Real Talk for Angry Rebels: Negotiating Your Return to God


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Once upon a time, you called yourself a Christian and you believed in the Christian Gods: Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Then some nasty thing happened to you, your quality of life tanked, you blamed God, and made your best attempt at cutting Him out of your life.  Now a bunch of time has passed, your life is still lousy, and you’ve decided that this no God thing just isn’t working for you.  So you want to come back and take another run at Christianity.  If God would finally agree to play nice, you and He could get along well, right?  Well, no, this isn’t how it works.  God isn’t going to agree to play nice, but He is going to say that if you don’t submit to Him as the Supreme Authority in your life, you’re going to end up in a situation that makes your current troubles seem like Heaven by comparison.  Still want to come back?

See, we know what you want to hear, but what you want to hear is a bunch of rubbish, and rubbish won’t get you anywhere useful.  In our material, we teach souls the truth about how to get into a positive place with the Gods who made them.  We don’t just pat your ego and tell you that God is sorry for sticking it to you.  He’s not sorry, nor is He going to promise to never be that nasty again.  This just isn’t how it works, and pretending that this is how it works won’t get you anywhere.

In our line of work, we meet a lot of angry ex-Christians who are intensely fuming about the way God has stuck it to them in life.  They swear up one side and down the other that they don’t need Him while He is holding their very molecules together.  They swear that they can do their life just fine without Him when in reality they can’t even stand up without His help.  Some of these souls then claim to be going through a faith crisis and they come to us for help.  Well, the first step in getting real help is to stop lying to yourself about what the problem is.  Angry souls who are toying with the idea of coming back to God are not in a crisis of faith.  Faith is about believing in something that our senses cannot confirm.  If you’re praying to the Christian Gods or even thinking about praying to Them, then stop trying to say you don’t have faith or that you don’t know if those Gods are real or not.  You obviously do have faith, and you have obviously decided that the Christian Gods are real, or you wouldn’t be trying to negotiate your return to Them.  Yes, you’re in a crisis alright, but it’s not about faith.  It’s about submission.  You know who the real Gods are, but you’re still stalling around about submitting to Them because, well, They make you mad.

Here’s the deal about the real Gods: They make all humans mad.  Or at least They would if we all took the time to give honest thought to how They operate.  No human can look at the many horrific things our Creators do to Their own creatures in this world and honestly claim to be just fine with it all.  We humans are not at all fine with pointless suffering, and plenty of suffering looks utterly pointless from where we’re sitting.  We’re not okay with favoritism—with some people being mega blessed while others are ground into the dirt day in and day out.  We’re not okay with debilitating diseases, birth defects, injustice, losing our loved ones, and having to struggle every day just to make ends meet.  We’re not okay with depression, loneliness, bullying, assault, and perversion.  And since the Creators of this world claim to be the Origin of everything we hate, well, it’s just not hard to make the leap from hating what God does to hating God Himself.  Here is when you toss up your hands in disgusted anger and go storming off to do your life alone.  The problem is that wherever you go, God is still in your face, still interfering in your business, and still refusing to leave you alone.  And as mad as you were with what He did to you when you first stormed off in a huff, you get even madder when He continues to stick it to you.  It’s only out of sheer desperation that you’re thinking of coming back now—because your coping methods just aren’t cutting it.  Well, of course they’re not, because God is intentionally sabotaging you, and He’s just a lil’ stronger than you are.  You see, you can’t win a war against God.  You will lose, it’s just a matter of how badly.  This is why the whole rebellion approach never works out.

Unless you want to waste your whole life trying to escape an inescapable God, you need to do some serious thinking as to what your true motivations are for throwing these rebellious fits of yours.  The answer is always the same: God isn’t doing what you want Him to do.  He isn’t being who you want Him to be.  In other words, you don’t approve of Him, and somewhere in your mind, you’ve decided that it’s reasonable for you to demand that God be Someone you approve of.  Well, no, it’s really not.  You are never going to honestly approve of everything that God does.  God says that you have two choices: learn to live with your disapproval of Him, or be eternally tortured by Him for insufficient submission.  Even those choices make you angry, don’t they?  Do you understand why?  Because you don’t approve of them.

You see, as a human, you want to be the god of God.  You want to dominate Him.  You don’t mind if He’s more powerful than you—in fact, you’d prefer Him to be, as long as you’ll be able to control the way that He uses His power.  As long as God is going to play the role of your obedient little Servant, you’re willing to “let” Him be your God.  Isn’t this generous of you?  How can God possibly pass on the opportunity of serving His own creatures?  Very easily, that’s how.  You see, God is never going to serve you, He’s never going to submit to you, and He’s never going to take orders from you.  As the Creator and Sustainer of all things, God doesn’t have to give one hoot about what you want or how you feel.  All of the power is on His side.  What are you going to do to Him if He trashes you?  Throw a tantrum and call Him nasty names?  Whoop-de-doo.  God doesn’t need you to like Him.  You see all of the need is on your side, not His, and this gives you nothing to negotiate with.

Here’s the deal with returning to God: it’s the smart move for you.  You don’t do it for Him, you do it to save your own neck, because God says you’re going to get hammered with His wrath if you don’t accept your place as the powerless fleck that you are.  You depend on God for everything, so your little run at independent living was nothing more than an absurd fantasy.  You can’t reduce your dependency on God one iota by giving Him the cold shoulder.  You’re the only one who is adversely affected by your season of rebellion, because God has given you a very limited window of time in which to respond to Him in the right way.  The more time you waste pouting in a corner, the more negative consequences you’re storing up for yourself in the future.  You see, you don’t get the option to just lip off to God as long as you want and then throw up some quick prayer and have Him do a memory wipe of every snarky thing you’ve ever said to Him.  God warns us that willfully defying Him is a very dangerous game to play because He’s big on retaliation. You can’t change who God is—all you can do is pay attention to who He says He is and make wise choices.  Fighting against God is never a wise choice.  Pretending that you can triumph over the One who controls your quality of life is beyond foolish.  So if you are serious about wanting to get back on God’s good side, then you need to stop making stupid choices and get real about Who has all of the power in this relationship.

So what does a successful return to God look like?  It starts with you being honest about why you stormed off in the first place: you refused to submit to God’s Authority.  You disapproved of Him, and you used that as excuse for why you shouldn’t have to pay any mind to the fact that He is infinitely stronger than you are and the Sustainer of all things.  Face it: you were an idiot.  Your logic was moronic, and if you want God to accept you back into His good graces, you need to stop with the pansy excuses and submit to Him.  Yes, you hate what He did to you.  But do you know why you want God to always do what you want?  Because then you’d never have to bother with submitting to Him.  You see, submission doesn’t even come up until there is a clash of wills.  By doing whatever nasty thing He did to you, God created an opportunity for you to truly submit to Him.  True submission is when you say to God, “I really don’t like the calls You’re making, and I can’t approve of Your methods, but I get that You’re still the Supreme Authority over all things.  I might not like You, but I submit to You and accept that You are the Boss of me.  I’m the dot, You’re God Almighty.  What You say goes, because You’re the One with all the power.”  This is real submission, and God will not accept you until you choose to embrace this mentality.

Think back to the days when you called yourself a Christian: did you ever really submit to God?  You see, most souls who call themselves Christians really aren’t, because a true Christian is one who has been accepted by Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  The real Gods will not accept anyone who refuses to submit to Them, and the opportunity for true submission won’t even come up until They do something that bugs you.  So while you’re beefing about how God has been running your life, He is seeing it as Him generously giving you an opportunity to score big points with Him by practicing deep submission.

Like trust, love, and every other soul attitude we humans can choose, there are many degrees of submission. The less God provokes you in life, the easier submission will be for you, and the more shallow it will be.  It’s rather like lifting weights: if you only ever lift five pound weights, are you going to develop the same muscle mass that you would if you kept increasing the heaviness of the weights you were using?  No, you wouldn’t.  If you stick with five pound weights, then you’ll be five pounds strong, but you’ll never be fifty pounds strong.  In the same way, if God only does things to your life that you consider slightly inconvenient,  you’ll never have the opportunity to choose deep submission.  If He never exposes you to His darker side, and if He never acts like your definition of an Enemy, then your submission to Him will remain very shallow.  Since submission is the central theme of the God-human dynamic, you’re simply not going to ever get very close to Him unless you experience Him royally vexing you and then you choose to submit to Him in spite of your intense disapproval of Him.  So you see, to God, Him trashing your life is really a priceless invitation for you to develop a richer bond with the Ones who sustain all things.  With typical human shortsightedness, you’ve been rejecting His invitations, and thus setting yourself up for quite a lackluster future.  With typical generosity, God has been stepping up your misery in life in order to motivate you to stop being such a fool and submit to Him.  Now here you are: desperate, angry, and trying to think of how you can make peace with God while skirting around the submission issue.  Well, you can’t.  There’s only one way out of spiritual rebellion, and that is through sincere submission.  You don’t need more faith, you need to spend more time thinking about how limited your options really are.  You either do what God is telling you to do, or you get nailed with His wrath. God is not your buddy, your pal, or some pushover who is going to try and tempt you back to Him by dangling blessings in front of you.  Without Him on your side, you have no hope of anything good.  He knows it, and so do you.  The sooner you stop trying to pretend that you have more options than you do, the sooner you’ll stop wasting your time and get back to where you need to be.

If you want a useful prayer to pray, here it is:

“God, help me to get over myself and fully submit to You.  I hate what You’ve done to me, I’m scared of You, and I can’t even picture liking or trusting You.  But regardless of how I feel, You’re God Almighty, so what the heck am I doing trying to fight You?  This is a war that I cannot win, and I own that I was a fool to even try.  Please help me come up with the soul attitudes that You want from me.  Make my submission to You real this time, and not a game.  I don’t want to keep going through this.  Maybe my circumstances will remain lousy, but I want to be able to know that I am in a good place with You.  I’m not telling You what to do—instead, help me get better at having You tell me.  Help me to accept what You give me, and fully release what You take away.  You’re God, I’m not. Help me to embrace my proper place as Your creature who depends on You for all things.”

If you can’t honestly say something like this to God, then don’t even waste your breath.  God doesn’t accept fake. If you ask Him to help you submit to Him, He will help you.  But if you’re not done rebelling, then so be it.  God doesn’t pander to rebels and neither do we.  Submission is a serious thing.  Plenty of souls in this world have already decided that they’d rather take their chances with Hell than give God true submission.  God gives us all the option of being this stupid, and He treats us accordingly.  So the choice is yours to make.  And the consequences are yours to bear.

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