Help for Murderers: What To Do When Your Victims Are Haunting You


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You took a life. Maybe it was accidental. Maybe it was on purpose. Maybe you were trying to help. Maybe you were being malicious. Either way, the aftermath of such events can be far worse than you ever expected. Some murderers are plagued with horrific nightmares in which their victims play a central role. Others see ghosts of their victims in their waking hours. Others keep having flashbacks from the murder sequence. You walk into a room and see the woman you killed lying there with your knife in her back. You’re trying to make dinner and suddenly those tomatoes are the bloody remains of the baby you aborted. You’re driving and that little boy you killed suddenly appears standing in the road in front of you. You’re standing there trying to think and you feel your buddy tap you on the shoulder—the same one you turned around and knifed because you thought he was someone else. You’re in bed at night and you hear a voice saying she’ll get back at you for what you did. You fall asleep and have terrifying dreams of your victim leaping upon you with vengeful hate. What does all of this mean? Are you losing your sanity? No, you’re not, but there are definitely some issues that need to be dealt with. Victim hauntings are terrifying things and they will send your stress levels soaring through the roof and stop your ability to function until they’re dealt with. So how can we get the dead to stop hounding you? First we need to clear up some false beliefs you have about the dead. Then we need to talk about you and God. He has positive reasons for letting this whole terror package happen to you, and once you get aligned with His program, you’re going to find yourself in a much better place. So let’s get started.


A common assumption among guilt-ridden murderers is that dead humans have the power to exact revenge on the living. Here’s the first lie we need to topple. Grudge holding ghosts are very popular themes in horror movies, but the whole idea of human beings coming back from the grave to avenge themselves is absolute baloney. This isn’t to say that the ghosts you’re seeing aren’t real things—they’re very real. But just because it looks and sounds like your victim doesn’t mean it is your victim. We’ll talk more about ghosts in a moment. But first, let’s talk about what happened to your victim.


Human beings have two components to them: a soul and a body (which we call an earthsuit). Picture an astronaut walking about on the moon. The special spacesuit is what allows the man inside the suit to function in an environment that he’d otherwise die in. It’s quite chilly on the moon. There’s a disturbing lack of oxygen. The man depends on his spacesuit to interact with such a non-friendly environment, but is the suit really part of the man? No, it’s just special equipment the man is using. The suit is computerized, and it’s programmed to alert the man of various problems. It’s a smart suit, but it’s still a totally different entity than the man himself. This is how it is with the souls and earthsuits of humans. Our souls are the real us. These bodies we walk around in are just the intelligent suits we need to be able to interact with this physical environment.

Now an astronaut can choose to take off his suit anytime he wants to, but we humans can’t just go shedding our earthsuits. God created both your soul and your suit and He’s the One who put the two together. Your soul has never experienced life outside of your suit, and this is why you feel like your suit is such an integral part of you. You don’t view your suit as just the clever machine that it is. You think your suit is you because, well, you’ve never been without it. And when you look in the mirror, your suit is what you see. It’s rather like being born with clothes on that you never take off. In such a situation, you’d have no idea what your body really looks like because you’ve never seen yourself naked. In the same way, you have no idea what your soul looks like because you’ve never seen it. It’s there: but it’s always hidden from view inside a suit that you can’t take off.

The people you killed were in the same situation as you: they were souls inside of earthsuits. What you went after was their earthsuit. You have no access to another human’s soul. You can only get your hands on their suit. When you murder someone, it’s like grabbing a knife and tearing a hole into an astronaut’s suit. You trash the suit in order to trash the man inside, because you know he needs the suit to survive. Once the suit rips open, the man runs out of air and suffocates. In the same way, once you trashed your victim’s earthsuit, their soul was destroyed, right? Wrong.

You can’t destroy a human soul. Unlike earthsuits which were designed to only last a matter of decades, human souls are designed to last forever. So nothing you do can cause another human’s soul to cease to exist. Souls are entirely different things than earthsuits. Earthsuits die—which means they literally stop functioning and rot away. But souls do not die. Souls are always alive. Thanks to some really unhelpful metaphors put out by the apostle Paul, Christians talk about souls being dead or alive, but this is very misleading language. The souls of your victims are just as alive now as they were before you killed them. The big difference is where they are residing.

On earth, souls are stuck in the earthsuits that God paired them with and they can’t go anywhere that the earthsuit can’t go. When someone dies, what’s really happening is God is separating soul from suit for the first time and transferring the soul on to an entirely different dimension.

Get out two pieces of paper and set them down onto a table with plenty of space between them. Write the word EARTH on one paper and write ETERNITY on the other. These papers represent two separate dimensions. Now set two small flashlights down on the earth world. One flashlight represents you, the other represents your victim before you killed them. Turn both of the flashlights on and shine them towards each other. As long as you and your victim were both alive on earth, you could communicate with each other. But that’s about to change.

You now murder your victim. Pick up the flashlight that represents your victim and remove the battery inside. That battery is the soul of your victim—the flashlight is their earthsuit. Set the battery down on the eternity paper. Leave the dead flashlight with yourself on earth. Now what’s changed? You can’t turn on the dead flashlight anymore, can you? Your victim can no longer communicate with you on earth because their soul has been transferred to an entirely different world. When you shine your flashlight onto the dead flashlight that represents your victim, that’s like you talking to the corpse of your victim. People do this all the time. They stand in cemeteries talking to the dirt and they tell themselves that there is a soul underneath the dirt that can hear what they’re saying. But is there? Look at those two papers in front of you: where is the soul of your victim? It’s way over there in the other world. Can it shine a message over to you? No. It doesn’t even have a flashlight body anymore. When you talk to your victim’s corpse, that corpse is lifeless. It doesn’t hear you. It doesn’t have any thoughts. You might as well be talking to a bunch of food that you threw into the garbage yesterday, because that rotting food is a very good parallel to your victim’s rotting corpse. Old spaghetti is a totally inert thing, and so is the corpse of your victim.

A body without a soul is utterly lifeless. There’s nothing  going on inside. There’s no one to talk to. So when your victim died, all communication between the two of you was totally severed. God whisked your victim’s soul off to an entirely different world which you have no access to because your soul is still stuck inside an earthsuit which is bound to this world. Look back at those papers and notice how God didn’t take your victim’s earthsuit on to the other world: He was only interested in their soul. Earthsuits are expendable to God. When we talk about God loving and saving people, we’re only talking about their souls. While God certainly took great care to build your earthsuit just as He wanted it to be, He never confuses the machine with the real you. You are a spiritual being: you are your soul. Your victim was a spiritual being as well. Now your victim’s soul has been totally removed from the dimension you live in and you have no way to communicate with them.

It’s God who is keeping you and your victim separated from each other. And because God is infinitely more powerful than both of you, neither of you can override Him. Even if your victim really was over in eternity hating your guts and frothing for revenge, can they bust through God’s barrier and come hunt you down? No, because there is no highway running back and forth between this world and eternity for humans.

To understand how God manages various dimensions, let’s set two fish tanks down on a table. Each fish tank has mirrored walls so that the fish swimming inside the tanks can’t see what’s outside. Each tank is covered with a lid. Your victim is swimming about in one tank, you’re in another. Where is the connection between these two tanks? There isn’t one. Your victim can’t see or hear you. Your victim isn’t peering down through the clouds at you. Let’s have you play the role of God by scooping one fish out of the earth tank and plopping that fish into the eternity tank. That fish has now lost all communication with his old fish buddies, hasn’t he? He’s going to be swimming along in this new world not having the faintest clue about what’s happening in his old tank. This is how it is with you and your victim: you have no idea what they’re up to and vice versa.

It is vital that you understand how totally isolated you are from your victim in real life, because only then can you correctly interpret what’s really going on with these very real sensual experiences you’re having. The sounds of those footsteps that you hear walking through your house at night are real, but they’re not being made by your victim. That feeling of someone touching you, that familiar voice, that ghost who looks, sounds, and behaves exactly like your victim—these are real experiences, but they’re not being manufactured by your victim because your victim is completely cut off from you.


Before we leave the subject of your victim’s point of view, let’s tackle one more common concern among murderers: your victim’s quality of life. There’s a common belief that the way in which someone is killed has a major impact on whether or not they can “rest in peace” after death. Again, this is a load of baloney. In real life, no soul rests in peace because eternity is not some big snooze. So let’s talk about what really happens after death.

Let’s start with the basic facts: who is it that pulled your victim’s soul out of their body in the first place? That was God. Now God doesn’t pluck souls out of bodies just to keep them dangling in the air or to knock them into some strange coma. Divine judgment is what immediately follows death for every soul. The moment your victim died, they were immediately faced with the consequences of how their soul responded to God on earth. Here’s where we get into the topic of spiritual accountability.

By now, God has created countless kinds of creatures. Angels and humans are two different kinds of creatures. The way God deals with angels is not the same as how He deals with us humans. Humans are always humans—they do not morph into angels when they die. So let’s talk about how Divine judgment works with humans, and bear in mind that the rules for humans are the only rules you need to be concerned about. What God is doing with other creatures is irrelevant.

Humans are judged according to how their souls chose to respond to their Makers on earth. We were created by three all-powerful Gods who work in unity with Each Other. Those Gods are Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit. These are the only three Gods, and everything that exists was created by Them.

Your victim is only judged by choices your victim made. Your victim isn’t judged according to your choices. Every soul has a different experience of life on earth, and every aspect of that experience is controlled by God. Maybe you are the abusive father who smacked your daughter one time too many and your last volley of injuries resulted in her death. Clearly you have been a major cause of stress in your daughter’s life, and God takes that into account when He judges your daughter. He doesn’t expect your daughter to have the same resources that a girl growing up with a loving father would have. But while God is a very gracious Judge who looks at the whole picture and takes every factor into consideration, what He is actually judging your daughter about is her personal response to Him. No human can control the soul choices that another human makes towards God. Maybe you told your daughter all sorts of lies about God. Maybe you told her that she was some piece of trash who God hated. Were you wrong to do this? Yes, but is God so small that He can’t correct your daughter’s thinking? Of course not. Nothing you do can block your daughter from finding God and pleasing God because God doesn’t go through you to get to your daughter, He goes direct. So when your daughter died because of injuries you inflicted on her, she immediately found herself dealing with the consequences of how God feels about the way she responded to Him on earth.

God demands submission from every human soul. He wants us to voluntarily submit to His Authority and decide that we sincerely want to please Him. But no human understands this at first—they need to be taught about who God is and what He wants. God takes full responsibility for educating each soul about these things, and when He judges them, He judges them within the context of what He knows they understood. Because God is so good, He never punishes souls for not understanding something. God isn’t like the jerky teacher who yells at a three-year-old for not being able to do long division. God is an extremely gracious Judge, which means He emphasizes mercy over justice.

Now we’ve already talked about how death is the separation of soul from earthsuit. Only God has the power to do this, and that means that no one dies prematurely. Maybe you’re the doctor who has hacked apart hundreds of unborn children. Plenty of hateful Christians would love to hack you apart in revenge, but happily God is not as merciless as His followers are. What you need to understand is that although you feel that you had total power over the life of your victims at the time you killed them, from God’s perspective, you did not. You only succeeded in killing those babies because God wanted them to die at that time and in the way you killed them. A lot of Christians will flip out over that idea, but this is because most Christians are adamantly denying the sovereignty of God.

God reigns with absolute Authority over all things. He’s not in partial control, He is in absolute control. When God presents you with choices, those choices are always limited to choosing among possibilities which God has chosen. Does this make your choice meaningless? Not at all. Your friend asks if you want to go on a vacation to the beach or to the mountains. They are only giving you the two options to choose from, but that doesn’t make your choice less of a choice. Having limited options doesn’t turn us into automatons. We’re still expressing our own wills. In the vacation scenario, you’re choosing between two vastly different experiences: sunning yourself on a beach or skiing down snow covered slopes. In the same way, when God presents you with choices in life, those choices lead to vastly different experiences.

Maybe you deliberated for months about whether or not to kill your wife’s lover. During that time, God was putting choices before you: to kill, or not to kill. He would have been convicting you to choose not to kill. But let’s say you blew Him off and chose to bludgeon your wife’s boyfriend to death. Then you shot her as well, and at the time you thought, “Good riddance.” But now you’re seeing them in your dreams and freaking out that they’re working as a team to destroy your mind. Well, you wouldn’t be in this mess if you had made different choices. Choices matter. Choices have consequences. But the big trap many tormented souls fall into is in assuming that once they have made bad choices, they are doomed to live in misery forever. That is an absolute lie. Yes, you made some bad choices and now you’re dealing with the fallout of those choices. But your life is not some car that’s gone plummeting over a cliff and now nothing can stop it from smashing on the rocks below. It’s more like the car that’s gotten stuck in a puddle of muck. It’s quite possible to get unstuck and back onto solid ground. No matter how miserable you are now, there is major hope to be had. Even the blackest pit holes can be climbed back out of. Even the most tortured mind can find peace. So you need to reject this notion that you’re hopelessly damned because of things you’ve done in the past. With God, there is always hope.

So then, your victim has two choices for where they ended up after death: Heaven or Hell. Simply put, Hell is miserable, Heaven is pleasant. But as the murderer, you have zero control over where your victim ends up. You can’t mess someone up with God by killing them in some nasty way. Remember: God is in control, so no one dies before He wants them to.

Infant deaths are particularly troubling, so let’s talk about what happens when a person dies on earth before they even understand about who God is and what He wants. Infants aren’t the only ones who fall into this category. God handles each soul differently. Some souls don’t begin to receive a spiritual education from him until much later in life. Regardless of age, if God knows that a soul died before having the understanding they needed to choose to submit to Him, where does He put them in eternity: Heaven or Hell? The answer is Heaven, and that is a fact that can be particularly comforting to abortionists. There is absolutely no doubt that your aborted kids are in Heaven because God never punishes souls for not knowing something He didn’t teach them.

Because God is so good, so gracious, and all knowing, the fact that He is the only One passing out eternal judgments is an enormous relief. You can’t do anything to mess your victim up eternally with God. You can’t do anything to suspend their soul in some tormented state after death. You can’t do anything to persuade God to be lenient or to get Him to be harsh. So if you’re praying for your victims, you need to stop because this is a total waste of time and energy. God does not care one iota about where you think your victim deserves to end up in eternity. The judgment of souls is His business, not yours, and He never invites your input in such matters.

So then, right now your victim is very much alive and aware of their existence. Their soul is residing in a very different dimension which we call eternity. The labels of eternity, Heaven and Hell are not important—they are just labels which help us understand what we’re talking about. Just as this planet doesn’t have the name “Earth” tattooed on it, Hell isn’t actually called Hell. We use the names only as a way of communicating concepts. After death, every soul receives the consequences for how they responded to God on earth. If they responded well, or they didn’t know enough to respond at all, they end up in Heaven. If they failed to meet God’s requirements for salvation, they end up in Hell. The experiences of these places vary widely from soul to soul, but that’s a topic for a different post. The point is this: your victim’s current experience of life is a direct result of how they responded to God on earth. It has nothing to do with how you treated them while they were here.


So now that we understand what your victim is doing, let’s talk about you. You’re the one who needs help, because you’re the one who’s being tormented. So where is all of this torment coming from?

Demons often play a very active role in these kinds of situations. If you’re seeing actual ghosts, that’s definitely demons. You see, it’s a very simple matter for demons to show up in any form they want, and they have all of the information they need to appear as the twin of your murder victim. Demons can also make all manner of creepy noises, they can produce audible voices, and they can also manipulate your earthsuit senses so that you feel sensations of someone who isn’t there physically interacting with you.

To understand how easy it is for demons to mess with you, imagine how easy it would be for you to freak someone out if you could come at them in an invisible form. You could move things in the room, you could say things in a creepy voice, you could sneak up behind them and tap them, you could turn the lights on and off. And that’s just you being a human. Demons are not humans, and their theatrical talents are much greater than yours. Demons can hear your thoughts, they can eavesdrop on the communications between your soul and God, and they can accurately assess your soul’s current attitude towards God. They can also access all of your memories, they understand all of your fears and wrong beliefs, and they can plant thoughts and images directly into your head. Keeping you trapped in some horrific nightmare that they’re directing is a very simple matter for them. Demons are extremely aggressive, sadistic creatures who hate your personal guts simply because God loves you. They have no interest in punishing you for your sins. They’re only interested in tormenting you, and the fact that you’ve killed someone gives them some great ammo.

Suppose there was a human on the planet who you really wanted to make suffer. What’s your first step? Find out more about her. Maybe you find out she’s terrified of dead fish. Well, this is fantastic. It’s a simple thing for you to buy some fish from the market and dump them all over your enemy’s car or on hang some on her front door. And because this person’s fear of dead fish is so acute, just the sight of those fish will psychologically traumatize her and send her into sobbing hysterics which you can then record and play for yourself over and over again because you just love the sight of your enemy in torment. This is how demons feel towards you: you’re someone who they hate intensely and they really get off on traumatizing you. And like this woman who is afraid of dead fish, you’ve got this murder issue weighing heavily on your mind and making it extremely easy for demons to take you down. So what do you do?

How does our dead fish phobic defend herself from your nasty attacks? She can’t stop you from buying fish or from assaulting her property. Trying to control your behavior isn’t an option, but what she can do is take away your power over her by learning to overcome her dead fish phobia. If she can stop being so terrified of those slimy bodies, then she can go from being utterly terrorized to being mildly annoyed by your antics.

You’re in a similar situation with demons. You can’t control them, but you do have choices about how you respond to them. Essentially what you’ve got is a landmine of guilt and fear sitting in your mind which blows up every time demons stomp on it, thereby nailing you with all kinds of shrapnel. Diffuse the bomb, and your internal world will become a lot more pleasant and peaceful. So how do you do that? Well, step one is to understand who controls demons.


When they’re using haunting theatrics, the ideal situation for demons is for you to believe that it really is your dead victim who is coming after you. Demons love hiding behind deceptions, and when you’re scared of an enemy that doesn’t even exist, it not only spikes your fear to no end, but you never end up dealing with the root of the problem. It’s like the girl who is crying in bed because she knows some monster is hiding in her closet—she can hear the thing clawing at the door trying to get out. What’s the solution to this problem? The girl will never succeed in trying to take on a monster who doesn’t even exist, just as you can’t succeed in appeasing your dead victims by hurting yourself or being miserable or trying to apologize to them. Your dead victims aren’t the ones interfacing with you, just as closet monsters aren’t the problem with our frightened girl. The reality is that her brother is the one in the closet, making scary noises because he gets perverse joy out of freaking out his sister. But until the girl identifies the true source of her problem, she can’t do anything about it. It’s the same with you: if you’re going to get free of this haunting, you need to properly identify the source. Demons are the problem, not your dead victims.

Okay, so our girl figures out it’s her brother. What now? She can’t take her brother on herself, but she can run to dad for help. Dad comes marching into the room, hauls brother out of the closet and gives him what for. Brother is forced to apologize, dad comforts the girl, and now the girl is at peace.

In your situation, we’ve discussed how demons are masquerading as your angry victims in order to freak you out. Well, now that you understand that they’re really the ones driving the masquerade, who is your equivalent to the dad who our frightened girl ran to? Who is strong enough to get the demons out of your face? There’s only one answer: God.

Now here’s where a lot of foolish Christians will mislead you by making God out to be some trained dog who you can get to act on cue. Just toss up the right prayer, say the magic words, work the Name of Jesus into it somewhere and God will drive those demons out. But no, this isn’t how it works, so don’t even waste your time with the holy water and the priest who goes through his exorcism rituals. The demons who are currently harassing you aren’t free agents. They’re like dogs on a leash—they can only affect you when God gives them access.

The proper way to handle haunting situations is to recognize that God is the One allowing the situation to happen. Trying to boss Him around won’t get you anywhere. Whenever God is doing something you don’t like, the solution comes through submission to His Authority and alignment with His goals for you.

So what are God’s goals for a murderer like you? Here’s where we get to the really good news because God loves you intensely and He wants your soul to thrive. So what makes your soul thrive? Well, here is where you need to understand that as an all-powerful Creator, God didn’t have to follow any kind of rule book when designing you. He made you exactly how He wanted you to be. God created you for the purpose of having a personal relationship with Him. But God is quite particular about the kind of relationship He wants with you. He won’t be your doormat or your servant or your buddy. God is a very alpha Personality. He doesn’t submit, He dominates. But because He’s so wonderful, being dominated by Him turns out to be a really fantastic thing.

When God made you, He wanted to give you certain things. He then designed you in such a way that you would get the most satisfaction out of receiving the things that He wants to give you. It’s really a very fabulous system. For example, submission. At first, humans hate the idea of submitting to God. We’re prideful and selfish and we want everything our own way. But once we start seriously submitting to God, a really weird thing happens. We start to like it. We find that living in submission to God actually results in some really fabulous soul peace and satisfaction. This is because God wants to be the dominating Authority in our lives. He then designed us to enjoy being dominated—not by other humans, but by Him specifically. God isn’t like other humans. Other humans get mean and abusive once they get too much power. But God is kind and good and He uses our submission to Him to guide us down roads that will lead to us experiencing more and more joy in life. This is how God set things up: if we choose to obey Him by doing what He tells us to do, we end up reaping all kinds of unexpected internal blessings. We discover more joy, peace, and satisfaction than we ever thought possible.

Now here you are getting tormented by demons. God is the One who is allowing those demons to come after you. Why? Because there are certain choices He wants you to make and He’s using all of this terror to motivate you to obey Him. His desire is to improve the quality of His relationship with you.

So how do you know what kinds of choices God wants from you? Well, let’s start with the prevalent theme. All of this harassment is fixating on the fact that you murdered someone in the past. Themes are always significant—they help you identify what kinds of lessons God is going for. For you, there are some unresolved issues with this murdering business which God wants you to start talking to Him about. What are those issues in your case?  There are probably several, but let’s start with some main principles.


All of this torment is a means to an end. This is God’s way of driving your focus onto Him because He is the only One who can help you out of this jam. You can’t take on demons by yourself. Alright, so what’s tough for you about focusing on God? He doesn’t get these kinds of teaching tools out until they are needed. So what are you currently doing that is requiring such extreme measures to be used? Let’s run through some common post-murder stalling points.

You aren’t repentant.

This is the one Christians love to harp on, but it’s not necessarily your issue. If you’ve been trying to pretend that it’s all good that you killed someone, and if you’ve been refusing to admit how wrong you were, then this whole haunting thing is God dishing out some Divine discipline. The goal here is to scare you into submission. If you think this is bad, it can get a whole lot worse. God is giving you a teensy taste of the kinds of weapons He has at His disposal, so stop defying Him and acknowledge that you totally defied His Authority by taking a life.

Now the only murderers who qualify for this kind of lesson are those who knew ahead of time that what they did was wrong and they did it anyway. Rebelling against God is when you know what the rules are and you intentionally break them. But maybe you didn’t honestly know that God considered that little mass of cells to be an actual human being at the time you got the abortion. Maybe you got brainwashed with embryo and fetus terminology and you were really just trying to help your female patients out of a jam. All of you accidental murderers—you’re definitely not part of the “need to repent” camp. You didn’t mean to stab your buddy in the gut—you thought he was an enemy soldier. You didn’t mean to clong your wife on the head with that hammer—you didn’t know she was standing so close behind you. You weren’t trying to be a negligent driver when you hit that teenager—you were distracted by dumping coffee onto your shirt. A very common pitfall repentant souls fall into is believing that God is not accepting their repentance. Once you think God is mad at you, it’s very easy to view everything that happens to you as some Divine beating. But here’s the thing about God: even when He is mad at you, He is still wanting to help you. Divine discipline is never about making you feel like some hated worm in God’s sight. It’s always about getting you to stop shoving Him away and start cooperating with what He knows you need.

You’re trying to contact the dead.

A great way to wind up with ghosts on your hands is to try and contact the dead. When you regret the role you played in someone else’s death, it can be very tempting to try and contact them “on the other side” in order to apologize or to try and avoid having to accept that they are gone. What’s needed here is some clarification about how things actually are and a willingness on your part to submit to God’s Authority.

When you try to call up the souls of dead humans, demons are the only ones who answer. As we’ve already discussed, it’s very simple for demons to impersonate the dead, and you’re so gullible that you figure if it looks and sounds like your dead wife, it must be your dead wife. But no, death creates an impassable barrier between human souls. Those on earth cannot communicate with those in eternity and vice versa. So your dead loved ones really aren’t looking after you, and they certainly aren’t assisting God in His care of you. Such ideas are extremely popular in Christian circles, but they are also dangerous lies.

As a human, God does not want you attempting to communicate with any supernatural being other than Him. This means demons, angels, and the dead are all off limits. Because you’re not accepting the death of your victim, you’re extra vulnerable to the very effective lures demons use to get you addicted to their ghostly performances. But the bottom line is that God is a very jealous Being who gets irked when you start obsessing over other supernatural beings. To help you lose interest in trying to befriend the dead, He gets demons to step up their game and start terrorizing you instead of wooing you. At the end of the day, demons love seeing you miserable, so it makes no difference to them.

If this is the scenario you are in, then the solution is to understand what a negative view God has towards you reaching out to supernatural beings other than Him. You also need to understand that the dead simply aren’t available for you to contact. Then you need to stop all attempts to communicate with these things that are showing up in your presence and start asking God to have His way in your life. God wants submission from you. He wants you to be looking to Him to guide in you in life. He’s not just going to sit back and do nothing while you try to get the dead to be your spiritual mentors in life. Instead, He will intentionally intervene and make your efforts to contact your victims go south in some very upsetting ways.

You won’t accept how easy God is to please.

This is the number one problem for repentant murderers. God wants to move on from the past, but you just aren’t willing to. You keep insisting that He must judge you as harshly as you do. You won’t accept that God simply doesn’t strain to forgive what you did. You won’t accept His mercy, and instead you are trying to punish yourself on His behalf.

Humans trying to beat themselves up for God is a very common issue. There are many ways we go about this. Some of us physically injure ourselves. Some of us embrace hateful attitudes towards ourselves. Some of us seek out miserable circumstances. Some of us sabotage anything good that comes our way because we won’t accept blessings that we feel we don’t deserve. The bottom line in all of these scenarios is that we’re refusing to submit to God.

While humans often associate submission with negative circumstances, it comes up in many positive contexts as well. God is currently engaged in countless wars of wills with souls who feel His attitude towards them is simply too good to be true. In cases of intense guilt and shame, our problem with God often centers around the fact that we feel He’s just too nice. We expect Him to be cursing and hating us, but instead He wants to love on us. That’s just too bizarre for our brains to get a hold of. But here’s where submission comes in.

Submission is when we yield to something we don’t agree with out of respect for God’s Authority. You feel you deserve to be punished forevermore because of what you did. God says you should be shown mercy and compassion. You have two choices: you can either submit to His Authority or you can try to dominate Him by treating yourself as the superior judge.

You’re not superior to God—no one is. But when you are digging your little heels in and trying to act like you’re the superior one, you often express your domination by shutting down on God. You won’t talk to Him about the past because you’ve already decided that He’s not allowed to forgive you. You won’t be receptive to the positive lessons He wants to teach you because you’ve already decided that there are no positive lessons. According to you, God has to be as merciless and limited as you are. The reality is that you can’t possibly imagine how anything good can come out of the mess you’ve made, and since you consider yourself to be the superior one, you don’t allow for the fact that God has way more options at His disposal than you do. See how it works? Rebellion against God’s Authority comes in some very surprising forms. Often what we view as righteous self-degradation is really just a major pride trip. Because we feel we can’t forgive ourselves, God isn’t allowed to, either. Well, this kind of thinking is absurd because God does not answer to us and we certainly don’t define what His limitations are.

If you’re currently stuck in this kind of thinking, what can God do to drive you back into submission to Him? There are endless options, but one effective means is to bring demons in to terrorize you. When we’re overwhelmed by nightmares, ghosts, and hallucinations, we finally get desperate. When we’re desperate, we start opening up our minds to new possibilities. You were stonewalling God before, but now He’s the only option you’ve got left, because other humans can’t make these terror attacks stop. See how it works? God wants you to talk to Him. He wants you to be receptive to Him helping you move on from the past.


We’ve just discussed three common reasons why God lets demons terrorize souls with the notion that their murdered victims are out to get them. In all three scenarios, God’s basic motivation is the same: He wants you to have a positive dynamic with Him. This is a critical point, so don’t miss it. God’s reasons for allowing this are positive, not negative. This isn’t about punishing you, it’s about course correcting you. Your current path is one that is not good for your soul. God wants your soul to thrive, so He’s giving you reasons to feel highly motivated to step up your submission to Him.

Demons aren’t going anywhere until God throws them off of you, and He doesn’t do that until He has accomplished His purposes. In this world, we humans are in an interesting quandary: we’ve got a Creator who loves us intensely and wants fabulous things for us. But He won’t force us to cooperate with Him. Instead, He urges us to choose submission voluntarily and if we do choose it, the rewards are great. If we don’t choose it, He continues finding creative ways to motivate us to choose it.

Most people don’t go around seeing ghosts. While it’s easy to think your nightmares and hallucinations are entirely guilt driven, things are actually more complicated than that. You are not living out your life in isolation. Whether you are a Christian or not, God is intimately involved in every aspect of your life at all times. He isn’t going to just leave you alone. He’s going to hound you because He wants you to surrender yourself into His hands.

So then, how do you get the ghosts to go away? How do you get the hallucinations and nightmares to stop? It starts with recognizing who is really behind your troubles. God is running your life whether you want Him to or not. If you want to find peace for your soul, there is plenty of peace to be had, but it all flows through one door: that of sincere submission to God. Now is the time for you to pray and ask God to help you embrace all of the lessons He wants to teach you through this situation. Ask Him to help you submit to His Authority and to understand His view of you. Ask Him to help you find peace of soul and to help you live in alignment with Him.

When you talk to God, you’re talking to the Creator of all things. You’re talking to the One who made humans and demons and who controls the movement of every molecule. Talking to God is always the first step to solving any problem that arises in your life. Living in perpetual angst is not where He wants you to stay. All of this harassment is Him prodding you to make some changes and to reach out towards Him.

We humans make up lists of super bad sins for ourselves and then when we commit one, we have enormous trouble moving on from the past. But God wants you to move on and He can teach you how to do it. You need to understand what a powerful Being you have on your side and decide that you are going to wholeheartedly accept the help, love, and mercy that He is offering you. With God there is always hope—even for murderers.

Help For Murderers: Finding Peace With A God Who Loves You
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