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Agitated Atheists: Why We Won’t Debate With You


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We know God. We know Him quite well, in fact, and this really irks people who need God to not be real. If we’re irking you, and you’re trying to get in some long debate with us about the existence of God and how exactly we relate to Him, this post will help you understand why we’re not going to argue with you. You see, all of your fussing over the existence of God is really just a game.  What you’re really interested in is your accountability to God–and that is the thing you’re trying to wriggle out of by arguing with Christians.  You tell yourself that as long as you can pick apart someone’s argument for why God is real, then He can’t be real, therefore you aren’t accountable to Him.  Well, this is ridiculous. 

If you want to be a respectable atheist, you need to man up and face the real issues at hand. God’s followers do not control His existence, nor do they define Him in any way. We could get a hundred people to swear that you are a lazy, sloppy person. We could get another hundred to swear that you’re quite organized and efficient. What does that prove? Do the testimonials of humans define who you are? Of course not, and the testimonials of Christians don’t define who God is. God is who He is. If Christians disagree about His characteristics—which they do—does this mean God is some undefinable mystery? Not hardly, it just means that the people who claim to know Him don’t know Him nearly as well as they think.

One of the stupidest games atheists play is pretending that God can be proven or unproven by human logic. How ridiculous is it to take creatures who know as little about their own world as we do and set them up as all-wise? The assumption that all reality can be revealed through logical musings is in itself utterly illogical. The history books are filled with humans making absurd assumptions about their own anatomy, the world, and the universe because they thought their logical arguments were the epitome of proof. Well, suppose your mother starts coughing up blood, wheezing, complaining of chest pains, and losing a lot of weight. We could form a very logical argument that she has advanced lung cancer, because these are the symptoms of it. If human reasoning is the ultimate proof of reality, then we should start pumping her full of chemo and surgically removing portions of her lungs. Why bother with x-rays and CT scans? Once we’ve built a logical argument, we need no further proof. And yet would you agree to have some doctor slice open your chest simply based on a collection of symptoms? Certainly not, because those symptoms could be caused by many other things as well. In the same way, Christians can weave together impressive arguments for why God must be, or they can stutter and stammer and end up thoroughly stumped by your clever comebacks, but so what? Are you going to let the quality of someone else’s debating skills determine who you pray to?  If God is real, do you really think He’s going to let you off the hook because you never found a Christian who could argue as well as you can? Debate and human reasoning have nothing to do with it. God isn’t some theory cooked up by Socrates, He’s a living Being who says that if you keep defying Him, He might suddenly decide that He’s done with your attitude and kill you off. Then you’ll end up in Hell with more proof of God’s existence than you ever wanted and no way to reconcile with Him. Is that your idea of a victory?

The reason we don’t get into long debates with atheists is that we’re simply not invested. Unlike some Christians, we don’t have a burning need to see your soul end up on the right side of eternity. The God we know says He’s perfectly fine with you roasting in Hell. He’s God—we’re not going to criticize His preferences. Since He’s fine with you defying Him your whole life, so are we. We know as well as you do that these little fits you work yourself into are just a game. If you were really serious about finding God, you would seek Him directly. But the truth is that most of you have already met God, and you found Him to be Someone who you heartily disapprove of. Fine. If you want to pretend that God thinks you’re a higher authority than He is, what can we say? Have fun in Hell.

Now perhaps it sounds a bit harsh to you that we’re not getting all agitated over your imminent demise. But why should we? It’s not our soul on the line. By now you’ve probably met other Christians who have taken it upon themselves to save the world. Well, such Christians have misunderstood what God’s priorities for the human race are. He wants us to have choice, first and foremost. Sure, He’d prefer for you to get over yourself and submit to Him. But He’s not interested in coercing you into salvation, and neither are we. A lot of Christians think it’s noble to try and care more about saving souls than Christ does, but it’s really not. Christ is a big fan of the entire Hell package, that’s why He created it. You’ll find that the same Christians who stay up all night weeping over the state of your soul are in denial about just how comfortable Christ is with Hell. When they learn more about who Christ actually is, they’ll sleep a lot better at night and stop letting your defiance of God control their quality of life. Meanwhile, you’re wasting your time trying to get us to prove the existence of God to you. We don’t have to prove anything, and we’re not going to explain to you or anyone else about our personal relationship with God, because it’s simply none of your business.

What you do with your own soul is your affair. If you think spitting in God’s face for the one nanosecond of your existence that this life represents is worth spending eternity in agony, go for it. We think that’s a pretty stupid choice, but God wants you to have the option to be stupid, so there it is. It’s His game, and His rules.

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