Lying Angels: How to Tell When You’re Being Duped by Supernatural Beings


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Are you being visited by angels? Are they showing up in glorious, radiant forms? Does being in their awesome presence fill you with a thrilling mix of terror and joy? Is your soul feeling bathed in warmth, love, and light so that it just longs to pursue a relationship with these creatures? Well, before you go casting yourself entirely into their hands, you need to realize that these supernatural visitors who act so benevolent are not at all what they seem. Those wonderful auras and those dramatic entrances—they’re all just part of a well-rehearsed show that demons have been playing with gullible human beings ever since this world began. Sure, your ego wants to believe that these magnificent creatures are as enamored with you as they pretend to be. You want to latch on to all this guff about you being chosen, gifted, and special. You want to believe that these strange visions and powers you’re suddenly experiencing really are evidence that you have been endowed with some amazing supernatural abilities. Well, you haven’t. You’re just one more in a very long line of suckers, and if you’re smart you’ll get out now before they can get their hooks in any deeper.

The lure of power is incredibly enticing to our little egos. Who wants to think they’re just an impotent speck who can’t even stand without their Creators propping them up? There’s nothing glorious about being human. We’re such frail, fearful little things who just don’t know much about anything. But what we lack in actual wisdom and power, we make up for in greedy fantasizing. God needing us is one of our favorite dreams, and we don’t mind putting on a big display of phony humility when we sense an awesome promotion coming our way. When that shining being shows up in our bedroom announcing that we have been set apart by God to do great things, hey, we’re believers. While we have very limited respect for God’s wisdom, we have no problems believing that we could be smarter than Him in many areas. And since we don’t approve of many of the ways God uses His power, we love the idea of getting our hands on a piece of that power so that we can finally do what we want to do.

You used to be a nobody. Now you’re having glorious prophetic visions, hearing the thoughts of others, seeing into their souls, and maybe you’re even experiencing some interdimensional travel. You used to be jealous of those anointed superstars in the Church, but now you’re the one seeing the demons that are hanging on others and my, don’t they look distressed by your presence. Look at how they are blasted away by one powerful prayer from you. It’s pretty sweet being the chosen one isn’t it?

Here’s the thing about these angel guides who seem oh so eager to help you explore your newfound awesomeness: they’re just messing with you. You’re like a mouse who they’re baiting towards a trap with a piece of cheese attached to the end of a string. As you toddle towards that tantalizing cheese, they keep moving it closer and closer to the device that is set up to break your neck as soon as you touch the trigger. These creatures haven’t come to help you, they’ve come to harm you, and the more you fawn over them, the greater their victory will be. Do you really want to experience the pain of that vicious trap cracking down on you? Or do you want to wise up and stop being such a sucker?

For those of you who are smart enough to choose the path of wisdom, we’re going to educate you about some essential truths that you’ve either never been taught or you’re currently choosing to ignore. Focusing on truth is how you avoid ending up as just one more wretched soul who is living out his days in some dark, tormented state. You see, these sweet angels of yours aren’t going to stay sweet forever. When they tire of schmoozing you, they’re going to drop the act and reveal their true nature, which is nothing short of terrifying.


Alright, let’s get into it. Step one in escaping the major spiritual crisis you are currently in is to forget about how amazing the angels are for a moment and remember God. You remember God: He’s the Guy who made the angels in the first place. You’re not talking to God very much these days, are you? Sure, you’re probably tossing up a lot of orders, and flinging the Name of Jesus around quite a bit, but you’re not seriously seeking His wisdom about these angels of yours because, well, you don’t want Him to rain on your ego parade.

The Creator always trumps the created. God made angels, thus God is superior to angels. He’s so superior, in fact, that compared to Him, these angels you’re so enamored with are as impressive as carpet lint. You see, you’re being wowed by all of the wrong things. You like the way these creatures make you feel emotionally and you love the way they stroke your ego. Okay, so they can manipulate your emotions—so what? Do you realize how easy it is for angelic beings to toy with your earthsuit? Flip a light switch on and off—that’s how easy it is for them to yank your emotions all over the map, give you sensual visions, and have you levitate from the ground. Do you consider yourself amazing because you know how to work a light switch? Of course not, yet you are ready to worship these angels for demonstrating the same level of skill.

Angels aren’t awesome, they’re just different than you are, thus they can do things that you can’t do. But so what? They’re still limited creatures who can’t even sustain their own existence. As Christians, we shouldn’t be worshiping created things. Only our three glorious Creators are worthy of praise: Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit. They are the impressive Ones, and They are the Ones you are ignoring while you’re obsessing over these angels.

Suppose someone gives your best friend a fish for her birthday. It’s not an exciting fish—it’s just a simple little goldfish. Yet when your friend sees this fish, she goes nuts over it and starts talking to it all the time the way she used to talk to you. When you call her to see if she wants to hang out, she sends your calls to voice mail because she’s much too focused on her amazing fish to bother with you. How do you think you’d feel about being thrown over for some dumb fish? The thing can’t even understand what your friend is saying, nor can it talk back, yet she has put this fish on some pedestal in her mind and it’s now her all-consuming love in life. Wow. Talk about insulting.

This is how your Creators view this obsession you have with these dumb angels. They’re just angels—what’s to get so excited about? As a human, you don’t know the first thing about angels. You’re just falling in love with a phony act. The creatures you’re so obsessed with aren’t even real—they’re just phony personas that demons are putting on to sucker you in. It’s rather like you obsessing over a character in a movie and refusing to acknowledge the difference between that fictional character and the actor who played the part. The actor is the real one—the character was just a pretense. Studying the character doesn’t tell you anything about the actor, because the actor was intentionally hiding his real identity, feelings, motivations, and personality as he put on his act. It’s the same with you and these angelic visitors. They’re not at all who they seem to be, they’re just demons putting on an act. You not only fall for the act, you exalt these fictional personas as being more worthy of your time and attention than the real Gods. Talk about insulting.

So how do you think the real Gods are going to respond to you throwing Them over for dumb angels? They’re certainly not going to reward you for your behavior. The real Gods have warned us humans to never seek out connections with any supernatural beings other than Them, yet here you are, eagerly anticipating when your angelic visitors will return. This is more than a little disrespectful on your part, and when we keep disrespecting our Gods, we end up getting spanked by Them.

But maybe your angels are telling you that they’re speaking to you on God’s behalf. That’s a trick that’s as old as the hills. Demons are a whole lot smarter than you when it comes to conning people, and if they know that you believe in God, they’re naturally going to try and use Him as a cover. Here’s when your angel tells you that it’s God who has chosen you out to be His special whatever. Here’s where your angel gives you that new name or that fancy title or goes through some ridiculous theatrics to make you think you’ve been “anointed.” And yet claiming to speak the words of God and actually speaking His words are two drastically different things. So how can you tell when your angel is lying to you about being an authentic messenger of God? There are several handy discernment tests that you can use.


Under the current Covenant, your Gods speak with you directly. There’s no need for intercessors or mediators. Think about the way your angel has been behaving. Does this creature keep trying to insert itself between you and God? When’s the last time you asked God directly about who this creature is? Your angel might be talking about God every time it shows up, but what affect have its visitations had on your personal communication with God? You know you’re in trouble when you start viewing your angel as a trustworthy messenger whose words never need to be checked with God Himself. Another big sign of trouble is when you are viewing your angel as your personal connection to God—in other words, you’ve completely lost sight of the fact that God is always with you.

Suppose you’re sitting right next to Bob on the couch, then Joe comes into the room and says, “I have a message from Bob to you.” How should you respond? You should immediately turn to Bob and say, “Is this true? Did you give Joe a message for me?” Suppose Bob says “Yes, I did.” Then you say to Joe, “Go on. What’s the message?” Joe tells you the message. Now should you just believe him? No. Now you need to turn to Bob again and say, “Was that the message you wanted me to hear?”

Never just believe what a created being tells you about God. It doesn’t matter how flashy and freaky they are. It doesn’t matter if they throw God’s Name around. God is not a created being, and created beings should never be given absolute trust. So you must question everything that your angel says to you. You must always check with God directly within the privacy of your own soul. Any angel who actually is speaking for God would not have a problem with this. But demons who are masquerading as God’s messengers are quite likely to get huffy with you for refusing to blindly trust in the authenticity of their words. This is when the intimidation tactics start: the scary light shows, the threats and accusations. Here is where you need to remember that angels are not God, so they don’t get to function as your commanders in life. God never tells us to just put our trust in some created being. God always pulls our focus onto Him and Him alone. But demons who are masquerading as angels want to get you focused on them, not God, and they’ll try to distract you from realizing how little you’re talking to God by referring to Him a lot. To see through this trap, you need to be monitoring your own soul’s communication with God, and when that communication starts shutting down because you’re so busy gazing at your angel, that’s your cue to flee.


God will never share His power with you, period. Yet lying angels will work hard to tell you that this is exactly what He has done. Suddenly you become a little demon stomping powerhouse in your own right. Suddenly you have “the gift of discernment” which means you can tap into supernatural knowledge whenever you want to.

Regardless of what cover story your angel is using, any message that boils down to you being given control over Divine power is a lie. When God speaks, He always exalts Himself. When He acts, He claims all of the glory for Himself. Yahweh didn’t say “Moses parted the Red Sea.” He said “I parted the Red Sea.” The man Moses just stood there with a stick. Neither the man nor the stick did bumpkus to affect the state of the waters.

Oh, but wait—what about that time you rebuked the demon and it fled in fear? Doesn’t that prove that you have dominion over them? Well, let’s think about this. Your lying angel—who is a demon in disguise, sets up a scene in which other demons pretend to be intimidated by your presence. Then your lying angel encourages you to unleash your power and the demons put on a grand show of acting like they can’t possibly counter your authority. Your ego loves it, of course, because you would love to think that you’re better than impotent. But you’re not. You’re a powerless speck and demons don’t feel the least bit threatened by your verbal guff. When you start laying into them with the rebuking, the Scriptures, the holy water and the jumbo cross, you look like a two-year-old who is waving a plastic gun and threatening to kill someone. The demons are inwardly laughing at what a pompous idiot you are, but if they see a chance to keep you in a rebellious state against God, then they’ll gladly pump you up with phony displays of fear and submission. How do you know when you’ve been successfully duped by demons? Well, when all the hubbub is over, who’s getting the glory in your mind? Oh sure, you might be praising Jesus with your lips, but we all know how insincere verbal words can be. What’s really going on inside your heart? Because if you’re patting your own self on the back as well as giving a respectful nod to God, then the demons have just scored another touchdown.

All power belongs to God. The power to manipulate the supernatural realms, perform miracles, illuminate souls with truth, see into the future, throw off demons, and heal people—these activities all fall into a category of abilities which He is simply not going to give you. If any part of you thinks you have these abilities, it’s time to wake up from the delusion. God is the One who heals people. God is the One who throws off demons. He might set you up as some prop in the middle of His miracle working scene, just as He had Moses hold some meaningless stick into the air as He parted the Red Sea. But you will contribute nothing, and the day you lose a grip on this truth is the day you wander into some very dangerous territory.

The Bible is filled with accounts of God nailing people with discipline for trying to elevate themselves to His level by claiming the credit for the things which only He does (see Why Moses & Aaron Were Banned From The Promised Land). You really don’t want to be on the receiving end of His jealous wrath, and don’t think that being a Christian gives you some license to spit in God’s face without consequences. There are major consequences for trying to take glory away from God, and some of those consequences will have eternal ramifications. You need to treat God’s glory the same as you would a high voltage electric fence: keep back and don’t touch.

Now your angel might play this power transfer game a different way. Instead of telling you that you’ve been downloaded with Divine abilities, your angel might try to exalt itself as the source of Divine power. This leads to your angel giving you instructions on what to do, and your reward for obeying those instructions is having your angel perform some miraculous feat. Here we run into the same problem as before: the glory is going away from God. Any being who is actually aligned with God is not going to try to glorify itself, so when you find yourself with an angel who is claiming to be in possession of Divine power, you know you’re dealing with a dangerous liar.


Here’s a nice pride grinding truth: there are no supernatural beings who take orders from you. Angels, demons, and God—none of these beings view you as their superior and none of them will ever submit to your authority. And yet we humans so long for power that your lying angel can easily suck you into delusions by making you think that supernatural beings will actually submit to you. A favorite ploy of demons is to con you into thinking that the key to gaining supremacy over non-humans is to become educated about which magical ritual to use in a given scenario. A common tactic here is for your angel to tell you that the demon that’s plaguing your friend can only be cast off through fasting, or that healing miracles can only be imparted through the laying on of hands. Whatever the particulars are, the bottom line is that you are the critical cog in the machinery. You are the one controlling the situation because you are the one who everyone else will submit to. And yet the truth is that God doesn’t need you in any way, shape or form. You aren’t helping Him save souls, your prayers aren’t controlling His actions, and demons utterly scoff at the idea of you having any clout over them.

Do you think you’re illuminating souls with truth when you cast your pearls of wisdom? You’re not. You’re just making noise, and that noise will be meaningless unless God decides to do something with it. God doesn’t take orders from you, and He doesn’t smile on you chucking Him aside for some mere created thing. As long as you think your angel is all that, you can be sure that you’re not getting any credit for the things God does through you.

What does God hear when you start telling Him how to intervene in the lives of others? He hears some little speck of a creature claiming to be wiser than He is and actually bossing Him around. Is God ever going to change His plans for someone else just to please you? Of course not. God doesn’t answer to you. You’re not His supervisor. Your approval doesn’t make His day. Your criticism of His work has zero influence over His choices, so when you go into pompous prayer warrior mode and start blasting God with commands, all you’re doing is demonstrating how non-existent your submission to Him is. Given that both salvation and spiritual maturity depend on submission, how far do you think you’re going to get with God by constantly trying to dominate Him? Not far, but demons love seeing you try to pull your non-existent rank on God.


Being visited by angels doesn’t mean you’re special, it means you’re being tested. Demons want to see how gullible you’re going to be. God wants to see if you’re going to stay close to Him or throw Him over for some mere created being just because you like the lies that being tells you.

There’s no plus side to being visited by angels. Why on earth do we want to talk to angels when we could be talking to God? Angels are irrelevant and utterly untrustworthy since they’re always coming at us in disguised forms. With angels, we can never relax. We have to constantly be on our guard and keep sifting through their pretty tales to find the bottom line. We humans are sensual beings, and the fact that our senses can be so easily manipulated is one of our greatest weaknesses. What do we want with beings who try to use our weakness against us by getting us so distracted by shows of light and feelings of love that we can’t think clearly?

Angels are irrelevant. Let them do their angel thing with God and hobnob with other creatures of their own kind, but in our own lives, who needs them? We weren’t created to know angels we were created to know our three glorious Gods. Angels are merely created beings, and as such they can’t possibly compete with our three glorious Creators. We might be fragile, powerless beings, but that doesn’t mean we can’t choose the right priorities in life. Pursuing our Gods should be our top priority, and any creature who tries to distract us or slow us down in that mission is someone we want nothing to do with.


So once you apply the discernment principles we’ve discussed in this post and you realize that your angel is snowing you by encouraging you to believe in lies, then what? Well, step one is to stop engaging. When the angel shows up, you can’t help feeling wowed, but now that you know this thing is out to harm you, not help you, you need to put all of your resources into focusing on God.

The Holy Spirit is your Ally in these moments, and He’s the One you need to be clinging to whenever supernatural beings show up. Once you stop giving them the adoration they want, it’s quite possible that your sweet angels will turn ugly and employ some aggressive intimidation tactics to get you back into submission to them. Here is where we get into freaky sounds, frightening apparitions, objects flying about and scary voices shouting at you (see Mind Wars: Defending Against Demonic Voices in Your Head). Here is where you need to be surrendering yourself entirely into God’s hands and asking Him to have His way with you. Don’t bother with trying to fake surrender—God sees your heart. Kissing up to Him in your desperate hour will get you nowhere. If you want His long-term help with your problem, then you’re going to need to give Him sincere submission. Since you were practicing the opposite of submission when you were busy playing with angels, you may need to start back at square one and ask God to help you even want to submit to Him, which He will do. But don’t assume you’ll have a smooth escape, because sometimes we have to deal with consequences for our rebellion in these situations, and God intentionally lets our angelic enemies hassle us in some very upsetting ways. If He should decide to do this with you, you need to be asking Him to help you learn all of the lessons He wants to teach you. Whenever a crisis arises, the solution is found in more submission to God, not less. The good news is that even intense demonic harassment can end up benefiting you in the long-term if you are listening to God. If you’re not, well, have fun with those demons.

Humans think that playing around with angels and demons should be viewed as either harmless fun or a clever way to get around God. This just demonstrates how foolish humans are. As a human, you’re no match for angelic beings. They could quite literally mop up the floor with you if God were to grant them permission. And why should God keep shielding you from their aggression if you’re going to give Him a bunch of attitude? God tells us humans not to try and cultivate relationships with any supernatural beings other than Him. We can either respect His Authority or get spanked by Him for our rebellion. There is no other option.

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