Preparing for the End Times: The Law vs. God’s Prophet


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Let’s reenact the story of the ten plagues, only this time, let’s use the setting of modern day America. Along comes Moses wearing jeans and a t-shirt, shouting into news cameras that God is fed up with this nation’s incessant rebellion. It’s time for Him to flex His Divine muscles and remind us all of who is King. As Moses is shouting at the top of his lungs in the middle of some bustling metropolis, drops of blood start raining down from the sky. Uh-oh.

Of course the video of the shouting psychopath goes viral on YouTube. Meanwhile, there you are, a Christian cop who is just minding your own business when word comes over the radio that this weirdo on Main Street needs to be taken down. At first it’s just another routine day for you—until you drive into the vicinity where Moses is preaching and you start noticing drops of red goo on your windshield. Yuck, what is that? Looks like blood. But that’s ridiculous, because it’s impossible for blood to rain down from the sky.

Or is it?

Now here’s the problem with arresting Moses: he’s obeying God. When you slap the cuffs on God’s prophet, somehow it doesn’t say “I’m living in alignment with the Holy Spirit.” Now of course at first you have no idea that Moses is God’s man. You just think he’s a raving fruitcake. Oh sure, it’s the end of the world. Oh sure, it’s all God. Your city seems to have an endless supply of prophets running around giving their hysterical “words.” But when you haul Moses down to the station, he just isn’t acting like the others. He’s awfully calm for one thing. And even though he’s got that red goo all over him, it just doesn’t seem to faze him. When he’s questioned, he sticks to his story about God spanking America. Then he says that God is going to turn all the water in the city into blood for three days. Hm.

As a Christian cop, how do you respond to this? When lab reports come back saying the red stuff is definitely blood, you’ve got a problem. When you go home and your sink is all clogged up with more red goo, you’ve got a bigger problem. When Moses disappears from custody without a trace, you’re going to have to start asking some awkward questions. God’s answers aren’t going to be the ones you want to hear. It turns out Moses really is His guy after all. And it turns out that God’s not a fan of His guy being treated like a criminal. When Moses reappears in three days and starts making more threats, you’re sent to the scene with orders to shut the man up no matter what it takes. Hm.

As a Christian law enforcement officer, you’re going to find yourself in a particular kind of pickle when the Holy Spirit begins His end time drama. In our end time material, we explain that God is going to be raising up a human being to be His global spokesperson during this time.  He could choose a man, or He could choose a woman. Whoever He chooses, that person is going to quickly become the nation’s most wanted. Where does that leave you? When the order is to shoot on sight, do you fire your gun or not? Do you really want to have to explain to the Holy Spirit why you thought it was acceptable to try and gun down His prophet? Do you really think “I had to follow orders” is going to be a valid excuse in His eyes?

God’s prophet is going to be a very problematic person for you. How do you arrest someone who you know is obeying God? How do you accuse someone of being responsible for things that you know only God can do? Are you really going to tell God that you think some mortal has the power to cause mass destruction with a single word? Was it Elijah who caused the fire to fall from Heaven? Was it Moses who parted the Red Sea? Of course not. These men were powerless prophets who merely spoke and acted according to God’s command. When you start shooting at and beating up God’s prophet, guess who you get in trouble with? God. The prophet is just a powerless human being. The prophet doesn’t have miraculous powers. The prophet can’t control God.

You need to decide today where your loyalties are going to lie during the end times. Once God confirms to you that His prophet is acting under His orders, then to assault God’s prophet is to try and assault God Himself. God is not going to leave His prophet without back up. If you mess with His representative, He is going to come after you in a very personal and painful way. God didn’t have to choose to work through a human being during the end times, and He didn’t have to tell us about this person ahead of time. But He has, and now we’re going to be held accountable to Him for how we respond to this person. As a Christian, it just isn’t going to work for you to not ask the Holy Spirit what is going on with this person. And when the Holy Spirit answers you, it’s really not going to work for you to pretend that you didn’t hear what He said.

We never want to confuse a human being with God Himself. Humans are powerless. Humans must not be revered. But at the same time, we need to respect God’s choices. When the Israelites in the wilderness ganged up on Moses and voted to kill him, Yahweh responded by cracking open the earth and throwing the mob leaders into it. When there was more grumbling, He responded with a deadly plague and suddenly the ground was covered in 14,700 corpses (see Korah’s Rebellion). Now and then God raises up a prophet who He just isn’t going to let anyone kill. Moses was one of those guys. God’s end time prophet will be another. Ask the Holy Spirit now to help you respond to His prophet in a way that honors Him.