Identifying False Teaching About Demons: Three Easy Tests


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Today there is a plethora of information online about demons, and 99% of it is total hooey. Realize that no human is an expert on demons. A lot of humans think they are experts because they’ve had a few encounters with demons. That’s like a guy claiming to be an expert on ships because one time someone chucked him over the side of an aircraft carrier. Having some intense, mind altering experience with demons doesn’t make you an expert on the subject. These people that just can’t stop telling you about their encounters with various spirits are such fools.

Since demons are chronic liars, looking to them for an education about who they are isn’t going to get you anywhere. God is the only One who really understands what demons are all about. That should be rather obvious to us, since God is the One who created the little rats in the first place. So if you have some question about demons, God is the One you should be asking.

Now God often chooses to communicate to us through other people. This means that you might very well come across some wisdom about demons that is being put out by humans who are actually listening to God on the subject. But such sources are rare, and if you’re going to avoid being led astray by the blowhards, you need to learn how to discern the good sources from the bad ones. This is actually pretty easy to do, because God’s wisdom has some very consistent markers. When God educates us about something, He always finds a way to exalt Himself in the process. God doesn’t exalt created things, and He never downplays the reality of His sovereignty. Let’s now discuss three questions that will help you quickly sort out the morons from the guys who are actually listening to God.


The more enamored people become with demons, the less they talk about God. You don’t want anything to do with a teacher who talks about demons more than he talks about the One who created them. Anyone who has been truly educated by God is going to keep Him in the spotlight and urge you to do the same. You will find God’s total supremacy over demons emphasized, not minimized. If all you’re hearing is a bunch of yammering on about how formidable and capable demons are, you’re listening to an idiot and you need to change stations.

From God’s perspective, demons are as powerful as carpet lint. The idea that God finds demons threatening in any way is utterly laughable, and you need to realize that such ideas are fueled by a rejection of God’s sovereignty and a serious lack of reverence. If you were flying a plane and the engine suddenly went dead, who would you call on for help: a five-year-old or a seasoned military pilot? The five-year-old thinks he knows all about planes because he is good at drawing them and tossing paper models around in his backyard. But the reality is that the five-year-old doesn’t know anything and talking to him in the midst of your crisis would be a complete waste of time. In the same way, when you’re having problems with demons and you go looking for help from those who think demons are awesome, you’re talking to fools who are going to lead you totally astray.


Here’s another critical question that will swiftly reveal the caliber of the advice you’re receiving. God controls the flow of His own power. Contrary to what most Christians teach, God’s power is not like water in a spigot which humans can turn off and on at will. God acts when God wants to act, and God does not take orders from us. All of this guff about flinging holy water, fasting, rebuking, searching for evil auras, raising prayer walls, chanting the rosary, and going through formal exorcism rituals are just our ridiculous attempts to control the flow of God’s power. It is God who brings demons into your life, and it is God who throws them off of you. God is a purposeful Being who has specific reasons for what He does. Simply trying to override God’s will is not the solution to your demon problems. Instead, you need to look to God to tell you why He is letting the demons jump you in the first place and what it is He wants you to learn from the experience. God uses demons to drive us closer to Him, not to give us a context in which to flex our spell casting powers and then strut about like pompous little sorcerers who sent those demons packing.

God always exalts God, yet you’ll find that a vast amount of Christian teaching on the subject of demons exalts you. Many teachers in the Church will try to tell you that as a Christian, you’ve received some grand inheritance in Christ, which means Christ has now agreed to play the part of your very able Servant. You’re then taught to use verbal rebuking as a means of sicking Christ on demons like some kind of trained dog. In such a scenario, who is controlling the power? You are, because Christ and/or the Holy Spirit are described as acting upon your orders. Many Christian teachers go so far as to teach that God can’t work up the strength to drive demons away unless you juice Him up by fasting. Christians are obsessed with this cockamamie idea that having empty stomachs on earth somehow alters the way things work in the supernatural dimensions. In other words, demons and God can be controlled by the contents of our digestive tracts. Well, no, this is utterly ridiculous.

God always controls the power. Like you, demons are creatures with some degree of choice, but they are incapable of acting on their choices without God’s authorization and help. If a man with a missing leg must lean on his buddy in order to hobble across the room, we would hardly credit the man for crossing the room on his own. In the same way, if demons can’t do bumpkus without God’s authorization and help, it’s ridiculous to talk as if God has nothing to do with their activities. When demons possess someone, it is because God wanted that person to be possessed, and that person will remain possessed until God wants to free them. God always controls the power. Anyone who teaches otherwise has no idea what they are talking about.


When we don’t have a correct understanding about power differences and power flow, we are going to put the glory in the wrong place. This is when we start in with this guff about prayer warriors, spiritual armor, and mighty intercessors. These are all terms which are used to glorify humans as playing some critical role in controlling demonic activities. Next we start glorifying demons by assigning them names and geographical strongholds and going on and on about their individual personalities. Always ask yourself “Who is this person glorifying?” If the answer isn’t God, then you need to chuck the teaching out like the garbage that it is. God always exalts God. Exalting God is more than just making some side reference to the Blood of Christ or throwing out some trite “to God be the glory.” The Church today is filled with pompous teachers who stand in the spotlight basking in the applause of mortals while they say, “It’s all for Jesus!” It’s more like Jesus is just a brand that these guys fling out to get their audience to cheer louder. Most Christians are very undiscerning and they’ll happily give their praise away to anyone who uses the J-Name.

God is an intensely jealous, egotistical Being who detests it when we exalt anyone other than Him. God doesn’t encourage us to worship Bibles and crosses—He commands us to worship Him. God teaches us that He is the Supreme Ruler who controls every aspect of our reality. Nothing happens in this realm or any other realm that God doesn’t want to have happen. Whenever a crisis arises and we find ourselves being attacked by humans, demons, or both, it is God who we need to turn to for guidance, because God is the One who is controlling the situation. God is All-Powerful. God is in control. God is the only One deserving of glory. Whenever God is the Source of teaching about demons, God will be the One being exalted.

The next time you come across information about demons, do a quick run through these three questions. If your source is leading you astray on one or more of these points, stop listening to them.

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