Pursued by Spirits: How to Find Real Help in Dealing with Supernatural Beings


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Suppose your cell phone rings.  Should you always pick it up?  It could be a friend.  Or it could be an enemy who is recording your call so he can use the information against you in court.  Before you open up the line and start dialoguing with whoever it is that’s calling you, you should look at the screen on your phone and see if you recognize the number.  If you don’t, then you would be wise to send it to voicemail and let whoever it is leave you a message.  In this day and age, many callers who are just out to harass you will give up if they can’t make an immediate connection, so you save yourself a whole lot of trouble by finding ways to screen your calls.

Now when it comes to the spirit world, even more caution is needed.  Yes, there are a whole lot of spirit beings slinking around who are trying to get your attention.  And just as talking to one telemarketer can get your number sold onto the lists of many more, making contact with one spirit being can quickly get you targeted by many more.  Like hackers who bomb your inbox with spam in hopes that you’ll open an attachment and infest your computer with their virus, spirits who keep pestering you to pay attention to them are not the kinds of spirits you want to be messing with.  Perhaps you’ve got spirits in your life who are showing up as ghosts, tampering with your physical possessions, or sending you personalized messages through mediums, divination games, or intrusive voices in your mind.  Should you try to engage with them and open up a dialogue?  No, you really shouldn’t.  Why not?  Because such creatures want to harm you.

Every being in existence can be grouped into two categories: created and uncreated.  As a human, you were created by Beings who are uncreated—we call Them the true Gods.  The spirits who are trying so hard to get your attention are created—we call them demons.  Fussing around with demons is a very dangerous activity.  For starters, all of the power is on their side.  You can’t make them show up.  You can’t see, hear or touch them. You don’t know anything about them.  Demons are extremely deceptive creatures who always appear in costumes—never as they actually are—and this puts you at a major disadvantage.  Oh sure, you can find scores of humans who claim to be experts on supernatural beings.  But anyone who starts giving you names, physical descriptions, and claims to be able to identify individual spirits is talking like an absolute fool.  Such people have been entirely conned by the charades demons put on.

Let’s use an example to demonstrate how impossible it is for humans to identify individual spirits.  Imagine Laura is sitting in a chair reading a book.  Demon A comes into the room.  Demon A can completely mask his presence so that Laura doesn’t even know he’s there until Demon A intentionally knocks over a lamp.  That immediately frightens Laura, and she calls out, “Who’s there?”  Demon A answers in a male voice, saying “My name is Orion.”  Well, now Laura is really scared.  She asks, “Who is Orion?”  Demon A replies, “I am the spirit who lives in this house.  I have come to warn you that great harm is coming to you.  I can help you, but only if you are loyal to me.” Does Demon A really have the ability to see the future?  Not at all—he’s just lying.  But does Laura know he’s lying?  No.  Laura buys the act and now she’s on the internet trying to find information about the spirit Orion.

Now two nights later, Demon B pays Laura a visit.  Demon B has talked with Demon A and knows all about the act that Demon A put on.  Demon B also has the skills to perfectly imitate the voice that Demon A used, and now Demon B knocks a chair over and says, “I’m waiting for your answer: are you going to be loyal to me or not?”  Because Demon B sounds and acts like Demon A, Laura is sure that she’s talking to the same spirit.  But is she?  No, she’s being totally duped by two totally different spirits who are just messing with her.  Because Laura can only go by what her senses are telling her, she has no way to know what kind of being she’s talking to.  When she tries to talk to Demon B, but he doesn’t answer, she thinks “Orion” has left the room.  But has he?  No.  Orion doesn’t even exist—he’s just a phony character the demons have invented.  Meanwhile, Demon B is still in the room with Laura, but she can’t detect him with her senses.  Who has all of the power in this moment?  The demon, not the human.

When you try to start communicating with demons, it’s like you’re wandering out into a vast minefield.  There are deadly explosives buried under the ground and if you step on them, they’ll blow you up.  Just because you can’t see any signs of danger doesn’t mean the danger isn’t there, so how stupid are you to insist on walking out into that field?  You can’t possibly come out ahead in such a situation—the longer you insist on trying to find your own way through that field without any guidance, the more likely it is that you’ll end up severely injured.

There are many spirit beings in this world who would love nothing better than to see you in horrible misery.  If you try to fuss around with these beings on your own without seeking any guidance, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to end up seriously hurt.  So what’s the answer?  Where can you go to for help in dealing with supernatural created beings? Can humans help you with this?  Absolutely not, because humans are no match for demons.  There is only one place you can go for real help in dealing with spirits: you must go directly to the Beings who created those spirits.

So who created demons?  The same uncreated Beings who created you and everything else that exists.  Only the true Gods can protect you from being harmed by demons.  Only the true Gods can help you recognize when demons are toying with you and teach you how to steer clear of the many kinds of traps that demons will try to lure you into.  So how do you find the true Gods?  Well, you can’t just trust human labels.  In this world, there are many gods, but most of them are as fictitious as the spirit Orion.  Most religions and spiritual teachers are encouraging you to put your faith in lies and to trust the welfare of your soul to demons who are masquerading as many different kinds of “divine” personalities.  So how can you sort out the mess?  You’re a blind, foolish human who is standing out in the middle of a vast minefield.  You’re afraid to make a move and set something off.  So what do you do?  You ask the true Gods for help.  You pray to the Gods who created you and you ask Them to give you wisdom.  You don’t need to know Their names—They will introduce Themselves to you if you sincerely seek Them.  But if instead you try to do life without Them—well, then They will purposely send malicious spirits to give you serious trouble.  Why?  Because we humans are stubborn, and often we won’t call out to the true Gods until we’re forced to face how desperately we need Their help.  Finding ourselves outmatched and persecuted by scary non-human beings is a great way to motivate us to submit to the Gods who created all things.

You have two choices when spirits start trying to make contact with you.  You can either be wise, realize you’re in over your head, and ask the true Gods to help you.  Or you can be stupid and try to find your own way through the minefield.  If you choose to be stupid, the true Gods will make sure you step directly onto a mine, because the Gods who created you aren’t going to let you ignore Them without consequences. This is why we urge you to be wise and not rush to answer any spirit who comes knocking.  You don’t know who they are, and you don’t know what they want.  So don’t open the door, because if you do, you won’t be able to control what comes through it, and you won’t be able to make whatever comes through it leave again when you want it to.  Demons don’t play by your rules.

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