Spiritual Warfare in the Church: Delusions vs. Truth


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Have you been told that you have the gift of discernment? Do you sense the presence of demons more often and more clearly than other people? Do you believe you have a special ability to “see” into the spiritual realm? Have you been taught that your special abilities are indications that God has specially equipped you for battling demons? If so, you have been led to a very dangerous place. The way you currently perceive spiritual warfare and your own spiritual abilities is very detrimental to your soul. You are caught in a current of deceptions which are only going to carry you deeper and deeper into a land of delusions. You can’t grow close to God when you’re clinging to delusions, but the kinds of delusions you’re headed toward are extremely addictive lies. They will please your ego so much that you won’t want to let them go. Demons know how to make lies sound far more attractive than truth, and teaching you that you are some spirit kicking warrior is one of their favorite games to play. Now wait a second—are we saying that demons would encourage you to believe you are a threat to them? Oh, yes. That whole rebuking package that you’ve been sold—it comes straight from them. Demons love it when you start rebuking them in the Name of Jesus or better yet—chanting Bible verses. Maybe you’ve been sold the version in which you’re supposed to hold up some large cross to drive the evil spirits back. Or perhaps your spiritual mentors took you down the holy liquids road—teaching you to dab on some holy oil or holy water or holy something else as a physical shield against those powers of darkness. It’s all such a fantastic scam and you have been the victim. If you’re serious about wanting to know God and please Him with your life, there is a whole lot of relearning you need to do about the spiritual realms. We can get you there, but it isn’t going to be a pleasant ride because God’s truth is often very repulsive to our pride. But truth is truth, and trying to ignore it doesn’t change anything, it just ends up harming you. God will not adjust reality to suit your wishful thinking. If you want to please Him, you have to submit to His rules and align with His definition of truth.


Let’s start at the beginning: what is discernment? The word has multiple definitions. The spiritual warrior culture in the Church wants you to define discernment as “the power to see things which are not obvious to the average mind.” In other words, discernment is a special power which sets you apart as a special human. And once we start using words like “power” and “special”, our egos are listening attentively.

When God talks about you having discernment, He is using a different definition. Pull out your dictionary and you’ll find that discernment can simply mean “showing insight and understanding”. Spiritual discernment isn’t about power, it’s about receiving information from the Holy Spirit. It’s about God helping you see the difference between truth and deception. When you listen to a sermon, you don’t want to just believe what you hear. You want to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you if anything the pastor is saying is true. When you do this you are asking God for discernment—you are asking for insight and understanding. You are like a student in a class and God is your teacher. When you raise your hand to ask a question, you are asking for discernment—you are looking for clarification about something that bothers you. Sometimes God will give it to you, sometimes He won’t. All wisdom and understanding comes from God and He never downloads all of His wisdom into your brain.

As you mature in the faith, you will find yourself feeling more and more dependent on God for absolutely everything. God created you as a powerless little speck who can’t do anything without Him. This is a reality that’s never going to change. The more you listen to God’s truth, the more in touch you will become with your total dependency on Him. The more you listen to lies, the more out of touch you will become with your need for God. When people encourage you to view yourself as a little Harry Potter—a person born with some innate supernatural powers which just need a little cultivation to turn you into a master over the spiritual realms—are they teaching you to embrace or downplay your dependency on God? They’re teaching you to downplay it. They’re teaching you to view God as your willing assistant, not your sovereign King. Is such a mindset going to create problems between you and God? Big ones.


Life is about pleasing your Creator, not holding back the demonic ranks. There are four essential soul attitudes that God demands from you in life. Everything He teaches you and does to you is going to be about developing one or more of these four things.

1. REVERENCE. Reverence is a deep respect for God which springs from a healthy fear of His awesome power. With one word, God could throw you into Hell for eternity. He could transport you into the middle of the sun. He could make a tornado appear and suck you up its funnel. He could collapse the entire universe. He could shut down critical organs in your body. He could turn the sidewalk beneath your feet into quicksand. Are you getting the picture? God’s power is terrifying because it is so vast and so unstoppable. There are no rules governing how God uses His power because God answers to no one. God can do anything that He wants, and while He delights in being merciful and kind, He also delights in eternally tormenting His enemies in Hell. By the way, where did Hell come from? God made it. God thinks Hell is fabulous. God loves throwing people into Hell and keeping them in a constant state of terror and agony for eternity as a just punishment for daring to defy their Creator. Now if you’ve grown up in the spiritual warrior culture of the Church, then you may have been taught that Hell is Satan’s turf—that he’s the king of the place and that demons are always flitting in and out of it. You may have been taught that God weeps and groans over seeing souls end up in Hell. These things are ludicrous lies. It isn’t demons that cart souls off to Hell, it’s God who hurls souls into it with great satisfaction. It isn’t demons who torture the souls in Hell, it’s God who is doing the torturing, and He loves it so much that He delights in watching His victims writhe. This is real life: we have the God who loved us so much that He sent His Son to die, and we have the God who gets off on thrashing His enemies. It’s the same God. God is a swirl of extreme passions: love, mercy, justice, grace, wrath, revenge—it’s all in there. Where do you think Satan got his nastiness from? Do you think anything exists apart from God’s will? God created demons and He designed them to be creatures who would find great delight in doing evil if they ever turned against Him. They did turn—demons used to be obedient angels, but they chose to rebel. Who gave them that option? Who wanted creatures with the ability to spit in His face? God did. Who brought demons into the human realm so they could delight themselves in tormenting us? God did. Who is currently sustaining demons and assisting them in all their evil work? God is.

When we say that God is sovereign, we mean that He is in absolute control over everything in existence. NOTHING happens in God’s creation that He doesn’t want to have happen. When you really get your mind around this, it radically changes your view of demonic oppression. Demons don’t oppress because God is asleep on the job. They oppress because He wants them to. Should you tremble in awe of a God who is this huge, this powerful, this complex, and this unstoppable? Yes, you should. A proper understanding of God’s awesome power and absolute Authority drives our faces into the dirt in reverential awe of Him. But when we fail to understand who God is and how supremely He rules over all things, then we end up praying really inappropriate things like, “God, make that demon go away!” Should specks be commanding the Almighty King? Should the created be telling the Creator what to do and when to do it? No, they should not. It is a proper reverence for God which drives such foolishness out of us and silences our directive tongues. The Creator of all things does not take orders from specks.

2. SUBMISSION. Reverence is step one. Why would you bother with a God who isn’t greater than you are? But once you realize how much greater God is than you, you are driven to submission. Submission is more than just a recognition that God is King and you’re a speck. Submission is an internal celebration and embracing of this truth. Submission is an attitude which says: “Dominate me. Control me. Use me. I exist to serve and exalt my King.” Submission is about setting aside your agenda, preferences, and plans in order to fully embrace God’s. You decide that what God wants is far more important than what you want. You find that you cannot be satisfied until He is satisfied. His pleasure makes your pleasure possible. You cannot be at peace in life until you know your King is pleased with you.

So now that we understand the kind of submission God wants from you, where is there room for you to tell God to drive demons out of someone? When you attempt to control demons and your Creator by casting biblical spells, flinging the Name of Jesus about, and acting like your faith in God is some kind of awesome weapon, are you bowing low before your King? No, you’re trying to shove Him off His throne so that you can be the king. Do you see the problem with this? When people teach you to view yourself like some supernaturally gifted human, when they encourage you to cultivate your special abilities and they give you a bunch of tips and tricks about how to drive demons away, they are teaching you to try and dominate God. They are teaching you that He is your Servant who you can force to do certain things if you just cast the right spell over Him.

The Christian version of spell casting is quoting Bible verses. We get out an authoritative tone of voice and say, “Resist the devil and he will flee! Whatever I bind in heaven will be bound on earth!” It’s permissible not to quote the verses perfectly—you can summarize them and your spell will still retain its power. Do you see how blasphemous such teaching is? It doesn’t matter how much biblical back up a certain line of teaching has—is there reverence? Is there submission? Who is taking the lead? Who is giving the orders? And yes, your prayers are orders. Christians are taught to use prayer as a means of bossing God around instead of as a means of expressing their submission to Him. It’s supposed to be “Make me all that You want me to be,” but instead we say “In Jesus’ Name, I command you to leave!” But while you’re talking to demons, it’s really God you are commanding. You’re demanding that He use His power to accomplish your agenda for you. Well, how dare you get so attitudinal with the Almighty King. What you deserve is a hearty thrashing for being so mouthy. Do you see what’s happening here? These people who encourage you to get grand ideas about yourself because you have “the gift of discernment” are really teaching you to disrespect your Creator. Gee, where do you think they got such an idea? From demons of course. The irony is that all these souls who go strutting around calling themselves mighty warriors are playing right into demons’ hands. You are serving Satan, not God, when you start using the Bible like your personal book of incantations. You are imitating the pagans—lusting after the illusion of power and thinking you are oh so clever for finding a way to make God do what you want. Then you have the gall to claim that HE is the One who is encouraging you to treat Him so irreverently. This is a major mess.

3. DEPENDENCY. God is awesome. God is huge. God is the One holding every molecule in this universe together. God is the One making your lungs work, and your heart beat. You can’t lift your arm without His empowerment. EVERYTHING you have is a gift from God. But while God is a generous Giver, none of His gifts become your property. His gifts are all loans which He could suddenly take back at any time. Your intelligence, your health, your joy, your strength—they are all loans from God. Given this, what can you do apart from Him? Absolutely nothing. You are dependent on Him for all things. In the Church, you’re taught to think it’s some kind of amazing if you can detect the presence of demons. You’re taught that you have “the gift of discernment” if you can sense some evil aura around you. But discernment is about wisdom, and how much wisdom do you have if you don’t grasp the super obvious truth that you are dependent on God for all things? How blind do you have to be to think you can do anything apart from Him? How dense do you have to be to miss how awesome He is and that you will never be anything more than a powerless speck who was created to serve the One who made you? In the Church, stupidity is exalted as wisdom while true wisdom is adamantly rejected. In the Church, we’re taught to memorize whole lists of the glorious powers and attributes we obtain through Christ. We’re taught to think we are incredible creatures who God depends upon to make Him feel complete. We’re taught that our happiness is God’s top priority, and that He lives to bless us. It’s all just lies—a reeking pile of manure which we use to fertilize our growing egos. God does not need us, we need Him. It is understanding our absolute dependency on God which jolts us out of our egomania and drives us back down onto our faces in front of Him saying, “Apart from You I can do nothing, and I am nothing. All that matters is You being pleased and glorified in my life. Your approval is the only reward that I seek.” Is this the attitude that is being cultivated in you when you sit around contemplating your fabulous giftedness? No, it’s not.

4. TRUST. You are nothing. God is everything. You are powerless to protect yourself in life. If God doesn’t choose to protect you, you are done for. If He doesn’t choose to be faithful to you, then you have no hope at all. There is nothing you can do to manipulate God into paying attention to you, drawing near to you, or rescuing you from danger. You are totally dependent on Him for all things. You have as much emotional power over Him as your pencil has over you. As the Holy Spirit cultivates the attitudes of reverence, submission, and dependency in us, we come to the unsettling realization that our ONLY source of hope in life is the Character of God. If He is good, then we will be able to count on Him to be with us and to take care of us. If He is evil, then we have no hope at all.  We have no control over who God is. We have no control over our own existence. God is who He is, and we have no way of escaping His Presence. But happily for us, God is good. He is shockingly good. He is so good that we struggle to believe His goodness is real. We constantly fear that God is lying to us—that one of these days it will turn out that He really doesn’t love us or care about us as much as He says. When terrible trials come into our lives, God’s goodness is the first thing we doubt. “Why would a loving God allow this?” we ask. This is where trust comes in. Your entire relationship with God is built on trust in His goodness. That is ALL you are trusting in. If you try to trust in God’s predictability or if you try to trust that His goodness will express itself in certain actions and interventions, then you are going to end up in a major crisis of faith. Contrary to what you’re taught in church, God’s goodness does NOT mean He will always flick demons off of you the moment you are in distress. His goodness does NOT mean He will pour abundant material blessings down on your head, it does NOT mean He will keep you in perfect health or share His power with you. God will never share His power with you, and He will put you through all kinds of trials in order to cultivate these four essential mindsets in you. Learning to revere God is like riding an elevator down a shaft that has no end: there is always a deeper level of understanding that you can acquire. It’s the same with submission, dependency and trust: these are infinite concepts which God is going to continue educating you about for all of eternity. To believe that God is good is only the beginning. That belief needs to be tested, tried, hammered, and pounded if it is going to bind you closer to God.


It is intimate communion with our Creator that we are after in this life, not supremacy over demons. It is utterly worthless to have demons flee at the sound of your voice if you do not know your God. It is utterly meaningless to be used in a thousand exorcisms and have the whole globe singing your praises if you do not know sweet intimacy with the One who is sustaining your soul. When you die, all of your so-called accomplishments on earth will be stripped away and the only thing you will have is your relationship with God. When you get to Heaven, will you be meeting a Stranger or a King who you are deeply bonded to? Why would you chase after temporary gifts when you could be pursuing the Gift Giver? Intimacy with God is an incredible world in which He is the Glorious Star and you are the speck who is thrilled just to be in His Presence. Intimacy with God fills our souls with a deep sense of completion. We find joy, peace, and satisfaction welling up within us and pulling us away from a love of any created thing. There is no greater joy than serving a God who says we are pleasing in His sight. Compared to knowing God, being able to discern the presence of demons is utterly worthless.   What do you gain from a heightened awareness of the powers of darkness? God has already told you that demons abound in this world and that they are intent on harassing humans. Being able to sense or see demons crawling all over other people only heightens your distress. Yes, they are there, but what can you do about it? You are just a powerless speck. Demons aren’t afraid of you in the slightest. They see you as you are: a fragile creature who is so easy to traumatize. Demons know the Bible better than you—they can quote any verse in any language. What do you gain by focusing on mere created things? What do you gain by fantasizing that you can go to battle against creatures who are far stronger than you are? Does focusing on the enemies of God draw you closer to God Himself? No, it does not. Searching within yourself for powers that don’t exist is a complete waste of time. Life is not about triumphing over some group of non-human creatures. Life is about pursuing an intimate relationship with your Creator, and that means cooperating with His methods as He drills those four essential attitudes down deep into your core: reverence, submission, dependency and trust. As long as you keep these things at arm’s length, you aren’t going to do anything but spiritually stagnate.


In the spiritual warrior culture, you are taught that there are good spirits and bad spirits which you must contend with. We call the good spirits angels and the bad spirits demons. Angels are your buddies—your allies in the battle who help protect and defend you against the powers of darkness. Demons are the rulers of this earth—powerful forces of evil who can only be defeated by great faith and some ritualistic behaviors. This is what you are taught, and it’s a bunch of hogwash. If you’re going to get a correct understanding of the spiritual realm, we need to start from the beginning.

Yes, there are demons and angels. These are two different names for the same type of creature. Is a human stronger than a person? No, those are two different words for the same thing. So also, demons are equal to angels. They are all angelic creatures. Angelic creatures are very different than human creatures, and God has no interest in giving you an extensive education about those differences, and this puts you at a major disadvantage. You’re never going to outwit an enemy that you don’t even understand. And while God prevents you from understanding angels and demons, He gives them quite a bit of education about you. Angelic creatures can read your mind, they can hear what your soul says to God, they can instantly discern the full scope of your very limited intelligence. From the perspective of angelic creatures, you are quite unimpressive. If they are a sports car, you’re one of those cheesy plastic cars that a toddler “drives” by sitting inside of it and pushing against the ground with her feet. In your home world of earth, it’s utterly amazing how impotent you are. You can’t manipulate matter—angelic creatures can. You need oxygen to breathe—angelic creatures don’t. You can’t instantly transport yourself to different locations on the globe—angelic creatures can. You have to eat, sleep, and protect yourself against the elements. You’ve got all the strength of a wet noodle and you are incredibly stupid about relying on your physical senses to guide you in life.

Let’s talk about seeing demons. Many Christians who think they have the gift of discernment believe they see demons. But what are you really seeing when you see whatever it is you see? Are you seeing what demons really look like? Of course not. You’re seeing an act, an illusion, a creature in costume. Angelic creatures can appear to you in a wide variety of forms. What’s amazing to them is how much stock you put in their images. You are incredibly easy to scam. If they appear to you as an ugly looking gargoyle, you actually think that’s what they look like. If they introduce themselves to you as having a certain name, you actually believe them. Wow, really? Maybe you’ve heard some demon “expert” in the Church boast about his extensive knowledge of the demonic ranks. He has maps of demonic strongholds, he’s figured out which demons work where, and he is quite certain that he’s had many encounters with the same spirit before. Such talk is pure idiocy. It’s like no one grasps that angelic creatures communicate with each other on a regular basis. If demon #1 scared the pants off of you by coming in a certain form, he communicates that information to demon #2. Demon #2 then comes on a different night, appears to you in the same form, and you swear you’ve been visited by the same evil spirit. No, you’ve actually been visited by two different spirits but there’s no way you can tell them apart because God has withheld intelligence from you on this issue. What passes for “the gift of discernment” these days is often little more than a vivid imagination and a head full of superstitious baloney about what demons look like and how they act. Sure, demons are real, and sometimes they appear in visual forms. But far more often they just toy with your imagination and make you think you saw something that you didn’t really see. It’s easier. Demons love toying with your mind and senses. It is super basic for them to send a creepy crawly up your spine which you will then interpret as your glorious gift at work. It’s so easy for them to get your emotions churning like a stormy sea and then get you to interpret the whole thing as evidence of your deep spiritual insights. This is like me kicking you in the shin and saying, “Did you feel pain just now? That’s impressive. Clearly you have a deep understanding of the human nervous system.” Not hardly. Experiencing your nervous system react to a stimulus and understanding the mechanics of how your system works are two very different things. In the same way, being aware that a demon is toying with you and understanding the demon himself are two entirely separate concepts.

How can you truly defeat an enemy that you can’t understand? You can’t. When it comes to spiritual warfare, you are like a man who is trying to hold back an approaching military tank by hurling cotton balls at it. You have no weapons that will stand against demons. You have no way of injuring them. Your spiritual armory is an empty closet. It is vital that you understand this, because Christians are lying to you when they tell you that your faith is some great weapon demons can’t stand up against. This is such a crock. If your faith was so intimidating, why do you experience demons jumping on you in the midst of your prayer sessions? Why are your attempts to rebuke them proving to be worthless? Why are they laughing when you try to quote verses at them? Why are they able to so successfully hold you down in an ocean of terror and panic if you’re so full of faith? Are you going to tell us you don’t have enough faith? Well, faith only grows so fast—you have as much today as you had yesterday, and yesterday your rebuking appeared to work…or did it? If your faith has no effect on demons, just what is driving them off of you? It’s not what, it’s who. God is the One who flicks demons off of you. But God is also the reason demons attack you.


If demons are a semi-truck, you are a bunny who has been pinned to the highway with duct tape. That truck is barreling towards you and there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it. The only thing that is going to prevent you from becoming a bunny pancake is if some third party who is stronger than the truck suddenly intervenes on your behalf. That third party is God. It is not an angel and God. It is a not a whole gang of angels. It is not angels plus your praying friends. It is GOD.

Let’s talk about angels for a moment. Do you want to tick off the only One who can protect you from demons in life? Start glorifying your guardian angel. God DETESTS idolatry, and idolatry is the worship of created things. If you want to avoid a lesson in how angry God can get at rebellious Christians, then you need to dump the whole angel package into the mental trash bin. As far as you are concerned, angels have nothing to do with you. Angels serve God. Angels are not your personal squadron who are just waiting for you to tell them where to fly and who to beat on.   The whole idea that we can direct angels about is yet one more example of how supremely arrogant we are. As much as your ego wants to believe God has inflicted some angel with the tedious assignment of guarding you in life, He has not. You do not have your very own guardian angel in life. This is a false superstition which we have built off of a few exaggeratory comments in the Bible, none of which were based on fact. In Psalm 91, a poet who is high on adrenaline paints a ridiculously simplistic picture of how God will treat us in life. The point of the poem is to talk about how glorious Yahweh’s protection can be, and it’s clear that our psalmist has just personally experienced a wonderful example of it. In celebrating the miracles God has just done, he starts going off on a bunch of wild tangents, and he throws out the line:

For He will give His angels orders concerning you, to protect you in all your ways. They will support you with their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread on the lion and the cobra; you will trample the young lion and the serpent. (Ps. 91:11-13)

Because we humans have less wisdom than a towel and egos as large as the planet, we leap upon comments like this and say, “See?! God has given us all guardian angels to protect us!” Let’s get a grip here: IT’S A POEM. Do you want to be held accountable for every extreme statement you’ve ever jotted down to someone you were infatuated with? “I’d do anything for you.” No, you wouldn’t, you’re grossly exaggerating. So did the psalmists. While you exaggerated about your commitment to another human, the psalmists exaggerated about God. They used extreme language to try and communicate their extreme emotions. Go out and try stepping on a wild lion or a serpent and see how that works out for you. Go kick a rock and see if an angel swoops in to protect you. “Oh, but Jesus said we would trample on serpents.” Yes, He did, and if you go step on a snake right now you’ll discover you’re misinterpreting that passage and many others.

If we’re going to grow past spiritual infancy we have to stop with all the games. We need to recognize that not every word in the Bible is some God-breathed truth. Some of it is just ego-breathed. We find lots of statements about God in the Bible which are not meant to be taken literally. Even God Himself makes these statements. “I will remember your sins no more,” He says. Really? So God has amnesia? Of course not. If we’re going to really understand what God wants to teach us, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to give us discernment—real discernment, not just a bunch of heebie–jeebies that we call spiritual insight.

God is the only One who can protect you from demons, and He will. But God has no intention of entirely sheltering you from demons. On the contrary, God WANTS demons to harass you at times. Demons are like snarling dogs who God has chained up so that they can’t reach you. The dogs can’t break those chains, but sometimes God intentionally unhooks them. When He does, those dogs leap upon you, snarling and trying to get as much damage in as they can before God yanks them off again. There is only one reason that demons ever attack you: because God wants them to. You see, demons hate your guts. They find you a repulsive little wretch because God loves you. They also know you are a powerless wimp, so they can’t wait to get their chance to nail you. They are always hovering—waiting for God to give them an opening. When He does, they try to make the most of it. But the frustrating part for demons is that God never gives them full rein over you. If He did, they’d tear you apart. Remember: it’s semi versus bunny. You are no match for them. Does this sound like a terrifying situation? That’s because it is. So where is the hope? Well, what have we learned about hope in this lesson? There is only one source of hope: the goodness of God. It is because God is good that He carefully limits when demons can access you, how much access they have, and what kinds of things they can do against you. Demons always want to do far more to you than what God actually lets them do. Every demonic encounter you have is being controlled by God. It is His goodness that brings you hope in these moments: because God is good, He will never leave you, nor will He let demons do more damage than He feels is beneficial for the long-term health of your soul.

Okay, so if you’re powerless in these situations and God is the One controlling everything, what do you pray? God isn’t going to take orders from you. He already knows you want the demons to go away. He knows how much they scare you because He’s the One who made you so frail and unable to stand against them. But here is where you need to narrow your focus and concentrate on your own personal walk with God. Everything that God does to you in this world is about drawing you closer to Him and strengthening your personal bond with Him. How does this work? Remember our four essential attitudes? God uses demons to help you cultivate those attitudes. A focus on reverence reminds you that God is infinitely stronger than demons are, so you do not have to be afraid because God is on your side. A focus on submission leads you to pray, “Help me to learn everything that You want to teach me through this experience.” A focus on dependency steers you away from trying to direct God about. A focus on trust motivates you to keep rehearsing truths about who God is: He is good, He loves you, and you can count on Him to always do what is best for your soul.

Do you see how different spiritual warfare is when it’s approached correctly? It has nothing to do with trying to overcome your enemy—it has everything to do with focusing on God and wanting to fully cooperate with the methods He is using to mature you. Those four core attitudes are what turn demonic attacks into blessings in your life. If you stay aligned with God and allow Him to keep turning you back to those four themes, then experiencing rounds of oppression by demons is going to deepen your trust and submission. You’ll end up more confident, more at peace, and less fearful. You will stop feeling so threatened by demons—not because you think you’re such a buff warrior, but because you have such deep trust in the One who controls their activity in your life.


If you’ve been labeled as having “the gift of discernment” by those who are entrenched in the demon trampling mindset, you have been driven away from God with a lot of really wrong theology. How does God break you out of this unhealthy pattern and turn you around to start heading back to Him? By letting demons jump all over you. By refusing to throw them off when you start whipping out all those useless rituals that other Christians taught you to trust in. If demons are thrashing you and nothing you do is working, you need to recognize that God is calling you back to truth—HIS truth, not this foolishness in the Church. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you insight about the principles we’ve discussed in this post and ask Him to make you all that HE wants you to be. You really aren’t a spiritual warrior after all, but that’s okay. God has plans to make you into something much better.

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