Identifying False Prophecy About the End Times


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The end times are at the door. Unless God is planning to kill you off in the next few years, you’re going to be here when the chaos begins. This puts you in a very special position on the human timeline. The world is only going to end once. If God has chosen YOU to be alive on the planet when it does, then He is giving you a very unique and thrilling opportunity to honor Him and get onto the fast track of spiritual maturity.

But this isn’t what you’re hearing from the main Church, is it?  Instead of pumping you up with joyful anticipation about honoring God and maturing in your own walk during the final judgment period of this planet, all these so-called prophets and preachers are pumping you full of dread and panic. They’re encouraging you to focus on evil men and revere the power of Satan instead of focusing on God. They’re shamelessly conning you into spending a bunch of money on material preparations and defenses that aren’t going to do you any good when the end times actually start. Why not? Because the Church is trying to prep you for the wrong war. If God was planning to plague you with drought, the Church would be telling you to get ready for the mother of all floods. If God was planning to send a flood, the Church would be telling you to prepare for a drought. The Church is so steeped in rebellion that she can’t tell the difference between truth and lies. Her prophets are such morons that they can’t tell the difference between Divine revelation and demonic delusions. This is what happens when Christians spend years chasing after demons, sucking up to the world, and aggressively stomping out truth in their midst: they end up with oatmeal for brains and then they try to get you to join them on their sinking ship. But no, you don’t have to follow these fools down the path of destruction. Instead of leaving your brains in bed and blindly believing every end time vision you come across on the internet, you need to be asking some very important questions whenever you come across some end time horror story.


When God speaks, God is exalted—ALWAYS. So as you listen to Prophet Pompous pontificating on YouTube about her latest hallucination, ask yourself “Who is being exalted? Who am I being encouraged to focus on?” There are only two options: God or someone else. You will find that 99% of end time doomsday prophecies are encouraging you to focus on someone else. Satan and his human hordes are the ones that false prophets encourage you to fear and focus on. Worry about those terrorists that are going to nuke us off the map. Worry about the government that is up to all kinds of shady shenanigans. Fear. Fret. Bite your nails. Feel like a powerless speck. This is NOT the Holy Spirit talking.

God doesn’t promote Satan. He will never encourage you to focus on created things. You won’t see the day that God tells you, “I might be awesome, but Satan and his human pawns—they’re the ones you really need to fear. I mean, I just created the universe. I just hold every atom in place. That’s nothing compared to what these demons and these human specks are capable of.” Always ask yourself “Who is being exalted?” If it isn’t God, then you need to throw it out and scratch that prophet’s name off of your list of trustworthy sources of Divine revelation.

Now no prophet is perfect. Even good prophets can confuse their own assumptions with something God said. But the good guys will ALWAYS promote God and God alone. They will DOWNPLAY the power of demons and idiot humans, not amplify it. They will urge you to keep your focus on God and God alone. If some guy is spewing out spiritual sewage, he’s obviously hooked up to the wrong pipe, and you don’t want anything to do with him.


When God gives negative prophecies about future events, He always puts POSITIVE INSTRUCTION in the mix. He doesn’t just dump fear on your head, snicker, and walk away. When God speaks, He puts POSITIVE SPIRITUAL GOALS in front of you. He shines a light on the path that will lead you to a closer personal walk with Him in the midst of the coming trial.

When Satan speaks, he loves to surround you with problems that have no solutions. Satan promotes fear and despair. He wants to either paralyze you with fear or get you running around in pointless circles. Satan will always drive you away from God. He will promote EARTHLY PRIORITIES instead of eternal ones. He’ll urge you to focus on the state of your FLESH instead of on the health of your SOUL. He has many crafty ways of doing this, and if you’re not taking the time to THINK about what you’re hearing, you’re going to be led astray.

Today it is constantly being preached that the end times will include a rising up of some antichrist figure, the establishment of some evil world government, and a horrific persecution of the Church. And just who is being exalted in this terrifying trio? Satan is. Such teaching encourages you to view yourself as a helpless dot of a Christian who is doomed to become lunchmeat for Satan’s ruthless pawns. And while you’re told to stand firm, you’re also told to anticipate horrific torture which no human can possibly find the grit to endure in their own strength. Oh, but if you deny Christ at any point in the journey, then that’s it. Your name will be scrubbed from the Book of Life. Now there’s a rosy picture of hope.

Other popular end time “revelations” center around themes of nuclear holocaust, collapsed economies, and bioterrorism. Whatever the context, these things always boil down to the same grim picture of you feeling like you’re standing on a battlefield in your underwear with no hope of survival. If any solution is offered to you, it’s always fear driven and encouraging you to rely on anything but God. Get out there and build that underground bunker that will keep you safe. Start stocking up on dried food and guns so you can start shooting the starving masses who come clamoring to your door when the economy collapses. Yeah, that’s Christlike: Christians greedily hording supplies and kicking everyone else in the head. What happened to treating others the way we’d want to be treated?

False prophets love to promote the terrors of the end times because they know that humans are drama addicts. If they wow you with juicy stories, you’ll keep coming back for more. You might even buy their books or their end time survival packet that they threw together just to rip you off. Fear sells and a lot of false prophets are getting rich off of the idiocy of gullible Christians. Keep your wallet in your pocket and stop listening to these wolves. Is there anything shadier than prophets making you pay them before they’ll give you access to God’s words? Refuse to be just another sucker. These people are lying their faces off and flinging Jesus’ Name around with no fear of His wrath. They’ll be getting theirs later. You don’t want any share in that kind of misery.

People are not the brightest bulbs in the box. They stand in line and pay money to watch horror movies just so they can feel scared. They ride terrifying roller coasters because they find it thrilling to feel like they’re on the brink of death. We’re creatures with some serious issues, and Satan’s prophets will always encourage us to live at the lowest level. False prophets who spin off end time horror stories are just trying to hook you with the powerful lures of fear and curiosity. Humans are extremely threatened by not being in control and they think that knowing something about the future will somehow alleviate their sense of powerlessness. Yet when it’s Satan’s predictions that we’re listening to, future “knowledge” becomes a burden, not a blessing. Satan’s prophecies weigh us down with a whole crop of new distressing questions that we have no answers to. We end up with a headful of terrifying images that we have no way of countering. We turn away from trusting God and start trusting in idiot people instead. When they tell us that storing up cans of soup is the key to surviving the hard times, we rush to do it. We’ve stopped looking to the Holy Spirit for instruction—instead we’ve thrown Him over for these fear promoting wolves. Does He take offense at this? Oh, yes.


God is far more gracious than any of us give Him credit for. He has a long history of warning His people ahead of time when He’s about to unleash some dramatic spanking on their heads, and He always tells them how they can prepare their hearts and minds to spiritually benefit from the experience. As the end times come racing towards us, God is once again giving us a detailed picture of what to expect. As usual, He is telling us what His motivations are for doing what He’s about to do so that we can keep a grip on the fact that He is GOOD. He is giving us POSITIVE INSTRUCTION for how to SPIRITUALLY PREPARE for what is coming. God wants you to THRIVE in the end times, not cower in some corner. He wants you to understand that HE is the One who will be directing all end time activity, not fall for the idiotic theory that Satan has temporarily bumped God off the throne and is having his way with us all.

God wants your focus to be on HIM during the end times. He wants you to see this as an opportunity to honor Him with your eager obedience. He wants you to be looking forward to thriving in your own relationship with Him by being eager to learn all of the lessons that the Holy Spirit wants to teach you. Yes, it will be dramatic and terrifying and filled with jaw-dropping displays of God’s power. But it will also be a THRILLING opportunity to experience something that no other generation has gotten to experience before us. There was only one global Flood, and it brought with it unique opportunities to honor God and grow closer to Him. Noah and his family were the only ones who were given a chance to make the most out of those opportunities. Well, there will be only one end time period, and this opportunity is OURS. WE are the ones that God has put down on the planet for such a time as this and we want to go into this experience fully equipped by the Holy Spirit with the soul attitudes and theological perspectives that He wants us to have. Now is the time for seeking and learning, not fretting and cowering. Now is the time to develop more trust and confidence in our glorious Lord. We need to understand what His priorities are, we need to expand our imaginations about the kinds of miracles He is planning to do, and we need to be holding nothing back in the area of reverential submission. “God, have Your total way in my life. Make me all that You want me to be. Help me to honor You during the end times and let me get as close to You as I can before I leave this earth.” These are the prayers we need to be praying right now. Are these the prayers your end time prophets are telling you to pray? If not, then you’re putting your trust in the wrong advisers.