God Told Me: The Only Valid Basis for Faith


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“God told me” is one of the most abused statements in Christendom. But guess what? It’s the only basis on which you’re trusting in all of those biblical authors. Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Paul, Peter, John—all of these folks claimed to know what they knew based on revelations from God. How do you know that they weren’t deluded? How do you know we’re not deluded? Today the Church is stuffed to the gills with prophets, preachers, and theologians who are all making the same claim: “I know what I know because God told me.” When Christians claim that the Bible is inerrant, what they’re really saying is, “None of those people who said ‘God told me’ could possibly be wrong.” Well, since when? Just because some ancient Church father decided to blindly accept the claims of Moses, Paul, and Peter, does that mean you should do the same? Paul claimed to receive direct revelations from Jesus. We could make the same claim, but we say that a lot of what Paul says was wrong. Whose “God told me” should you give higher priority to—ours or Paul’s? Should you be blindly trusting in a bunch of dead people who you never knew personally? You don’t know us any better than you know Paul, so on what basis can you trust anything that we say about God?

Everyone who is making claims about God is either saying “God told me” or they’re standing on someone else’s “God told me.” There is no other authority, for if God isn’t telling somebody something, then there is no truth to be had. God is the only Source of truth, and the Church is filled with folks who are claiming to have some special pipeline to Divine revelation. But here’s the thing: someone else’s revelations are worthless to you until God confirms them to you. You must seek God’s confirmation directly—and that means asking the Holy Spirit to show you if there is any truth to what you’re being told. If you don’t do this and you try to ride on the confidence of other people, guess what? You’re going to crash and burn. If He sees that you are refusing to trust Him as the Supreme Authority in your life, God will intentionally shipwreck your faith. How do you think all of these pompous prophets and anointed windbags got into the sorry shape they’re in today? When we defy God, He retaliates with discipline, and blinding us to truth is one of His favorite tactics to use on those who think they can find wisdom apart from Him.

There is no wisdom apart from God. Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are the only Ones you can absolutely trust—everyone else must be viewed with suspicion. Maybe you think everything we write is spot on correct and you feel like God is confirming the truth of our messages to your soul. Does that mean you can stop seeking Him and start accepting us as stand-ins for the Holy Spirit in your life? Absolutely not. Good teachers go bad. Humans are not above error. We could write some brilliant bit of truth one day and put out a pile of irreverent rot the next. You can’t count on people. People are not perfect. Only God is perfect.

A lack of confidence in their Shepherd’s willingness to shepherd them personally is a big reason why Christians end up accepting substitutes for the Holy Spirit in their lives. Well, if you are correct in assuming that God can’t be counted on to guide you, what is your back up plan? To count on your pastor instead? So you think a human being is more trustworthy than God Almighty? Stop listening to these condescending fools who try to tell you that your own Creator can’t be counted on to guide you in life. Of course He can be counted on. Of course He talks to you. Of course He is leading you. God’s lack of involvement in your life is never the issue, for He is extremely involved with you. The problem is that you don’t have confidence in His involvement. What is the solution here? To ask Him to build your confidence.

The end times are rapidly approaching. If you look to other people to guide you through this storm, your little ship is going to end up slamming into rocks. And by the way, relying on the Bible is the same as relying on people, because people wrote the documents in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is fed up with His people refusing to sincerely seek Him. He is going to be intentionally slamming us with theological quandaries which only He will be able to resolve for us. The Church as a whole is not going to seek God during this period, and He will retaliate by making sure she draws wrong conclusions about what is happening. It was because the Pharisees were refusing to sincerely seek God’s truth that they stayed entrenched in the belief that Jesus was utterly deluded by demons. When we refuse to treat God as the Supreme Authority that He is, He takes delight in tripping us up. God will not be mocked. But if we do sincerely seek Him and refuse to accept stand-ins for Him in our lives, then He will reward us with true wisdom.

Remember that you will be judged in eternity by how your soul responded to your Creators in this life. Given this, there is only one wise course of action. You need to ask the Holy Spirit to teach you how to rely on God alone for guidance in life. You need to decide today that “God told me” is only going to be an acceptable claim when you yourself are making it. Other people’s supposed revelations count for nothing until God confirms the truth of those things to your own soul. When He does, then there is no question about what you need to believe. “God told me” is a very abused claim, but it is also the only valid reason to believe in anything. Until you can honestly say that God told you something, why on earth would you accept it as truth?

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