The End Time Prophet: Testing Our Loyalties


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Put yourself in ancient Egypt when Yahweh was spanking the place with those ten epic plagues, only then pretend that you are a dedicated atheist.  Who are you going to blame for the horrible things that are happening to your homeland?  You’re going to blame Moses and Aaron, of course.  After all, you saw Aaron raise his staff and hit the Nile River just before all the water turned into blood. So clearly Aaron is to blame.  But then again, even a hardcore atheist will have trouble accepting that a normal human can alter the properties of water just by slapping a river with a stick.  So clearly Aaron is getting help from someone—but who?  Remember, you don’t believe in God, and you don’t believe in magic.  But now Aaron is raising his staff into the air again and millions of frogs are hopping out of every river and stream in Egypt.  Well, maybe it’s the stick that has the power.  Yes, it must be the stick because when Aaron hit the ground with it, all of the dust turned into gnats.  But wait—now Moses is throwing a handful of ash into the air and everyone’s breaking out in boils.  So it’s not just the stick.  There’s obviously some kind of supernatural power at work, but you refuse to acknowledge the existence of God, so what’s left?  It must be creatures from another planet—some alien species who have powers that we humans don’t yet understand.  Yes, the alien theory is satisfying, and now you can focus your efforts on detecting these extraterrestrial invaders and destroying them before they can destroy you.

This is the logic that is going to be used during the end times only instead of Moses and Aaron, we’ll have the end time prophet going around acting like some kind of liaison between humans and the forces that are attacking the place.  What more reason do we need to hate the end time prophet?  Humans attack what they can see, and we can’t see God.  So we will attack the end time prophet instead, and feel quite justified in trying to make this person’s life hell because he (or she) is harming our homeland, our stuff, and our people.  But is this really going to be an accurate assessment of the situation?  If we all threw rocks at Aaron in ancient Egypt, would that stop the ten plagues from happening?  If we tried to torture secrets out of Moses, what secrets could he tell?  Moses has no power, he’s just a spokesperson for Yahweh, and Yahweh is famous for withholding information from humans.  Moses didn’t know how many plagues there would be, nor did he know what forms the plagues would take.  But suppose that when we arrest and assault Moses during the plague of flies, he tells us that the next plague will be on the livestock.  How does this help us?  What precautions can we take to protect our animals against some unknown disease?  None.  Beating on Moses is really not going to help us do anything to protect ourselves, but it will get us into trouble with God.


We humans are big on symbolism, and we often attack symbols as a way of expressing our anger at the beings who we associate with those symbols.  What is the point of burning a Bible, smashing a cross, or chucking a bomb into a church?  These are all symbols of God to us, and attacking these things gives us a way to express our anger at Him.  In the same way, when you want to express your anger at a particular human, you might key their car or graffiti their house or break their phone.  If you wake up one morning and learn that your coworker has smashed all of the windows of your car, are you going to say, “Gee, I guess he must have been really angry at my car”?  No, because you understand that the car is a symbol of you, and you are going to take the message of hate as personally as it was intended.  In the same way, when Aaron and Miriam tried to attack Moses by talking smack about Moses’ wife, Yahweh wasn’t fooled by their indirect approach. He knew that their real beef was with Him and the way He was running things.  So Yahweh responded by nailing Miriam with leprosy, which greatly distressed her brother Aaron.  You see, God can play indirect games, too, and when we attack Him, He attacks back.

Because the end time prophet is going to be a visible player in so many of the destructive miracles God unleashes, this person is going to become a strong symbol of the supernatural Power who is trashing us.  The world will call that power aliens, the Church will say its demons, and in reality, it will be God.  But regardless of which theory people are subscribing to, the end time prophet will be the only tangible target available, thus the desire to destroy this person will greatly intensify as more and more damage is done.  Even though the end time prophet will only be a powerless human, destroying this person will feel like an essential and strategic way of fighting back against the Power who is attacking us.  But is it?

Was Yahweh ever hampered by the deaths of His prophets in the Old Testament?  Was Jesus slowed down by the death of John the Baptist?  No.  Trying to attack God through symbols is utterly foolish, for God judges us by our soul’s intention.  When the Israelites expressed their hatred for Yahweh by stuffing His Temple in Jerusalem full of demonic idols, Yahweh responded by leveling the nation.  When the Israelites in the wilderness expressed their hatred for Yahweh by revolting against Moses, Yahweh responded by cracking open the earth and throwing a bunch of people into it.  When the people still grumbled against Moses, Yahweh then mowed another 14,700 of them down with a freaky plague (see Korah’s Rebellion).  When people disrespected Yahweh by manhandling His sacred Ark of the Covenant, Yahweh responded with plagues of tumors, plagues of mice, and striking people dead on the spot (see Revere Yahweh or Die: Lessons Learned when the Philistines Stole the Ark).  In the Bible, God gives us plenty of warnings that attacking Him through symbols can result in some devastating forms of discipline.  During the end times, many who attack God’s end time prophet will have to learn this lesson the hard way.  God knows what we care most about, and when we attack Him, He will attack back in some very unexpected and heartbreaking ways.  And yet when you are a cop or a soldier or a federal agent, and you’re being told that you must defend your country against this evil invader, what do you do?  When you get a clear shot at a walking symbol of the Power that is destroying the people and places you care about, why not pull the trigger?  Because killing a human will solve nothing, but it will get you into major trouble with God.

The end time prophet will not be killed.  There will be countless attempts to kill this person, and some attempts will look successful, and yet this person will prove to be indestructible.  How can this be? Because God controls life and death, and no one ever dies until He wants them to.  God certainly doesn’t need to work through an end time prophet, just as He didn’t need to work through Moses.  But He chose to work through Moses, and He’ll choose to work many miracles through a human representative during the end times.  The important point for you is to own up to what God already knows: when you attack this person, you are really trying to attack Him, and He will respond to you in kind. Unless you want to personally experience how many ways God can make your personal existence a horrific thing to endure, you need to be extremely cautious in how you respond to His chosen representative.  This person will not have power of his (or her) own, but he will have God backing him up, just as Yahweh supported Moses.  And when a guy has God backing him, he doesn’t need to do his own fighting.  He doesn’t need to bother with trying to defend himself, nor does he need to fear being apprehended.  The end time prophet will not run from law enforcement or resist being arrested.  Instead, he’ll have no qualms about handcuffs and jail cells because he will understand how irrelevant these things are.  Humans cannot stop God, and God is going to have His way during the end times.


Now suppose you’re a Christian cop.  When God brings His prophet to your city and starts wreaking havoc in the place, you’re going to be expected to come out in force against him.  You can hardly expect your non-Christian supervisors to say, “Hold on—let’s all pray and ask God how He wants us to handle this situation.”  No, because when people are dying and buildings are going up in flames and cars are getting flung around like confetti, you aren’t supposed to sit on your duff and contemplate spiritual matters.  You’re supposed to grab your gun, suit up in some protective armor, and go charging out to save the day.  When your supervisor comes up with some brilliant plan for how to lay an ambush for God’s prophet, you’re going to be expected to do your part.  And when all the guys are firing heavy artillery in this person’s direction, everyone’s going to notice if you’re the only guy not doing your duty.  See, all of you Christians who are in careers which are focused on national security are going to find yourselves in a very particular kind of pickle.  Unlike regular citizens who can run away screaming from any signs of trouble, you’re going to be ordered to aggressively attack God’s guy.  How do you think that’s going to go over with God?  Not very well—especially when He knows that He’s told you to stay back.

Here’s a critical point that you need to understand: you can’t feign ignorance with God.  You can’t just blend in with the spiritual rebels around you and say, “Oh, but I thought I was fighting aliens.”  You can’t just hide behind snarky Christians and say, “Oh, but I thought I was fighting demons.”  Once God convicts you that He is the Power that is taking the place apart, then any move you make against God’s prophet will be responded to as an attack against God Himself.  You can’t stop God from convicting you, and you can’t avoid hearing Him when He wants to be heard.  God is the One controlling your level of accountability during this period, and the more He opens your mind to understand what’s happening, the more trouble you’re going to get into if you fail to show sufficient respect for His Authority.

So what do you do when it’s your job to protect people but God is the One doing the attacking?  This really is a no-brainer: you need to talk to God.  You need to be praying, and you need to realize that there is going to be a hefty price to pay for putting idiot humans above God in importance during this period.  This is why we are raising your awareness of this moral dilemma now: so you can take advantage of what little calm we have left to ask God to get your priorities where they need to be.  God comes first, not your family, supervisors, community, or government.  When God is convicting you to not pull that trigger, then you’d better listen.  You’re going to see a lot of guys not listening and as a result they are going to meet with some very ugly fates.  You can’t stop other people from trying to kill God’s prophet, nor is it your responsibility to try and shelter this person from harm.  God doesn’t need your help to keep His guy alive, nor does He find your pathetic attempts to kill His guy the least bit threatening.  As far as you’re concerned, the end time prophet is going to greatly test your loyalty to God in some very public ways.  When you’re presented with opportunities to assault or kill this person, you’re going to have to choose between honoring God and pleasing people.  The pressure to take this person down is going to be enormous.  As we progress into this period and the death toll skyrockets, the end time prophet will not be viewed as a person, but more as a machine that must be stopped.  There will be no respect for life or dignity where he is concerned.  People will feel fully justified to do their worst—or at least try to.  And yet despite governments using every resource at their disposal, this person will not be stopped, and that means he will continue to present you with an ongoing loyalty crisis.  Are you going to honor God by seeking His guidance and obeying His convictions?  Or are you going to rebel against God by trying to appease created beings?


While the rest of the world freaks out about aliens, the Church will insist that the end time prophet is a servant of Satan.  This will lead to mass efforts to pray the prophet down, which of course will be utterly useless, but this is how stupidly Christians behave.  And while Christians are trying to sick God on God, demons who understand what is really going on will be riling up their people to attack the prophet through dark magic.  We will see many demon worshiping morons publicly performing miracles and speaking curses against God’s guy.  Many demon possessed people will physically attack the prophet in public, and many such events will be caught on film and spread all over the internet.  Images of this person will abound—everything from professional footage to cell phone videos.  This is how God wants it, for by capturing His awesome feats on film and broadcasting it around the world, He will greatly glorify Himself.

In an atheistic world where many governments have divorced themselves from spiritual matters, it will be quite shocking to see sorcerers doing their demonic stunts in public.  In Bible times, when all governments were shaped by national religions, miracles were quite common and dark magic was the norm.  But we’re not living in Bible times today, nor are we being properly educated about the supernatural realms.  The Church grossly exaggerates the power of demons to the point that she exalts Satan as the ruler of both Hell and this world.  The true Gods are then reduced to a bumbling trio of bumpkins who run around trying to fix the messes demons make while we Christians constantly tell Them what to do.

This is how the Church teaches you to respond to spiritual warfare: freak out, and then start flinging Jesus’ Name around while you tell the Holy Spirit to go get ‘em.  Exalt yourself as the wisest being in existence, and then instruct God and angels on how to behave.  Quote verses from your Bible spell book, and when the crisis is over, give yourself a pat on the back and a hearty well done. There is never any acknowledgement that our Gods reign supreme and that no created being ever messes up Their plans.  There is no acknowledgment that we humans are impotent fools who have no wisdom apart from God.  There is no acknowledgement that we are utterly dependent on our Creators to protect us 24/7, nor is there any receptivity to viewing demonic harassment as an opportunity for spiritual growth.  Because we’re not listening to God on the subject of demons, we’re going to become obsessed with many futile endeavors during the end times.  And while the Church is working hard to attack God’s guy through spiritual channels, God will be retaliating against the Church with some violent forms of discipline.  We will see churches getting destroyed in dramatic ways, and scores of Christians getting killed.  Many famous leaders in the Church will die in very public ways, and before you go calling the whole thing an act of Satan, you need to talk to God.


Apart from God, we humans know nothing.  Apart from God, we are guaranteed to go astray with wrong judgments and faulty gut instincts.  If you rely on the Church to guide you through the end times, you’re going to end up on the wrong side of God’s wrath.  You simply do not have the experience and exposure you need to not be shocked by what is coming.  God is not going to play by the rules that you’ve been taught to cling to.  He’s not going to follow the patterns that you’ve been taught to expect. He’s going to deviate all over the place, and He will intentionally do things that you have stereotyped as “evil” just to test you.  Who are you going to turn to when you’re looking for answers about what is happening?  The world, the Church, or God?  These are your three options, and only one of them is correct.  You need to talk to God. God is not your pastor, God is not the end time prophet, and God is not the Church.  God is God, and He generously makes Himself available to you 24/7.  You can talk to Him anytime, anyplace, and talking to Him is the only way that you’re going to stay in a good place with Him during this period.


The end times are going to really separate the seriously committed from the slackers and posers.  As a Christian, you need to remember that the last chapter of this world will be followed by the first chapter of your life in eternity.  You really don’t want to waste your last years acting like some defiant twerp who refused to listen to God.  You don’t want to be one of the many Christians God is going to mow down in anger because He was done putting up with their bratittude.

God is supposed to come first.  If He’s not first in your life right now, now is the time to ask Him to fix that situation.  Because God is going to work through a Moses-type prophet during this period, you’re going to find your loyalties being tested whenever you are forced to interact with God’s guy.  If you try to attack this person, God is going to spank you for your defiance. If you try to worship this person, God is going to nail you for your idolatry.  The end time prophet is going to be a problematic figure in your life, and you need to seek God’s wisdom now in how He wants you to respond to this person.

Christians are used to manipulating humans who seem to have supernatural connections, but there will be no manipulating the end time prophet.  This person is going to be so committed to serving God that he isn’t going to have any interest in teaming up with other humans or in accomplishing any personal agenda.  The end time prophet will not have a gang, gather an army, or establish any kind of ruling body.  This person will not team up with anyone or accept any followers.  The end time prophet is going to be a solo, powerless person, who will be quite unknown until God brings attention to him.  It is God’s decision to work through a human that will create such a challenge for the rest of us, and we will each have to look to God directly to guide us in the correct way to respond to His prophet.

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