Why didn’t God make us stronger than demons?


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This question brings up another question: why do we need to be superior to demons?  After all, God is infinitely stronger than demons and we have God to protect us, so why are we upset about being so weak on our own?  The answer is that we want our independence. 

As humans, we don’t like having to depend on God.  As long as we are powerless to stand against demons, we are at the mercy of God’s preferences.  We have to wait until He is willing to defend us–otherwise we’re just sitting ducks.  We have no control over the battle whatsoever and this really irks us because we want control.  We want to create as much distance between ourselves and God as possible.

Consider how much we already try to discount God’s involvement in our lives.  When we get cured from a disease, we give all the glory to manufactured medications and human doctors.  When a building doesn’t collapse in an earthquake, we praise human engineers.  When we enjoy good health, we praise ourselves for having good eating habits and for exercising regularly.  We regularly take the bows for everything that God does for us and hardly ever remember His Name.  It’s only in times of total crisis that we suddenly become God’s best friends.  When our human friends can’t come up with any solution to our problems, that’s when we are suddenly heaping on the praise and giving God all kinds of credit for things that we’ve never stopped to appreciate before.  How desperately we need a neighborhood bully to constantly turn our minds onto God, for if we thought we were the lords of the turf, we would become impossibly arrogant.  But happily for us, God lets demons roam about in the earthly dimension to give us much needed reminders that we are nothing more than helpless flecks who can’t do a single thing without Him.  Even then, how many pompous windbags do we find in the Church today who are claiming to have unlocked the secret to controlling the demonic realms?  And why are these guys making millions in book sales?  Because although God has said we are completely dependent on Him, Christians are still clinging to the hope that we’re not as helpless as God says we are.  Refusing to believe Him, they will believe any yahoo who comes along claiming to have the magic formula for a no-fail demon repellent.  Whether it’s quoting verses, chanting mantras, or dumping money in the offering plate, these con artists enjoy great fame and popularity because Christians are so repulsed by the idea of having to depend on their loving God to take care of them. Given the way we treat Him, it is utterly astounding that God promises not to throw us into Hell–we certainly deserve it!

Everything God makes is completely dependent on Him–and that includes demons.  This is why it is so foolish for demons and humans to try and fight against God or to cling to the theory that they could ever overcome or control Him in any way.  It’s actually quite brilliant the way God uses another dependent creature (demons) to remind humans of their dependency on Him.  We should be thankful that demons are stronger than us.  It’s a major blessing.

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