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Is the Grim Reaper real?


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The Grim Reaper is not real.  He is a fictional personification of death.  If we travel around the world, we will find that different cultures and religions have very different theories about how the mechanics of death work.  The truth is that God is the One who kills us by separating our souls from our physical bodies.  Many false beliefs about death preserve the idea that there is some living being who is intentionally killing us, but that being is depicted in many different ways.  Some depict “Death” as an ugly old woman. Some view Death as a walking skeleton.  The Grim Reaper character is often depicted as a robed skeleton who carries a scythe (a tool that is used for harvesting grains).  Sometimes he has wings, sometimes not.  But no matter how he is depicted, he is just a delusion.  Just as we like to pretend that Santa Claus comes and puts packages under the Christmas tree when in reality we know that we put those presents there ourselves, some believe that the Grim Reaper is the one who “reaps” or “harvests” their souls at death.  But in reality, these things are just an avoidance of truth.  The truth is that our three Creators–Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit–are the only Ones with the power to separate soul from body.  

Now demons love to exaggerate their abilities.  They will try to tell you that they have the power to kill you, take possession of your soul, block your prayers to God, etc..  And if they can get you to freak out over some fictitious character like the Grim Reaper, then they will have fun with that as well. But the fact remains that your soul is God’s property and He never hands it over to anyone else.  So you do not need to fear demons or any other being killing you or taking control of your soul.  Your soul is always in God’s hands.

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