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When we first begin our relationship with God, who is it that we love? Not the real God, but a modification of the real God which we are personally comfortable with. To remain in this place of loving the God we have shaped in our minds might seem satisfying to us, but how satisfying is it to Him? Do you want to be loved for who you are or for who your friend wants to believe you are? What if your friend’s perception of you is a million miles from reality? Knowing this would hardly be a plus to you, especially if she kept resisting every time you tried to correct her understanding of you.

One of the goals of an all-out pursuit of God is to keep enhancing the blessing that it is to God when we say “I love You.” We do this by being totally receptive to Him educating us about who He actually is, and at the same time being willing to release the false beliefs we have constructed about Him. He is not only love. He is not uninvolved with the horrors that we see in the world around us. Our Creator is an infinitely complex Being who has many desires, methods, and agendas that we feel quite threatened by when He first exposes us to them. So what will we do when we bump up against some aspect of the real God that disturbs us? Will we shut down on Him and say, “Stop talking! You’re wrecking my illusion of You!”? Or will we say, “Keep talking. I want to know who You actually are so that I can fully embrace the real You”?

We should want our love to be a rich, meaningful gift to God, not just some game we play. We are powerless creatures who are utterly incapable of assisting Him in running the universe, sustaining His creations, or making wise choices. The only gift we have in our possession is a soul choice. It seems such an insignificant thing compared to all that God does for us, and yet He says our sincere desire for Him is what He wants from us above all else. Now that He has opened this door of opportunity in front of us, we should be rushing to go through it. We should be asking Him to increase our desire for Him until that desire is the driving force of our lives. We should be asking Him to open our blind eyes, overhaul our theology, and give us the courage we need to accept the truths about Him which greatly frighten us.

To love God for who He really is—that is the greatest gift we can ever bring Him. To cherish Him as our greatest Treasure after all the delusions have been stripped away—to love the God who kills and the God who heals with equal fervor. We should be seeking to base our love for God not on all the glorious things He can do for us, but on the real truth about who He is. The mere fact that He created us demands a loyalty and devotion which far surpass what we would offer to any created being.

We all start off merely aware of the fact that God is, and then we throw together a quick portrait of Him in our minds which pleases us. As we move forward in the relationship, God wants to correct the image that we have of Him. Are we going to be receptive to Him erasing the features we had added to His portrait which we find most appealing yet which He says are not correct? Are we going to surrender the canvas and let Him keep shocking us with revelations of truth? There are things about God which will greatly comfort us, and other things which will deeply disturb us. Yet they are all truths about who He really is, and who He really is is the One we ought to be seeking to embrace. To be able to say “I love You above all else” and know that He knows we are cherishing who He actually is—that would be a truly great gift to give our King. We don’t possess that gift yet—we need Him to construct it for us through countless rounds of revelation. But when we set our hearts on wanting to bless our Lord in the richest way possible—that is when construction will begin. There is no greater privilege than to have God grant you deeper insights into who He really is, for then your love for Him is given the opportunity to evolve into something that blesses Him even more than before.

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