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Christianity: Monotheism or Polytheism?


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Monotheism is not a religion, but rather a category of religions. If we compile all of the religions in the world, we can divide them into three groups: those that say there is no god (atheism), those that say there is only one god (such as Islam), and those that say there are multiple gods (such as Hinduism). Religions that say there is only one god are classified as monotheism because mono- means one. Religions that say there are multiple gods are classified as polytheism because poly- means many. So then, is Christianity monotheism or polytheism? Well, it’s complicated.

Your pastor is going to tell you that Christianity is a monotheistic religion. He will also tell you that the belief in one God is one of the key doctrines that separates Christianity from other cults. Your pastor says this because this is what he was taught to say by other people who believe in the Trinity.

Ah, the Trinity. Now there’s a troublesome little doctrine that has led us totally astray. For thousands of years, Yahweh said He was the only God in existence. This meant that to please Yahweh, you had to believe in a monotheistic religion: Judaism. Today Judaism pretends the New Covenant never happened, and that we’re all still living under the Old Covenant. Under the Old Covenant, it is total blasphemy to say that there is any other God besides Yahweh.

Now the Bible is a progressive story, meaning that it teaches us how God has interacted with humanity over time. Today Christians have an easy time grasping that before Moses, there was no Old Covenant established, no Tabernacle, no formal system of sacrifices and priests. Today we understand that Yahweh required different things from Noah (who lived long before the Old Covenant) than He did from the Jews who lived after the Old Covenant was established. When we compare pre-Old Covenant to post-Old Covenant, it’s easy for us to see that Yahweh changed His rules.

Now as God, Yahweh can do whatever He wants to, right? He can change His rules, cancel His rules, and make up new rules whenever He feels like it. When the New Covenant came along, Yahweh changed a lot of rules. He changed so many rules that it was totally mind-blowing. But today Christians dig their little heels in and decide for God that He’s not allowed to change certain aspects of His Old Covenant. Today the followers of Judaism reject Christ because they say that Yahweh’s Messiah can’t have been another God. Today we Christians do something very similar—we also reject Christ as a second God because we’ve decided for Yahweh that He could not have lied to us about how many Gods there are. Under the Old Covenant, Yahweh said He was the only God in existence. But when Jesus came, Yahweh changed the rules and said that there are actually three Gods: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not teach that there were three Gods who were a single Being—He taught that there were three separate and distinct uncreated Creators who were equal to Each Other in every way.

Well, Christians don’t like this. They refuse to acknowledge that God gets to change His own rules whenever He wants to. They have this really stupid idea stuck in their minds that Yahweh can’t lie to us. Well, of course He can lie to us—He’s God. God can do anything He wants to do.

So then, according to Christians who are refusing to accept God’s ability to do anything He wants, Christianity is a monotheistic religion which says there is only one God with three mysterious “expressions” of Himself. And don’t you dare try to make more sense of it than this because “God can’t be logically understood.” Well, yes, our Gods have plenty of mystery surrounding Them, but the fact that They are three separate Beings is not one of Their mysterious features. It’s more like a no duh, super obvious fact.

If we put the stupidity of the manmade Trinity doctrine aside, then we can get back to Truth. According to what our Gods say, Christianity is a polytheistic religion, because we believe in multiple Gods—three, to be exact. If a fourth God shows up tomorrow, we’d all have to adjust to that. There is no way that we can say we know for certain how many Gods there are. All we can say for certain is how many Gods our Gods have revealed to us so far, and right now that’s three: Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We adamantly reject all other so-called gods as satanic delusions. We will continue to reject all other gods as delusions unless one of our actual Gods—Yahweh, Jesus or the Holy Spirit—instructs us to do otherwise.

Now if you’ve been brought up in the mainstream teaching of the Church, this whole discussion has probably made you very uncomfortable. We always feel threatened when someone starts challenging our core beliefs, and it is a core belief of mainstream Christianity that “God is one”. But at some point we need to realize that this “God is one” business is a direct violation of what our Gods actually teach.

So now the question becomes, why are Christians playing this game? If you want to be called a satanic heretic, all you have to do is say what Jesus said: there are three Gods. That’s enough to get you called all sorts of nasty names. How do we get to the point where speaking truth gets us labeled as heretics? Whenever you find Christians going spastic about some point of truth, it’s because they feel enormously threatened by it. What’s so threatening about believing we have three Gods? Well, before we can believe that, we have to accept that Yahweh intentionally lied to us for thousands of years. Today Christians have decided that a God who lies can’t be good or trustworthy or anything else that they need Him to be. So you see, by saying there are three Gods, you bring up some other very uncomfortable realities which most Christians don’t want to deal with.

Now if we’d all been taught right by our so-called shepherds, we wouldn’t have spent a lifetime being intentionally shielded from the fact that our Gods lie to us whenever They feel like it. Yahweh has never hidden the fact that He lies—He does it right in front of us on several occasions in the Old Testament. Also in the Old Testament Yahweh comes right out and says that every nasty thing that happens to us in this world is because of Him. In other words, God does evil. But here again, if you say this to Christians today, they go spastic. Why? Because they’ve decided that if God does evil—if He’s really responsible for all the pain and ugliness in this world—then He can’t be good, He can’t be trustworthy, etc.. Well, this is just silliness. We humans have made up a bunch of ridiculous rules about what traits God can’t have at the same time, and now our own rules have us all bound up in a bunch of fear. To cope with the fear, we have to put our faith in lies—we have to say that God is one, that God can’t lie, that God can’t do evil, etc., etc.. It’s amazing how many things God can’t do or be by the time Christians get done protecting themselves from truths that make them uncomfortable.

Now if you are serious about wanting to know your Creators, at some point you need to break out of the tangled web of lies that the mainstream Church has wrapped all around you. The truth is that our Gods do lie, They are good, They are trustworthy, They are faithful, and They are intimately involved in evil—all at the same time. Don’t let people tell you who God can’t be. People haven’t walked God’s boundaries. They don’t know what they’re talking about. If you want to really know your Creators, you have to go to Them directly and ask Them to teach you the truth. To help inspire the right kinds of questions in your mind, we’ve written several posts to help you see why you don’t need to be so threatened by the idea of God lying and God doing evil. With some honest thinking, you’ll soon realize that it is a very good thing that our Gods lie to us, and that They are in charge of all the evil in this world. You really don’t want your Creators blasting you with a complete picture of Truth—that is way more than you can handle. And you don’t want Them being trumped by scrawny demons and human rebellion—that would only leave you in a serious crisis. So then, are you ready to stop with the games and do some serious unlearning? If so, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you His truth.

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