Seeking the Advice of Demons


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Demons have a very different perspective of reality than you do. They know a lot of things that you don’t know. They’re able to do a lot of things that you can’t do. An understanding of these basic facts lures many people into trying to contact demons for advice in life. Even Christians get sucked into this, figuring that demons might prove easier to talk to than God. Let’s face it: God can be one aggravating conversation partner. He is notorious for going silent on you right when you really, really need an answer. And then of course there’s the issue of us not wanting to have to work at learning to recognize God’s leading in our lives—that causes us to miss out on many messages from Him. But biggest of all is our unwillingness to trust Him. After all, we humans are lazy. When we want guidance, we want it to come according to our schedule in a form that we choose. We don’t want to settle for silence. We don’t want to have to trust that God is handling things while He intentionally keeps us in the dark. When we reach out to a nonhuman being, we want that being to answer now. If God won’t cooperate, or if we don’t like what He has to say, then we start looking around for other options. This is when we start viewing demons as potential advisers in life.

What metaphor can we use to help you understand how utterly foolish it is for you to seek advice from demons? Would you tap a psychotic gunman on the shoulder and ask him to please turn around and shoot you? Would you put your trust in the words of a chronic liar? Would you ask a thief to hold your money for you? Demons despise you. They’re like a sadistic little boy with a magnifying glass and you are like the bug he’s getting off on frying. Demons delight in your misery. Your suffering is their party. So when you ask demons for advice, it’s like begging them to mess you up. Why, of course—they’d love nothing better. If demons had their way, they’d always come running whenever you call and they’d give you all kinds of advice that was sure to lead you into a mess that you couldn’t possibly get yourself out of.

Before you consider turning to demons for advice in life, you need to understand a thing or two about their character. Demons are sadists: they delight in cruelty. Look through those Old Testament records and notice how demons instructed humans to worship them. You’ll find a lot of references to idol worshipers making their children “pass through the fire.”  This was a ritual that involved setting live human infants down on the super-heated arms of a metal statue until the babies were scalded to death—that’s a demon’s idea of satisfying worship. Slashing your body until you’re covered in burning, bleeding cuts that heal into grotesque scars—there’s another ritual that demons delight in. Demons are into pain. They are way into torture. Torture is about inflicting extreme pain on someone for as long as possible. The torturer doesn’t want to kill his victim quickly—he wants to keep him alive as long as he can just so he can enjoy the show of watching the guy writhe in anguish. This is how demons operate. They love inflicting misery of any kind on you–emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual. They love stringing you along with false hopes and then shoving you down hard and howling with laughter. If people really understood how demons view humans, they wouldn’t want anything to do with them. But instead, people stubbornly cling to the absurd lie that there’s such a thing as a nice demon—one who might actually help them out of the goodness of his heart. Well, no, there are no nice demons. There are only nasty demons who are stellar con artists and quite willing to show you a good time today if it will double your misery tomorrow.

A lot of people who mess around with demons report getting actual help from them at first. This is like the testimonials of people who get on those strange liquid concoctions that come with the guarantee that you’ll “lose a million pounds in just five minutes once you start drinking this.” At first, the weight really does drop off, and the user is singing loud praises about the product they’re trying out. But then the honeymoon period ends and suddenly they develop all kinds of scary health problems that they never had before. All that weight they had lost comes roaring back only we never hear about any of this because the person has retreated into some miserable corner, too upset to let anyone know what happened to them. It’s the same with positive demon stories. Now and then you hear about some miracle cure that comes through demonic channels. What you don’t hear about is what happened when the miracle reversed a short time later. Or you hear about somebody having their spirit guide tell them what the winning Lotto number was. What you don’t hear about is how that person’s life was utterly ruined later on by their windfall of money.

Demons despise you and they delight in seeing you suffer. You mustn’t lose sight of this fact, because it will prevent you from being sucked in by their seemingly nice gifts. When you’re desperately lonely after your spouse dies, demons are more than happy to help your aching heart by showing up as the ghost of your loved one. Later on when you’re full on possessed and going out of your mind with torment, you end up seriously regretting all of those times you called out for some spirit to come visit you. Demons are like terrorists who wrap bombs up in pretty packages. Some of the things they do for you can seem truly nice at first—but always there’s a trap that is waiting to spring down on you if you try and take the bait. Demons are very clever at devising traps for humans. We’re really not hard to trip up, because we’re so shortsighted and so fixated on instant gratification. So often we only care about feeling good now and we refuse to think about the long-term consequences our actions will have. Demons use our foolish priorities against us all the time with great success. Then once they have us where they want us, the fun comes in watching us suffer.

In life, you have two sources of supernatural guidance available to you. You can either look to your Creators, or you can look to demons. Be aware that if you try to look to angels or dead people, you’ll end up with demons. Dead people can’t hear you, and angels are loyal to God, which means they aren’t going to encourage you in your idolatry. Praying to any being other than Yahweh, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit is a form of idolatry. God says He hates idolatry. When you know this and you do it anyway, you’re being a defiant little rebel. How does God respond to spiritual rebels? He disciplines them.

Here’s a critical point that demon chasers always lose sight of: there is no direct pipeline from you to demons. You can pray to them all day long, but God is the One who controls the activity of demons, and they won’t be allowed near you until He decides. Let’s use a metaphor to see how this works. Suppose you’re standing in a zoo in front of the tiger cage. Inside the tiger cage, there are four hungry tigers who are all growling and snarling and glaring at you. Those tigers represent demons. The cage they’re trapped in represents God’s continuous protection of you and the zookeeper represents God Himself. Now as you stand in front of the tiger cage, pulling at the locked door and trying to find some way to open it, you’re totally disrespecting the zookeeper who has told you to keep your distance. The longer you stand there defying the zookeeper’s authority and throwing your little hissy fit about wanting the tigers to be let loose, the more the zookeeper’s patience with you is wearing thin. Eventually, he gets fed up with your antics and he comes over and unlocks the door. The hungry tigers immediately come racing out of the cage straight for you. They pounce on you and start tearing into you with their razor sharp claws while the zookeeper stands there watching. Now you’re in a real spot, aren’t you? You can’t begin to compete with four tigers. You’re getting turned into bloody pulp and if the zookeeper doesn’t intervene, you’re going to die a very gruesome death. Happily for you, the zookeeper has pity on you, even though you don’t deserve any. Before the tigers do too much damage, he comes over, hauls them off of you, and tosses them back into their cage. This is what we call mercy—when God is nice to us even though we’re being total punks. Now you’re safe again, but you’re badly injured. How fast should the zookeeper call an ambulance? Maybe he decides to take his sweet time—you certainly don’t deserve any help after you so intentionally defied his authority. You’ve gotten what your actions deserve—this is what we call discipline. But because the zookeeper is such a gracious fellow, he comes over and patches you up so that you’ll be able to heal. Now you’ve gone through a very frightening experience that has done serious damage to you—but did you learn anything? Are you now going to respect the zookeeper’s rules or are you going to head right back over to that tiger cage and start fussing with the door again? Amazingly, many people take the second option. No matter how much demons claw at them, they keep pursuing a relationship with the little rats. But while such people usually try to pretend that God is not a factor in their games, God is always involved. It is God who sics demons on you in the first place—He’s always the One opening that cage door. How the demons will respond to you is quite predictable: they will always try to make the most out of any opportunity God gives them to do you harm. Demons will always try to mess you up—they will never offer you any genuine help in life. Real help is that which focuses on what is best for your soul in the long-term, and that kind of help only comes from God. Given all of this, are you seeing how stupid it is to try and seek advice from demons in life? Why would you intentionally try to provoke God into disciplining you?

You simply can’t go around God to get to demons. He hears every prayer you pray, He sees everything that you do. So there’s no sneaking off to a medium in secret to see if she can channel you a little advice from that spirit guide. If you try and pull this kind of garbage as a Christian, you might as well drop your drawers and get ready to get spanked. God disciplines rebellion. He doesn’t smile on brats. Defy His Authority without repenting, and you can count on Him to nail you for it. This is how it works when you mess around with a God who says He’s so jealous by nature that He likens Himself to a consuming fire.

Your Creators say there is no room for you to be seeking out relationships with any non-human beings other than Themselves. Demons, angels and dead people are all out of bounds for Christians, so don’t go there. But if you’re like the kid who refuses to believe that fire is hot until he personally sticks his hand into the flames and gets personally burned, then go ahead: call on your precious demon buddies. Just don’t expect God to rush in and save you when things get out of hand. Why should He?

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