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Whenever some major event happens in the world which is generally considered to be negative—such as a war, or a storm, or a collapsing economy—there are always groups which rush forward with their conspiracy theories to tell us what is REALLY happening. You see, things are never as they appear to be. There is always some mastermind at work—well, usually many masterminds. And these masterminds are always brilliant human beings who are filled with greedy, evil intentions, yet they work together with surprising unity, thus allowing them to control the whole planet from their super-secret headquarters. And where exactly are those headquarters? Well, there are many theories. But the point is that this world is being controlled by these invisible villains with their super advanced technology. Some theories base these shady characters underground in a complex network of caves and chambers that the rest of us halfwits have yet to discover. Other theories place earth’s controllers in spaceships which are patrolling through the universe, beaming down beams from super advanced technology that are controlling how we think, how we move, and what we want. But whoever these people are—Nazis, aliens, terrorists, or just uber rich techno savvy entrepreneurs—the point is that they are so clever and so organized that they are manipulating the rest of us with godlike power. We’re all just pawns on the chessboard to these super-secret societies. We think we’re down here running our own lives, but no, our lives are being run for us. These people control the weather. These people control geological events. These people control the rise and fall of global economies. Whoever these people are—and we never get a clear explanation of that—there’s just no hope of escaping their realm of power. You’re being controlled by them. Every government official that you don’t like is one of their operatives in disguise. Every terrorist that comes along is really in their employ. These people are always watching you, always conspiring together about how they will manage your life for you, and you’re supposed to be really, really bugged by this.

The conspiracy theorists are certainly bugged. We’ve got countless men and women on this planet who have dedicated their whole lives to obsessing over trying to track down and expose this mass organization of super shady characters who are controlling us all against our will. And somehow these individuals always seem to know the contents of top secret files that no one else on the globe has ever seen. Conspiracy theorists love to promote themselves as self-sacrificing heroes in our midst—brave souls who are risking life and limb to warn the rest of us that we’re all being controlled by people who we can’t ever find, see, stop, or overcome. And just how are we benefiting from being bombarded with these horror stories? Well, “knowledge is power”—there’s a favorite motto. We’re told that simply understanding what’s really going on is some key step in the right direction. Of course we can’t do anything about it, because then how would the crisis continue? Of course we can’t actually prove any of these theories, because then where would the suspense be? Meanwhile, our brave reporters let us know that if anyone ever found out how they were exposing the masterminds, their lives would be snuffed out. Of course at the same time these people are broadcasting their hot material all over the radio, internet, and television. So either the masterminds are a bunch of nitwits who don’t realize how many of their secrets are being leaked on YouTube or these grand conspiracies are nothing more than figments of many delusional minds. And of course no one can ever answer the troublesome question of how such evil-hearted people are managing to work in such perfect unity for so long…

So as a Christian, how should you respond to conspiracy theories? What should you be thinking when someone starts to unload their latest horror story about what underground society pressed a button on their alien technology which caused the major earthquake you read about in the news? Should you be trembling in dread at the thought of these evil people and their grand gizmos? No, you should be rolling your eyes and going on to something else.

God tells us that nothing happens in this world without His approval and help. God says that we can plot and scheme all day, but that no one is going to do anything that He doesn’t want them to do. So since God controls every molecule in existence, why would you waste your wow on anyone other than Him? At the end of the day, who even cares what’s in the mind of some idiot terrorist? Who cares what plans the politicians are making? Who cares what crooked law just got passed? This is GOD’s world, and He is in control—ALWAYS. He’s not just in partial control, He’s in TOTAL control, and mankind isn’t going to progress one inch past the boundaries God has set on us. In this world, people do not invent things—GOD instructs people on how to invent things out of materials that HE has created. All technology comes from God. All of the sciences are driven by God. And what’s more ridiculous than some fool of a human acting like he’s getting away with something behind God’s back? Those who admire such morons.

To spend your time obsessing over the shady shenanigans of others is a total waste of the time God has given you. What’s it to you if some fool wants to build a secret laboratory underground and try to find ways to control the atmosphere? Why should you pay any mind to those who want to spend their lives obsessing over the reality of aliens? As a Christian, you should understand that you were created to know and serve your Creators. You should know that Their opinions are the only ones that matter. You should know that They are the Ones who are really running this place. So anytime there is a theory which tries to get you to turn your focus off of God and onto the activities of fallen, foolish humans, you know you’re hearing from Satan. No, there really is nothing admirable about people who go around promoting endless fear and worry. Who is it that is constantly trying to get us to feel overwhelmed, frightened, and vulnerable in life? Satan. Watch what happens to those who start buying into conspiracy theories. Their general fear level in life increases. They start showing signs of paranoia. They start seeing an evil plot behind every event in the news. They stop talking about God, and they talk incessantly about the people they have put in His place: humans and/or aliens who are exhibiting the powers of God on earth.

You see, people don’t like a God that they can’t control or understand. By bringing God down to an earthly level, people feel that there’s a better chance that they can predict and explain the course of their lives. Believing in conspiracy theories gives people a convenient way to sidestep the issue of God’s involvement with evil and His intentional battering of hearts and lives. You see, it isn’t God who washed your homeland away in the tsunami—it was that secret society experimenting with their wave machine. It wasn’t God who brought terrorists over to give your nation a spanking—it was that secret society intentionally harming your nation’s economy so they could make a hefty profit off of the crashing stock market. In the Bible, God tells us that He is the One making governments rise and fall. God tells us there is a spiritual agenda behind everything that He does. But people don’t want to deal with their spirituality, so instead they try to make everything about money and technology. It isn’t God trying to get your attention by spreading a deadly virus through your city—it’s the masterminds practicing with their biological weapons.

Anytime we take our eyes off of God, anytime we intentionally stop short of acknowledging Who is really  orchestrating the events in this world, we’re just playing games of avoidance. As a Christian, you’re not going to grow by dwelling on what evil schemes a bunch of fictional characters might be cooking up. You need to keep your focus on God. Don’t get sucked into these games of denying who is really in charge of this world. And once you know who is really in charge, why would you waste your time focusing on anyone else? People are fools. People are shortsighted, greedy, and selfish. People will never see the day that they can stop bickering and backstabbing long enough to form these global underground societies we’re always hearing about. So, no, the world really isn’t being run by a bunch of shady characters who work together in endless harmony as they find new ways to wreck the place. The world is being run by God, and there is nowhere we can go to hide our activities from Him. As Yahweh said through the mouth of Isaiah:

Woe to those who go to great lengths to hide their plans from Yahweh. They do their works in darkness, and say, “Who sees us? Who will know?” You have turned things around, as if the potter were the same as the clay. (Isa. 29:15)

Are we not trying to deify man when we go on and on about the great powers and abilities of secret societies? Are we not trying to lift mere mortals up to the level of God as we describe their influence over this world as infinite and their power as absolute? Of course we are. Talk to a diehard conspiracy theorist and you’ll never hear the end of what his dark heroes can do. It’s just a big ego trip. Always we’re looking for some kind of idol that we can put in God’s place. Though He says that focusing on Him will lead to life, we’d rather spend our time and energy obsessing over larger-than-life humans who we believe to be evil in character. It’s such a waste of time. Don’t go there. Humans, aliens, demons—they’re all irrelevant. You should not be wasting your admiration on created things. Only God is worthy of glory, and pleasing Him is far more important than trying to keep track of all the ways other people are showcasing their spiritual idiocy.

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