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You don’t need to prove the existence of God to unbelievers. That is so not your job. If God wants to confirm His reality to some snarky little soul, He’s more than capable. It is an utter waste of time to get uptight over what God haters say. These folks are just lashing out in anger as a response to God not being who they want Him to be. They are caught in a classic battle of wills: they want to define the terms of the relationship, God is refusing to let them, and now they are trying to find some new way to manipulate Him by publicly defying Him. It’s like the pesky brother who wants his sister’s attention. Since she isn’t giving him any, he starts poking her with a stick until she lashes out at him. To the brother, negative attention is better than no attention. He just wants to be focused on.

Vocal atheists come in two basic varieties: those who scoff that there is no real evidence for God, and those who claim to have once been Christians, yet now they realize the whole thing was a sham. And while they claim to not be trying to shove their beliefs on anyone else, they are so very bothered by those who do believe. Why? If we’re all going to die like dogs and that’s the end of it, what does it matter if we spend our lives caught up in delusions? Don’t these people read their children bedtime stories? Don’t they watch movies and read books? Fantasy can uplift and inspire. If they really believe Christianity is a delusion, they ought to appreciate the fact that it instills a sense of morals in people. What’s the alternative? If we all decide that this life is it, then there is no justification for practicing any degree of self-restraint. We should all be robbing and ravaging each other every day because all that matters is right now.

Atheists like to promote themselves as freedom fighters who are trying to unburden the rest of us from unhealthy delusions. But what do they have to offer us instead? A brief, pointless existence? That doesn’t sound like an upper. Believing that one’s existence is devoid of all meaning will drive us into suicide. If human life is nothing more than the result of some freak collisions of random molecules, then how can it be said to have any value?

Atheists pride themselves on being logical, and yet there is nothing logical about trying to denounce God’s existence at the same time as you cherish His values. After all, the atheist doesn’t want you to come to their home and gun down their loved ones. But why not? God is the One who tells us murder is wrong. If God isn’t real, then His entire moral code must be thrown aside as a complete joke. If God isn’t real, then there is no real purpose in humans trying to organize themselves into lawful societies. We’re all selfish beasts at bottom, so we ought to just go with that. Why should any of us show any concern for the other fellow? If God isn’t real, then we ought to be defaulting to that old “survival of the fittest” mindset and start tearing each other to shreds. Let the man with the most guns and the largest supply of bullets win. It is only fear of Divine judgment that motivates us to respect God’s moral code. If there really isn’t going to be any day of reckoning, then we should all be letting our lusts rule over us.

If atheists really cared about helping the human race, they’d be encouraging any delusions which motivate people to live more harmoniously together. If they were really as logical as they claim to be, they’d realize that the fear of being thrown into Hell is an extremely useful tool for keeping law and order in society. They would be very grateful that so many nutcase Christians have bought into the idea that one day some God will hold them accountable for how well they treat others on earth, and they’d be all for a God who teaches His followers to do unto others as they’d want done to them.

But instead of helping us, atheists are really trying to pitch us all into a state of anarchy by insisting that there is no meaningful purpose for our existence. The best they can offer us is that we’re here to pass our genes on to the next generation—well, whoopee. Who cares about the next generation? Who cares about the long-term future of the human species? Humans are intrinsically selfish creatures who live for the now. We really don’t care about the greater good, we only care about our own comfort in this world. Take God out of the picture, and all motivation to teach our children manners or pass laws or share our toys goes right out the window. If someone annoys you, kill ‘em—that’s the only course of action that really makes sense if this life is it. Do atheists want a world that is overrun by terrorism, violence, greed, and abuse? It would seem so, since they say we’re idiots to believe there is a God who says these things are wrong. In our cores, we don’t think these things are wrong—at least not when we’re the ones doing them. Do atheists really want to see us run wild with all of our depraved instincts? No, they don’t. The whole atheistic doctrine is a big load of hypocrisy. They don’t really want to get rid of God, they just want to get rid of their accountability to Him. But they want His protection, His moral code, and His constant provision.

There’s nothing new about the factors that drive atheism. It’s that age old song of “God isn’t letting me control Him and it really irks me.” Atheists who spend great amounts of effort publicly mocking God and encouraging others to do the same are acting like that pesky little brother who keeps poking his sister with a stick. The brother wants his sister to focus on him. Atheists want God to relate to them on their terms. Many claim to have been Christians back in the day, but at some point God gave them a big dose of His autonomy by refusing to align with their human demands. Maybe He blasted them with some painful trial and never said “I’m sorry, I take it back.” Maybe He refused to commune with them in some touchy-feely way. As one atheist said:

“I loved Jesus and He was my best friend and I talked to Him and God all the time. I have to admit that They never talked back to me.  I think some people would say that God does talk to them and I think they’re not being honest with themselves.”

What this really means is that God didn’t communicate with this guy in the way that he wanted Him to. God is always talking to us, but plenty of us refuse to ever acknowledge the many forms His communication comes in. It’s like having your friend write you a letter in Chinese. Since Chinese isn’t your native language, when you see all of those complex symbols on the paper, you throw it into the trash and complain, “My friend never talks to me.” Your friend is talking to you quite a bit, but you don’t want to have to put effort into deciphering her language. In the same way, people who want to endlessly gripe about God never talking to them are merely expressing their unwillingness to let God lead the relationship. Either He conforms to their preferences, or they’re done. Fine. God doesn’t need us, and He isn’t going to take orders from us. So we can throw our little tantrums all day long, but He sees our manipulative behavior for what it is and refuses to align with our agenda.

At some point, every soul who is seriously pursuing a relationship with the real God will hit a point where their submission to Him is massively tested. At that time, they will have to decide who is going to lead the relationship: them or God? Hardcore atheists make it very clear which road they chose as they dedicate themselves to trying to provoke a response out of a God who they claim to not believe in. And while they are intensely bothered by those who do have a relationship with God, they fail to take responsibility for their own actions. God didn’t leave them and He didn’t fail them. He just refused to be controlled by them, and He still does. Anytime they want to return to a state of submission, they can start making up for lost time. But most of them are never going to make that choice. Instead, they will continue to mask their willful rebellion under this pathetic argument that the existence of God can’t be logically proven. Well, yes it can, and it has been countless times, but the atheist has labeled all such proofs as “inadmissible.” There’s only one proof he will accept, and that is proof that God will be controlled by him. In other words, the atheist demands that God prove His existence by acting like less than God. Why do Christians feel threatened by such nonsense?

There’s no need to get all worked up over atheists ripping on Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or Christianity. Don’t even bother trying to get into arguments with these people, because the real source of their problem is one that you cannot fix for them. It isn’t a lack of proof that is crippling these people, it’s a lack of submission to a God who they have already had many soul exchanges with. When you take on their challenges to try and “prove” God’s existence to them, you are just going to run yourself ragged arguing with someone who really doesn’t want to be helped. When we are serious about seeking God, we get busy with our own souls, we don’t sit around taking endless potshots at His followers.

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