It’s Biblical: God Talks to People Without Using the Bible


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If you want to know God’s will for your life, then you need to read the Bible.  If you want God to talk to you, then crack open the book because, hello, it’s the Living Word of God.  Every word in the Bible is inerrant and God-breathed, so if you want God breathing on you, you need to part His lips for Him, and that means opening up those sacred Scriptures.  If you don’t do this—if you slack off and don’t read the Word every single day of your life—then how do you expect God to take your interest in Him seriously?  You’re obviously not serious if you aren’t doing those daily devotions.

Don’t even think that God is going to talk to you directly because that’s a totally ludicrous idea.  You’re just one tiny little drop in the vast ocean of humanity—why would God bother with you?  God has given you a book full of basic principles and pointers, and that’s the all He’s going to give you.  Happily, the book is a living creature, so when you read it, it will speak to you in magical ways.  But if you don’t read it, then forget about ever hearing from your Creators because They’re too holy and busy to bother with a fleck like you.

This is the very grim picture that the Church pounds into your brain.  She tells you that reading the book is the closest you’ll ever come to connecting with God because God is simply not willing to deal with you directly.  Then she tells you that Yahweh loves you oh so much because He sent Jesus to die for your sins.  And she tells you that Jesus loves you, too, because He laid down His life for you.  She tells you that the Holy Spirit is actually dwelling within you.  But should you ever try and say, “God spoke to me the other day,” then she will demand that you point to a passage in the Bible that totally echoes whatever it was that God said to you.  And when you can’t find one, because the Bible doesn’t begin to address all of the issues of life, then the Church will condemn you for being a rebellious little twerp who actually thinks God Almighty would give you the time of day when you weren’t even reading the book.

You see, you just aren’t special enough for God to talk to you directly.  Even though He could talk to you, because as God, He can do anything, He won’t talk to you because He’s just not that interested.  This is what you’re taught in many Christian denominations, and once you accept that God is simply unwilling to personally engage with you, then you find yourself desperately clinging to the Bible as your only hope of connecting with your Creators.  But then people like us come along and we start pointing out a bunch of guff in the book.  It turns out that those sacred Scriptures which you’re counting on to guide you in life aren’t nearly as reliable as the Church has led you to believe.  It’s in the Bible that we find morons like the apostle Paul teaching that Christ is not God and that Yahweh only really loves the Jews.  We’ve got arrogant dingdongs like the apostle John declaring that no true Christian could even experience a desire to sin, and then we’ve got that dolt who wrote the book of Hebrews saying that Christ was some flawed rebel who had to learn what obedience to God was while He was being perfected through suffering.  How can you honestly call garbage like this “God-breathed” or Divinely inspired?  And yet when we start calling Paul a moron, Christians start squirming uncomfortably and they think that we’re the ones with the problem.  Even though Jesus clearly teaches in the Bible that He detests it when His followers hold back in the loyalty department, Christians actually get mad at us for modeling what full devotion to Christ looks like.  You see, when you’re fully devoted to Christ, you don’t exalt people who publicly slam Him.  You don’t glorify “St. Paul” when the man keeps insisting that Christ cannot be anything close to Yahweh’s equal.  You don’t say Peter was fabulous when the man made Christ out to be incapable of leaving Heaven without a permission slip from Yahweh.  Christ is God Almighty, He’s not some man-God hybrid.  We refuse to minimize who Christ is, and because we call Christ bashing comments in the Bible the irreverent garbage that they are, Christians accuse us of siding with Satan.  Of course what they’re really freaking out about is that we’re saying that the book they are clinging to so desperately in life is full of problems.  Well, it is.  And pretending that the Bible isn’t a mix of truth and lies is called denial, and that’s never a useful approach to life.

God talks to us.  A lot.  He talks to you, too, but if you’re like most Christians, you don’t know how to recognize His Voice.  Rather than act like these self-anointed fatheads who try to flaunt their connection to God in your face as evidence that they are more special than you are, we teach you that you have just as much access to God as we do and that He is talking to you personally all of the time.  There is no such thing as a lesser Christian or a soul who God is ignoring—these are just concepts that the Church invented to make you feel like you need pompous humans and a collection of questionable documents to lead you in life.  Well, no, you really don’t.  All you need is God, and since you already have God, you’re not at all in the crisis that the Church tries to tell you you’re in.  But if you’re ever going to break out of the brainwashing, you need you stop resisting the idea that God would talk to you.

“Where are you getting your ideas from?  How can you really know what God wants?  What are your sources?”  These are the kinds of questions that Christians ask us.   And what’s really tragic about these questions is that it never occurs to any of these souls that we could actually have a relationship with God which consists of more than dragging our eyeballs over a bunch of old historical documents. For all of their songs about how fabulous God is, most Christians really have no confidence in Him.  They sing about how good He is, but they don’t really think He can be counted on to guide them or even listen to them in life.  Just listen to how they pray: they make the same requests over and over again as if they’re desperately trying to get some indifferent parent to look in their direction.  They get in groups and tell each other, “Maybe if a lot of us pray the same thing, God will finally pay attention to us.”  Wow, really?  So God cares so little about us that we have to approach Him in large numbers before He’ll even give us the time of day?  He’s so disinterested in us that we have to throw verses in His face to make Him feel obligated to fulfill promises that we think He’s made to us?  And this is the same God who loved us so much that He died for our sins?  No, it’s really not.

Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not at all the disinterested, aloof Beings that Christians make Them out to be.  And while Christians are living in a perpetual state of fearful sorrow that their Creators don’t really give a hill of beans about them, on the outside they put on ridiculous pretenses of confidence in the goodness of their Gods.  But just point out an error in their precious Bibles, and the act instantly crumbles as those insecurities come roaring to the surface.  “How can you say that God is talking to you?!  How can you ever possibly claim such a thing?!  If you’re not testing things by the Bible, how can you ever know right from wrong?”  These are the kinds of questions Christians fire at us and, well, it’s just sad.  It’s sad that God’s own people find it so inconceivable that God Almighty has the ability to guide them without the aid of a book.  It’s sad that Christians don’t really think their Good Shepherd can ever be counted on to actually shepherd them.  It’s sad that we’ve so readily accepted such a tiny, pinched up view of God, and it’s even sadder that we’re putting such energy into defending the very lies that are keeping us in such a fearful, faithless state.

For all of you Christians who can’t fathom how you’d ever survive if you didn’t have access to the Bible, here’s a challenge for you.  Start going through the book and look for examples of other God followers who relied on Scriptures as much as you do.  Make a list of names of folks in the Bible who relied on God’s written words to discern His will for them.  Since you say that truth comes from the Bible, then find the evidence that will support this theory you have that God would never lead you directly in life.  Since you think we’re totally out of line to teach people to talk to God directly in life and to stop bothering with biblical back up, prove your point.  Compile a list of the believers who have walked before you and demonstrated your same aversion to ever just acting on a word from God without first checking to make sure it lined up with written Scriptures.  Of course you’ll have to skip over the accounts of Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Moses, because none of them had access to any of the Scriptures you count on today.  Noah received his directions for the ark directly from Yahweh.  Abraham was acting on direct words from Yahweh when he left his home, changed his religion, and almost sacrificed his son.  Moses met God in a burning bush, not through Scriptures, and he never once quoted written Scriptures to Pharaoh during those ten plagues on Egypt.  But then at last we come to Joshua—a guy who Yahweh told to meditate on the writings of Moses day and night.  But then again, during his military campaign to take over the Promised Land, it wasn’t written words that Joshua was relying on.  Instead, he was acting on new instructions which he received directly from God as new challenges arose, such as conquering the city of Jericho.  Clearly when Yahweh told Joshua to remember God’s previous instructions, He didn’t mean that Joshua should expect Yahweh to never have any new thoughts.

After Joshua, the next famous believer we come to is the prophet Samuel.  None of the prophets relied on written Scriptures. Instead, they were always passing on messages which they’d received directly from God.  So now you’re going to have to throw out all of the Old Testament prophetic books, because none of those are going to help you support your theory that God wants people to depend on Scriptures to guide them in life.  Let’s see…who else do we have?  There were a few God-fearing kings in Israel—guys like David, Josiah, and Hezekiah.  But you’ll find that they were also relying on God to lead them directly in life.  After the historical books of the Old Testament we come to the Gospels, and there’s Jesus, being a wellspring of original thoughts.  Sure, He quoted Scriptures now and then, but you won’t find Him ever telling His boys to look for biblical back-up before they take His teaching seriously.  Then we come to Acts, and there we find the apostles continuing to act on direct words from God.  Peter says that it was a direct vision from Yahweh which changed his mind about eating unclean foods and shunning Gentiles.  You don’t find anyone checking their Scriptures before they declare words from God and play the part of His props in healing miracles.

Next we come to the epistles, and once again a whole lot of Scripture is being quoted, but no one is relying on it.  Instead, the guys who wrote the epistles are presenting folks with a bunch of new, original teaching which they claim to have received from God.  The apostle Paul claims to have been personally taught by Jesus.  Peter and John flaunt the fact that they were members of Jesus’ incrowd.  They say that Jesus—not the Scriptures—is the Source of their information, and that’s why it’s reliable.

Finally, we end with the book of Revelation, which of course is one long direct communication from God to John.  Hm.  So since you say that the Bible is your test for truth in life, and that no teaching which conflicts with the Word can possibly be true, then how can you possibly stick with this ridiculous idea that God would never speak to you directly in life?  God is leading, teaching, and convicting people without the aid of written Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.  So when we say that you should look to God directly in life, we’re actually being a whole lot more biblical than you are.  And when you say that we’re wrong to tell people that they can trust God to lead them directly in life, you’re totally ignoring the fact that God has been leading people directly since time began.

Here’s another point that you could use to consider.  In the few places where you actually find God referring to Scriptures, He’s never referring to the New Testament.  The New Testament was added on by the Church, but none of the biblical authors are referring to it because it didn’t exist in their lifetimes.  So when the apostle Paul says that “all Scripture is God-breathed,” he’s only referring to the Old Testament because those are the only Scriptures that he had. And when Yahweh told Joshua to meditate on Scriptures day and night, He was only referring to the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy.  When the Book of the Law is pulled out of mothballs in the days of King Josiah (see 2 Chron. 34) and everyone’s celebrating once again having access to Scriptures that they thought were lost, they’re only talking about the writings of Moses—not about ridiculous additions like Song of Songs.  The same is true when Ezra reads the Book of the Law to everyone in Nehemiah 8.  So you see, no one in the Bible is referring to the same Scriptures that you are today.  They’re only ever referring to a small portion of the Bible that you know, and this means that you’re being utterly ridiculous to try and say that the Bible says we should all be hanging on the Bible.  The Bible never comments on itself, because the collection of books which you refer to as the Bible today was slowly assembled over many centuries.  Along the way, foolish people decided to include a lot of garbage in the collection, and that garbage got labeled as “sacred” even though there was nothing sacred about it.  Jeremiah’s meltdown in Lamentations really isn’t God-breathed, and if you paid attention to how much Jeremiah bashes on Yahweh in that book, you’d realize how “errant” his attitude really is.  The point is this: you’re killing yourself to defend a principle that God Himself totally contradicts throughout the book which you claim to be living by.  Think about it. Pray about it. The Church is dead wrong in her portrayal of God.  He really is willing to lead you directly in life.  But if you’re ever going to learn to recognize His leading, you need to stop idolizing a book.

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