Attracting Demons


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What factors determine how attracted demons are to certain individuals? There are two reasons to ask this question. One is that you want to avoid being someone who demons are drawn to. The other reason is that you are seeking out their company. Both of these motivations are going to lead you in the wrong direction because your focus is wrong.

Demons do not run this universe; God does. So if you want to understand mechanics, you need to turn your focus onto God and off of created things. God controls everything that He creates. Some creatures—such as humans and demons—are given a measure of choice. But by the time God is limiting how many choices we have and deciding what those choices are, He is still controlling the situation.  

Now there is a huge population of souls in this world who are very interested in attracting demons to themselves. They’ve got it in their minds that they can form advantageous relationships with demons and perhaps get their hands on some supernatural power. Here is where we get into things like sorcery, tarot cards, Ouija, channeling, and selling one’s soul to the devil. All of these things are ridiculous attempts to try and go around God. Well, there’s no way to go around the One who is controlling everyone’s movements. As much as our egos want to believe that humans and demons are free agents who can forge relationships that are independent of God’s involvement, in reality there is no such thing as created beings severing ties with their Creator. What we’re failing to understand is that God does not create like we do.

As proud as humans become over their own creations, they never make anything from scratch. We must always begin with materials that God has already created because, unlike Him, we are incapable of creating something from nothing. Whether we’re starting with a block of wood or invisible molecules, we are always starting with something.

Now if you build a house with materials that God has already created, you can walk away from that house and it will remain standing. The house doesn’t need you to stand there holding up its walls 24/7. From your perspective, the house can exist independently of you as soon as you finish creating it. Because we are such egocentric little things, we think that God’s reality must be like ours. This leads us to conclude that after God created us and demons, our need for Him ceased. We like to think we are now existing independently of God, and we won’t ever have to deal with Him again unless we want to. In the meantime, we figure we can form relationships with other creatures He has made who are as independent of Him as we are—demons, for example. We like to tell ourselves that we can join forces with demons and manipulate the world however we want to and God can’t get in our way.

Now this whole theory we’ve worked out for ourselves is a complete crock. In reality, we are utterly dependent on God for absolutely everything. We literally cannot exist without His continuous sustainment of us. It is the same for demons. Nothing God makes ever becomes independent of Him. We are all like puppets on strings who can’t even stand up without their puppeteer lifting them into the air. So when we tell ourselves that we can communicate with demons on our own private channel, we’re deluding ourselves.

God is the One who controls who demons can interact with and what form those interactions will take. You’ll never experience demons having their total way with you because God never lets this happen. If you have any wisdom, you’ll be thanking Him for this, because demons utterly despise you. While many humans foolishly admire demons, demons do not admire us. We are nothing more to them than blind idiots who they would love to inflict with endless torment. It’s only because God is providing constant shielding between us and them that we aren’t all wallowing in the depths of suicidal despair.

Demons want you dead. They don’t want to be your friends, they don’t want make deals with you, and you’ll never see the day that they take orders from you. All of these pompous fools who go around boasting of how demons attack on their command don’t realize that they are the real pawns. Demons will never serve us. They only pretend to serve us at times in order to lure us deeper into their snares.

So then, to ask “What determines how interested demons are in interacting with me?” is the wrong question. You need to be asking, “Who controls the level of demonic activity in my life?” God does. And this leads us to the question of why God would be interested in giving demons access to you. He has two main motivations: to help you grow and to discipline you. Which motivation He has in a given moment has to do with how your soul is responding to Him.

Once God has made you aware of His existence, it is impossible for you to have a neutral stance towards Him. As soon as He starts talking to your soul, you are forced to continuously choose between rebellion and alignment. Pretending that you can’t hear Him is a form of rebellion. God disciplines souls who keep rebelling against Him. Calling in demons to harass them is a marvelous form of discipline. Demons are always eager to mess with us, it’s just a matter of getting permission from God. So when souls who have been exposed to God’s truth start having memorable experiences with demons, you are observing a form of Divine discipline. Whether those experiences are good or bad from the human’s perspective, from God’s perspective, the human is being disciplined.

Harmful things can come in some very pretty packages. If a kind looking man buys you a candy bar that he’s laced with poison, you think he’s acting out of goodwill. You see his present as evidence that he is nice and you have no idea how malicious his act really is. In the same way, when demons start showing up as beautiful angels and manipulating our flesh with all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings, we are far too quick to assume they are safe, friendly beings. Depending on what kind of permission they’ve been given by God, demons might choose to string us along with their charades for quite some time before sticking it to us. But whenever demons get involved with you, they always have the same end goal: to trash you. Demons want to inflict as much misery on you as possible, and they know that the best way to do that is to keep you in a state of rebellion against the One who truly loves you: God. So in essence, demons trick you into destroying yourself by willfully choosing to disobey God’s convictions. It’s hilarious for them to set up the trap and then watch you voluntarily walk right into it because you are so determined to reject the God who was willing to save you from your own foolishness.

Now when God uses demons to strengthen our relationship with Him, He once again puts very strict limits on their methods of interaction with us. Demonic harassment in the lives of obedient Christians can take on a wide variety of forms, so don’t fall for the trap of thinking if you were “doing it right” demons wouldn’t be bothering you. When you are listening to Him, God is going to keep pushing you on to new levels of growth and because demons hate you so intensely, they can always be counted on to create immediate stress in your life. To grow confident in the truth, we need to practice hanging on to it in the face of contrary sensual evidence. That evidence is what demons are so good at providing, for they are constantly telling you lies about how God views you and what your future potential is. From God’s perspective, demons are fabulous teaching tools which can speed us down the road of maturity when they are properly controlled. And of course God is always in total control of everything that He creates. While you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by demonic harassment, God is never letting the situation get out of hand.

It is an understanding of God’s total sovereignty that helps us approach the topic of demons correctly. God is the One who controls when and how demons interact with you in this world. What they’d like to do to you and what they are allowed to do to you are vastly different because of God’s continual interference. So then, is there anything you can do to minimize your involvement with demons? Not really. By staying in alignment with God, you can avoid experiencing Him sicking demons on you as a form of discipline. But there is no question that God is going to use demons to teach you in life, so you’re going to be dealing with them at one point or another. There’s no need to feel threatened by this once you understand that it is God who controls every move demons make. As long as you are living in alignment with Him, you can trust that any tussles with demons He leads you into will end up spiritually benefiting you in the long run.

Now for those of you who are hoping to attract demons towards you, what can we say? You are being idiots. Rest assured that if you dedicate yourself to defying God, He will give you what your defiance deserves. But don’t think that God is limited to only sending demons to thrash you. He has plenty of other ways to make your life a living hell here on earth before He throws you into the real Hell when you die. And you’d be wise to remember that God hasn’t made you any guarantees about how long He’ll put up with your attitude down here. He could kill you off at any time and begin the fun of torturing you forever much sooner than you had planned. You also need to understand that God is the One who runs Hell, not demons. When they are finally put into Hell, demons will be just as miserable as everyone else. Like you, demons like to deny their total dependency on God and His absolute control over every aspect of their existence. But at some point, we will all be forced to confront the reality that we are all inescapably tethered to the One who created us. Whether that reality is something we find terrifying or exhilarating depends on the soul choices we are making today. So choose wisely, and do not seek out the company of demons. You will only end up catching it for willfully defying the One who controls both them and you.

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