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What is the correct posture to use when praying? Is it honoring to God when you kneel down on the floor, clasp your hands together, close your eyes and bow your head? Well, it depends. Why are you going through all of these motions? Do you think God can’t hear you if your eyes are open? Are you trying to concentrate? Are you trying to look super devoted in front of other Christians? Can you guess which of these motivations God does and doesn’t like?

We don’t all have the physical ability to kneel when we pray. Some of us have joint pain. Others of us are in wheelchairs. When you’re driving down the road and there’s something you want to say to God, He wants you to say it right then and there. He doesn’t want you to wait until you find some place that you can pull over and get into your praying position. While there are certainly many advantages to closing your eyes and tuning out external distractions, this option isn’t always available. Postponing prayer is never a good choice. God is with you everywhere you go and He is always listening. Say what’s on your mind. Be yourself. Don’t get hung up on correct grammar or wait until you can work out some long, formal speech.

God loves honesty and He has no use for fake. Your heart attitude is what determines if a certain body posture is honoring to Him or not. For some Christians, kneeling or bowing down on the ground is a sincere act of worship. Coming from these souls, God loves the posturing and He is very blessed by their hearts. For other Christians, kneeling and clasping their hands together are just meaningless traditions they picked up from their parents. For these souls, the posturing is just getting in their way and it needs to go. Here’s a good rule to go by:

Any behavior or ritual that causes you to delay or limit your communication with God needs to leave your life.


God is always with you and He is always listening to you. This means whether you’re talking to Him at church, at work, in bed, or in the bathroom, He can hear you just as clearly. Your physical surroundings can be distracting to you, but they aren’t distracting to God. While standing in church might feel special to you, it doesn’t feel special to God.

A lot of erroneous assumptions are being made when souls think that God hears them better when they’re at church. They are assuming their church has some holy aura around it, or that somehow it is a pleasing place in God’s eyes. Well, no, many churches are quite displeasing to God. Unlike you, God knows about all the carnal shenanigans going on behind the scenes. He hears the bad choices being made by the leadership committee. He sees a lot of evil heart intentions. When you sit in the pew listening to a sermon, you might think it’s a holy moment, but far too often what you’re hearing is not at all what God wants the pastor to say because the pastor is in a state of spiritual rebellion. God never intended for sermons to be written by human beings, He intended for them to be direct quotations from Him. But since so many of our pastors have no business being pastors because God never authorized them to speak on His behalf, much of what goes on on Sunday morning is very irritating to God. Why would God want you to hustle on down to a place where people defy Him on a regular basis before you talk to Him? Don’t fall for the baloney that God cares where you’re standing on the planet when you talk to Him. Prayer is a spiritual activity. It is a silent exchange between our souls and God which does not require any physical aids. Your soul doesn’t have status bars that indicate poor reception the moment you step out of a church or into a bar. Churches are not like cell towers which boost your soul’s signal strength. When you pray, picture God sitting or standing right in front of you listening attentively. This is how it is. He’s right there. He’s always there and He’s always listening. So when you have something to say, say it. Focus on the One you’re talking to, not on meaningless external details like physical posture and location.

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