End Time Preparation: God’s Creative Creatures


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Because God is so kind, wonderful, compassionate, and all around fabulous, He is not just leaving us in the dark about the scary topic of the end times. Instead, He’s graciously choosing to help us out by giving us a much needed heads up about the kinds of things He is planning to do in this most unique period. You see, God loves us and He is for us. He isn’t interested in freaking us out just to do it. If you are a Christian who sincerely cares about pleasing God, you are in a very advantageous position. When we actually listen to God, He teaches us valuable insights that steer us clear of wrong interpretations of His actions. It’s wrong interpretations that cause us to melt into puddles of paralyzed fear. For example, if you don’t understand that God is in absolute control at all times, then you might fall for the very popular and terrifying delusion that Satan is actually in control of this world—or that evil humans have been given free rein to make your life a living hell. According to the world, you can get away with anything you want if you have enough ammo, money, and political clout. This is what many people want to believe, but it isn’t true.

God is constantly sabotaging and revising our plans so that only what He wants actually happens. God is in control—absolute control. And because we Christians know who God is, we can breathe a big sigh of relief. We do not need to be afraid of the end times when we know the Character of the One in charge. This is going to be God’s show from start to finish. Certainly there are going to be a lot of shocking surprises, but we can weather surprises when we understand Who is the Source of them. When you know that you are personally in good standing with God, you do not need to be afraid of what’s coming. And if you’re not in good standing with God today, it’s a simple thing to get there because God is gracious (see What it Means to be Aligned with God).

Read through the account of the ten plagues on Egypt, and what do you find? Yahweh giving Moses a heads up about what’s coming before each plague starts. Think about that. Yahweh could have just said, “Reach into that furnace, grab a handful of that soot, and throw it into the air.” And then when Moses did, and people everywhere started breaking out in festering boils, that would have been a very terrifying thing. Because without any pre-warning, Moses would have no reason to think that the horror would stop with the boils. He would have thought, “Yikes, what is this the start of?! Some new disease?! Am I going to catch it?!” To spare Moses a panic attack and to steer him away from a long list of terrifying “what ifs,” Yahweh didn’t just tell him to throw soot into the air. He also explained that He was about to strike everyone with boils. Well, there’s a big sigh of relief. It’s still freaky, but at least Moses understood the limits of the plague. When the painful little sores started showing up on everyone’s skin, he knew what they were, and he didn’t go spinning off into a bunch of fearful possibilities. It was the same with all of the plagues—Yahweh spared Moses a whole bunch of unnecessary terror simply by providing a few insights that helped Moses understand what was happening.

Suppose you hear in the news that random people of all ages are suddenly dropping over dead all throughout your nation. What’s your reaction going to be? Epic fear, of course. As the death toll skyrockets, you’re going to be freaking out that you or your loved ones will be next. The medical community is going to be scrambling to find a cause and it will be automatically assumed that some evil pathogen is at work. It won’t even occur to anyone to consider order of birth as a possible reason for why someone died. What does birth order have to do with anything? We don’t even ask that question on our medical intake forms because we consider it irrelevant. Stop and think about how much stress Yahweh spared people by explaining to Moses that He was only killing the firstborns in Egypt. It’s terrible enough to have so many people keel over dead, but at least you understand that there is a logical plan at work and you can find a real reason to have hope that some of your loved ones will survive because they don’t fall into the target range.

By giving us just a little information up front, God spares us immense grief and fear. He helps us properly interpret frightening events and He gives us solid anchors of peace to cling to in the midst of distressing times. This is what He is doing for us right now: setting us up with some critical anchors of comforting truths that we can hang onto during the chaos of the end times. By hammering the point that He is in absolute control at all times, and by reminding us that the end times are His show, God helps us steer clear of the epic fear that the rest of the world is going to fall into when they decide that the world is being assaulted by malicious aliens from outer space. If you really believe that a mass army of non-human life forms with an evil agenda is sacking your planet, well, good grief, how can you sleep at night? But if you understand that a good God who loves human beings is the One doing all of the destroying, well that changes everything. Because as a Christian, you have a personal connection to this God, and you know that He is an immensely gracious and kind Being who wants us all to thrive under His care. God is not our Enemy, He is our greatest Ally and Hope. Because we know Him, we don’t need to be afraid of what He does, because we know that He always has positive reasons driving His actions.

The closer we get to God beginning His end time drama, the more help He is going to give us. This is standard operating procedure for God—He gives the most information to the generation of folks who are actually going to be alive when He makes His move. The prophet Isaiah predicted the fall of Jerusalem a hundred years before it happened. But the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel were actually alive at the time Jerusalem fell. Compare these books, and you’ll find that Jeremiah and Ezekiel talk a whole lot more about the fall of Jerusalem than Isaiah did. Yahweh activated Ezekiel and Jeremiah to begin prophesying for Him years before the military siege against Jerusalem began, and through their mouths, Yahweh gave the folks who were actually going to experience the fall plenty of specific details about what to expect. Yahweh also went over and over His reasons for having the city sacked so that the Jews could properly interpret the events and understand how to stay on the right side of God’s patience with their responses.

This is how wonderful our Gods are: They care about us and They go to great lengths to help us. Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit are the only Ones who know the future. They don’t have to give us any sneak previews. They don’t owe us an explanation of anything. But because They love us, They help us out with some essential insights, just as Yahweh helped Moses during the ten plagues. Most of the Jews who were living in the land at the time Jerusalem fell were a bunch of rebellious punks, but Yahweh still took the time to give them all kinds of pre-warnings and explanations about what His methods and motivations were going to be. Those who blew off what God said ended up having a much harder time of it than those who listened. You need to decide to be a wise Christian and listen to what God is telling you about what’s coming in your personal future. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment about this material. Is any of it correct? If it is, how can you best apply it in your own life? God is giving us all warnings about what’s coming for one reason: to help us stay in alignment with Him during this period. God wants us to thrive, not freeze up in fear. We thrive by staying grounded in truth and by depending on God alone to guide us through this period.

Before Jerusalem fell, Yahweh gave people instructions. After it fell, He continued to give them instructions about how they could stay in alignment with Him. It will be the same for you. God isn’t going to ditch you once the chaos of the end times begins. He’s going to be right there with you and you need to be listening to Him and expecting Him to lead you. As shocking events occur, the world is going to blast you with their interpretations of what’s going on. The Church will blast you with another set of interpretations. Neither of these groups will be advising you correctly, so you need to talk to God.

The Holy Spirit is going to be your Guide through this period and you need to go directly to Him for correct interpretations of what is happening. Now is the time to ditch the theory that you’re some lesser Christian who God never talks to. There are no lesser Christians, and if you are sincerely seeking the Holy Spirit’s wisdom about these things He will instruct you. You will be amazed at how clear and calming the Holy Spirit’s guidance can be in the midst of chaos. You do not have to just accept the common human reaction of going spastic whenever something unexpected happens. You have God Almighty with you at all times, so depend on Him and listen to Him. This is what will separate the fakers from the truly committed: serious Christians are going to seriously seek God’s wisdom in the privacy of their own souls and they are going to end up having a radically different experience of the end times than those who allow themselves to be led by the rebellious leadership in the Church. Decide now that you’re going to be one of the smart ones and ask the Holy Spirit to increase your confidence in His willingness to lead you personally in life.


Now then, God is going to be whipping out a lot of shocking stunts during this time, and in this post, we’re going to address an issue that can easily throw you off balance if you’re not theologically prepared for it. That issue is one of spontaneous creation. Once again, we find a lot of useful prep among the biblical accounts. When Yahweh covered Egypt with frogs, He suddenly produced way more frogs than actually existed in the land prior to the plague starting. How did He do that? By spontaneously creating a boatload of frogs. He did the same with the plague of gnats and the plague of flies, and this raises a very important point that we need to bear in mind during the end times: God can create critters anytime He feels like it. Now that sounds rather obvious when you think about it—after all, it’s not like God gets tired. It’s not like He depends on some kind of creating device which needs occasional recharging. God’s creative power is not like a can of soda which eventually loses its fizz once it’s been opened. God is constantly creating. He is constantly producing new people and new critters all around us but we just don’t tend to think about it.

At this very moment, God is creatively assembling countless new human beings inside their mothers’ wombs. At the same time, He’s bringing new life into existence throughout the world of mammals, reptiles, insects, fish, and plants. Everywhere you look, you see signs of God’s creative powers at work. He’s got new life springing up all around you, but you just don’t stop to think about it because, well, a blade of grass isn’t hopping out of the ground and chasing you around. Suppose it did—suppose you were chilling on your couch watching television and suddenly a bunch of grass blades began sliding under your front door and gliding across the room towards you. Something as harmless as grass suddenly turns very freaky when it’s doing stuff that it’s not supposed to do. But then again—who is it that sets the limitations on various created things? God, of course. And if He controls the limits, clearly He can move them anytime He wants. During the end times, we’re going to see God doing exactly this sort of thing. Vines aren’t supposed to suddenly come busting up through city streets and sidewalks in mass numbers. And even if they do, they certainly shouldn’t start grabbing people by the legs and tying down cars. Stuff like that is only supposed to happen in our fictional horror movies. Well, God knows all about our horror movies, and He is going to intentionally play off of themes that we’ve created for ourselves.

Ever notice how the bad stuff is always black in horror movies? Ever notice how the evil beasts often have red, glowing eyes? Well, is there some rule that says God can’t make critters with red, glowing eyes show up in real life? No, there isn’t, and we need to be ready for these kinds of dramas. The power in a city goes out and suddenly there are black rats with red eyes swarming everywhere in the darkness, viciously attacking people. Such an act combines two elements which we find very disturbing: the spontaneous creation of large masses of critters, and critters acting in atypical ways. We will see God using these two themes over and over again during the end times. Sudden swarms of living things will appear out of nowhere and maliciously attack people. Footage of such events will abound on the internet and, well, it’s going to look like scenes out of a horror movie. Except it won’t be fictional, it will be real, and it will result in a lot of gruesome deaths. As a Christian, how should you respond to these things? And what do you do if you are personally caught in the middle of one of these events? Well, there’s no way to make such events pleasant. After all, when the firstborns were dropping over in Egypt, some degree of heartache was inevitable. But there is a major advantage to understanding that plagues are being controlled, and that the One controlling them is good in Character and acting out of positive motivations.

God is pro-human, and this is an important thing to keep in mind. It’s also important to realize that He is a very purposeful Micromanager. When snakes are raining down from the sky and biting people, your natural reaction is to freak out. But what exactly is it that is spiking that fear? There are couple factors. First, there is the element of spontaneous creation—a boatload of snakes are appearing out of nowhere. Well, yes, God is a Creator of infinite abilities and spontaneous creation is a very simple thing to Him. The second factor that freaks you out is that critters are acting in atypical ways. After all, everyone knows that snakes aren’t supposed to rain down from the sky. Well, frogs aren’t supposed to wander far from sources of water, either, since they depend on moisture to survive. Yet in ancient Egypt, Yahweh made frogs go hopping into homes, ovens, and beds—all of which were dry places. Why? What is going on in that amphibian brain when Mr. Frog keeps trying to hop onto the lap of some screaming, flailing woman? Who knows? God controls everything that He creates. It’s a very simple thing for Him to instantly create millions of frogs that all feel compelled to leave the comfort of the Nile River and go hopping over to where the humans are. It’s a simple thing for Him to suddenly turn hundreds of pet dogs against their owners without warning. One minute, Fluffy the poodle is sitting peacefully by your side, the next minute she’s snarling rabidly and trying to tear out your jugular vein. We are not in control of the created world—God is, and a fabulous way for Him to flaunt His supremacy over all things is to suddenly cause large masses of critters to act in atypical ways.

One minute you’re minding your own business walking down a public street, and the next minute you see a carpet of black, hairy spiders the size of your fist rushing in your direction. What do you do? You scream and take off in the other direction, of course. In such moments, that self-preservation instinct that God has hardwired into you is going to take over. But when you are able to form a rational thought, you want that first thought to be, “God is in control.” And you want the fact of His control to be a good thing, because you know that you are currently in a good place with God. It’s when you know that you’re being a rebellious little punk that God’s sovereignty becomes a terrifying thing, because you are trying to war against the One who controls every aspect of your existence. But when you are aligned with God, then you can know that He is pleased with you, and you can remember that God does not punish the souls He is pleased with.

Correct theology about Divine judgment is vital to you properly interpreting what happens to you. Christians are not going to live in some bubble of protection during the end times. We’ll do our share of contributing to the masses of injured and dead. But as a Christian, you certainly don’t need to be afraid of dying when you know where you’re going to end up. And if you get a firm grip on God’s positive motivations towards you, you don’t need to fear being injured, either. If one of those snakes raining down from the sky does bite you, you will understand that it’s not a sign that God is furious with you, because you understand that God responds to our soul’s response to Him.

As a Christian, you need to understand that God uses trials to help us grow closer to Him. Trials need to be viewed as positive opportunities for growth, not as horrible punishments. Correct theology about illness and suffering will go a long way towards helping you thrive during the end times (see Soul Before Earthsuit: Understanding God’s Priorities). And as upsetting as the thought of losing our loved ones sounds, even that is something we can weather much better than we think if we are willing to do some upfront prep with the Holy Spirit (see Preparing for the End Times: Releasing Our Loved Ones).

Here’s the response that God doesn’t want you to have when He does one of His spontaneous creation stunts: “Goodnight! The aliens are attacking!” Or, “Demonic forces have been unleashed! We’re all doomed!” These kinds of interpretations won’t take you anywhere but down. So instead, you need to be thinking, “Okay, God, I know You’re the One doing this. I know You have good reasons and that everything is under control. Guide me through this—I’m listening.” Nothing is going to crawl on you, bite you, or sting you unless God wants it to, and God is not some sadist who gets off on terrorizing you. So we need to keep a grip on the goodness of God’s Character—this is essential to staying calm longer, and to calming down quickly after some temporary freak out.

The spontaneous creation of mass amounts of critters has the same effect as the alteration of physical matter—it turns everyone’s attention onto the One who is orchestrating the event. The point of these performances is to wake a rebellious world up to the fact that God is real and that He is the Supreme Authority over all things. We humans think we’re all that when we group up and arm ourselves with beefy guns and bombs. But when the ground turns into a carpet of beetles that start swarming all over us, our arrogance quickly flies out the window and we’re suddenly scrambling to figure out how we can appease the One who is controlling the swarm. See how it works? God has a purpose to what He does, and that purpose is to turn our attention onto Him.


Humans long for autonomy, and because of this, they are quick to downplay how affected they are by the media and the cultures they live in. Yet the fact is that we are massively affected by these things. God didn’t teach you to associate the color black with demons—your culture did that for you. Demons are never described as being black, shadowy figures in the Bible. Swarms of critters are never associated with evil in the Bible, either—on the contrary, God claims direct responsibility for all swarms, storms, war, disease, droughts, collapsing economies, and every other kind of horror we can think of. But the Bible is not your main influence in life. The way your culture stereotypes evil has had a far greater impact on your thinking. Because of this, you are going to instinctively associate God’s end time prophet with demonic forces simply because the person shows up donned in all black clothes and displaying a rather crispy attitude. Only mean people are rude and hostile—this is what your culture teaches you, and yet it is ridiculously untrue. Read through the Bible, and you’ll find both Jesus and Yahweh saying some pretty hostile things (see Know Your Bible Lesson 62: Woe to the Pharisees).

It’s by watching fictional movies that you’ve picked up this notion that huge swarms of black, stinging insects must be a demonic event and that God would never express pleasure in killing someone. Snakes, rats, spiders, bees, and wolves are common instruments of evil in horror movies, and yet in real life, these are all God’s creations, and there is nothing intrinsically evil about them. If you’re going to steer clear of foolishness, you need to look to the Holy Spirit to guide you, and not just rely on the ridiculous notions and irrelevant associations you’ve picked up from all the movies you’ve watched.


Let’s talk about this notion of monsters. What exactly is a monster? In the movies, we are introduced to a wide range of monsters. The infamous Jaws was a perfectly normal shark who was only scary because of his super hostile attitude towards people. The reptilian Godzilla was not based off of an animal that we find in the world today, but he was still a familiar concept. He was essentially a dinosaur: massive in size, loud in emotive expressions, and once again acting very hostile towards humans. Anytime we supersize a familiar creature of earth, it becomes monstrous. But when we want to really spike the fear levels, we invent something totally new. Super evil monsters in modern day horror and sci-fi movies are those which look totally unfamiliar and seriously ugly. Well, if we can invent new monsters, why can’t God?

We’ve already discussed what a simple matter spontaneous creation is to God. We now need to get our minds around the idea that God is not limited in what kinds of creatures He can make. Every living thing in this world is an original design by God. Clearly His imagination is far greater than ours. Clearly He is obsessed with variety. And what many of us don’t realize is that God is constantly coming up with new things. We downplay His inventiveness by saying variations among species is a simple matter of genes mixing and matching in different ways. Well, this is absurd, because who came up with the concept of a gene pool in the first place? When a species of bird that is always yellow pokes through an egg and we see that the little guy has red feathers, we’re very surprised by the sudden variation. Here’s where the morons who promote the Theory of Evolution will tell you that the red bird consciously choose to change the color of his plumage in order to blend in with the red flowers around him and be less vulnerable to attack. These are the same dingdongs who would have us believe that human beings are merely a byproduct of apes who were discontent with their lot in life, so they strained their brains until they physically morphed into an entirely different kind of being. Well, such idiocy is its own reward.

As Christians, we understand that variation among species is an intentional act by God, not some random fluke. And while God is constantly creating new versions of species that we are familiar with, He can also make something entirely new whenever He’s in the mood. During the end times, this is exactly what we’ll see Him do. There will be times when some new creature bursts out of some unlikely location and scares the dillies out of everyone only to then disappear without a trace. The world will respond to this situation with the absurd logic that if it’s unfamiliar, it must be alien in origin. The Church will of course say that it is a demon in disguise. But no, just because it’s freaky, loud, ugly, unfamiliar, and eating people doesn’t mean it didn’t originate from right here on earth. God can make some monstrous beast appear in your bedroom anytime He wants to. And once He creates something, He can uncreate that same thing whenever He wants to. Now is the time for us to give serious thought as to just how limitless God’s abilities are so that we can steer clear of foolishness.

Nothing says “another power is among us” like the spontaneous creation of some new, terrifying beast. Nothing says “we’re not in control” like being unable to find any evidence of the creature once it disappears. See how it works? During the end times, God will be flaunting His creative abilities for the purpose of getting the whole world focused on the reality of a conscious, purposeful, Supernatural Power at work among us. We need to be ready to interpret such events properly and the way to do that is to keep a grip on the sovereignty of God. If it exists, He is the true origin of it, and He controls it. Once again, it is confidence in God’s good Character that takes the threat out of monstrous creatures. We don’t need to be afraid of the unknown when we know the One who is in absolute control of all things.


So let’s recap. We’ve talked about three disturbing themes that are going to happen in the end times. First, we’re going to see created beings acting in atypical ways. Second, we’re going to see God spontaneously creating mass amounts of creatures, and third, we’re going to see Him spontaneously creating totally new critters which we’re not going to find very appealing. It all sounds pretty fantastic, doesn’t it? Pretty far-fetched? Well, being the firstborn child in a family is a pretty far-fetched reason for someone to die. A land covered in frogs is pretty fantastic. A worldwide flood is just insanity, and yet as a Christian, you claim to follow and trust in a God who does all of these things. This is not the time to abandon your trust, it’s time to step it up. The same wild God who flaunted His superpowers in the past will be wowing us in the near future in ways that we haven’t even conceived of. By telling us about what’s coming while we’re still able to think calmly and rationally, God is giving us time to contemplate critical truths about who He is and how He operates which will help us stay in alignment with Him during the end times. The question is, are we going to accept the help He’s offering us? Or are we going to scoff at the whole notion of God acting like God and go into this period entirely unprepared? As an individual Christian, the choice is yours to make.

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