the control of God, demons can’t just go leaping inside of whoever they want.  No one gets possessed unless God wants them to be possessed, and people will not stay possessed any longer than God wants.  If you’re going to view possession correctly, you must see it primarily as an act of God, because He is the One controlling the whole situation.  If instead you see it primarily as an act of demons, then you’ll be much more likely to veer off into wrong beliefs and useless rituals.

So why would God ever want humans to be possessed?  The reasons vary, depending on what is going on between the human and God.  In cases of spiritual rebellion, possession can be a great way to motivate a human to stop rebelling and submit.  Humans are quite cocky when they think they are in control of a situation, and when humans think they are in control, they are discounting how limited they are.  Sending an aggressive demon to hassle you is a very effective way for God to force you to face what a limited, powerless creature you really are.  You will then come crawling to Him for help with newfound respect for His Supreme Authority over both you and the demons who are troubling you.

Now before you assume that all possession indicates rebellion, realize that it’s more complicated than this.  There are times when God will let a soul who is pleasing Him be intensely harassed by demons.  Demons aren’t just useful for motivating submission—they are also very good tools for helping humans deepen their dependency on God.  The fact that you are pleasing God does not mean you know everything.  When souls are pleasing God, one of the ways He rewards them is with further education on spiritual matters, and those new insights are intended to strengthen the soul attitudes that God wants humans to have—things like reverence, submission, dependency and trust.  So the fact that you’ve got demons hassling you should not be taken as a bad grade or a sign that God is angry with you.  Before you leap to wrong assumptions, you need to ask God to help you learn whatever it is He wants to teach you.  Responding with a willingness to learn is far better than responding with a determination to throw the demons off of you.  By yourself, you are no match for demons, and there is no magic trick you can use to get them to leave you alone.  It is God who controls how demons interact with you in life, and this is why God is the One you should be focusing on when you’re having demon problems.  Talking to the demons themselves is always the wrong approach, because while you’re wasting time trying to bargain with beings who hate you, you’re ignoring God and refusing to learn what He wants to teach you.


Earlier we said that demonic activity will become more publicized during the end times.  Why is this?  Because the end time prophet is going to be like a magnet for possessed humans.  News cameras aren’t going to be focused on possessed people—they’re going to be focused on the end time prophet.  So when possessed people seek out the end time prophet in a public place, the whole thing will be caught on tape, and there you’ll be, marveling at the drama.

So why are possessed people going to be attracted to the end time prophet?  There will be two main reasons.  Some will be looking for help to get unpossessed, while others will be trying to do harm to the prophet.  The kinds of interactions you’ll see caught on tape will mostly be cases in which the possessed person is trying to harm the prophet.

Now to understand why the end time prophet will attract possessed people, consider how possessed people flocked to Jesus when He was walking around New Testament Israel in human form.  Did possessed people come to Jesus because they thought He was God? No, they thought Jesus was just a human, but they also thought He had special access to God’s power, and they wanted Him to channel that power in their direction.  Possessed humans flocked to Jesus in hopes that He would miraculously fix their special problems.  In most cases, those humans were only looking for the quick fix—they weren’t interested in seriously submitting to God.

Today there is a very common misconception that God only heals people who He is pleased with, and He inflicts diseases on those who He dislikes.  You need to throw this theory out because it’s total rubbish.  In real life, God gives miraculous cures to both the obedient and the rebellious.  He inflicts diseases on both the obedient and rebellious as well.  When you step back and try to come up with a “one size fits all” explanation for why God heals or harms people, you’re guaranteed to go astray.  God works with us as individuals—He doesn’t see us as one lump of clay.  God’s reasons for healing or not healing people vary from case to case, and He’s not going to tell you all about what He’s doing with someone else because it’s none of your business.  You need to focus on your own walk with God—not spend a bunch of time trying to figure out what He’s doing in someone else’s life.  When it comes to God’s interactions with others, the main principle that you need to understand is that He always has a spiritual agenda motivating what He’s doing.  You also need to understand that whatever is going on, He is in control of the situation.

Now the end time prophet will be just a regular human being—not a superhuman with special powers.  But because God will perform many miracles through this person, people will leap to the very wrong conclusion that the prophet is the one controlling God’s power.  Today many healers want you to view them as having control over the flow of God’s power.  They act like God’s power flows from a faucet which they can turn on and off at will.  This is nothing but arrogance and idiocy, of course, but humans have always been prone to taking credit for the things God does.  Once we see God using a human as a prop in some miracle, we start exalting the human.  Then we start pressuring the human to perform at our command, which of course he can’t do, but he might say that he can just to keep our worship coming.  It’s very rare for a human to be publicly associated with Divine power without letting that association go to his head.  It takes very special training and equipping from God in order to keep a grip on what an impotent nothing you are as God performs great wonders through you.  Happily for all of us, the end time prophet is not going to be just one more over inflated ego who tries to take the credit for what God is doing.  But while the prophet will not be claiming to have power on his (or her) own, other people will decide that the prophet does possess power, and this will lead to all sorts of problems.

Demons don’t want people listening to God in any form—and that includes messages from God which are delivered by humans.  In the Bible we find that human prophets who were speaking true words from God—guys like Isaiah and Jeremiah—ended up being the targets of persecution as other humans tried to shut them up.  When demons can see that one person is having a positive spiritual impact on others, they really want to kill that person off.  The problem is that God doesn’t give demons power to do whatever they want.  But like humans, when demons really want something, they keep trying to get God to give it to them.  It will be malicious intentions that will inspire some demons to steer their possessed humans in the direction of the end time prophet for the purpose of trying to do harm to the prophet.  Do demons need to use a human to harm another human?  No, but sometimes this is the only option God gives them.  Imagine if you were eager to hurt someone, so you go to shoot them, but your gun jams.  What do you do?  You grab the next available weapon you can find.  This is the kind of logic that will cause demons to try and use their human pawns to attack the end time prophet.  It’s not that they don’t have other tools at their disposal, but those other tools aren’t always going to be available due to God’s constant interference.

Now all of this background scheming and struggling is going to result in you seeing footage of some possessed person violently attacking the end time prophet.  What’s different about how a possessed person fights versus a normal person?  It depends on what the demon is being allowed to do.  Possessed people can exhibit bursts of superhuman strength.  Before you get too wowed by this, realize that your physical body can do a lot more than you can personally make it do.  God has programmed your earthsuit with many safety checks: systems that prevent you from over-straining your muscles.  In some cases, demons can override these anatomical checks and get your body to do things it would normally not do.  The problem with these kinds of stunts is that the body often gets damaged in the process.  In the Gospel books, we read about possessed people throwing themselves into fires and breaking chains.  In real life, possessed people can physically break out of chains and handcuffs—but they often end up breaking their own bones in the process.

Now because demons are not humans, they are able to interact with this physical world in ways that we cannot.  If you were able to manipulate matter on a molecular level, you would be able to pull off all kinds of dramatic stunts—things that would appear miraculous when they’re really just a matter of you pushing physical molecules around in an intelligent way.  Much of what passes for demonic miracles and supernatural power is just a matter of demons manipulating elements in this physical world which you cannot personally manipulate.  As a human, you can’t pick up a handful of electrons and scoot them around like puzzle pieces.  Suppose you could.  Suppose you understood the molecular composition of something like paper, and you were able to go collect those molecules and assemble them in a way that would cause paper to suddenly appear.  Or suppose you could travel anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.  Suppose you could take a relic out of one person’s garage and instantly transport it into a bedroom halfway around the world.  To the human, that relic would seem to have magically materialized in their room, and they’d be in awe.  But from your perspective, all you did was move an object from one location to another.

Demons don’t have anywhere close to the abilities that God has.  By the time Christians are done revering Satan as the ruler of the world, they talk as if his power is equal to or even greater than God’s.  Such a mentality is utterly absurd.  As a human, you are incredibly easy to surprise and impress.  Your mind is so limited that it just doesn’t take much to exceed your idea of what is possible.  What’s basic to a demon is miraculous to you, and they constantly take advantage of this difference in perspectives to entice humans into worshiping them as gods.  And yet if you listen to the real God, He will tell you that demons are just limited specks who don’t begin to deserve your admiration.  Regardless of how shocked you are by the stunts demons pull off, you need to remember that compared to God, they are utterly pathetic.  It is only God who you should be admiring and worshiping in life.

So then, during the end times, you will see God’s end time prophet getting physically attacked by a lot of people, some of whom will appear to have superhuman capabilities.  When you see such things, you need to recognize what is really going on: demons are manipulating someone’s earthsuit, and making their human pawn appear to have abilities which he really doesn’t have.  Then you need to remember that demons can only do what God allows them to do, and God never gives them free rein.

So how will these skirmishes of “prophet vs. possessed psycho” end?  In most cases, the possessed person will suddenly become unpossessed and they will demonstrate a drastic change in personality.  Often these confrontations will result in a soul submitting to God, and that’s a good thing.  What you’re going to see on the television is a super violent, screaming guy, suddenly morph into a submissive, sobbing puddle. Spiritually speaking, many of these situations will end on a very positive note, despite the fact that everyone’s going to get banged around in the process.  But the part that many Christians will find confusing is that the end time prophet is not going to go through all of the traditional hoopla before the demon is exorcised.  There won’t be dramatic commands for the demon to leave in the Name of Jesus.  There won’t be drops of holy water flying and crosses waving.  One minute the possessed human will be acting very possessed, and then suddenly, he’ll be unpossessed.  So how does this work?  It’s time to talk about exorcism.


Imagine that there’s an ant crawling across the top of your desk.  You reach out with your big human fingers and flick the ant off of your desk and onto the floor.  How hard was that for you to do? Not hard at all.  Did you have to warm yourself up by chanting Scriptures and smearing holy oil on your forehead?  Nope.  Did you need to call up a priest and have him bring over a thick manual called “How to Remove Ants From One’s Desktop” before you could understand what to do?  Nope. Did you have to fast for three days and then rebuke the ant in the Name of Jesus before he became flickable?  Nope.  You saw the ant on your desk. You decided that you were done having an ant on your desk, so you flicked him away.  It was very simple.

Today Christians are so entrenched in their version of sorcery that they’ve totally lost sight of how powerful and capable God is.  He doesn’t need props.  He doesn’t need our assistance.  He doesn’t need any of the holy hoopla that we’ve come up with in order to make ourselves feel like we’re playing some significant role in God’s work.  When God decides that He’s done having a demon possess a human, He simply flicks the demon out.  It’s not complicated.  It’s not hard.  It’s not a multi-step process.  It’s just one simple flick and there’s no more demon.

It is a simple flicking by God which causes a ranting, crazed, violent man to suddenly drop to the ground in a state of utter exhaustion.  It is a simple flicking by God which causes a human to suddenly cease in his efforts to strangle the life out of God’s end time prophet.  When you see these sudden, dramatic changes in people’s behavior which take place without any action on the prophet’s part, it will be a good reminder for you that God doesn’t need anyone’s help to exercise His Divine power.

The end time prophet is not going to be the one exorcising demons out of people.  No human has ever driven demons out of another human—you only think they have because humans have spent thousands of years arrogantly taking the credit for God’s actions.  The end time prophet will have no interest in conning you into thinking that he has the power to control demons.  So the end time prophet is not going to go through a bunch of exorcising theatrics just because he knows he’s being filmed.  Because you’re not used to seeing prophets actually obey God instead of trying to hog His glory at every available opportunity, much of what the end time prophet does will seem strange to you.  Whenever you’re feeling confused, you need to ask God for help to correctly interpret what you’re seeing.  Whatever is going on, you know that God will be controlling it, and God will have good reasons for wanting things to go the way that they are.  So no matter how wild and bizarre things appear, you need to keep your focus on God and not be swept up in the idiocy of Christian leaders who are going to be trying to exalt the power of demons.  Compared to the power of God, the power of demons is a joke.  After you’ve had a blinding spotlight blast you in the face, are you still going to be impressed with some wimpy flashlight?  It is God who is impressive, not foolish demons or mortal humans.  It is only God who you should be revering in the end times.

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