The Futility of Naming Demons


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Stay away from naming demons. Don’t try to figure out their names and don’t talk to them by name. Stay far away from this whole ridiculous hoopla of demon naming that so many Christians get themselves tangled up in today. There’s nothing more ridiculous than these know-it-alls who start boasting about their in-depth knowledge of individual demons. “There’s the demon named Anxiety and the demon named Depression.” Have you ever noticed how often these demons are named after emotions? And how convenient that their names are so easy to pronounce in our native languages—who knew demons preferred English, right? Realize that whenever some human tells you that they know a demon’s real name, they’re full of baloney. We don’t know the names of demons, nor should we care. Oh sure, demons will gladly make up some catchy title if that will entice us to spend more time thinking about them. But as a Christian, you shouldn’t be dwelling on demons and you shouldn’t be caring at all about what their names are.

Why do you need names unless you’re trying to talk to someone? The minute you’re talking to someone, you’re focusing on them, and you never want to focus on demons. You need to keep your focus on God, and by the way, you don’t know His Name, either. Yahweh, Jesus, the Holy Spirit—these are convenient references we use for now. Are they the actual Names of our Gods? Of course not. It’s nonsensical to assume that a nonhuman’s name would be something that a human tongue could pronounce. But again, who cares? Names are simply a way of identifying someone. Jesus’ mother didn’t call Him Jesus, she called Him Yeshua. Does He care if you say Jesus instead of Yeshua when Jesus wasn’t His real earthly name? No, He doesn’t. Does the Holy Spirit care if you call Him the Holy Ghost instead of the Holy Spirit? No, He doesn’t. Does Yahweh care if you call Him Father or just plain God? No. God knows when you’re talking to Him, and what matters to Him is your focus and your attitude.

Plenty of people pray to “God”, but they’re not all praying to THE God. When you pray, God knows who your soul is trying to address and He knows if you’re being respectful or disrespectful—these are the things He cares about. When you stand around trying to rebuke demons by name, you are talking to demons and this is not what God wants you to do. God doesn’t want you conversing with demons or angels or dead people. Whenever you address a being in the supernatural realm, it needs to be one or more of your three Creators. Your soul should never be reaching out to any other entity.

Be clear on this: your rebuke doesn’t scare demons in the slightest. Flinging around Jesus’ Name isn’t going to do you any good unless Jesus Himself is in the mood to back that Name up with power. Our Gods do not take orders from us. They lead, and we follow. So don’t be telling the Holy Spirit who He needs to exorcise and don’t go throwing Jesus’ Name around like some kind of bossy command from creature to Creator. This is disrespectful behavior and there’s a whole lot of disrespect happening in the Church today.

The real source of your demon trouble is God Himself. Demons can’t come near you unless the Holy Spirit intentionally gives them an opening, so you need to go straight to Him when you start feeling harassed. To try and confront demons directly is a waste of time. You can’t do anything to hurt them and they know it. They aren’t impressed by your confident facade, because they can see right through you and they know when they’re getting to you. Stay focused on God and remember that He has a good reason for letting demons harass you. The demons aren’t going to leave until He is in the mood to drive them off, and God doesn’t take orders from you, so don’t waste your learning time by trying to boss the Holy Spirit about. If the demons are there, He has a reason for it. You need to be asking Him to help you learn whatever it is He wants to teach you.

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