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Spiritual Discernment & Warfare: Access & Communication (2 of 3)


In our last lesson, we learned that while your soul is traveling through this world, there are four main groups that are communicating with it.


Now the point of you reading through this series is to learn how to develop some good strong spiritual discernment skills so that you will be able to correctly identify the source of an incoming message. As a serious Christian, your primary goals in life should be to please God and get to know Him better. You want your personal relationship with God to be constantly moving forward, you want to be maturing as His creature, and you want to be staying in alignment with Him at all times. You want these things because these are the Holy Spirit’s goals for you, and He teaches you to want what He wants.

Now demons hate God for their own reasons. Their beef with Him started long before you were even created and it has nothing to do with you, but they have now dragged you into the fight by intentionally picking on you. Why do demons pick on you? Why do they hate you so much? Because God loves you. It isn’t about you, it’s about Him. If God didn’t care about you, neither would demons. But since God dearly loves you, demons intensely hate you. Since God wants you to cherish your relationship with Him, demons will do anything to make you shove God out of your life. They have many ways of accomplishing this, even with serious Christians. What happens to your prayer life when you feel really ashamed about some sin you’ve committed? You stop talking to God, don’t you? You retreat into some cowering corner and you start giving Him the cold shoulder. This is a classic example of how demons trick you into shoving God away from you even though you really care about Him. God is constantly calling you to focus on Him, so demons are making a loud ruckus to try and get you to focus on them instead. If God tells you to sit, demons tell you to stand. If God tells you to stop, demons tell you to go. Demons are always trying to drive you in an opposite direction from where God wants you to be because this is how they stick it to God. You are just a pawn to them—but a very useful one because they believe that by getting you to reject God, they can actually hurt God. They’re delusional, of course, but this is what they think.

While Satan is a fool, he is a dangerous fool who has very real power. Satan and his demon subordinates can seriously harm you, which is why you should never seek out a confrontation with them or think you are their equal in any way. As we learned in our last lesson, you are a powerless wimp compared to demons, and hiding behind the Holy Spirit is the only safe position for your soul to take when demons come at you.


Now as we learned in our last post, you are not your body, you are the soul inside your body. It’s the real you that demons are after, but here is where they run into problems because they do not have direct access to your soul. There is an impassable barrier around every human soul—both the saved and the unsaved—which demons cannot cross. One of the ways that God expresses His Sovereignty over His creation is by limiting the access that demons have to human souls. They can certainly attack your flesh, but they cannot touch your soul. If demons could access your soul, they would tear it apart. But as it is, you are like a man who is standing inside a cement fortress while demons are like a pack of snarling wolves which are clawing at the fortress walls, trying to get in. But they can’t get in. Nothing they do can get them through that thick cement, and as they claw and snarl in vain, the Holy Spirit is standing inside that fortress with you. Let’s see how this works:


In this picture, the yellow and red circles symbolize protective shields which the Holy Spirit controls. The red circle is around your soul—this shield never drops. Because this shield exists, demons can NEVER gain control over your soul—not even during possession, which we’ll talk about in a minute.

Now let’s look at the yellow circle. This represents a protective shield around your flesh. Now the Holy Spirit is in total control of both of these shields, and when it comes to the yellow one, He is making constant adjustments to how strong the shield is. When He weakens it, demons gain greater access to your flesh. When He totally lowers it, they can come inside your flesh and seize physical control over your earthsuit. This is what happens during possession. But even when demons are controlling your earthsuit, they NEVER gain control over your soul. Let’s compare three states of external shielding.


Realize that we are being very simplistic here. You aren’t really walking around with a bright yellow circle around you and a red circle around your soul. When we try to explain spiritual, non-physical things with pictures, our diagrams will leave much to be desired. But still, these graphics help us to grasp some essential points. First, that the Holy Spirit is the One controlling how much access demons have to you. Second, that demons will NEVER gain access to your soul. Third, that your soul is always in a protected position, and this enables it to talk to God without its communications being tampered with.

Now the principles we’ve discussed here apply to both the saved and the unsaved. God NEVER gives demons access to human souls. Since demons know this, and demons always try to teach you the opposite of truth, there is a very popular belief that it is possible for people to sell their souls to the devil in exchange for power or other earthly goodies. It is Satan who came up with this delusion, because Satan wants you to think that he can somehow get his grubby claws on your soul, and then trap you hopelessly in his power. This is an especially important principle for the unsaved and the possessed to understand: demons CANNOT control your soul, nor can they take ownership of it in any way. Many souls foolishly seek out relationships with demons, they try to enter into spiritual contracts with them, and then when things blow up in their faces, they fall for the terrifying lie that they are now forever trapped in the grip of Satan. Here is where we need to return to some key truths.

If you have attempted to sell your soul to the devil and are now afraid you can’t get it back, read Selling Your Soul to the Devil.

The state of being demon possessed is extremely serious. When you meet a soul who is possessed, you need to realize that the Holy Spirit is the One allowing that situation to happen, and He is in total control of it. You also need to realize that it is dangerous for you to seek out environments where demons are being given freer range. God has reasons for allowing people to be possessed, and you don’t want to go sticking your nose into the middle of that hornet’s nest without specific authorization from Him. God never needs your help or advice in managing the demonic realms. Stay out of His way and remember that you are a powerless wimp who can only survive in the company of demons by hiding behind the Holy Spirit. Human beings do not exorcise demons. God exorcises demons, and if He involves us in the process, it is only to draw attention to Himself. Stay far away from these idiots who travel the globe filming themselves successfully driving demons out of people. Realize that many of these shows are nothing more than rehearsed actors putting on a grand deception in order to make you think a mere mortal has somehow become the boss of God. It’s not going to happen. People who try to make a name for themselves by publicly exorcising demons are begging for a harsh spanking. If God sees you fawning over these rebels, He just might decide to give you a beating as well.


Now since demons are banned from having direct access to the real you (your soul), and the real you is who they want to harm, they have to get creative. They have to find other ways to try and upset you as you remain safe in that cocoon of God’s protection. One of the key ways that they do this is to cause havoc in the environment just outside that cocoon: your earthsuit.

You are a very delicate little creature—easily startled and distressed by what’s happening around you. You also depend on your earthsuit to interpret this physical realm for you. Your physical eyes tell you when there’s a hole in the road that you need to walk around. Your physical ears tell you when a car is coming. The nerves in your skin tell you when you’re getting too close to a fire. Your emotional sensors help you read important cues from other people—alerting you to stay away when two people are shooting icy daggers at each other during a lull in their argument. Your earthsuit is an invaluable piece of equipment to you as you travel about this physical realm, and your physical brain is the master computer that collects and interprets all the data provided by your earthsuit’s components. Your brain is also functioning as the captain of your earthsuit—it understands the needs of your suit far better than you do and it is always sending out commands to your anatomy to keep things running smoothly. When your brain receives a hunger signal, it tells you that it’s time to refuel, and it often tells you what it wants to eat. You can either come along peacefully and drive your earthsuit down to the local fast food joint, or you can turn down its request and say, “I’m busy now. I’ll feed you later.” Any time you say no to your earthsuit, a battle of wills erupts. Your earthsuit might put up with your dawdling for a while, but if you keep stalling around, it’s going to start throwing a hissy fit. Sharp hunger cramps, fatigue, an inability to concentrate—why should your earthsuit keep helping you get your agenda done while you’re ignoring its needs? You might have preferred to put off dinner until you finished the project you were working on, but if your earthsuit isn’t in the mood to cooperate with you, then it will sabotage whatever you need to finish your agenda. Trying to glue some delicate model together? Bring on the shaky hands as your earthsuit complains of low blood sugar. Trying to write some complex computer program? Bring on the foggy mind that refuses to sharpen even when you toss some fresh coffee down the hatch. Your earthsuit knows how to get its own way in this life and by now your soul has figured out that it’s just not worth it to prolong certain arguments. You’ve learned that it’s just easier to go to bed before you’re totally exhausted, to stop exercising before you pass out, and to eat before you’re all weak and shaky. You’d prefer to avoid getting into major fights with your earthsuit because it seems to have an unfair advantage and it seems to win most of the fights. Now and then you really get a victory—you manage to hold your tongue in an argument, or you manage to push away some ugly thought instead of dwelling on it for an hour. But an honest scrutiny of your life will reveal that you’ve done a whole lot of adjusting to avoid getting into constant fights with your earthsuit. Things seem more peaceful that way.

Now demons know all about the tense relationship you have with your suit, and they take full advantage of it. Happily for them, many of your suit’s natural desires align with God’s definition of sinful. And since your suit can be such a mule about getting its own way, demons are going to try and rile your suit up against you as often as they can.

Dangling tantalizing bait in front of your earthsuit is a great way to start a fight between it and you. When a sexy woman walks by a Christian man, demons know that his eyes will send an excited signal to his brain, which will trigger feelings of arousal in his body. This has nothing to do with the man’s soul. His earthsuit loves feeling aroused and it loves sex—these aren’t things that the man has any say over. But then there’s God, who says not to lust. Since his soul cares about pleasing God, the Christian man feels distressed when he senses his body getting sexually aroused, so his soul tells his brain to knock it off. His brain tells his soul to take a hike. Now demons jump in to try and juice the fight. First they try to rile up his suit even more by whispering this thought into this mind:

“Mm-mm, I wish could get me some of that.” And when his earthsuit heartily agrees with their sentiment, demons suddenly change roles and gasp in shock, saying:

“Your eyes followed her all the way down the street! Knock it off, you pervert! Don’t you have a sermon to preach this Sunday?!”

All of this time the man’s soul wants to honor God. When the first message comes in, he erroneously takes credit for it and feels repulsed. When the second message comes in, he mistakes it for conviction from the Holy Spirit and feels ashamed and guilty. In a matter of seconds, demons can drag this poor guy down in the muck of self-loathing unless he has learned how to discern their presence. You’re in the same predicament today: for demons taking you down is like fishing in a bucket. As long as you don’t recognize them, they can torment you to their heart’s content—well, not really that long. Demons only have access to you for as long as the Holy Spirit gives them access, and He is very precise about when and how He lets them mess with you. It’s never a free for all. Even in the diagram where we showed possession as being something that happened when the Holy Spirit temporarily dropped His guard around your earthsuit, it’s important to realize those pictures were overly simplistic and extreme. The Holy Spirit never totally drops His guard around anyone—if He did, demons would kill that person.

Your earthsuit is a delicate machine and it is very easy to strangle the life out of it. But God is the One who controls life and death on this planet, not demons or people. In the Gospels, we find stories of possessed individuals who demons kept trying to kill by throwing them into fire or other life threatening situations. Yet their plans did not succeed because the individuals were still alive when Jesus came along and drove the demons out of them. Demons never get their total way with you—not even close. This is very important to understand. But while we’re understanding that, we also need to realize that demons are going to harass you every chance they get and that your earthsuit is very cooperative with their dirty little schemes.


Suppose you are babysitting your friend’s kid one night when a loud thunderstorm starts outside. When the child hears the loud booming and sees the bright flashes of lightning, she gets very afraid. What do you do to comfort her? You try to get her focus off of the storm and onto the fact that she is totally safe inside the house with you. You tell her that no matter how much the storm rumbles and roars, it can’t hurt her. If she really listens to you, the girl will feel much better. She’ll curl up with you on the couch and pay attention to the story you’re reading to her and forget all about the storm.

When your earthsuit is all riled up and getting plagued by demons, your soul reacts just like that little girl who is afraid of the storm outside. Your soul feels intimidated and vulnerable whenever your earthsuit starts getting agitated. But whenever your soul gets upset, the Holy Spirit starts talking to you in His wonderfully soothing Voice, assuring you that no matter what’s going on with your earthsuit, you are safe with Him. In stressful times, the Holy Spirit urges your soul to focus on Him instead of on the storm outside. He starts whispering comforting truths to your soul that counter the fearful thoughts rushing in from outside. The reason the Holy Spirit allows demons to harass you in the first place is to motivate you to practice focusing on Him and concentrating on the sound of His Voice. The better you get at doing this, the less affected you are by what your earthsuit is doing, and the harder it is for demons to take you down. But this isn’t something you learn how to do overnight. It takes a whole lot of practice, and the Holy Spirit is going to lead you down this road in baby steps.


Arrogance is a major hindrance when it comes to learning discernment and practicing correct defensive postures. Because they don’t understand the difference between body and soul, many Christians think that spiritual victory can be measured by how peaceful they feel in their earthsuit. When they pray in some stressful situation and their earthsuit instantly calms down (because the Holy Spirit has flicked the demons away from it), these souls leap to the very wrong conclusion that they drove the demons away by the power of prayer. In other words, they gave God a command, and He obeyed them. My, aren’t they impressive. This is how the concept of “prayer warriors” was born—a bunch of arrogant humans misinterpreted what happened in a few crisis moments, then they brazenly decided that God had agreed to take orders from them. Bring on the intercessory prayer conventions and the mapping of demonic strongholds. Suddenly we’re the war generals and God is the grunt who runs around shooting at the targets we name. What a bunch of egotistical rot. But this is where we are at today, and this is why group prayer sessions are so enormously popular in the Church. Today we treat God like a human being—pelting Him with the same requests a million times over because we figure if we nag Him to death about something, we’ll coerce Him into doing it. Why not? This same strategy works on our spouses and kids. Then we gang up on God—praying for the same thing in large groups because we figure He’ll succumb to peer pressure as easily as we do. Are you hearing the idiocy in all of this? God is not a human. There is no power in numbers or repetition—there’s just the Holy Spirit rolling His eyes in irritation.

Now to avoid being led astray by these fools, you need to keep a firm grip on the fact that the Holy Spirit is God Almighty—not some glorified human—and that He is never going to take orders from you. God leads you, He doesn’t follow you. God never taught you to pray fervently against demons—people taught you to do that and it’s a complete waste of time because God doesn’t take orders from you.

When God allows demons to mess with you, it is very intentional. When you react by praying for Him to drive them off, you’re just telling Him to undo something that He’s done on purpose without showing any interest in WHY He is doing it. God always has positive lessons that He wants to teach your soul in the midst of any crisis. We really start maturing when we learn to start looking for those lessons instead of always telling God to stop doing what He wants to do. Demons never come near you without God’s permission, and this means that every time a demon touches you, it is because God wants him to. This is a key principle that cannot be ignored. Demons might fall into the category of God’s enemies, but as far as you are concerned, they are tools which God is going to use to strengthen your personal bond with Him. So demons are really your frenemies—enemies which end up acting as friends because they help you gain what you care most about: a deeper bond with God. Every time demons start harassing your earthsuit as a means of upsetting you, you want to immediately turn your focus onto God and look for Him to align you with His agenda for you in that moment. The term prayer refers to any communication between your soul and God. The power of prayer lies in you choosing to submit to God’s agenda for you and desiring His way in your life. Let’s look at right and wrong ways to pray in the midst of demonic attacks.

The wrong way (the Church’s way): “Satan, I rebuke you! Lord, I know You have the power to drive these demons away! I declare that they are bound in the Name of Jesus! I believe and I receive sweet freedom from You in the Name of Jesus, amen!”

The right way: “God, help me to learn everything that You want to teach me through this experience. Make me all that You want me to be. I want to get as close to You as I can before I leave this earth.”

We never direct our prayers at demons, and we don’t get into arguments with demons. We keep our focus on God alone, because that is the only focus which is going to help our souls. Demons really want your attention because the more you focus on them, the more influence they will have over you. What do you do to lower your stress when some gory scene is playing out on a television screen in front of you? You close your eyes or look away. If you keep focusing on the graphic images, you will only become more upset. The same principle works with demons. When they attack, you need to put your effort into ignoring them and avoid activities which turn your focus onto them. Where is the focus when you are rebuking demons and trying to bind them with your prayers? The focus is on them. Why do you think such activities have become so popular in the Church today? Because in her rebellious state, the Church has lost her ability to discern wisdom from foolishness, thus she buys into the teachings of demons and recycles what they say. Demons teach that they can torment you whenever they want however they want. They teach that they can override God’s good plan and get in His way. They teach that they are the cause of all your troubles, because this raises your fear of them and it makes you reject the truth about God’s sovereign control over all that He has made. Demons don’t want you to accept that God is in charge of evil as well as good, because then you’d start looking for His good purpose in everything. But as long as you buy their baloney about God never wanting anyone to suffer, then you’ll see all trials as terrible things which must be prayed away. The Church spends way too much time focusing on demons and encouraging you to do the same. But real freedom is always found by focusing on God, not His enemies.


Your earthsuit is a truly miraculous machine. Despite all of our years of medical research, we’re nowhere close to fully understanding how these bodies of ours work. Our Creators are so much smarter than we are that we just can’t track Them, and dwelling in these bodies of ours is a daily reminder of how amazing, creative, and brilliant our three Gods are. It is a gift to have a body—and your body was custom made just for you. It wasn’t mass produced on some heavenly assembly line. Your Creators carefully assembled your earthsuit and chose every detail about it: the color of your eyes and skin, the texture of your hair, the length of your fingers, the tone of your voice, the rhythm of your laugh. Your earthsuit is an original work of art—a one of a kind masterpiece that we can’t find an exact duplicate of anywhere in this world. When you look at your earthsuit in the mirror and consider all of its complexities, it’s a reminder of how personally invested God has been in you from the start. You are His wonderfully unique creature and even though you’re only going to be on this earth for a brief amount of time, He built you an incredible machine to get around in while you are here.

Your earthsuit serves many key functions in this first phase of your eternal journey. One of the most important is the way it keeps the real you hidden from the eyes of other people. On this earth, every soul is going around in a costume that they can’t take off. None of us see each other as we actually are. Only God sees the real you, and only God can interact directly with the real you—everyone else has to send messages through your earthsuit. It’s not possible for your soul to talk directly to another human soul. When you talk to other people, your soul sends messages to your brain, and your brain translates those messages into audible sounds which we call verbal language. Your earthsuit then communicates these sounds to another earthsuit, and that second earthsuit then sends the message to the soul inside that earthsuit. Here’s the basic idea:

Slide5Notice that there are two other entities with their own independent wills standing between you and your friend: your earthsuit and his earthsuit. Now we’ve already discussed the fact that earthsuits and the souls dwelling inside of them disagree a lot of the time. Do you think having two earthsuits in the middle of every conversation is going to create problems in communication? Oh yes, it is. Major problems. Have you ever had a friend make some stinging remark and half of you thinks “I should just let that go” but the other half of you gets all mad about it? Have you ever thought of some real zinger you could fling out and half of you thinks “I should just hold my tongue” but the next second you hear yourself saying it? These are examples of your soul and earthsuit wrestling with each other. And while you’re busy wrestling with your suit, your friend is wrestling with his suit, and pretty soon no one is saying exactly what they mean and everyone’s twisting the meaning of each other’s words. And let’s not forget about the Holy Spirit and demons—they’re both chiming in as well. In real life, conversations between two people are a complicated mess that goes something like this:


This brief example illustrates how two serious Christians can get caught in a fight with each other over trivial things because their earthsuits and demons won’t let up. Notice how when God speaks, both you and Jane immediately aligned with Him and chose to obey Him. But when the two of you tried to get your earthsuits to cooperate, they fought back. Notice how demons worked on each of you individually—egging on your earthsuits and then turning on you both with condemnation after they succeeded in getting you each to do what they wanted.

Now in real life, complex exchanges like this happen extremely fast. We wrote out the above exchange in verbal words to help you see what’s going on, but in real life your soul doesn’t use verbal words. Instead, it communicates things to your earthsuit in its own spiritual language and your earthsuit then responds to the promptings of your soul in a variety of ways. Instead of hearing your earthsuit talking back to your soul in your mind, you might just feel knots of tension forming in your stomach as your earthsuit digs in and refuses to do what your soul is telling it to do. When you feel prompted to witness to someone and you want to obey but then your legs turn to jelly and your mouth suddenly feels so dry you can’t talk—these are ways that your earthsuit resists doing what your soul is pushing it to do.

In real life, exchanges between you and your suit happen so fast, and demons are so slick about imitating your thought voice and God’s Voice, that by the time they get around to condemning you, you think you are guilty of the charges they make against you because you have completely missed the part where your soul aligned with God. In the above example, both you and Jane are obeying God—your souls agreed with Him, and they wanted to do as He said. If your earthsuits weren’t in the way, grossly misrepresenting you to each other, this argument would never have happened.

So much of the friction we experience in this world with other serious Christians is due to earthsuit malfunctions. When two souls who are living in alignment with God get together, they should be experiencing sweet harmony in their relationship. But this isn’t what they experience because their earthsuits are brats who get all huffy over silly things and constantly align with demons. This is where we need to remember what we learned in our previous lesson about how God judges you only by the choices of your soul, not by the behavior of your flesh. In the above example, God would be pleased with both you and Jane because you both responded to Him with instant obedience. But when Jane looks at you through the eyes of her earthsuit, does she see evidence of your soul’s desire to do right? No, she sees you acting hostile and petty. It’s the same when you look at Jane: you don’t see her true intentions towards you. This is why humans make such poor judges of each other.


Studying spiritual communication mechanics teaches us some very important principles. Given everything we’ve learned so far, can you understand why it’s a bad idea for you to sit down in a church and decide that you’re going to blindly accept everything you hear? Do you see how dangerous it is for you to view any other human as a flawless representative of God? What are you seeing when you look at someone else? Are you even seeing the real person? No, you’re just seeing their earthsuit, and as we just discussed, these earthsuits really butcher the messages that our souls try to communicate. So even when you are being taught by a dedicated pastor who loves God with all his heart and wants nothing more than to communicate God’s messages with total accuracy, how is he going to get an unadulterated message through the screen of his earthsuit, through the screen of your earthsuit, and to your soul? By the time his earthsuit is done adding its carnal influence to the message and your earthsuit is done reading stuff into his message that he never said, the message your soul digests is not the message he tried to deliver. And of course demons are involved in every step of the process, agitating his earthsuit and your earthsuit to try and garble the communication as much as possible. This is why if another soul succeeds in saying anything to you that actually sounds like the Voice of God, it is a complete miracle which only God can take the credit for.

Human souls do not reign supreme over their earthsuits. They constantly wrestle with their earthsuits, and if they win it is only because God supplied Divine empowerment. You have to realize that we are all fighting our own private wars down here and that even our best attempts to do right often come out seriously marred. This is why you cannot depend on humans to guide you in spiritual matters, you must rely on God alone. The Holy Spirit is your Guide in life and He is the only One who sees what is really going on in any situation. He sees what another soul meant to say to you, and He sees how badly that message got mangled by demons and a huffy earthsuit.

On earth, how much time do we spend hating each other and holding grudges and casting blame? From God’s perspective, so much of our energy is being spent hindering others from pursuing righteousness. Suppose a man really did mean to murder your friend ten years ago. But by now he has changed, he has repented, and he is sincerely sorry for what he did. If you’re still stuck in hate mode, how are you any better than him? He did something wrong, but now he wants to do right and you’re being an obstacle in his path because your soul is clinging to the same rebellious attitudes that his soul used to cling to ten years ago. This is why God tells us not to judge each other. We want to focus on behavior and pretend that some sins are more atrocious than others. But God looks past behaviors and sees that we’re all harboring the same rotten core attitudes. One man express his soul’s rebellion through murder, another through rape, another through swindling—what difference does it really make? Rebellion is rebellion. Just because you don’t have the temperament to do violent crimes doesn’t make your soul’s defiance less offensive to God. Just because you didn’t have the means and opportunity to kill someone doesn’t make your desire to murder them any less real. God judges you by your soul’s intention. When you desperately want to please Him and you can’t make your earthsuit submit to your soul’s agenda, you are credited for obedience. When you willfully defy God, yet you manage to hide your foul attitude under a thick layer of moral behavior, your rebellion is counted against you. God judges a man by his soul. But you can’t see a man’s soul, which is why you can’t accurately assess his intentions. When dealing with other people, you must rely on God to guide you, for only God knows who is truly seeking Him and who is rebelling—who is trying to help you and who is trying to hurt you. Before you judge the questionable actions of a friend, you need to ask God for wisdom. Before you believe the contents of a book because you trust the name that is on the cover, you need to ask God for wisdom. Before you believe God has left you simply because your earthsuit’s emotions feel suddenly depressed, you need to ask Him for wisdom. Before you believe that the image in your mind of God scowling down at you is an accurate depiction of how He feels about you, you need to ask Him for wisdom. You are a soul who is stuck in a machine that has an entirely different set of priorities than you do. Your earthsuit relies on its senses to interpret reality and discern truth from lies. Those senses are already faulty, but then there are demons who can easily manipulate them. With the help of demons, your earthsuit is constantly bombarding your soul with false messages about your spiritual standing with God, and about the world around you. If you don’t learn to rely on the Holy Spirit as your Guide in life, you will make very foolish choices: you’ll enter into harmful relationships, you’ll believe lies, you’ll reject truth, you’ll end up totally ruled by your earthsuit’s carnal agenda, and you’ll be worshiping idols instead of your Creators. God has intentionally put you into a situation where total dependency on Him is your only hope of survival. By surrounding you with opposing forces that are stronger than you are, He drives your soul into His arms and teaches it to keep a tight grip on Him at all times. It is only when we see ourselves as hopeless and helpless without God that we become positioned to really thrive as the dependent creatures that He designed us to be. In our next lesson, we’ll learn how we maintain our grip on God by listening for the sound of His Voice and recognizing when our souls are aligned with Him.

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