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Trash Talking Humans: Unacceptable Behavior for Christians


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At what point does God find it acceptable for you to refer to one of His human creations as a piece of trash, refuse or filth? At what point does He find it justifiable for you to declare that some living, breathing person should not have been born? The answer to both of these questions is NEVER.

Now we expect those who hate God to vocalize their disgust with both Him and the works of His hands. But as a Christian, what’s your excuse? If we should get into a discussion of molesters, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, gays, or people with certain shades of skin, are we going to hear you spewing out the same putrid comments that we hear from unbelievers? Are we going to hear you pompously setting yourself apart as oh so different than those people and declaring that anyone who does what they have done deserves to roast in an extra hot section of Hell?

Let’s be very clear about what you are doing when you start referring to human beings as some kind of refuse. You are not only declaring some of God’s creations to be flawed and inferior, you are also grossly insulting both Yahweh and Jesus. After all, Yahweh said that it was because He loved all people—not just some people—that He sent His Son to die on our behalf. Jesus said that His willingness to endure a torturous death in front of us proved the great depths of His personal love for us. Yahweh and Jesus have already put the highest possible value on human beings. Then you come along with your hateful superiority and dare to say that some human beings are trash. In other words, you’re calling Yahweh and Jesus idiots. You are utterly mocking Their assessment of human beings and saying that They are complete morons to waste Their love on certain individuals. Considering that that same great love is the only thing saving your personal hide from eternal torment, isn’t it rather obnoxious for you to stand around insulting it?

Where do you get off declaring where the lines of grace should fall? Who exalted you to the position of Heaven’s gatekeeper? Since when do you get to decide for God who He can and can’t love or forgive? God will love anyone He wants to love and He’ll forgive anyone that He wants to forgive. No dot of a creature is going to tell God Almighty what to do.

In this world, we struggle to forgive and we struggle to love. God understands this and He has compassion on us. Maybe you’ve been horrifically abused by someone and just the sound of that person’s name makes you feel like you’re going to throw up. God understands the effect being ravaged has on us. He understands how pain and suffering can warp us on very deep levels. He has great compassion on the victims of abusers. But He also loves the abusers, and here is where most of us part ways with God and feel justified in hating those who have hurt us. Here is where we feel justified in viewing other souls as the sum of their sins and hating both with equal fervor. The molester becomes completely defined by his acts of molestation. Any act of kindness the man might have done before or after abusing someone is tossed aside as irrelevant and we talk as though his entire life, person, and character can be summarized by a few sordid activities. We do the same with the murderer, the pedophile, the terrorist, and the rapist. Humans become defined by their worst moments and then we refuse to ever give them a chance at redemption. Once a molester, always a molester. It’s all fine and well for you to repent and reform and finally make something of yourself, but once someone gets his name on that public list of sex offenders, that’s all we see him as: an offender. A walking threat. A scourge on the face of the earth.

Be honest: if you had the choice of being a molester or his victim, which would you choose? The answer is obvious: we’d all rather be the victims of abusers than try to deal with the internal torment that they are lugging around. When you cry about the terrible suffering you endured, people come out of the woodwork to express their sympathy. But when your memories of degrading another human being have you so full of self-loathing that you finally decide to blow your brains out, people get in line to hand you guns and bullets. There is no sympathy for the molester—no one wants to hear about the horrors he went through that caused him to become as warped as he is.

It’s only the last link in a chain of abuse who receives sympathy from others—the victim who hasn’t yet attempted to victimize someone else. But once we start trying to pass on the torment that we ourselves have received, all sympathy evaporates and we get only condemnation and hate. What kind of game is this? How many times in your life have you gotten your feelings hurt by some rude comment only to turn around and snap rudely at someone else? When we pretend not to understand the concept of the abused feeling driven to abuse someone else, we are acting like such hypocrites. Hurt people hurt people—this is a very basic principle of humanity. It’s not good, it’s not right, but it’s what we do—all of us. How is it to your credit if God has chosen to shelter you from the kind of torment that would bring out your most monstrous side? If He has chosen to shelter you like this, it certainly doesn’t mean He thinks you’re better than the fellow He puts through terrible ordeals, so you have no grounds for acting superior.

The truth is that every human on the planet is equipped with the core perversity needed to get off on degrading others. We’re all flaunting our dark natures every day by the things we choose to create and the things we choose to feast on. While you enjoy hours of beating up others in a video game, or you cheer for the man who is beating another man to a bloody pulp on television, or you delight in the movie that is filled with graphic carnage, or you enjoy reading a book about man’s cruelty to man, you put yourself in an entirely different camp than the terrorist who beats and bombs his enemies in real life. Yet are you so different? You’re both feeding the same cravings and you’re both focusing on the same sick subject matter. The only difference is that your methods are currently considered socially acceptable while his are not.

From God’s perspective, every human is a mess of depravity, but within that mess is a soul that God dearly loves. God sees the potential for great beauty in every one of us, not just in some of us. God calls every soul to submit to Him and to cooperate with His methods while He makes their great potential a reality. When you come along spewing hate and calling one of God’s precious creations some worthless piece of trash, you’re the one who is going to end up in trouble. God says it is not our place to decide when someone is a lost cause. God alone decides how many chances at redemption He will give an individual soul, and God delights in being generous. So the next time you come across some online discussion in which everyone is trash talking some individual or some group of human beings, be careful what you say. It is never acceptable for one human to refer to another as worthless or beyond redemption. No one is beyond redemption until God decides that they are, and He isn’t going to be sharing those decisions with you because it’s none of your business what God is doing with any other soul. You need to keep your focus on the fact that you were saved by grace alone, and the definition of grace is favor that you do not deserve. As long as other souls are being kept alive on this planet by God, we Christians should be hoping for their redemption and believing that God is able to work amazing reversals in the hardest of hearts. We need to be keeping our view of other people aligned with God’s, and demonstrating our reverence for Him by respecting the fact that He has placed the highest possible value on human souls.

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