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The Trinity Doctrine: Is it an obstacle to salvation?


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Under the Old Covenant, salvation was obtained through sufficient submission to one God: Yahweh. Under the Old Covenant, if you worshiped any god other than Yahweh, you would be rejected by Him. Before the revelation of Christ, Yahweh demanded that His followers practice monotheism (the belief in only one God).

Then Jesus came. He showed up in Israel because that’s where a high concentration of Old Covenant followers were. Even though most of the Jews in Jesus’ day weren’t sincerely following the Old Covenant, they were at least informed about it, and Jesus wanted them to be the first to understand that Yahweh was scrapping the old ways and coming up with a radically new program.

Under the New Covenant, soul submission is still the means by which we obtain salvation, but it is no longer acceptable to submit only to Yahweh. We have to stop practicing monotheism and switch over to polytheism (the belief in multiple Gods). And of course we are given very specific instructions about the identity of the Gods we are to worship. Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are the only real Gods we know of to date. The only reason we accept Jesus and the Holy Spirit as real Gods is because the God we already knew—Yahweh—validated Jesus as speaking the truth when He introduced Himself and the Holy Spirit as new, distinct Gods who are equal to Yahweh.

Here’s another key thing that the Old and New Covenants have in common: Yahweh has always taught that it is only ever acceptable for us to worship real Gods. We don’t worship phony gods like Allah, Krishna, Buddha, or the Jehovah god that the Jehovah’s Witnesses worship. Under either Covenant, if you do not submit to the real Gods as the only Gods, you cannot obtain salvation. Trying to blend true Christianity with other religions in order to cover all your bases is going to land you in Hell.

Our three Creators are obsessed with variety and They like changing things up—even Their salvation requirements. Today, the adherents of Judaism are trying to live in the past. They are trying to pretend that the Old Covenant is still in effect, which is why they worship only one God and they reject Jesus’ claim to be a second God. They also reject the Holy Spirit as a separate God, and instead see Him as a mere extension of the only real God. Well, does this work? If Yahweh changes His commands to us, can we simply ignore Him and still receive salvation? Do we get to decide for God what His salvation requirements are? No, we don’t. If God should announce tomorrow that we all have to eat five bananas a day to keep our salvation, that’s what we’ll have to do. If He says we all have to hop on one leg for half an hour, then that’s what we have to do. We humans have no control whatsoever over how our Creators run Their game. They call all the shots. We either keep up with Them, or we suffer extreme consequences for defying Them.

Once Jesus revealed the existence of two more Gods to us, things were radically changed. The Old Covenant was only in effect from Moses to Christ: 1450 years. By now the New Covenant has been in effect for nearly 2,000 years. Under this Covenant, no one will be granted salvation unless they submit to three Gods: Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is the major problem with the Trinity doctrine: it teaches that there is only one God. This is an attempt to hang on to the Old Covenant idea that there is only one real God and not fully embrace what Jesus taught. Does the Trinity doctrine please God? Not hardly. But is it still possible for sincere souls to get saved when this doctrine is all they know?

Today the Church fiercely defends the Trinity doctrine—insisting that it is one of the key identifiers of true Christianity. Well, it’s hardly a surprise that the Church is doing this given all of the other rebellious rot she’s up to. But for those of you who were raised believing that the Trinity doctrine is correct, has belief in this doctrine prevented you from being accepted by your Creators? It depends.

Under the current Covenant, you must recognize and submit to three separate Gods: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Is this what you’re doing? Think about it. Don’t you sometimes pray “Dear Father” and other times pray “Dear Jesus”? Haven’t you sung a lot of worship songs that were only speaking to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or God the Father? It’s specifically the Holy Spirit that we ask to “fall afresh”. Even though such language is inappropriate and insulting to the Holy Spirit (see Worship Songs from Satan: Fall Afresh), the point is that when you talk like this, you are addressing the Holy Spirit as a distinct God.

The reality is that most sincere Trinitarian Christians will say “God is One” but in practice, they are worshiping three different Gods. In their minds, they view Jesus, Yahweh, and the Holy Spirit as being separate from Each Other in some way, even though they also believe that these Three are mysteriously united into a single Being. Ask Christians to explain how God can be “Three in One” and they can’t. The Trinity theory confuses Christians because it is nonsensical and absurd. When they try to ask their pastors for clarification they’re given the “God is mysterious” brushoff. Well, our Gods certainly have mysterious aspects, but Their separateness isn’t one of them. We have three Gods: it’s simple and straightforward. The Trinity theory turns the identity of your Gods into a confused muddle in your brain, but if in the end you are still revering all three of Them as God and believing that They are the only Gods, then you can still be in a good place with your Makers.

It is because the Trinity theory emphasizes separateness and not just unity that it doesn’t end up completely obstructing salvation. If instead the Trinity theory rejected any notion of separateness between our Gods, then we would no longer be anywhere near the truth. We don’t have one God with three different names, we have three Gods. You have to submit to all Three in order to obtain salvation. You have to agree with the statements that “Yahweh (or God the Father) is God, Jesus is God, and the Holy Spirit is God.” If you think Jesus is less God than Yahweh, you’ll end up in a mess. Happily, the Trinity theory teaches that all three Members of the Godhead are equal in Divinity. If you reject this notion and view the Holy Spirit as merely some force or emanation instead of God Almighty, you will not be granted salvation. Accepting the equality, Divinity, and separateness of our Creators is critical for salvation. Accepting that They are the only real Gods in existence is another critical point. You can grasp all of these things even when you’re bogged down with Trinity foolishness, and many do. The Trinity doctrine isn’t guaranteed to prevent you from being saved, but it certainly isn’t going to help you. It’s to your advantage to seek the Holy Spirit’s wisdom regarding this theory and ask Him to show you if it’s really valid or not. The less bad teaching you have stirred into your theology, the better. One lie leads to more lies, and the Trinity theory encourages Christians to reject some very important truths about the wildness of our Gods. If you’re going to grow in the truth, you need to take all of those facts about God that you’ve always taken for granted and run them past the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to show you if there are any errors in your current belief system and to help you grow in your understanding of His truth.

The Trinity doctrine was invented by Roman bishops several hundred years after the coming of Christ. If you study the history of the Church, you’ll discover a whole string of theologians who cooked up some absurd notions about God only to have those notions accepted and promoted as rock solid truths. Much of what you are taught in a church today is not real truth, but a warping of truth which is a result of us exalting humans as higher authorities than our Gods. Don’t accept something as true just because the guy who says it calls himself a “theologian” or has some fancy degrees. To have a degree in biblical studies or to be ordained means nothing more than “I paid a bunch of money and sucked up to a bunch of humans so that they’d label me as worthy.” The approval of humans means nothing. You need to get your wisdom from God, and that means seeking the Holy Spirit’s feedback in everything you hear or read.

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