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Why You Need to Mock God


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This post is speaking to non-Christians.

What kinds of emotions come to mind when you hear Christians talking about Jesus? Rage? Bitterness? Hate? Think about how you spend your time. Are you going out of your way to mock and insult the Christian God? Are you intensely bothered whenever you hear Christians declaring their love and loyalty to Jesus? Your aggressive behavior is only a surface symptom of a deeper issue. When we find ourselves hating God and feeling a need to mock and slander Him, it is often because we feel that He has wronged us in some terrible way and we’re really just out for revenge. Maybe He did something He was never supposed to do. Maybe He failed to do something that He was supposed to do. Whatever the reason, when God hurts us intensely, where can we go for help? Most of His followers want to sit around saying “God doesn’t do evil.” Well, this doesn’t help you very much, does it? When God crushes us, we need a better explanation than “Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.”

In general, Christians do a pretty lousy job of acknowledging God’s sovereignty. Sure, they’ll say He runs the universe. But whenever something really bad happens, they try to pass the buck to Satan or sin or human will. But is God really such a weenie that He can’t keep order in His own universe? Of course not. Don’t let Christians deceive you: God DOES do evil, and He is never blocked, stopped, or overwhelmed by things which His own hands have made. God intentionally crushes, wounds, and deceives. So if you hate God because He’s done something awful to you in life, that’s a reasonable place to be. God created humans with a need for things to make sense. When God trashes us in life and we can’t see any reason why, it’s only natural for us to conclude that there is no reason, therefore God is a jerk. Why would we want to worship a jerk? We wouldn’t. No one is going to want to worship a God who they don’t believe is good in Character.

Christians believe that God is good in Character. Well, most of them. Some of them are having serious doubts because of the things God is currently putting them through. But Christians get a lot of pressure from other Christians to not ask certain questions, such as “Why does God act like such a two-faced creep?” So they don’t ask, and if you press them, many will pretend that they are fine with what God does even though they’re not fine at all. But while Christians are squeamish about the subject of God’s involvement with evil, God has no problems owning up to what He does. Christians might believe that God would damn them to Hell if they ever told Him where to put His Divine plan, but Christians are wrong. God would prefer that His followers be more honest about their experience of Him, but Christians are afraid to be honest, so they continue to perpetuate the same lies about God over and over again.

As someone who does not yet know God, you need to realize that you are basing your assumptions about Him on a whole lot of hearsay. God is like a man who lives on the other side of the world from you. After hearing a bunch of nasty stories about Him, you decide, “Why should I bother with trying to meet Him myself? I already know who He is and He isn’t anyone that I would want to deal with.” And yet the truth is that you don’t know Him at all—you’re just basing your decision on rumors that are not true.

God does do evil. Whatever it is you think He was involved in, you are right: He was involved. God is involved in EVERY aspect of your life and there is nothing that has happened to you in this world apart from His direct involvement. But now the ultimate question is WHY did God do what He did? You assume the answer is that He’s a creep. But let’s face it: that’s a pretty weak theory which is based on nothing more than your human reactions and feelings. Now feelings are valid, but you’re never going to know why God did something to you unless you ask Him yourself. Sure the Christians can sit around quoting the Bible at you and giving you a bunch of theories, but so much of what they say isn’t correct. How can you tell? Well, look at the reaction their words have on you. When God is talking to you, He speaks in a way that draws you towards Him. God’s Voice has a calming effect on your churning insides. But when it’s just humans blabbing at you, you end up all the more furious and all the more determined that you want nothing to do with God.

You’re never going to find peace of soul by spending your life trying to lob grenades at God over some high wall that you’ve constructed to keep Him out of your life. You can’t hurt God, but He has already hurt you, and that it something He wants to talk to you about. God did not hurt you just to leave you crushed and bleeding on the ground. He hurt you to help you, but only He can show you how those two things come together.

God’s ways really aren’t as mysterious as Christians make them out to be. God has intentionally filled your life with experiences which enable you to understand why He operates the way He does. On this earth, you’ve already learned that there are times when you have to inflict more pain in order to improve the state of something. To trade out a failing heart for a good one, drastic damage is done to the bones and soft tissues that stand between the surgeon and the organ he needs to access. By the time the patient is out of surgery, he is in much worse shape than he was when he went in, yet in time he will end up better than ever because the surgery was performed. God works in similar ways in your life: inflicting wounds that often seem excessive and nonsensical in order to bring about some lifesaving changes. You can understand this principle because God has already taught it to you.

Because of the experiences God has given you in life, you understand the concept that sometimes things must be destroyed in order to realize their full potential. Seeds are totally destroyed in the process of growing into trees. Dig up a fifty year old pine tree and you aren’t going to find some perfect little seed still intact under the base of the trunk. The seed is gone. It was obliterated in the process of becoming what it was created to be: a mighty tree. So also, there are aspects of you that God is going to destroy in order to release the potential that He has built into you. God has reasons for what He does, and in every terrible thing that He does to you, His primary goal is to help you. God wants you to thrive, not go through life as a hurting, hateful mess. But God has intentionally designed His growth program to involve some brutal experiences. Does this make Him evil in Character? No, it does not. Character cannot be defined by actions, only by internal motivations. Right now all you are looking at is His actions. Ignoring motivations is going to lead you into deception every time. Do you really want to waste your life hating God only to find out that He was Someone totally different than who you thought He was?

How much do you enjoy having someone else tell you what you’re thinking? It’s annoying, isn’t it? YOU know what you’re thinking, and you also know that other people can’t read your mind. So when another human comes along accusing you of thinking things that you know you aren’t thinking, it’s irritating. Well, isn’t this what you are doing to God when you accuse Him of being some kind of Ogre without ever giving Him the chance to speak for Himself? Forget about what Christians say. Do you want to be judged by what your friends say or do you want the chance to define yourself? If you’re going to pass judgment on God, you ought to at least be fair about it, otherwise you’re just being the two-faced jerk that you’re accusing Him of being. You should treat God like you’d want to be treated: giving Him the opportunity to speak for Himself and being willing to actually listen to what He has to say. You can’t read God’s mind any more than other humans can read yours, so how is it fair for you to tell Him what He’s thinking? If you really want to know what He’s thinking and if you really want to understand why He does what He does, then you need to ask Him yourself. To just keep mocking Him without any evidence to back up your complaints—well, that’s just pathetic, and who can respect it? Hating God is a reasonable response, but refusing to talk to Him is just a copout.

There are people on this planet who have been ripped apart by God, and they don’t give anyone but Him the blame for what they went through. But at the same time, they will tell you that God is undeniably good, that He is trustworthy, loving, and worth going through anything for. Until you know the God these people are talking about, your assessment of Him is going to be utterly meaningless. So then, what kind of mocker are you going to be? Gutless or courageous? Hypocritical or fair? Seek God in your own heart and find out who He really is and why He did what He did to you. Then you will have something to say that is worth listening to.

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