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Suppose you were a soldier in a nation that was ruled by a king with absolute authority. You and your military buddies really don’t like the king. In fact, you hate him intensely. So one day all of you get together and try to overthrow the king. Your brilliant plan goes horribly awry and the king condemns you all to the worst fate imaginable. At his command, you and all your rebel buddies are going to be thrown into a terrifying place that the king has built to punish all those who defy him. You’ve seen glimpses of what happens to the people who get thrown inside that place: hideous torments that even your evil mind would never conceive of on its own. Now that the king has passed judgment on you, there is no way to reverse it. Now all that’s left is to sit around dreading the moment when the king will give the order for you to be dragged off to his torture chamber. You’re terrified, and much to your distress, the king seems to enjoy watching you squirm in dread. Days turn into months, months turn into years, and still there is no command from the king about you. You’d like to hope that maybe he’s changed his mind or forgotten about his judgment, but whenever you see him, you can tell by the way he looks at you that he hasn’t. Now and then the king even drops some taunting reminder of what your terrible fate will be, and this just makes you hate him all the more. You become obsessed with revenge. Why should you just sit around and do nothing while time runs out? There has to be some way you can hurt the king before he takes away your freedom. When you hear that the king has taken over a neighboring nation and is now trying to win the loyalty of the citizens there, you get an idea. Why not stir up trouble in that nation and incite the natives to reject their new monarch? Why not spread stories about what an unfair ogre the king is so that the people will want to rebel against him? For some reason the king seems very invested in winning these foreigners over. Good. If the king cares about something, that gives you the opportunity to stick it to him. You and your buddies travel to that new nation and start making all the trouble that you can.

Before we can talk about séances, mediums, and ghosts, you need to understand some background between God and demons. In our metaphorical story, God is the king and demons are the rebel soldiers who tried to overthrow him. The terrible place of torment that the king banned the soldiers to represents Hell. In real life, demons have already been condemned by God to go to Hell. They’re judged and doomed and there’s nothing they can do to change God’s mind. And like the king in our story, God is taking His sweet time in casting demons into Hell because He enjoys giving them the chance to anticipate their doom. This is a very bitter situation for demons, and they hate God intensely. Like the soldiers in our story, demons are constantly looking for any way that they can stick it to God before He casts them into Hell.

Now the neighboring nation that the king takes over in our story represents Earth. In real life, God didn’t take us over, He created us, but from the perspective of demons, God’s interest in human beings presents them with a fine opportunity for revenge. Since God wants humans to voluntarily submit to His Authority, demons have made it their mission to prevent this from happening. Demons know that if humans defy God for too long, He’ll throw them into Hell. Good. If demons have to end up in Hell, they’re going to try and take as many other creatures with them as they can. Here’s where you come in.


You are just one human in a sea of humans. You are only interesting to demons as long as God wants to have a relationship with you—as long as He considers you His dearly loved creature. Now some people think God loves people forever and that His love is unconditional. They’re wrong. God’s love is extremely conditional. He demands reverential submission from us and from His perspective, He only gives us a very brief amount of time to meet His demands (see The Illusion of God’s Long-Suffering Patience). If we refuse to obey Him, His love turns to hate and He delights in throwing us into Hell. Yes, God loves Hell. It was His idea, not Satan’s. God is the One who tortures the creatures in Hell. All those pictures you’ve seen of Satan standing in Hell holding a pitchfork and wearing a nasty smirk on his face—those are all lies that Satan invented to confuse you about reality. Satan dearly wishes he could be the king of Hell, but in reality he’ll end up as just one more of its helpless victims. Hell is God’s domain, He is the One who controls what happens in it, and He relishes the idea of torturing those who defy Him for all of eternity.

So then, as long as there is any hope that you’ll be forgiven by God and accepted into Heaven, demons will do anything in their power to discourage you from submitting to God. If you’re a Christian—which means you’ve reverentially submitted to Jesus as your God and Savior—then demons have no hope of taking you to Hell with them. But you’re still useful, because salvation is only the first step for Christians. God didn’t save you so you could spend your life on earth defying Him. He wants you to grow in your love for Him and delight in obeying Him. If you’re a Christian, then demons are going to do anything they can to entice you into chasing after the things God hates. God hates many things. Good. The more things He doesn’t like, the more opportunities demons have to try and stick it to God using you. You are nothing more to them than an instrument of revenge. You’re like the helpless baby that a man steals in order to break the heart of the baby’s father. Demons don’t care about you—they only care about the fact that God seems so bonded to you, therefore trashing you is a way of trashing Him.


Now as His dearly loved creature, God calls you to come and submit to Him because He has your best interests in mind. He also tells you to stay away from many things that He knows will harm you. God tells you not to try and contact the supernatural realm. He tells you not to try and contact the souls of the dead. He tells you to stay away from mediums. Why does God tell you to stay away from these things? Because He knows that these things are all nasty traps that demons have laid out for you.

Demons are like a man who is always trying to give you beautifully wrapped presents. As he hands the presents to you, the man tells you what is inside of each one, and they are all things that you desperately want. Power. Fame. Money. Answers to questions that are haunting you. A chance to reconnect with dead loved ones who you miss terribly. When the man hands you the presents, all of you wants to tear into that paper and get at the wonderful things inside. But God sternly warns you that the man is lying to you about what’s inside all of those pretty packages. God warns you not to take any present that the man tries to give you, because his gifts will only harm you. Are you going to believe God or not?

When demons are trying to entice you into one of their snares, they can be incredibly sweet and charming. They come to you in many forms: as the beautiful angel who appears in your room at night oozing with compassion; as the kind medium next door who offers to help you connect with your dead child; as the weeping ghost who tells you that you’re her only hope of resting in peace. It’s a very simple matter for demons to size you up and figure out which approach will be the most effective. You have no secrets from them. They know all about your insecurities, fears, disappointments, and desires. They are like a master fisherman who carefully selects the lure that he thinks will be the most tempting to the kind of fish he wants to catch.

Now when it comes to séances, mediums and ghosts, there are three main lures that demons are going to use on you. All three are extremely effective on humans in general, but depending on your current position in life, one of these will rise to the top as the best choice for you.

1. The Lure of Power

As a human, you have as much supernatural power as a cotton ball. This is not a truth that your ego likes to ponder. You’d much rather believe that you are some kind of demigod who can manipulate the forces of good and evil. You’d even like to believe that you can control God Himself.

Now if you’re not a Christian, you’re not going to be particular about the form your power comes in. Spells, channeling spirits, drinking magic potions, performing mysterious rituals—who cares? As long the end result is you getting the ability to command supernatural creatures, you’re in.

If you are a Christian, you’ve already been sold a brand of Church-approved magic. Intercessory prayer teams. Prayer warriors. Name it and claim it. The power of the spoken word. Putting on your spiritual armor. The power to bind and loose. Praying the Word. Holy water. Fasting and praying to cast out demons. Rebuking in the Name of Jesus. Do any of these things sound familiar? These are all Christianized versions of sorcery. Today Christians are taught to view the Bible like a powerful book of incantations that they can use to make God do what they want. Just quote the right verse at Him enough times and He’ll be forced to align with your agenda. This is what the famous “Prayer of Jabez” book was about: chant the same prayer at God every day—a prayer that you ripped off from some guy in the Bible who lived thousands of years ago—and God will be so overwhelmed by the power of written Scriptures that He’ll just have to do for you what He did for Jabez.  Now we don’t really know the specifics of what God did for Jabez because there are only a few sentences written about the man in the Bible. But some fool of a teacher filled in the blanks and painted a rosy picture of abundant wealth that appealed to the greed of millions of Christians, so they all started chanting the magic spell at God.

Of course Jabez’ prayer is just one of many passages of Scriptures that Christians are trying to wield about today. If you want a quick reference to spells that you can fling around, go buy a Bible promise book at the grocery store. Inside you’ll find a nice little cheat sheet of promises God has made to YOU that He can’t dare to break if you continuously remind Him of them. Of course in real life, these books are filled with portions of Scripture that have been sliced and diced and stripped of all context so that you’ll be duped into thinking God was talking to you when in reality He was talking to someone else. It’s all just a game—a way that Christians make money off of each other by milking the human lust for power. Today we’ve got a Church filled with prayer warriors and mighty intercessors who strut around proudly boasting about their incredible influence over the supernatural realms. Whatever they bind on earth is bound in Heaven. When they rebuke that devil, he has to flee. Got demons? No problem. Go online and you’ll find a whole list of Christian con artists who will charge you to come over and assess the spiritual atmosphere of your house. Yikes! There’s a dark black sucking hole of evil lurking in the atmosphere of your bedroom—someone get the holy water!   Good thing you called the professionals in. If we all hold hands and chant verses from the Bible, those nasty spirits will be swiftly driven from the premises. Don’t you know? The powers of darkness tremble in fear when someone brings a cross into the room. Just hold it up–Satan can’t stand that! It’s so terrifying! You do have your checkbook ready, right? Don’t be thinking we’re going to fix your demon problems for free.

The irony of the Church is that while she spends a lot of time and energy warning people about the dangers of the occult, she welcomes that same occult into her midst with open arms. The much celebrated practice of getting slain and/or drunk in the Spirit is just a Christian approved method for pleading for demons to grab hold of your physical body, knock you onto the ground, and make you go into convulsions. Listen to the involuntary, high pitched, incessant laughter of a demon possessed person and then go listen to Christians who are rolling around on the floor of their church laughing in the Spirit. Watch a demon possessed person get thrown into violent convulsions and go watch some Christian get slain. Gee, it looks the same. Oh look, we’re barking and puking in the Spirit—because the same God who promotes sober minded self-control finds it pleasing to cause His people to act like the beasts of the earth and wretch their guts out. But don’t you dare question it, because the guy who’s laying hands on people says this is a movement of the Holy Spirit.

How did we ever sink to these revolting depths? Because we want power. We’re jealous of what the sorcerers seem to have, so we’ve just found new ways to chase after demons while we claim to be seeking God. The lure of supernatural power is extremely enticing to humans and if demons decide to use this lure on you, they’ll be coming at you in the form of some spirit being who agrees to do your bidding, or they’ll entice you to sit in some séance where the spirit that’s conjured up seems particularly drawn to you and wants to channel through you.

2. The Lure of Mystery

There’s something so enticing about supernatural beings who are so powerful, yet hidden from our eyes. You can’t see demons, yet they can see you. You can’t touch them or track them, yet they can manipulate your body, mind, and emotions. How enticing. All humans have some measure of curiosity, and when we’re presented with a phenomenon that our logical minds can’t explain, some of us become instantly hooked. Two men can see a ghost and one will run away and never look back while the other will become obsessed with trying to communicate with the spirit. If demons see that you’re the kind who is especially prone to chase down the mysterious, you become a prime target for ghostly apparitions. They’ve got a famous routine of appearing as some ghost of a dead person who is in angst because some ancient case of injustice is still unresolved. This routine has worked to suck countless humans into wasting their lives trying to put some dead spirit’s mind at ease. What are you doing about God while you are obsessing over how to help you ghost friend? You’re ignoring Him, defying Him, and squandering precious time. Demons love it. God hates it.

3. The Lure of Emotional Comfort

Your loved one just died and you’re devastated. God says that when people die, their souls go on to another dimension which you have no access to. God says that your dead loved ones are not flitting about in some middle world watching over you, loving on you, or anything else. God says you need to cut all ties and accept the fact that He has completely severed your connection with your loved one. Well, most humans hate what God says, and they refuse to accept His truths. If this is where you’re at today, you’re a prime target for demons to suck you in with the hope of contacting your dead loved one and gaining reassurance that they are in fact in a good place. God says that unless your dead loved one reverentially submitted to Jesus as their God and Savior while they were on earth, they are now writhing in Hell. God says that if your loved one had the gall to defy Him their entire life, He is now getting high off of tormenting them. This is truth, but we humans feel free to reject any truth that upsets us. So we rewrite God’s reality for Him, and decide that if we loved somebody on earth, that must mean God is giving them some warm, cozy experience after death. What a crock. But these are the games we play, and demons are right there to encourage us in our rebellion. So if your little Johnny got hit by a car when he was four-years-old, and you just can’t stand not being with him anymore, demons are going to try and steer a medium in your direction who will tell you that she just might be able to get in contact with Johnny “on the other side” so you can sit there blubbering all over him and saying all those things you never got to say before he died. It’s all just a game. Johnny is dead and gone, and you’re just acting like an idiot sitting there sobbing all over some con artist. But demons love it.

Or maybe your sister was murdered and the police have given up. Now the case is closed, no killer has been brought to justice, and you are fuming mad. God says that He is the One who killed your sister, and He’s the One who prevented justice from being served on earth. He says you need to let it go and accept His will. But you hate what God says, so you hang onto the bitterness. Demons love it. Now they just have to arrange for you to be invited to a séance where the medium will take requests from people as to who she should try to contact. You put out the name of your sister, and when contact is made, you make it your life’s obsession to find out from your ghost sister who really killed her so you can make justice happen. Are you listening to God? No, you’re defying Him and wasting precious time. God hates it. Demons love it. You’re being completely duped.


So what exactly is a séance? It’s just a meaningless ritual that’s intended to help you become more receptive to demons manipulating you. The typical séance goes like this: there’s one medium who claims to have the power to channel spirits. The medium could be a man or a woman. Someone who has already been hooked by one of the three lures we’ve discussed volunteers to host a séance where others can come and watch the medium do her thing. Often these events are held in someone’s home, and steps are usually taken to make the place atmospheric. The medium often puts out some specific requests that she claims will help her contact her spirit guides: turn off the light, put out some candles, sit in a circle, etc. The requests will vary from medium to medium. Often everyone is told to hold hands—this is a way to make you feel more a part of what’s going on. Once the mood is right, the medium goes into her routine. She might close her eyes and start calling on a specific spirit guide who she’s already familiar with, or she might try to call up a specific dead human by name. Evidence that contact has been made is usually a dramatic change in the medium’s behavior. Maybe her body starts jerking. Maybe some other voice starts coming out of her. Maybe she looks very agitated.

Now there are many ways for séances to go, depending on what’s really going on with the medium. Just as there are fake prophets and real prophets in the Church, there are fake mediums and real ones. The fake ones are just messing with you. The real ones are being messed with by demons.

Before we get more into mediums, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t go near a séance. Remember the three lures that we discussed: power, mystery, and emotional comfort? When you go to a séance, you’re acting like a fish who decides to swim closer to a tasty looking bit of bait that is dangling in the water. The closer the fish gets to the bait, the more likely it is that he’ll be overcome with temptation and try to swallow the thing. In the same way, the more you hang out with people who are playing around with contacting the supernatural realm, the more likely it is that you’ll take the bait demons are dangling in front of you. Once you bite in, it’s very hard to let go. If you’re trying to diet, would you go spend hours in a pastry shop breathing in the tempting aromas? No, because that would be a guaranteed way of eroding your willpower. In the same way, if you want to protect your soul from dangerous snares, you need to stay away from environments in which foolish people are calling out for demons to come and mess with them. Demons WANT to mess with you. And because God has told you to stay away from these things, He is going to find it very irritating when you defy Him by trying to snuggle up to His enemies. The more you defy God, the more likely it is that He will decide to let demons mess with you. Remember that demons intensely hate you. They want to see you as miserable as they are. Their whole goal is to lead you into things that will harm you. Why would you want to hang out with people who are opening themselves up to being tormented by demons? It’s beyond stupid. Stay away from séances.


Imagine a row of glasses that is sitting on a counter. The glasses are all the same. Now a man comes along with a pitcher of water and fills up one of the glasses. Which one does he pick? Whatever one he’s in the mood to choose. The empty glasses have no way of controlling the man’s behavior. The man does what the man wants to do. What about the water in the man’s pitcher? Did it have any say about which glass it was poured into? None at all. The man is in total control of this scenario: he brings the water over to where the glasses are and he decides which glass to pour the water into.

Contrary to what they try to claim, mediums do not really have any special powers, gifts, or abilities to contact supernatural beings. They are no different than you: all humans are like those glasses sitting out on the counter. The man who comes along with a pitcher of water is God and the water in his pitcher symbolizes interaction with demons. Mediums REALLY want to be the ones who get access to that water, but it’s not up to them. God decides who He will allow demons to interact with. No one tells God what to do.

Now just as a man can fill a glass with water, then dump that water out again a moment later, God controls how long demons can interact with any one human being. One day a medium might have a powerful channeling experience, but then months could go by with nothing. During those months, the medium keeps pleading for the spirit to return. Demons REALLY want to give her what she wants, but God is blocking them. God is always in control of demonic activity and channeling experiences. Because God is impossible to track, demons never know how long their window of opportunity to mess with someone will last. They have to just make the most of any opportunity that God gives them.

Now because neither mediums nor their demon hosts are in control of the channeling process, it’s impossible for either one to ensure regular visitations. This makes it very hard for a medium to make a living off of their so-called “gift”. This is where the lying comes in. Many mediums are just using stage magician tactics to dupe you into thinking they’re having a real spiritual experience when they’re really not. Convulsions, strange voices, the rolling of the head and eyes—these things are pretty easy to fake. But to convince skeptics, mediums often have to rely on more than just dramatic acting skills. If they are really in contact with the dead, or if they really have some kind of sixth sense, then clearly they should be gaining access to confidential information. Here is where mediums have to get very crafty about researching into people’s pasts without getting caught. Then when they tell you that your aunt’s favorite pearls were lost the day before she died—a fact that no one outside of the family knows—they have a much better chance of earning your trust. Proving that they have access to special knowledge is a vital part of the act, and a tricky part for fakers to pull off. Another clincher is if they can pull off some supernatural stunts during the actual séance to prove that the spirit is present. For fakers, this requires setting up the room ahead of time with special props that will create the illusion of things levitating, candles snuffing on their own, strange faces appearing on the walls, the sound of footsteps creaking across the floor, etc.. It’s best if these things happen on cue from the medium, and often an accomplice is needed to pull these things off effectively. It’s tough work being a fake medium, but with good props, determination, bribe money, and good acting skills, they can put on a pretty good show. Dark rooms are much easier to fake things in, which is why lights out is often the preferred state for mediums to work in. Do demons really work better in the dark? Of course not. It’s all just a game—a way of setting you up to be conned more easily.

Now when God gives demons access to a medium at the right moment, the whole game changes. Demons really do know all about your dead Aunt Martha, and they have killer acting skills. It’s a very simple thing for them to fake Aunt Martha’s tone, inflections, and vocabulary through their human host. It’s very easy for them to appear as the ghost of your dead child—and of course they know what outfit your child was buried in. Provided God is not getting in their way, it’s a cinch for demons to manipulate physical objects in a room, make things levitate and fly around, make physical objects appear out of thin air, and create a bunch of unearthly sounds. And since you’re so incredibly gullible and you put way too much trust in your physical senses, demons can quickly get you hooked.

Interfacing with demons can be an intensely sensual experience. This is by design—demons know how permanently sensual experiences get burned into your memory, so they will play you any way they can to get you coming back for more. Saying what you want to hear through their medium host, luring you in with the powerful lie that this complete stranger actually cares about more than using you to make a name for herself—it’s all so effective. A critical part of making wise spiritual choices is to realize how gullible you are. When you mess with demons, you are way out of your league. You’re like a blind paralytic who challenges another man to a duel. The man who can see and move about freely can slice his blind opponent to ribbons without even trying. In the same way, when you invite demons to mess with you, you’re engaging with opponents who have such a huge advantage over you that it’s simply ridiculous. Demons can read your mind, assess your soul’s current attitude towards God, access all of your memories, and manipulate your physical senses. If they get permission to actually possess you, things get even more fun. And let’s not forget that demons HATE you. You’re not engaging with a neutral party when you try to contact spirits in another realm. You are inviting creatures who DELIGHT in tormenting you to come and choose you out for their next victim. If you were trapped in a bank during an armed robbery, would you start waving your hands at the robber saying, “Over here! Shoot me!” Of course not. Yet you’re being much stupider than this when you invite mediums to help you contact spirits in another realm. The medium has already proven that she has the wisdom of a doorpost by chasing down creatures who hate her. Why would you want anything to do with such an idiot? To invite a medium to help you contact a spirit is like telling a man who is about to blow his brains out with a gun, “Hey, before you kill yourself, can you pump a few bullets into my brain first? You see, I don’t own a gun, so I need your help.”

There’s nothing to admire about mediums. These people are both naïve and incredibly stupid to chase after creatures who find it hilarious to trash them. They aren’t gifted, they’re just idiotic. Would you want to be friends with someone who boasts that their best friends are men who enjoy torturing people? Would you ask such a person to please arrange a lunch so that you could meet some of their friends in person and maybe get bumped to the top of their hit list? Stay away from mediums. They are nothing but trouble.


When you watch an animated film, what you see are not real human actors, but computer generated characters that are synchronized with human voiceovers to make them be emotionally engaging. In the same way, when you see ghosts, you are not seeing real human spirits, but demon generated characters. There’s no question that ghosts are real. Where people go astray is in determining what a ghost actually is. Because humans are such fools when it comes to spiritual matters, they believe what they see. If it looks like dead Aunt Sally, it must be dead Aunt Sally come back to life. This is like saying that if you walk into the room wearing a Superman costume, you must actually be Superman. It’s absurd logic. And given the fact that we love to entertain ourselves through magic shows, fun houses, and sleight of hand—all things that take advantage of how gullible we are—you’d think we’d know better than to just believe what we see. But remember that second lure we discussed: the lure of mystery? Some transparent human figure isn’t supposed to be seen floating down your hallway. It’s the mysteriousness of it all that sucks you in. Who was that figure? Where did she come from? What does she want? Instead of blowing it off as the cheap parlor trick that it was, we start trying to find some way to make the ghost reappear. Then we try to talk to her. How stupid can we be?

As soon as you try to engage with a ghost, demons have you right where they want you. They know that you will instantly give their apparition total credibility in your mind as soon as she speaks to you. And the really fun part is how little she has to say to send you scurrying through a bunch of ridiculous motions. Maybe she looks at you sadly and says the name “Robert.” The next thing you know, you’re on the internet researching Roberts who lived and died in the area. Demons can string you along in any direction they want. They know all about the history of the area. By reconstructing the lookalike of some person who was murdered 100 years ago, they can then lead you to that person’s picture online and suddenly you just KNOW that what you’re seeing is the real deal. Actually, you don’t know anything. You’re just proving what a gullible dope you are by believing any scam demons hand you.

Why do people so often finds ghosts on the scene of real life horror stories? Because demons aren’t stupid. They know that tying real history with their apparitions is a powerful come on to humans. How many people break their necks trying to help the vexed spirit of some hottie from the netherworld finally rest in peace? Utterly ridiculous. The dead never rest in peace. They’re either in Heaven serving God or they’re writhing in Hell (see RIP: Escaping the Delusion that Souls Rest In Peace).

Demons are not limited to human apparitions. They can and do show up as trolls, angels, animals, fairies, and a whole host of other creatures. Sometimes they show up as terrifying monsters, and when they do this, people often think they’ve seen a real demon. Here’s a mark of a spiritual idiot: the fellow who goes around boasting that he knows what demons actually look like, that he knows their names, and how they organize themselves. Another classic is the fellow who tells you that he’s messed with this particular spirit before. Really? This is like a blind man picking up a fork and saying, “This is the same fork I ate with yesterday” when in reality it’s an entirely different fork from a set of fifty lookalikes. Be clear about this: humans know NOTHING about what demons actually look like. We only ever see how they present themselves to us, and those presentations are a far cry from reality. No, angels really do not look like sexy blondes with feathery wings and long flowing gowns. And demons don’t really look like horned monsters with a million teeth and red glowing eyes. The pictures you see of demons online are mostly based on human imagination and false stereotypes. Other pictures are inspired by real life encounters that people have had with a demon in disguise. But for you to look at any of these pictures and say, “Aha! So that’s what they really look like,” is utterly absurd.

Now when it comes to names, demons invent any handle that they think you’ll find enticing. Some demons give themselves mystical sounding names, others associate themselves with human emotions (like the demon of despair), others use some gibberish that you can’t even pronounce. It’s all just games. As soon as you engage with demons in any form, you are dealing with a creature who is going to lie and trick you every way that there is. Demons are ace manipulators. You’ll never outsmart them, and to try is to guarantee your own demise. Demons will ALWAYS win in a battle of wits or brawn, so the best thing you can do is STAY AWAY. Don’t engage with ghosts. This is a game that’s rigged from start to finish.


If you’re not looking for demons, they’re going to come looking for you. If you do not know Jesus as your God and Savior, you need to realize that you are in a very dangerous spiritual position. God is the only One who can protect you from demons, and as long as you’re refusing to submit to His Authority on His terms, you’re begging for Him to let demons mow you down. Some terrifying encounters with creatures who are far stronger than you are can be a powerful way of motivating you to get your priorities right. You have been put on this earth to decide whether or not you’re going to submit to your Creator. God reserves the right to kill you at any time, and if He kills you before you submit to Him, you’ll end up in Hell. There’s only so long God is going to wait while you squander the time He has given you.

If you are a Christian, you need to understand that God has told you NOT to try and engage with any supernatural being other than Him. You should not be seeking out angels, demons, or ghosts. You should not be trying to contact the dead. You should not be associating with people who are wallowing in these things and trying to get you to do the same. Realize that if you show no regard for what God has said and pursue contact with the supernatural realm, you will be guilty of willful defiance and God will spank your rebellious behind in ways that you won’t soon forget. Provoking the God who holds your cells together and controls the quality of your life is beyond stupid. Stay away from séances, mediums, and ghosts. You have God. He is more than enough.

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