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SAINTS: Who is your soul having sex with?


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Considering that He was speaking to people who put a lot of import on what someone’s name was, it was extremely significant that Yahweh gave the Jews an alternate Name for Himself: JEALOUS.

You must worship no other gods, for Yahweh, whose very Name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about His relationship with you. (Ex. 34:14)

Later on Jesus would come along and say that He was just like Yahweh. That means we have two Creators who could go by the alternate Name of JEALOUS. Then Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit as a third God who was equal to Himself and Yahweh. So now we’ve got three Creators with infinite power, love, and wrath who want us to know that JEALOUSY is one of Their defining characteristics.

Now jealousy can be triggered by any number of things. If we’re going to avoid riling up the jealousy of our glorious Creators, we need to understand exactly what causes Their great jealousy to flare up. No problem. Yahweh gives us an in-depth education on this subject in the Old Testament. It comes down to soul worship. But why stick with technical language when Yahweh provides us with such a graphic metaphor? You see, Yahweh tells His chosen people to think of their relationship with Him as a marriage. Then He tells them to think of worship as sex. Who should a wife be having sex with? Only her husband. What happens when a married woman starts getting it on with other men who are not her husband? It’s called adultery. Guess how our Gods describe idolatry in both the Old and New Testaments? They call it adultery. As far as Yahweh is concerned, when your soul starts panting after someone other than one of your three glorious Creators, it’s like you’re having soul sex with that being. How does a human husband react to the news that his wife is cheating on him? Not well. How much more violent of a reaction should we expect from a God who says that His Name is JEALOUS?

So then, who has your soul been making out with lately? Who is on your list of spiritual paramours? Do you pray to Mary? Do you ask good old St. Christopher to protect you in your travels? How about praying to St. Paul or St. Peter? Where do you attend church? Are you a regular visitor to a shrine that was built to glorify someone other than God? St. Catherine’s Cathedral. St. John’s Church. What do you think JEALOUS thinks of all these stained glass windows that show the many lovers of His people being exalted with those deifying halos around their heads? Do you think a human husband would enjoy accompanying his wife into a building where paintings and statues of her many lovers were on public display? Do you think he’d feel cherished by her as he saw her eyes wandering about and gazing with admiration at the faces of all the men she was having affairs with? How do you think JEALOUS feels when He hears His people talking to Mary more than Him as they work their through a set of rosary beads? Do you think JEALOUS is smiling when the pope announces that another dead mortal has just been “sainted”? Why are Christians always trolling through the world of created things in order to find new beings to have soul sex with? Are we really so dissatisfied with our three glorious Husbands? Do we really find Them so utterly dull that we feel the need to get it on with Mary and Joseph instead?

God LOATHES the whole saint package. This is nothing more than humans turning themselves into idols. Here we have three magnificent, uncreated Beings reaching down and inviting our souls to have intimate, sacred communion with Them. What higher privilege is there? And yet everywhere we look, we see Christians erecting temples to their other lovers. St. Francis of Assisi School. Queen of All Saints Church. St. Dominic. St. Stephen. St. Somebody Else—it doesn’t matter who we choose, whenever we are exalting someone other than our Creators, Their jealousy is going to flare up. They HATE the whole saint package. So if you’re doing it with saints, KNOCK IT OFF. Stop cheating on your Husbands. Stop acting like some two-timing hussy. Yahweh taught us that sex is something which should only happen between a husband and his wife. Yahweh taught us that adultery is an abomination. Yahweh designed us to feel utterly betrayed by our own human spouses cheating on us, so that we could experience just the teensiest taste of how JEALOUS feels when His people go cheating on Him. We Christians are spiritually married. We are taken, we are reserved. We are no longer single. Spiritual promiscuity needs to leave our lives. If you’re talking to saints, admiring saints, or carrying around paraphernalia of saints, it’s time to repent and ask JEALOUS to help you start acting like the wife He deserves.

“You have left Me and climbed into bed with these detestable gods.” (Isa. 57:8)

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