Understanding Jesus’ Sameness (Hebrews 13:8)


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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Heb. 13:8)

What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that Jesus is some predictable Guy who never makes an unexpected move? Does it mean He never changes His mind or His mood or His current activities? Well, first we have to realize that the author of Hebrews grossly slanders who Christ is and doesn’t begin to give Him the respect He deserves as God Almighty. So if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, the author of Hebrews really isn’t who you want to be going to. Happily, you’re not strung out on old historical documents to guide you closer to God. You have been granted direct access to God Himself, so if you want to know Jesus better, tell Him, and ask Him to guide you.

Now when it comes to Hebrews 13:8, is Jesus really the same yesterday, today and forever? In a certain sense, yes. But you need to understand that like Yahweh and the Holy Spirit, Jesus is an autonomous (independent), unpredictable Being who does whatever He wants whenever He wants. He is accountable to no one, and He can’t be confined to any kind of pattern.  Now that being said, our three glorious Creators are who They are, and we should be thinking of Them as knowable Beings, not as ever changing mysteries. Let’s use a metaphor to understand this better.

Suppose you have a friend named Stacy. Stacy is who she is. Stacy will never morph into Jane or Tom or Bill. Stacy will always be Stacy. You can change how well you know Stacy–you can go from hardly knowing her at all to knowing her very well if she decides to let you in. But Stacy will always be Stacy.

This is how it is with Jesus. Jesus will always be Jesus. Jesus isn’t Yahweh or the Holy Spirit or Allah or Satan or Buddha or anyone else. Jesus is always Jesus. So when we talk about Jesus, we are talking about a very specific Being who can be distinguished from all other beings.

Now while your friend Stacy is being Stacy, does that mean she can’t change her mood or her plans or her interests? Not at all. Stacy can decide she likes something one day, and then decide she’s over it the next. It’s the same with Jesus. The fact that Jesus is always Jesus doesn’t mean that He is a predictable Being who never changes His mind or preferences about anything. Jesus is a very complex Being with extreme passions and countless interests. Consider this: we humans haven’t been around very long at all. Our Gods have been around forever and ever yet it’s only just recently that They decided to create us. Clearly that was a big decision. Clearly that was a change in Their routine. They went from not having us to starting this whole Creation project. So the fact that Jesus is always Jesus doesn’t mean He doesn’t start new things or end things or change His mind.

For you, what matters is that your three Gods are specific, knowable Beings. They aren’t like clouds in the sky which form one minute only to dissolve away the next. Jesus is always Jesus, and yet no one can know Jesus more than He wants to be known. Jesus controls how well anyone knows Him by choosing to share or not share information about Himself. All three of our Gods say that if we treat Them the way They want to be treated–which means fully submitting to Them and sincerely desiring to please Them–then They will invite us closer to Them by revealing more to us about who They each are. This process plays out differently in the lives of different Christians.

On this site, we teach you how to approach your Gods with attitudes that please Them. We help you understand what They want from you as well as general facts about how They operate. But in your own life, there will be a unique aspect to your relationship with Them. How Jesus relates to you personally will have its own flavor to it–and He’ll relate to you differently than He relates to someone else. This is what is so exciting about pursuing your Creators: it’s a journey that is all your own, and there is a private side to that journey which will only be known by you and Them. All serious Christians want to know the real Jesus better, but we’re all going to get acquainted with Him in a different order and we’ll each end up relating to Him in a way that is a little different than how anyone else relates to Him.