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Overcoming Spiritual Apathy: What to Do When You Just Don’t Care About God


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It’s a very real thing to simply not care about God.  The solution is simple: ask Him to help you care.  This is not the same thing as asking God to save you.

The desire for God comes from God.  He has to develop that desire within us.  Rebellion is about willfully choosing not to care about God.  But when we simply don’t care about God the way we simply don’t like the taste of a certain food, we’re not guilty of rebellion, we’re just stuck in an honest dilemma.  We can’t manufacture concern for God out of the air.

The fabulous thing about God is that He meets us where we are at.  If you’re concerned about your spiritual apathy, that’s a good thing, for it shows that God has helped you understand that you are supposed to care about Him.  The dilemma is that you just don’t.  Now that God has given you this much illumination, you are forced to choose between alignment and rebellion.  Rebellion is when you say: “I know that God wants me to care, but I don’t care what God wants me to do.  God can just stuff it.”  Alignment is when you say: “I know I’m supposed to care, and it bothers me that I don’t, but I don’t have the resources to fix this problem.  God, I need Your help to care about You.  Please fill my heart with a sincere desire for You.”

Now if you’re not a Christian, God will give you the desire you need to want to be in a right relationship with Him, at which point you can meet His requirements for salvation.

If you are a Christian, realize that you’re already heading down the right road by asking what you can do to fix this problem in a way that isn’t fake.  God is very easy to succeed with.  Even when we’re feeling flat about Him, we can greatly please Him by choosing to stay in alignment with Him (see What it Means to be Aligned with God).

It’s important to understand that repentance is only appropriate when you are in a state of spiritual rebellion.  Rebellion is when our souls say: “I know what You want, God, but You can just stuff it because I’m doing things my way.”  Repentance is when we decide to stop defying God like this and instead say, “My attitude towards You has been wrong and now I want to get back into a right place with You.  Please have Your way in my life.”

When you’re stuck in spiritual apathy, it is not an issue of rebellion, it’s about a lack of resources which only God can provide.  When God says to the addict, “You need to stop drinking”, and the addict says, “Amen, I want to, God, but I can’t do it on my own.  I need You to free me,” the addict has done all he can do.  Spiritual obedience is about sincerely agreeing with God’s will in our souls and desiring for Him to have His way in our lives.  Turning our desires into actions is something we can’t do unless He gives us additional resources.  Happily, God isn’t going to be judging us by our behavioral follow-through, but only by how our souls responded to His convictions.

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