Preparing for the End Times: Interacting with God’s Prophet


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Today the internet is loaded with spiritual rebels who are pumping out their misguided delusions about what the end times will be like. If you follow the example of these morons and treat the subject of the end times like some fun drama that’s good for getting your adrenal glands pumping, you’re going to go into this period totally unprepared. When we are unprepared, we make wrong choices. When we make wrong choices, we get in trouble with God. Preparing for the end times is not a game. We don’t put out material on this subject for your entertainment, we put it out because the Holy Spirit has graciously decided to give you a little upfront time to prepare. If you saw what was coming, you’d realize how precious this opportunity is. Drop an untrained civilian down in the middle of a battlefield and he’s going to go into an all-out panic the moment he hears live bullets whizzing past him. But take a soldier who has been properly trained by superior officers who sincerely want him to succeed, and you’re going to see an entirely different reaction. The first man crumbles. The second man stands strong.

The Holy Spirit is your Superior Officer. He wants you to spiritually thrive during the end times, which is why He is giving you the opportunity to prepare with Him for what is coming. We prepare by listening to what the Holy Spirit tells us, taking the time to seriously think about the warnings and direction He gives us, and then asking Him to make us all that He wants us to be. We’re entering a period where God’s patience with rebellion is going to be noticeably shorter. The Church is in for a major spanking—not by some crazed antichrist, but by God Himself. Now is the time to decide where your loyalty is going to lie: with idiot pastors who want to believe that Satan rules the world or with God Himself. Be very clear on this point: the Church is going to side with the world when the end times begin. Her attitude towards God is going to be “Let’s find a way to stop Him.” Of course she’ll phrase it differently. She’ll first decide that everything the Holy Spirit is doing is an act of Satan, then she’ll pray her imaginary “Satan” down. It will be just like in the days of Jesus when all the preachers and teachers in Israel said He was demon possessed. They said John the Baptist was possessed as well. The Church is going to say that God’s end time prophet is possessed and she’s going to pressure you to publicly stand against this person. Are you going to side with the Church or with God? You’re going to have to choose one or the other.

Now God can roll the end times out any way that He wants, and He certainly doesn’t have to let us in on His plans ahead of time. But because He is so gracious, the Holy Spirit has given us a heads up about a few things. This is very generous of Him, and we can certainly use all the help we can get—especially given the fact that the Holy Spirit will be working through a human representative during this time. This person will quickly be dubbed “the prophet” by the media, and the fact that God is going to be working through a prophet presents us with all kinds of challenges. As a general rule, we humans don’t react well to prophets. We have a long history of fawning all over them and trying to use them as stand-ins for God. What you need to understand is that God’s end time prophet is going to be a different breed of prophet. Since this person is going to be traveling all over the globe, and constantly showing up in unexpected places, it’s quite possible that you might have a personal encounter with him (or her). Should this happen, you need to understand that there are three ways that you can get yourself in trouble with God by how you interact with His prophet. To help you remember these three things, we’ll call them the three A’s: applauding, asking for help, and attacking. Let’s now discuss each of these in turn.


Before Yahweh parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to pass through, He instructed His prophet Moses to raise his staff into the air and hold it there. If you watched this scene and if you believed that human beings have supernatural power, you could easily conclude that Moses was the one who caused the waters to part. If this is what you think, then it would seem quite logical and even wise to glorify Moses and suck up to him as some kind of savior. After all, we learn in our superhero movies that superheroes don’t hurt their friends.

So what about you? Do you think that human beings have supernatural powers? As a Christian, you ought to know better than to subscribe to such idolatrous rot. Human beings are powerless flecks. The fact that Moses held his staff in the air didn’t do bumpkus to make the waters part. God is the One with the power, and God is extremely jealous. He gets royally offended when we start confusing Him with the human instruments He chooses to work through.

God doesn’t want you schmoozing His prophet. You will see some people try to take this tact, especially at first when the prophet becomes associated with positive miracles. Some people will go out of their way to try and exalt the prophet in public. The Holy Spirit will respond to this idolatrous attitude by striking some of these people dead on the spot. Others will receive more creative reminders that God is jealous—such as having their applauding hands suddenly fall off at the wrists. You need to remember that the Holy Spirit is going to be less patient with rebellion during this period. Do not applaud, gush, or fawn over His prophet. Trying to suck up to the miracle worker is only going to get you in trouble with God. Both God and His prophet will be zealous for God alone to be exalted.


Now the Holy Spirit is going to be performing countless miracles through His prophet. Most of them will be negative and destructive, but we’ll also see a lot of healings, exorcisms, and even resurrections. Now in Jesus’ day, people came to Him for healing and He was generally very receptive towards them. In the Old Testament, we find the prophets Elijah and Elisha also agreeing to help those who specifically asked them for miracles. Well, God’s end time prophet is going to be a departure from this pattern. This individual won’t be taking requests from anyone. If you try to ask God’s prophet for some kind of miraculous favor, you’re going to get hostility and ice. God’s prophet is not going to have any patience for being treated like a stand in for God. This person is not going to pray for you or lay hands on you or go through any other religious motions which are so common among healers today who are trying to get God to perform at their command.

As a Christian, you need to understand that Yahweh threw out the need for intercession when He established His New Covenant. This means that you don’t need priests, prophets, or anyone else to pray on your behalf to God. God doesn’t listen to some of His kids more than others. He listens to all of us, He hears all of our prayers, and when you ask God’s prophet to pray for you, you’re insulting God. Do you enjoy it when people talk about you right in front of you as if you aren’t even there? Well, God finds it irritating when you decide that He won’t listen to you unless you get one of the “important” Christians to direct His attention to you. As a Christian, you claim to have the Holy Spirit dwelling right inside of you. So what do you think He’s doing in there—taking a nap? How can another human being possibly get you a closer connection to God than you already have? Don’t ask God’s prophet to pray for you.


Now it should be pretty obvious that trying to attack God’s prophet is a bad idea. Yet the more frightened you become, the more you will find yourself tempted to hope that someone succeeds at taking this person out before your own loved ones are put at risk. Governments will do their utmost to try and destroy God’s prophet but, well, some people just don’t seem to know how to die. You’ll hear many reports that the prophet has been killed in one place only to later hear that the prophet has shown up again somewhere else. Should the prophet show up in your hometown, what is your attitude going to be? Are you going to be among those who hurl rocks and other available objects at this person? Are you going to be cheering along with bloodthirsty crowds when the prophet is being publicly assaulted?

God is going to arrange for His servant to receive many hearty beatings in public, many of which will be caught on news cameras. If the Holy Spirit sees you cheering for the wrong side as you watch what is happening on your television, guess what? You’re going to get in trouble. This is an issue of loyalty. As a Christian, you have no business siding with the enemies of God, and God’s devoted servant is going to have His full support. No matter how bad things look in a moment, God is always going to bring His prophet out on top. Many prominent leaders in the Church will join together to fight against God’s prophet, thinking, “What can a mere human do to me?” The answer is, “not much”, but the human isn’t the one you need to be worried about. God is going to be very protective over His faithful servant. If Yahweh was willing to mow down tens of thousands of Israelites in the desert in defense of His prophet Moses, do you think you’ll be allowed to attack His end time servant without consequences? Don’t be foolish about this. You cannot kill, stop, or hinder God’s prophet, you can only bring grief and misery down on your own head. Let’s remember who it was that created Hell. God knows how to make humans suffer. Mess with His servant, and God will mess you up.


So then, let’s review our three A’s. We don’t want to applaud God’s prophet, because glory belongs to God alone. We don’t want to ask the prophet for help, because this person is not going to insult God by interceding for us or by trying to direct the flow of God’s power. We don’t want to attack God’s prophet, or God will come down on us for siding with His enemies. Given all of this, how does God want us to treat the human that He chooses to be His main spokesperson during the end times?

Respect is the appropriate response. After all, God chose this person. Suppose you lived in the days of the prophet Isaiah, and you knew the man was speaking for Yahweh. If you saw Isaiah lying by the side of some road in an injured state, what would Yahweh want you to do? Help the man, of course. By helping God’s prophet, you are showing respect for God.

Now let’s be clear about a couple of things. First of all, before you start using the term God’s prophet, you’d better make sure you have received confirmation from the Holy Spirit that the person you’re focusing on actually is His representative. The fact that God performs miracles through someone doesn’t mean God is pleased with that person.

The second key point to keep in mind is that God is jealous. Respecting God’s prophet is a good thing. Revering this person is not. If you lived in Moses’ day, and Yahweh saw you worshiping Moses, Yahweh would be mad at you. We never want to confuse the instrument with God Himself. Glory, praise and honor should be directed at God alone. You need to remember that the end time prophet is a human being, just like you are. This person does not have any special powers, only a special calling from God. We need to respect God’s choice without turning His choice into some kind of idol.

Consider the way that the Church speaks of guys like Peter, John and Paul. Because of these men’s place in history, and because they wrote a few documents which have become preserved in our modern day bibles, we revere them as if they were God’s equals. We say their wisdom is flawless. We say every word they wrote was a word that fell from the lips of God. This is called idolatry and God hates it. We mustn’t go down some idiotic road of saying God’s end time prophet is some perfect, immortal being. This person will be speaking for God, as countless prophets have done before. Yes, God will work many miracles through His prophet, but so what? The human is just a prop. As Christians, we worship our three glorious Creators and no one else. We don’t care how many miracles God does through a human being, that human is still a created being, and no created being can be put on the same level as our Gods.

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