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Living in the End Times: A Thrilling Opportunity


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The beginning of the end is bearing down on us. It’s time to shelve the dreams and mourn about what might have been, right? Wrong.  People are going to be marrying, having kids, and falling in love right up to the very end.  Instead of deciding that your life has to be some negative bummer just because God is tearing the place apart, you need to approach this period as an exciting adventure. 

Suppose your dream was to go live on some lush tropical island, but instead God plunks you down in some barren desert.  “Living in a desert” sounds like a negative concept, but what if when you get there, you are introduced to a whole community of people who have mastered life in the wilderness?  They teach you all kinds of tricks and skills that you never thought were possible.  Without meaning to, you actually start enjoying a lifestyle that you never would have chosen to pursue in a place that you would have always tried to avoid.  We’re talking about the Creator of all things here–is He able to weave a lot of joy and laughter into your personal experience of the end times?  Absolutely.

God doesn’t want us to go into this period with our heads down expecting nothing but sorrow and suffering.  On the contrary, He wants us to be looking forward to it and realizing that this period may very well turn out to be the best time of our lives.  Why?  Because it is the depth of your relationship with God which determines how happy you are in life.  It is intimacy with Him that results in abundant core peace and satisfaction. As Christians, we know better than to fall for Satan’s foolish theories on the subject of happiness. He says that it is our earthly circumstances which determine how happy we are in life, therefore if our circumstances aren’t ideal, we have no hope of joy. This is absolute rubbish. God teaches us that when spiritual joy is abundant, we’ll be sailing high no matter what our circumstances are. Who are we going to trust: the One who created us or some idiot demon?

It is because the end times are going to be so filled with chaos and shocking displays of God’s power that you’re going to find yourself in the perfect position to thrive in life. Imagine how exciting it would be if some major spiritual revival started sweeping through your nation and suddenly everyone was praising Jesus and talking about how great God was. We’re in for a similar thrill when God starts wowing us all with His awesome feats of power. You just can’t help but gain more reverence for God when you’re watching Him show off through internet videos, and those videos will abound. God will be using the technology He created to showcase His feats on a global scale. We’ll be able to hit replay on scenes of the Holy Spirit doing incredible things—how awesome is that? Back in Bible times, there were no videos of God parting the Red Sea. If you weren’t there at the time, you missed it. Not so today. Today the whole world will get to experience God’s power close up. How do you watch something like that and not end up on your face before God?

During these times, Christians who are serious about honoring God will find themselves being propelled towards Him like never before.  This is going to be a time of exponential spiritual growth for so many souls, and that growth will result in so many wonderful things. Joy, peace, confidence, and an abundance of new thrilling insights about who your Creators are and how They operate—these are the things you have to look forward to. These are the things that make life worth living. It is what you have going on with God in your soul that determines how you view your circumstances. So many of us wish we could serve God in some way but we just don’t feel any clear direction. That direction will soon be coming. When the Holy Spirit starts ravaging your local community, suddenly you’re going to find yourself with so many opportunities to help others, show compassion, and share hope with those who are panicking in fear. You don’t need to worry about what you’ll say ahead of time because when the moment comes, God will give you the words. He has such exciting plans for each of us—ways that He is planning to use us to bless others and ways that He is planning to bless us. He’s already worked out His end time itinerary for you personally—He’s got a long list of people He wants you to interact with and places He wants you to be. Even now He is preparing you for what’s coming in ways that you’re not even recognizing. God is for us, and we need to remember this.

God could have plunked you down anywhere on the timeline of human history. This is exactly when He wants you alive on the planet. The world only ends once. How exciting is it that He chose you to be a part of this epic adventure with Him? As far as you are concerned, this period is about you and God getting closer than ever. How many generations of Jews heard the stories of the miracles their ancestors witnessed and wished they’d gotten to be among the crowd of folks who got to see God work close up? Even today we’re making movies about epic miracles in the Bible, longing for a firsthand experience of God’s power in action. Well, we are the generation who gets to see God glorifying Himself on earth like never before. What a thrilling time to be alive! And how convenient that God has armed us all with camera phones so that we’ll be ready to do our part to capture Him at work. Do you think it is a coincidence that God has spent years teaching us all how to get very good at making and posting our own internet videos before He begins His grand theatrics? Do you think it’s just an accident that the world has become so networked that every country can access the same pictures with a few clicks? Why do you think mainstream news companies have become so open to calling on regular citizens to feed them footage of dramatic events? We think we’re so clever with our technology, but it is God who has been leading our development and application of technology to suit His own purposes. God loves glorifying Himself. He has strategically prepared the planet to publicize His every move and we are going to benefit greatly from His brilliance.

The end times are not the end of hopes and dreams and joy. On the contrary, this is the beginning of better hopes, better dreams and much greater joy. Now is not the time for thinking small. Our infinite God has infinite abilities. The end times are going to be fabulous. We have so much to look forward to.

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