Rebuking Demons


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In the Church you are often told that rebuking demons is an effective strategy to use in spiritual warfare. But the truth is that this strategy isn’t all that great and it often ends up prolonging the fight. You see, your focus is what demons need in order to do damage. They want you to be thinking about them, not God. Whether you’re fretting over their lies or rebuking them, your focus is still on them, which means you’re making their job a lot easier than it needs to be.

It’s time to stop being so helpful. The next time you’re feeling harassed, turn your mind onto God instead of onto demons. Focus on truths instead of on lies. Let’s run through some examples.

Demon: “You’re not really saved.”
Rebuking Response: “Get behind me, Satan!”
Better Response: “Thank You, Jesus, for so graciously saving me and for never casting me out. I know I can rest in Your faithfulness to me.”

Demon: “God could never love someone like you.”
Rebuking Response: “Get behind me, Satan! I am not going to believe your lies!”
Better Response: “God, thank You for loving me just as I am. Make me all that You want me to be.”

Demon: “God will never forgive you for aborting your child.”
Rebuking Response: “In Jesus’ Name, I rebuke you, devil!”
Better Response: “Jesus, thank You for atoning for all of my sins on the cross. Because of You, I know that my sins no longer separate us. I want to get as close to You as I can on this earth.”

Why talk to demons when you could be talking to God? There is a lot of popular teaching in the Church that is sending you in the wrong direction. It’s far better for your soul to focus on truth and on your loving Creators than it is to get into circular arguments with creatures that hate you. Demons love it when you engage with them. They aren’t intimidated by you quoting Scripture in their faces. They’ve got a whole arsenal of verses that they will lob right back at you if you give them the chance. So don’t go there. Focus on God. He is worthy of your attention. Demons are not.