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How God Wants Us to Relate to Four Kinds of Beings


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As humans, God has introduced us to four types of living beings:

  1. Human beings.
  2. Non-human creatures of earth—such as animals, plants, and microorganisms.
  3. Supernatural creatures, such as angels and demons.
  4. God.

Are there more than just these four groups? Of course there are. God has countless creations going on at the same time, and His view of reality is vastly different than ours. But as limited creatures who are being intentionally kept ignorant about most of what God is up to, we only need to concern ourselves with the four groups He has told us about. Should He ever present us with a fifth group, He’ll tell us how to relate to that group in a way that honors Him. Meanwhile, He has already given us instructions on how we are to relate to the four groups of beings which we already know about and those instructions are as follows:


We are to view other human beings as the most important element of this earthly creation. God put the highest possible value on us by dying for us on a cross. We are to follow the Holy Spirit’s conviction on how to treat other human beings, and we should expect Him to call on us to be very merciful, compassionate, loving and gracious towards them. But our love for other humans should not be unconditional. We should not seek completion or soul satisfaction from other humans. We should not worship or obsess over other humans. Our relationship with people must not be allowed to hinder our relationship with God.


While humans will live on eternally (in either Heaven or Hell), other creatures of earth will not. The earth itself will be utterly destroyed one day. In the meantime, everything that lives on the earth only exists here for a very brief time. Animals and plants should be viewed as expendable things which should be readily sacrificed in order to preserve human life. Creatures of earth should never be viewed or treated as equivalent to humans. To sacrifice human life in order to preserve the life of a creature of earth is utterly detestable to God, as is the reference to animals as our “children”. When we call our dogs our sons and daughters, we are making a mockery of Jesus’ death on a cross by rejecting the way He distinguished human souls as being uniquely treasured by God. To equate animals with humans is an outrageous offense to God.

Non-human creatures of earth should be viewed as expendable resources which God provides for our benefit. But since all created things are the property of God, we must seek His wisdom in how we use the resources He has given us. God wants us to respect His property. This means that when we raise animals for the purpose of eating them, prior to eating them, those animals should be treated with kindness and respect. Inflicting abuse on animals and showing no regard for their experience of life is morally wrong. But when any situation arises in which we must choose between the well-being of an animal and the well-being of a human, the human comes first. This means that it is not acceptable to put a human life in jeopardy in order to rescue a cat from a burning building. The life of a human should never be considered worth sacrificing for the life of a creature of earth. To do so is to reject God’s clear priority system, and this is very offensive to Him.


God adamantly forbids us from seeking out any connection with supernatural creatures. He identifies demons to us as His enemies who He has already passed eternal judgement on. To stay in alignment with God, we must view His enemies as our enemies. This means that to seek out friendship with demons or to try to develop positive feelings towards them is a major offense to God.

There are only two groups who God has commanded us to love: other humans and our Creators. We are not to love these two groups the same. Instead, we should love our Creators far more than we do other humans. The command to love does not extend to the creatures of earth or supernatural creatures. Instead God commands us not to pursue any kind of relationship with supernatural creatures.

There are times when God might send a supernatural creature to speak to us on His behalf. In the Bible, He identifies angels as creatures who He sometimes uses in this capacity. We need to be open to receiving a message from God through any means. But it is important to note that interacting with angels is only appropriate when God is the One who has sent that angel to us. We should never be seeking out angels on our own, nor should we attempt to lengthen our interactions with them. If an angel should come to us with a message from God, we should look to God directly to confirm the validity of that message to us, then we need to follow His instructions. The angel should be viewed as a mere messenger, nothing more. We should not be praying to angels or glorifying them in any way.


There are only three Beings who fall into this category: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They are the uncreated Creators of all things, and as such, They should be viewed as infinitely greater than all other things. We should be loving, worshiping, serving, and cherishing our glorious Creators with all that we are. Our Gods are the only Ones we should be trying to love unconditionally. They are the only Ones capable of satisfying our souls.

We should be treating our Gods very differently than we treat other humans. For example, it is utterly inappropriate and dangerous to fully submit ourselves to other human beings, but it is essential that we fully submit ourselves to our Creators. Humans must never be blindly trusted, but our Creators should be. We must be guarded about how dependent we allow ourselves to become on other humans. “I can’t live without you. I could never be satisfied without you. I can’t breathe without you”—when we say or sing such statements to other human beings, it is an outrageous offense to our Creators. They are extremely jealous by Nature, and They deeply resent us exalting mere created things as essential to our existence and happiness. It is our Gods, not mere mortals, who sustain us in life. We were designed to find soul satisfaction in Them alone, and when we speak as if mere created things could be sufficient stand ins for Them in our lives, They find it extremely insulting.

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