Pastors & the End Times: Guiding a Flock in Crisis


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In this post, we are specifically speaking to shepherds in the Church who are actually authorized to function as shepherds by God. We’re not talking to all of you defiant rebels who are using the pulpit to exalt yourself and put words in God’s mouth that He never said. To grasp hold of the shepherding staff without God’s permission is to try and manipulate the flock for your own selfish gain. God is extremely protective over His flock. Those of you who are currently abusing the shepherding role are already in big trouble with Him and nothing we say in this post applies to you, because God does not consider you to be a legitimate leader in His flock. To you, all we have to say is this: repent and go home. Perhaps if you actually start submitting to the Holy Spirit, He’ll find some use for you. In the meantime, you’re just deadweight.

Now that we’ve eliminated the majority of recognized preachers in the Church today, let’s get down to business. Those of you who are legitimately called to shepherd God’s flock know who you are. Maybe the Church currently recognizes you as a shepherd, maybe she doesn’t. The Church today is entrenched in rebellion, so you should expect her to take issue with you if you’re the real deal. If God has called you to preach but is taking His sweet time in assigning you to a pulpit, don’t be discouraged. Your day will come. Meanwhile, there is important prep that needs to be done. For those of you who have already been stationed over some flock of souls, don’t even think about compromising your obedience to God just to satisfy rebellious mortals. Pastors and priests who are actually listening to God are a rare breed, and we need each one of you standing strong where God has placed you. You’re not alone. If you feel like you are, it’s because God is intentionally spreading out the few loyal guys that He has to maximize their influence. So let’s not get beat down by irrelevant things like a lack of numerical growth in our congregations. Remember Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, and Ezekiel–where were all of their supporters? Where were their growing assemblies? And yet their impact was so great that we’re still being encouraged by their faithfulness thousands of years later. Let’s not minimize the enormous impact one faithful servant can make.

So then, as an authorized shepherd of God, you are a member of a small yet critical corps who He is using to lead His lambs to truth. The work He does through you is life changing, and nothing He says through you is wasted. Never mind the fact that you aren’t being bombarded with testimonials about how moved people were by your sermons. What do we want with praise if it’s going to lead us astray into arrogance? The important thing is that we stay focused on the goal: and that goal is pleasing our King. We speak for His sake, to honor Him, then we leave the rest in His hands.

Now we know that God is very purposeful in what He does, and Him placing you down on the planet at this time and place is quite strategic. We’re rushing towards the end times: this is a reality. It’s also a reality that the real end times aren’t going to be unfolding at all like they taught you to expect back in seminary. This means we need to do a bit of scrambling to catch up to the Holy Spirit and the time for that scrambling is now. As soon as He kicks off His end time period with a dramatic sign and as soon as He announces through His end time prophet that the end of the world has begun, who will the flock turn to for answers? To you, of course. As a shepherd, you are the go-to-guy for anyone in a theological crisis and such crises are going to abound once the Holy Spirit begins His great work.

Now all of you shepherds who have been stationed in America need to realize that you are going to be put on the front lines first. This isn’t because God thinks America is the most important nation in the world, nor is it because He finds her rebellion to be exceptionally worse than everyone else’s. The end times are going to be a global event, but God is going to hit America first, and then slowly expand out His range of targets from this country. The goal is to build global suspense by giving other nations the chance to observe, fret, and anticipate when they will be next in line. Naturally they will all be hoping that America will find a way to exterminate the threat before it can spread to them, but of course she won’t be able to.  America can’t stop God, and the end times are going to be God’s show, not a bunch of demon led theatrics.  God will kick off this period by performing a miraculous sign in a major city in the United States—the kind of city that the whole world has a vested interest in. You won’t have to wonder when this event occurs, God will make it quite clear to you.  Let’s give God credit for understanding how things work down here: He knows how to move certain headlines to the tops of our little news pages, and He knows how to freak us out.

As a shepherd of the flock, your job is to keep the flock focused on God. You can hardly succeed at doing this when you’re confusing God with Satan. Just look at those New Testament Pharisees: what a train wreck. You don’t want to be like those morons. And yet the prophet who is going to be playing a Moses-type role during the end times is going to look and sound a lot more demonic than Jesus did to the Jews. Of course this is only because the litmus tests we’re using to tell God from demons these days are completely irrelevant. We think that anyone who gets off on God killing people can’t be aligned with Him. Why ever not? Shouldn’t a true prophet of God be displaying a zealous devotion to God’s agenda? We all know that people don’t die by accident in this world—God kills them. If God is killing people, He obviously has good reasons for doing so, and any prophet who is truly aligned with Him will not be publicly beefing against His Divine agenda. Because God is going to be doing so much killing during the end times, His devoted prophet is going to come across as a rather bloodthirsty sadist, especially when the media goes to work with their usual biased reporting. This is going to result in a bunch of wide-eyed parishioners coming to you asking, “How can someone like that really be from God?”

As we explain in some of our other end time preparation posts, God is going to be performing all kinds of devastating and destructive miracles through His end time representative. You are going to see film footage of this person appearing to kill and maim people merely by pointing at them. You’re going to see stereotypically “good” targets like emergency workers and hospitals getting nailed by God’s destructive power. Efforts to help the hurting will be dramatically sabotaged. Impossible alterations of matter will occur: skyscrapers being turned into ice, asphalt morphing into molten lava, sidewalks behaving like quicksand. Don’t believe it? Read your Bibles. If you can believe in a worldwide flood, God causing the sun to stand still in the sky for Joshua, and Him creating a dry path through both the Red Sea and the Jordan River, why is it so fantastic to think that He can cause a city street to turn into a carpet of stinging insects? Didn’t God turn all the dust in Egypt into a plague of gnats? If God could open the earth to swallow up the rebellious Korah, then close the earth again immediately afterwards, why can’t He perform similar feats down a city street? He can and He will. If you’re going to blow off prophetic warnings of the end times, make sure you’re not blowing off the wrong ones. The end times are not going to be at all like these idiots in the Church are saying. All of this guff about America turning Islam or President Obama cooking up evil conspiracies behind the scenes. You ought to know better than to believe any prophecy that turns your focus off of God and onto idiot demons and their foolish humans. While countless false prophets are filling your heads with a bunch of theatrical rot just to try and make a name for themselves, we are telling you what is actually in store so that you can start seeking the Holy Spirit’s wisdom now about how He wants you to guide your flock when the theological crisis begins.

As usual, the mainstream Church will be driving the flock in the opposite direction of truth when the Holy Spirit begins His final judgment period. When everyone’s teaching lies from the pulpit, it’s easy to feel like your one little voice won’t matter. But yes, it most certainly will matter, and if you think that how you are guiding the souls in your care is a trivial issue to God, you need to think again. It is a grave responsibility to shepherd the flock—especially during a period of theological upheaval. If God has called you to preach for Him now, realize that He has called you to a mission which is going to require great courage and stamina. When the Church declares God’s end time prophet to be “of the devil”, you’re going to experience enormous pressure to fall in line. The Church will be telling the flock to try and pray this person down. Multiple denominations will unite for the sake of trying to wage some kind of spiritual war against this ultimate foe. Of course this will be a futile effort, because as much as Christians want to believe that they are potent little sorcerers, no amount of praying and declaring is going to cause God to turn against His own representative.

The Church today is steeped in rebellion. This should be quite obvious to you if you are actually listening to the Holy Spirit. How does God respond to rebellion of this magnitude? He gets violent, of course—you’ve read the Old Testament. When God starts violently killing certain prominent leaders in the Church and turning their facilities into piles of smoking rubble, what are you going to say to all of your anxious parishioners? Are you so lacking in reverence that you would dare to stand behind your pulpit and declare God’s judgment to be flawed and His actions wrong? Be clear on this point: the Holy Spirit is going to hold you responsible for the way that you are leading His flock in this most critical period. If you cringe at the thought of God graphically killing Christians, you’d better reread the records He’s preserved for you and do some serious praying. The Church is not going to be enjoying some shelter of grace during this period, nor is she going to be singled out for an extra measure of violence. God is going to be targeting the entire human race.

The end times will culminate in the obliteration of the entire planet. Clearly there won’t be any opportunities for people to cross the line of salvation after that, so one of the main purposes of the end times is to motivate souls to submit to God while there is still time to do so. As a shepherd, you know that people are most likely to turn to God when their lives are in crisis. This is why we’re going to see God creating crisis upon crisis during the end times. It isn’t about God straining against the powers of darkness, as so many morons are trying to say. God is Sovereign and All-Powerful. He never strains. He never feels threatened by His own creations. The end times are about God stepping up the motivation for rebellious souls to repent and turn to Him. Even with all that He will do, many souls will die without ever submitting to His Authority. But many will turn, thanks to our gracious God chasing after them with such determination. As always, God will be exalting Himself during the end times by showcasing His great power, grace, compassion, and wrath. It will be both a terrifying and exhilarating time to be alive on the planet, and as a shepherd in God’s Church, you have been entrusted with a very important task. God wants to use you to both calm and guide His scattered, anxious flock. We will see many souls crossing the salvation line during this period, because God’s work is never without fruit, and God is going to be calling on you to help guide these spiritual infants closer to Him. It is a great privilege to be called to shepherd God’s flock during the end times, and since this period will drag on for years, you will have plenty of opportunities to honor your King in how you serve Him. Ask the Holy Spirit today to prepare you to be the shepherd that He wants you to be during the end times. When this period begins, we’re going to need every one of you manning his post and devoted to the goal of serving God well.

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