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Principles of Discernment: Individuals vs. Groups


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Satan is a single demon who is not omnipresent, so it is not technically correct to credit him for all demonic activity. Because God identifies Satan as a recognized leader among demons, we do the same, and Christians often refer to Satan when they really mean all demons. Just as you could say “Hitler advanced into Poland” when in real life Hitler was hanging out in Germany and only his soldiers entered Poland, Christians often credit Satan for demonic activities whether he was personally involved or not. To keep Satan in perspective, remember that he is a single, limited being. He is not all knowing, he is not all powerful, and he is not able to be everywhere at once (see The Power of Demons In Perspective). Remembering these facts helps you realize that when ten different Christians all claim to have Satan harassing them at the same time, they are not all actually dealing with Satan. It’s far more likely that none of them are dealing with Satan because Satan is just one creature and there are billions of humans on this planet.

So what about you? Have you ever had a personal encounter with the individual demon who we humans refer to as Satan? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. You wouldn’t be able to tell if you have because as a human, you can’t discern between various demons. Demons lie about their identities. They make up names just to mess with you. Satan’s name isn’t really Satan, just as Jesus’ Name isn’t Jesus. These names are just being used for convenience. Human beings use names to communicate with each other, so our Gods use names as well. But this assumption that all angels must have names like we do is rather egotistical. Demons are angels and angels are not humans, so you shouldn’t put too much import on any name that a non-human gives you. It’s just a convenient reference—nothing more. In real life, the God we call Jesus doesn’t refer to His two Peers as “Yahweh” and “the Holy Spirit.” We have no idea how our three glorious Creators personally communicate with Each Other, but we can be sure They’re not using any of our simplistic verbal languages.

Surf the internet, and you’ll find many testimonies put out by people who swear to you that they have intimate knowledge of a particular demon. YouTube is loaded with folks who have been traumatized and/or thrilled to encounter angelic beings who introduced themselves as having a particular name. Whenever you come across such accounts, realize that the humans are just being messed with.

Here’s how it works in the world of demons: they want to get your focus off of God. They want your admiration. They want you to pursue a relationship with them. Whatever they need to say to get you there is what they’ll say. It’s a cinch for demons to access your memories, hear your thoughts, and get an instant download of your personal background with occult topics. Let’s say there’s a demon named Fred. Fred comes up to you one day and he’s looking for some way to impress you. He quickly sizes you up and figures out that you’ve already got an unhealthy obsession going on with Satan. Well, good, this gives Fred a perfect in. He now just has to do something dramatic to get your attention, then he’ll identify himself to you as Satan. You’ll believe him, of course, because you wouldn’t know the real Satan if you tripped over him. You now go online and tell the world that you’ve had a firsthand encounter with the real Satan—that infamous leader of all demons. In real life, you’ve only had an encounter with Fred—one of Satan’s underlings. But since you can’t tell one demon from another, and since you’re a gullible dolt, you believe whatever any demon tells you.

Here’s another very common scenario: you are obsessed with angels. You believe in this baloney about having your own personal guardian angel, and lately you’ve been really wishing that you could meet “your” angel and have some little chat (see Angel Q&A). You’ve also decided that angels look like human women, and you love reading fantasy books with all of those cool fantasy names. Now Fred the demon comes along, he sizes you up, and he sees a great opportunity to mess with you. One night he appears in your bedroom in the form of some sexy angelic babe who introduces herself to you as Rhamiel. You then get online and show the world what a dope you are by boasting that you’ve met a glorious angel named Rhamiel. Well, no, you’ve just been duped by the demon Fred.

Browse through the internet and you’ll find scores of Christians and non-Christians who all claim to have had encounters with supernatural beings. The more detailed their descriptions of those beings are, the more you know they’re being duped by demons. Demons love snowing you. It’s hilarious for them to watch you get all enamored with some character who they just invented.

Suppose some guy runs past your window in a Superman outfit and then you spend the next twenty years trying to convince everyone that Superman is real. This is how idiotic we’re being when we set ourselves up as experts on individual demon and angel personalities. These sexy babe angels and red eyed goat monsters that you see online aren’t real—they’re just fictitious characters that demons invent to scare or seduce gullible souls.

Demons want your focus off of God. They don’t care what kind of character you’re worshiping, as long as it isn’t God. Whenever you come across testimonials from people who claim to have met aliens, angels, demons, ghosts, or some other supernatural being, ask yourself, “Who does this person sound more impressed by: God or this creature that they had this encounter with?” Anytime you find Christians going on and on about how amazing their guardian angel is, you know something’s wrong. And by the way, demons also love to show up as famous human figures, hence we have Mary popping up all over the place to encourage scores of Catholics to keep worshiping created beings along with their Creators. Once you believe that God likes to share your worship with both real and fictitious saints (and yes, many saints were totally made up by the Church), then you’re an easy target for a St. Mary or St. Christopher sighting. When it comes to tripping you up spiritually, demons are clever little rascals and they will make the most of any opportunity you give them (see SAINTS: Who is your soul having sex with?).

Here’s a good rule of thumb to go by: worship is for the uncreated, not the created. Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are our three glorious uncreated Creators. In the Old Testament, Yahweh drew a sharp line between created and uncreated things, and He said that no created things ought to be worshiped. Before Jesus introduced Himself to us, Yahweh was the only uncreated Being we knew about, hence He was the only One worthy of worship. This is why Yahweh made such a federal issue out of people worshiping anyone or anything other than Him during the Old Covenant. This is also why the minute Jesus showed up, Yahweh confirmed that people ought to worship Him: because Jesus is a second uncreated Being. This is true Christianity: we only worship our uncreated Creators. This is what Yahweh taught us to do, and when we follow His guidelines, it’s very easy for us to spot cults.

False religions come in two main flavors: those who are pretending to be Christians and those who aren’t. We can eliminate most of them just by focusing on the creation issue. We have three uncreated Gods: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Modern Judaism teaches Jesus was a created human, not an uncreated God, hence Judaism is a lie. Mormons call Jesus a “god” but they teach that He was a created spirit child. Nope, Jesus is an uncreated Creator, and Mormons are a satanic spinoff of real Christianity. It’s the same with Witnesses—they say Jesus is a created angel who later showed up as a human. Christian Scientists say Jesus was merely a created mortal. Seventh Day Adventists dance around on the issue of Jesus’ Divinity—some call Him a God, some say He was some created angel who received a hefty promotion. The created issue is a major issue because our Gods are ragingly jealous and They detest the worship of created things. So there’s no room for being vague about the identity of Jesus: He isn’t a man, He isn’t a man-God hybrid, and He isn’t an angel who got lucky. Jesus is 100% God Almighty.

At this time, we only know of three uncreated Beings: Yahweh, Jesus, and the magnificent Holy Spirit. Back in the Old Testament, the Jews only knew about Yahweh. Maybe someday in the distant future, our three glorious Gods will shock us all with the revelation of a fourth God. But until They do, we need to refuse to be wowed by anything other than Them. We don’t admire angels. We don’t obsess over idiot demons. If it’s created, it’s just not worthy of our worship—period.

So given all of this, how should you approach the concept of spiritual discernment? In the Church today, you’ll find many idolatrous fools urging you to try and distinguish between various demon personalities. Demon lovers come in two basic breeds. There are those who buy into the mystic names and get all off on identifying ranks and strongholds. You can find these folks posting lists of demon names and stronghold maps online—what an epic waste of time. Then there is a second group who we like to call “the spirit of” folks. Commonly found in deliverance ministry circles, these dingdongs like to demonize everything in your life by simply attaching “the spirit of” to the beginning of your problems. Are you depressed? You’re being attacked by the spirit of depression. Have you been diagnosed with cancer? It’s the spirit of tumors jumping your bones. Having trouble sleeping? It’s the spirit of insomnia. Having stomach trouble? It’s the spirit of indigestion. It really gets ludicrous when you hear how these guys describe their interactions with other Christians. When they go preach somewhere and the people don’t respond with buckets of tithes, then the preacher says that “the spirit of hoarding” has got hold of the people. Whenever Christians don’t get along, these folks say “the spirit of division” is in the room. Because we are failing to be impressed with these idiots, we would be accused of being possessed by “the spirit of hostility” or “the spirit of blindness.” You get the idea. These are the same fools who are always telling you that “the spirit of the antichrist” has your country by the throat. “The spirit of” folks promote spiritual discernment as being all about discerning between various demon personalities. Well, no, this is not what true discernment is about.

As a human, you’re a blind fool. Step one in learning good discernment is to swallow your pride and own up to the fact that without God, you’re a total idiot on the subject of supernatural beings. Step two is to set your sights on the right goal: it’s not to discern between individual beings, but rather to learn how to differentiate between various groups of beings. You don’t need to be able to tell which specific demon is talking to you—that’s an irrelevant detail. What you do need to do is learn how to tell the difference between a created being and an uncreated Being. While Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three separate and distinct Gods, most Christians can’t tell Them apart. Fine. You don’t need to be able to pinpoint whether it was Jesus or the Holy Spirit who just spoke to you—what matters is that you learn how to tell whether it was God or not.

On this site, we teach you many principles that will help you learn how to discern between Gods and created beings. Both of these groups communicate with you frequently and in a wide variety of forms, but it is only your Gods who are trustworthy. It is only your Gods who you want to be putting your faith in and relying on for guidance in life. Now your Gods will often speak to you through people, even though people are created things. We help you learn how to discern when this is happening by teaching you how to recognize consistent markers that indicate when your Gods are saying something to you.

Spiritual discernment isn’t a complicated concept, but it’s very complicated to teach because there are so many facets to it. There are demons talking, humans talking, and God talking. Then there are demons impersonating God, demons talking through humans, God talking through humans, and humans intentionally trying to deceive you. Every human has a soul and an earthsuit—that adds a whole other layer of complexity. At some point, you need to learn how to get better at telling the difference between your soul and your earthsuit, because this plays an important role in accurately assessing where you are currently at with God. An accurate assessment of that leads to an accurate understanding of God’s current view of you, and this plays a critical role in identifying when He is talking to you. So it’s complicated, and there’s a ton to learn, but guess what? You can do it. You don’t need to be some spiritual superstar to get very good at discernment. Your Creators are for you in life and They want you to succeed with Them. The Holy Spirit can teach you everything you need to know about discernment, so don’t believe for one minute that you have to spend your life feeling one down to these pompous blowhards who can’t stop telling you about how anointed they are. Just realize that without God, you’re a blind fool. Then ask Him to teach you everything that He wants you to know. Ask Him to give you His definition of good discernment skills, and He’ll get you there in His time.

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