Preparing for the End Times: Serving without Limits


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The end times are fast approaching, and during that period of violence and carnage, we are going to see God doing a lot of rearranging of family units. Many children will become orphaned during that period, and the formalities of adoption will go out the window as governments become overwhelmed by the other crises at hand. Some of you are going to be firsthand witnesses to a child seeing his or her parents killed right in front of them. What are you going to do about it? If God calls on you to take that child off of the street and into your home, then you’d better be ready to obey.

Children who get caught in the crossfire of some public mayhem are going to be understandably traumatized. Maybe you don’t think you’re equipped to take in some panicked child who is terrified of the dark and full of questions about what is happening. If God tells you to help that kid, guess what? You’re equipped.

When we’re used to God hitting our country in isolated ways—a tornado here, an earthquake there—it’s easy to feel secure that the local emergency relief teams can handle it. We might feel prompted to send in some financial aid, but we often don’t expect God to call on us to get involved in a hands on way. We need to get ready for some drastic changes.

One of the shocking themes of the end times will be devastation happening in areas that we’re used to thinking of as being immune to major catastrophes. We expect coastal cities to get brushed by some passing hurricane, or for farming communities to get mowed down in Tornado Alley. But we don’t expect a crowd of folks who are minding their own business dining in some restaurant to suddenly become targets of the Holy Spirit’s destructive power. What happens when an entire city block bursts into flames for no apparent reason and then God prevents all the local firetrucks from starting their engines? What happens when a massive swarm of stinging insects appears out of nowhere in the heart of a busy city and hundreds of people start dropping over dead? What happens when whole rows of skyscrapers start crashing down on top of people, and a massive tornado suddenly drops out of a blue sky and begins roaring down some traffic laden street? When thousands of people are trying to flee death, the best and worst sides of humanity rise to the surface. There are those who will trample on the fallen in their panicked flight, and there are those who will stop to help the fallen get back up. Guess which group God wants you to be a part of?

We Christians are called to live on a higher plane than the unsaved. When you see someone struggling to move beneath a pile of rubble, God is going to want you to stop to help. When you see some kid looking very lost and scared as adults rush by to save their own necks, God is going to want you to pick that kid up and help them find shelter. We need to realize the sheer magnitude of the approaching chaos and start opening our minds now to the possibility of God calling on us to serve Him in ways we never dreamed we were capable of. When you’re running for your own life, it’s very hard to stop and help someone else. Yet who is it that controls life and death in the first place? It is God who will be orchestrating these chaotic events, and if He tells you to stop and help someone in the midst of the chaos, you need to be ready to obey. Honoring our King must always come first, and the end times will be fraught with opportunities for you to mature in your own walk with God as He stretches you in new ways.

It’s not a bummer to be alive when the end times begin, it is a privilege. It’s a thrilling opportunity for you to fly down the road of spiritual maturity faster than you ever have before. What a fabulous challenge for our faith it will be to practice trusting in God’s good Character amid all of the chaos and carnage. When God is pulling off mind-blowing feats which defy all the laws of physics right in front of us, we will find ourselves revering Him on a whole new level. Reverence and trust are two soul attitudes which are essential for developing an intimate bond with God. Embracing our absolute dependency on Him is another, and nothing speeds us down the road of dependency training faster than having God strike our own community with violent devastation.

By choosing you to be around for His end time drama, God is giving you the opportunity to excel in your own walk with Him and leave this planet much closer to Him than you ever dreamt possible. To get the most out of this exciting opportunity, you need to be asking the Holy Spirit now to help you prepare for the end times. It has nothing to do with storing up canned foods and everything to do with contemplating God’s goodness, His intimate involvement in your life, and His absolute control over all things. The end times are not going to be about Satan running amuck. As far as you are concerned, the end times are a unique opportunity for you and God to grow closer than ever. You need to go into this period with a wide open mind and a willingness to serve God in any way that He asks. We need to be open to God calling on us to step up and help those who are suffering, orphaned, homeless, and traumatized. Emergency workers are going to need your help to dig live people out of rubble. Hospitals and emergency relief shelters are going to be completely overwhelmed. People in your country are going to be desperate and scared and searching for answers. People in your community are going to find themselves in dire straits, and as a Christian, God expects you to be someone He can call on to represent His grace and hope in this terrifying time. We begin our preparation now, by asking God to make us all that He wants us to be.