Mind Wars: Defending Against Demonic Voices in Your Head


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Once we start learning how sneaky demons can be with their impersonations of our thought voice and their use of first person pronouns to entice us into owning their lies, how do we go about defending ourselves from such clever adversaries? In this post, we’ll discuss strategies that you can use against demons, and we’ll also learn how to see through the strategies they will try to use on you. There might be an intense war raging in your mind, but you certainly don’t have to surrender.

1. Understand the Goal

We cannot make demons stop talking to us, but we can change how we respond to them. Demons want you to believe that as long as you can’t make them shut up, they are winning. This is a complete lie. Demons can yammer on and on, but unless you’re paying attention to them and agreeing with the things that they say, their influence over you is going to be quite limited. The goal is not to try and silence demons, but to learn how to ignore them. The more confident you become in your relationship with God, the easier this will be. Don’t be discouraged if demons are currently making a deafening racket in your mind. Instead, think about the last time you were talking with a friend in some noisy public place. You spend hours there, but you’re so focused on the conversation you’re having, that you barely notice the people around you. Have you ever been walking down a public street so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t hear someone shouting out your name? Focus is very powerful, and the more intently we focus on God, the more all that noise the demons are making in your mind will begin to fade into the background. Don’t underestimate how good you can get at ignoring demons. With the Holy Spirit as your Coach, anything is possible.

2. Refuse to Cooperate

Suppose a man wants to kill you by driving you over a cliff. He’s got a car all ready to go, and he has pulled up alongside you on a public street. Now he just needs you to agree to get into the car. He can’t force you into it by himself, he needs your cooperation. If you knew what the man’s shady intentions were, of course you’d never agree.  To try and intimidate you into it doing what he wants, the man starts making all kinds of threats, waving a gun at you, and telling you that you’d better do what he says or else. But the whole time he knows that his gun isn’t really loaded and that he really doesn’t have any way of hurting you unless you get into his car with him. This is the same predicament demons are in with you, only they don’t want you to know it.

Demons can’t make you believe the lies they tell you. You have to choose to swallow their poison pills of condemnation. If you don’t, the condemnation will lose its power. A poison pill can’t harm you when it’s just sitting on the table in front of you. Until you pick it up and agree to swallow it, it has no power over you whatsoever. In the same way, demons can flood your mind with a bunch of rot about what a failure you are and how your future will be nothing but misery, yet they can’t make you believe any of these things. You have the option to reject their lies. Once you realize this, the whole game changes.

Now having the option to do something and having the resources to follow through on that option are two different things. You can always choose to bend down and try to pick up a barbell. But how much weight your muscles can successfully lift will depend on how strong they are. When you first start practicing spiritual discernment, your rejection muscles are all weak and flabby. When you first start trying to reject lies that demons are shoving on you, you’ll feel like you are powerless to resist them. Instead of flicking their poison pills away from you, you’ll feel like you keep swallowing them whole. Naturally this is discouraging, and demons will try to make a huge deal out of your early string of failures. They’ll say that you’ll never get any better at resisting them, so you might as well stop trying. But you mustn’t stop trying. Instead, you need to realize that you just have weak muscles. Both physical and spiritual muscles grow stronger through strain. Any attempt you make to try and reject the condemnation demons are heaping on you will begin to increase your confidence and faith.

Demons have been harassing humans for thousands of years. They understand spiritual growth well enough to know that if you start resisting them on a regular basis, you will just keep getting better at it. Those flabby muscles are going to start firming up and it’s going to become harder and harder for demons to get you to swallow their lies. They’ll have to keep increasing how much time and resources they spend on you only to end up with less and less gain. Demons have limited resources and billions of souls that they are trying to harass. If you’re going to become a very difficult customer, then they’ll have to settle for less frequent attacks that are better planned out. Instead of wasting manpower haranguing you everywhere you go, they’ll back off and start waiting for opportunities when your defenses are down. When those moments come, they’ll really pounce and try to make the most of it, but the rest of the time you will notice much less static in your head from them. It all starts with you deciding to be obnoxiously stubborn. So dig those heels in and remember that no matter how easily they can overpower you today, you WILL get stronger. There is nothing demons can do to stop you from developing stronger faith in God if you start trying to resist them. This is why their best defense is to talk you out of even trying by convincing you that you’ll never get anywhere. Don’t fall for their scheme.

3. Distract Your Mind

Remember that the goal is to learn how to ignore demons. The less you engage with them, the better. It’s pretty hard to carry on an argument with someone who won’t respond to you. So also, demons have a very hard time dragging you down into despair if you aren’t paying attention to the convincing argument they’ve come up with to prove why you’ll never amount to anything life. Distraction is the key here. Demons need your focused attention if they’re going to get anywhere with you. Think of their voice like a station on the radio. You can’t turn off the volume, but you can start talking over it, or else you can turn on some other louder source of music to drown their station out. By rehearsing positive truths about God in your mind, you make it much more difficult for demons to hold your attention. If they are really trying to target you, they will intensify their attacks when they know you are most vulnerable–such as when you’re lying in bed waiting to go to sleep. In these cases, turning on some music, white noise, or even the television can be a very useful counter defense.

Your mind needs something else to focus on in order to practice tuning demons out. If they are trying to attack you with mental images as well as words, then you need a substitute image to focus on. Any image that turns your mind to God is your friend in these moments. Now sometimes you will try to pull up some positive image of God smiling at you, and demons will contort the image into something else. God will go from smiling at you to glaring at you, and demons will try to tell you that God Himself is altering your mental image to better reflect reality. But of course they are lying, and you can tell they are the originators of the corrupted image because of the negative effect it has on your soul.

ANY image or thought which makes you feel rejected by God, distant from Him, or discouraged in your relationship with Him is a lie from demons. These are the things we want to practice rejecting. If they are really flooding your mind with images, it’s a good time to try reading or doing some other activity that has a visual component to it. New information coming through your eyes will help pull your attention off of the images demons are pressing into your mind. You might still be partly focused on them, but remember that any amount of resistance is going to help you grow stronger.

4. Know Yourself

Demons are very strategic in their attacks. You need to know where your weakest points are–and that means where you are most insecure in your walk with God. Everyone has weak areas. Some of us brutally struggle with grasping that God loves us. Others struggle with receiving His forgiveness about the past. Whatever your deep core fears are, demons know all about them and they will try to leverage them against you. If there are any subjects that you’re currently avoiding with God, you are really providing demons with some hefty ammo to use against you. Don’t let there be any topics you avoid in your prayers. Everything needs to be out on the table. Fears need to be acknowledged so that countering truths can be identified and focused on.  Remember that no matter how black your situation seems, with God there is ALWAYS hope.

Once you’ve identified positive core truths about your relationship with God that are very difficult for you to get a hold of, make a list of them or make a recording of yourself saying them and keep that resource handy. The weaker your grip is on a certain truth, the easier it will be for demons to talk you into accepting the opposite of that truth. Having your list handy will help you identify when demons are trying to attack you. Any thought that enters your mind which counters one of the truths on your list is coming from demons. Now because your confidence is so weak in these areas, it will be very difficult to try and counter lies at first. For example, if you have a very hard time accepting that God actually likes you, then it will feel very correct when demons sidle up to you and say, “God finds you so annoying.” But when you can see that the truths on your list totally contradict this negative message, then you need to try and reject it. You won’t be able to at first. You’ll say, “God really loves me,” in your mind, but it will sound completely ludicrous to you. That’s alright, you’re just working muscles that have no strength yet. That will change. Keep going over your list until you have it memorized. Recite it when you get up in the morning, when you go to bed at night, and whenever it surfaces in your mind. If you try to do an activity like this, the Holy Spirit will start helping you by bringing the items on your list to your mind throughout the day. Take note of when one of your positive truths suddenly pops into your mind. Realize that this is not a random coincidence. This is God talking to you, helping you to turn your mind onto positive truths. Any thought or image which inspires your soul and makes you feel hopeful in your walk with God is coming from Him.

5. Monitor Your Internal Responses

Agreeing with demons is like swallowing tea that’s been laced with poison. The more sips you swallow, the worse you feel. Early detection is an important part of defending yourself from their assaults. The sooner you can identify them as the source of the thought in your mind, the sooner you can practice rejecting what they’re saying. Because demons are so good at imitating our thought voice, we often think we are listening to ourselves musing in our own heads instead of realizing that a third party has gotten involved. By the time we start suspecting demons, we’ve already internalized many of their lies. It’s much easier to reject a lie right off than it is to try and unlearn something after you’ve accepted it as truth. Remember that ANYTHING which makes you feel beat down, or hopeless in your walk with God is coming from demons. Always ask yourself, “Is this thought making me feel closer to God or further away from Him?” Anything that makes you feel unwanted or unloved by God is coming from demons. There are times when God will express strong negative feelings about our attitudes and actions, but if you are a Christian in His eyes, He will NEVER reject you personally.  Remember this general rule: demons discourage, God encourages. Remember that most of the thoughts in your head are not originating from you—this is especially true when we are in the early stages of learning how to develop good discernment skills because demons tend to be much more vocal with us when they find we are easy to manipulate.

6. Start Listening for God

God is always talking to you. You need to start aggressively looking for evidence of this. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognize when He is talking to you. The more you start identifying specific incidents of Him speaking to you, the more confident you will become about His intimate involvement in your life. Confidence leads to greater faith and trust, and these things strengthen your resistance muscles. A good exercise is to get a journal and start noting down any thoughts or images that God puts in your head. Any thought that makes you feel closer to God, wanted by Him, and encouraged in your walk is coming from Him. You do not think encouraging thoughts on your own–those are translations of things that the Holy Spirit is saying to your soul. Remember that a thought does not have to be clearly stated in your mind to be from God. The Holy Spirit is speaking to your soul in a non-verbal language and He will sometimes say things to you that your mind finds difficult to put into words. When this happens, your thought voice will sound like it is tripping over its tongue as it searches for the best translation of what your soul has heard. For example, the Holy Spirit might communicate some strong, nonverbal message of His pleasure with you to your soul. Your soul reacts by feeling suddenly joyful and inspired. Your mind then tries to put this communication into words, but it can’t find a single phrase that captures all the nuances of what God has said to you, so you end up with a string of halting thoughts:

“God loves me—He’s pleased—pleased because I really care about Him—pleased when He sees into my heart.”

Remember that when our confidence in God speaking to us is still weak, our mind phrases everything He says as if we are thinking the thoughts ourselves instead of acknowledging that He is speaking to us directly. But as our faith grows, our minds will change the pronouns they are using to reflect the fact that God is talking to us. It will also stop trying to interject doubt into the things God is saying.

Strong faith (recognizes God is talking, does not mangle the message): “I love you so much.”

Weak faith (assumes you are the originator of God’s words and mangles His message with doubt): “I hope God loves me.”

Strong faith: “Don’t give up. We are growing closer all the time.”

Weak faith: “I need to not give up yet. Maybe God will still bring me closer to Him eventually.”

7. Listen for Countering Thoughts.

When demons are being very vocal with you, it’s easy to feel like God is never talking. What you hear in your mind is a long string of negativity that is occasionally interrupted by some weak rebuttal. When you’re new to discernment, you will probably take credit for this entire conversation and assume the whole thing is just your low self-esteem talking. But it is not you talking, it is demons using your own insecurities to pound you. Listen closer for those weak rebuttals—those times when you seem to waffle. For example:

I’m such a loser. I’ll always be a loser. I’m sure God could never love someone like me. But maybe He could. No, He couldn’t. I’m a total zero. Everything I do sucks. I’ve never done anything right. Well, maybe I’ve done a few things right. No, I haven’t.

Notice how those first person pronouns make it sound like you’re talking to yourself, and yet in reality, demons are talking to you.  Notice how the phrases in red counter the main point that is being emphasized over and over again. This is God, interjecting hope into the conversation. His statements sound very weak and unconfident because your faith in Him is so weak, therefore your soul is rejecting much of His encouragement and your brain is using the wrong pronouns because it doesn’t accept the concept of an outside party talking to you. If we were to reword this same thought stream and change the pronouns to reflect the fact that two outside parties are talking to you, then it would sound like this:

Demons: You’re such a loser. You’ll always be a loser. God could never love someone like you.
God: Of course I could. I love you very much.
Demons: No, that’s not true. You’re a total zero. Everything you do sucks. You’ve never done anything right.
God: Of course you have. You’ve done several things right. Submitting your life to Me, for example—that was huge.
Demons: Don’t listen to Him, you haven’t done anything right.

Now if this is what you really heard in your mind, the battle would be a bit easier. The demons’ accusations would still be tough to resist because your insecurities with God make them feel so valid. But at least you wouldn’t be taking responsibility for the whole thing and you wouldn’t be completely missing the fact that God is encouraging you.


By now you’ve become aware of several very common attack strategies that demons use against you, such as speaking in the first person in your mind to make you think you are the originator of their thoughts. Whenever demons talk to you, their words will have a negative effect on you because their primary goal is to create division and friction between you and God. Just being aware of these things puts you in a much better position than souls who don’t understand these principles. Education is critical.

Now let’s discuss some more aggressive tactics that demons use to try to convince you that their control over you is far greater than it is.

1. The Terror of “Hearing Voices”

Normally demons aren’t going to speak to you in the second person because they don’t want you to realize an outside source is talking to you unless they feel very secure in their domination of you. But in cases of intense demonic harassment, such as physical possession and some types of schizophrenia, demons intentionally switch to using second person pronouns because they want to add to your terror by flaunting the fact that your mind is being invaded by some outside force. Because our internal thought life feels like such an intimate part of us, we really panic at the thought of some creepy creature invading our minds. In these situations, demons may try to tell you they are aliens from outer space, or some kind of monsters, or they will admit their real identity as demons—whatever image freaks you out the most. And once demons feel confident enough to identify their presence with you, their arrogance quickly takes them over. They are just full of authoritative statements about how hopelessly you are trapped in their clutches with no way of ever escaping.

“You’ll never escape us. We have your mind. We’re controlling you now. There’s nothing you can do to get free. We’re reading your mind. We’re destroying your brain. We’re controlling your thoughts.”

You need to hear all this for the absolute baloney that it is. Demons aren’t doing anything but dumping words into your brain. Speaking to a man is hardly the same as controlling his thoughts. Demons can’t control your thoughts, they can only plant thoughts. You can still think independently of them, because you are your soul and your soul and your brain are completely separate entities. If your soul is like the driver of a car, then your brain is the engine under the hood. Demons can try to throw a wrench into the engine, but that doesn’t do any harm to the driver. He is sitting safely inside the cab of the car and God is sitting right beside him. If the engine gets all choked up and quits, the man can still turn in his seat and have a conversation with God. If the engine is squealing or banging or making some other kind of ruckus, that doesn’t stop the man from hearing what God is saying to him. Here is a critical point to grasp: demons CANNOT interrupt the communication between your soul and God.

Can you touch the surface of the planet Mars by standing on earth and stretching your arms way up towards the sky? Of course not. Your efforts are utterly pathetic and they aren’t getting you anywhere near the planet. It’s completely impossible for you to reach, jump, or strain enough to get anywhere near Mars. You are stuck on the earth, pressed down by gravity, and you’re not going anywhere. This is how it is with your soul and demons. Your soul is like Mars. Demons are like you, stuck to the earth a zillion miles away. Demons CANNOT access your soul. Oh sure, they’ll tell you that they can and they’ll say that you’re going to Hell and that they own you. Blah, blah, blah, demons are pompous windbags. They’re always telling you what they wish were true, but here is another important principle: if they’re making threats, it’s because they don’t yet have the authority to carry those threats out.

What they say to you: “We’re going to destroy you.”
What they’re really thinking: “We wish we could destroy you but God keeps blocking us.”

What they say to you: “We’ll never let you go.”
What they’re really thinking: “We don’t want you to realize that God could throw us off of you at any moment.”

Demons are chronic liars. If they’re bragging about having something, the truth is they don’t have it at all.

What they say to you: “We have your soul.”
What they’re really thinking: “We can’t touch your soul, but as long as you don’t realize this, you’ll be so easy to manipulate.”

What they say to you: “God has given you into our hands. He’s totally abandoned you.”
What they’re really thinking: “God is right here, but as long as you don’t realize it, you won’t try to talk to Him.”

2. “Kill Yourself.”

Once demons have you in a terrified, cowering position—totally creeped out by the idea that aliens are invading your mind, or feeling like you no longer have control over your physical body—they will often start pressuring you into killing yourself. Demons want to you to die. They don’t want to sit around toying with you. God is constantly flooding this world with new human souls and each one represents potential trouble for demons. They want to kill you and move on. But they can’t kill you directly because God won’t let them—this is why they want you to try and kill yourself. The hope is that maybe God will give in and let you die if He sees that you’re choosing death on your own.

“Kill yourself. Kill yourself. You know you want to die. Just do it. There’s no way out. We’ll never let you go. You’ll never be free until you’re dead.”  

Using a lot of repetition and a very aggressive tone, they try to intimidate you into attempting suicide. But God isn’t an idiot, and He sees how demons are harassing you into wanting to kill yourself. He knows that this isn’t a decision you’re coming to on your own, but that you’re being brainwashed into it. God isn’t going to let you go anywhere until He decides that He’s ready to move you on.

3. The Voice-Over Strategy: “We Can Control Your Prayers”

Demons want you to believe that by controlling your thoughts, they can control your prayers. When you try to pray, “God, please help me!”, they change the words in your mind to “God, I hate You!” Then you freak out, thinking that you just insulted God. But in reality, your mental thoughts are totally different than your soul’s prayers.

Although we often think of praying as a mental activity, in reality it is a non-verbal communication which your soul has with God. Your soul is constantly dialoguing with God whether your brain realizes it or not. Our brains are always late to the party when it comes to translating what our souls have said to God. At best our brains provide us with a late and garbled broadcast of events that have already taken place. So by the time you try to form the words, “God, please help me!”, your soul has already clearly expressed this sentiment to God and He has heard it and responded. When demons mangle your mental thoughts to say, “God, I hate You!”, it’s like they’re doing a voice-over. Your soul didn’t actually say this to God.

Ever watch a movie in which voice-overs are being used? You can see the actor’s lips moving in a way that doesn’t match the words you are hearing. Maybe the actor is speaking Chinese in real life but the voice-over is in English. So just because another man comes along and records his voice speaking over the Chinese actor, and just because someone then mutes the sound of the Chinese actor’s voice and replaces it with the sound of the English speaker’s voice—does all this mean that the Chinese actor never said anything in real life? Of course not. At the time the movie was filmed, the Chinese actor said his Chinese words and everyone heard him. He never said anything in English. So also, when demons pull this voice-over technique on you and try to change the words that you hear in your mind, they are not actually changing what your soul has said to God.

Remember that demons are incessant liars and pretty much everything they try to do with you is an attempt to psyche you out. Demons are superb con artists. They will appear as pretty angels or the ghost of a dead loved one if that is what will make you more receptive to them. They will adjust their tone, change their grammar, invent images—anything to try and deceive you into buying the lie that they are in control, not God, and that you are at their mercy.


The first step in countering these kinds of terror tactics is to realize just how limited demons are. They cannot access your soul EVER. Your soul is who you really are, and it is ONLY your soul’s response to God that will determine where you will spend eternity. If you have submitted to Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, and your soul is safely in His grasp at all times. Demons CANNOT touch your soul. They can create a loud racket in your mind, they can manipulate your physical body and your senses, but so what? At the end of the day, these things are completely meaningless. It’s like throwing a bunch of eggs at a house and covering it with graffiti. If the goal is to destroy the inside of the house, then these activities all prove totally useless. Sure, they look dramatic and damaging from the outside, but they have utterly failed to achieve the end goal.

Demons want to control your soul, but they can’t get anywhere near it. This leaves them with only one option: to try and psyche you into thinking they can control your soul. This is where we get into this ridiculous rot about selling your soul to Satan. You can’t sell your soul to Satan. You can pray to Satan (which is a very unwise thing to do) and you can try to make bargains with demons, but you can’t ever cast your soul into their hands because you don’t have this kind of power. Can you leap off the earth and go sailing into the universe just because you want to? No, because God is pressing you down onto the surface of this planet. In the same way, your soul can want to go throw itself into the hands of demons, but in reality it is locked in God’s hands and there is no way it can escape His grip.

God never lets you go. If you refuse to submit to Jesus and you spend your life defying Him, then when you die God will place your soul into Hell, where He will still have a grip on it as He actively torments it. If you do submit to Jesus as your Lord and Savior while you are on this earth, then when you die, God will place your soul in Heaven where He will continue to hold it for all of eternity. No one is EVER out of God’s hands. Hell is not run by demons as many are erroneously taught. Hell was created by God and it is operated by God. Demons don’t torture people in Hell—GOD tortures both people and demons in Hell. Your soul is God’s property and He will never relinquish His hold on you.

So then, if your soul is really in God’s hands and demons can’t do anything to interrupt or block your soul’s communication with God, then what do they have left? Your ignorance is their greatest asset, but that is something that they will rapidly lose as you become more educated about their limitations. Demons are extremely limited beings. They never have their total way with you. The vast majority of their plans against you are vetoed by God. Demons CANNOT touch you without God’s permission and help. The only reason God allows demons to attack you is to strengthen your own bond with Him.

It is vital that you understand God’s motivations for allowing demons to attack you. Everything that God allows demons to do to you is about drawing you CLOSER to Him. When you try to rebuke demons and it doesn’t work, it is NOT a sign that you are spiritually flawed, nor is it a sign that your faith is pathetic or that God has abandoned you. Demonic harassment is like any other trial that God brings into your life—it is a teaching tool. There are many important, positive lessons that God can teach you using demonic harassment. If He always drove demons away the moment you asked Him to, you would never learn what He wants you to learn. So sometimes God is going to lock you inside the classroom by refusing to grant your requests for more protection. The challenge here is to trust that God always has your best in mind. Instead of getting stuck trying a million forms of rebuking, change your focus and start asking God to help you learn everything that He wants to teach you through this experience. We must be willing to submit to God’s Authority and elevate His will as more important than our own if we’re going to grow closer to Him.


Just because you’re not possessed doesn’t mean demons can’t manipulate your anatomy and your senses. They can and they will. It is often very expedient for them to attack your body before they attack your mind. Sending cold chills running up your spine is a great way to make you more receptive to fearful thoughts. Filling your stomach with knots is a great way to interrupt your peaceful mood.

The key here is to remember that your soul and your flesh are two separate things. Your soul (or spirit) is the real you, and you are like an astronaut who is walking about on the surface of the moon. The atmosphere of the moon is far too hostile for humans to survive in. The only way we can walk on the moon is if we go about in special suits that insulate us and allow us to breathe. So also, your non-physical soul can’t function in this physical dimension of earth without an earthsuit. Now an astronaut’s suit is literally keeping him alive. But your earthsuit doesn’t keep your soul alive, it’s more a matter of convenience. Your soul doesn’t need your suit to sustain it, but your suit can’t survive without your soul. While you go through life, your soul is like a man who is racing his car down the highway at a very fast speed. Were the man to suddenly vanish from inside the car, the car would fly out of control and crash. So also, when God releases your soul from your earthsuit at death, your earthsuit will stop functioning and rot away.

Your soul and your earthsuit are constantly responding to each other, but they are not part of each other. A car is very affected by the way its driver presses on the accelerator pedal and turns the steering wheel. The driver is very affected if the car starts to malfunction and jerk about. But although these two things impact each other, they never merge into one entity. The car never becomes the driver and the driver never becomes the car. In the same way, if your earthsuit is depressed or agitated, your soul will notice this and respond. If your soul becomes despaired, your earthsuit will notice this and respond. A joyful soul often excites its earthsuit and a despaired soul often makes its earthsuit feel drained and depressed. In the same way, a calm earthsuit can make the soul feel calm and restful while an agitated earthsuit agitates the soul. Your mind, emotions, senses, and physical body are all part of your earthsuit. But your soul also has emotions, and both your earthsuit and your soul have their own separate wills.

Since demons can’t directly attack your soul, they will try to get to your soul by attacking your earthsuit. All of the attack strategies we’ve been discussing throughout this post are ultimately an attempt to create a sense of division between your soul and God. Demons know that your soul is very sensitive to changes in your earthsuit  By attacking your mind, they are trying to set off a chain reaction of distress that will end up negatively affecting your soul. It’s all about trying to harm your soul because your soul is the real you.

If you want to really hurt someone, you’re not going to get very far just tearing his shirt. Plunging a knife into his flesh is far more satisfying. Demons do not find it satisfying to attack your earthsuit if your soul isn’t being adversely affected. This is why focusing on the separation of earthsuit and soul is such an important defense strategy. Essentially your soul tries to pull away from your earthsuit when your earthsuit is under attack. Your earthsuit is like a man who is being chased by lions outside of a house. He pounds desperately on the front door, screaming to be let in. Your soul is like the man inside the house who keeps the door bolted and refuses to help, because your soul knows that if he lets your earthsuit in, the lions will come in as well. Your soul’s well-being always takes priority over your earthsuit. When your earthsuit is writhing under demonic attack, your soul needs to take a very selfish attitude and preserve its own peace at all costs. This is why we try to dwell on positive truths about God in times of fear. Contemplating truths about God isn’t going to help your panicking earthsuit, but it will help your soul and your soul always comes first. Since demons are only attacking your earthsuit to get to your soul, if your soul does not react, then they end up having to give up their assault and find something more productive to do. It’s like the classic battle between brother and sister. The brother harasses the sister because he gets perverse enjoyment out of her dramatic reaction. But if she starts acting indifferent towards him, the game stops being fun. When demons try to attack through our earthsuits, our souls want to strive for indifference and remain focused on their own positive contemplations about God. This is the fastest way to bring the entire system of soul and earthsuit back to a peaceful state.

Now at first, this is totally unnatural. When you start out, your soul is extremely reactive to every little change in your earthsuit. Your soul could be singing praises to Jesus until you stub your physical toe, and then suddenly your soul becomes distracted and distressed. Your soul could be basking in peace until some cold chill runs up your spine, and then it immediately becomes anxious and fearful.

The field of psychology likes to ponder the question “Do our bodies respond to our thoughts or do our thoughts respond to our bodies?” For example, do you see a bear, think “I’m afraid,” and then feel your body respond with physiological stress symptoms (racing heartbeat, sweat, weak knees, etc)? Or do you first feel these symptoms and then think “I’m afraid” as a way of explaining what is happening in your body? The answer is that you do both because the elements of your earthsuit (mind, body & emotions) are always trying to stay in alignment with each other. If your mind is thinking stressful thoughts, your physical body will try to align with your mind by tensing up your stomach, bringing on a headache, or fidgeting about nervously. If your body reports neural pain, your mind will try to align with it by dwelling on the pain sensation, which of course only makes the pain feel more intense. And all the while the emotions of your earthsuit are running back and forth to try and match what your mind and body are doing. These three elements are like three friends that are always following each other around. There is no established leader in the group—any one of them can suddenly change course and the rest will follow.  If your body suddenly becomes agitated, your mind and emotions will rush to align with it. If your emotions suddenly get upset, your mind and body will rush to align with them. Demons understand all about the way these three elements are connected with each other and they will suddenly attack any one department in order to throw the rest of the system off balance.

Have you ever been walking along when all of a sudden your good mood crashes for no reason at all? It just feels like a wave of depression has suddenly crashed down on you. Your body immediately slows down and your mind starts looking for explanations. Demons love this, for in an effort to explain your sudden sadness, your mind goes rooting through its large barrel of bummer thoughts. Soon you’re contemplating everything that’s wrong with your life and now it is so much easier for demons to take over and steer you down into condemnation. And since your soul is very sensitive to your earthsuit, soon your soul is depressed as well and swallowing a bunch of lies about how you’re not making any real difference in this world and God is just too big and busy to really care about you.

Now at another time, demons might decide to attack your body first. You might be standing at the sink brushing your teeth when suddenly you get a cold sensation rushing up your spine. Your emotions instantly shift into fear mode to try and justify the physical sensation while your mind starts searching for a rational explanation. Demons rush to help by planting the image of some scary looking thug creeping down the hall towards you. Your soul is quickly impacted by all the anxiety around it and soon you’re battling with deep fears and doubts about God’s faithfulness to you. How do you know that He won’t let some horrible thing happen to you when you’re home alone? You don’t, and demons would love to discuss probabilities with you for the next four hours.

So how do you combat these kinds of emotional and physiological attacks? First you get educated about how the whole system works. Now that you understand that your mind, body, and emotions will always go chasing after each other like a bunch of cowards who are afraid to go against the status quo, you can see that it really doesn’t mean a conclusion is real just because your mind, emotions, and body all agree with it. The components of your earthsuit are a bunch of band-wagoners who are very easy to manipulate. Your soul can’t count on them for good advice. If you walk through a creepy house, your earthsuit will cry out in panic that there are monsters and ghosts just waiting to pounce on you. Your earthsuit is extremely gullible—that’s why haunted houses are such raving successes. People stick their hand in a bucket of wet noodles and believe they’re touching a bunch of squiggling worms. Your earthsuit is so easy to freak out which is why your soul needs to be cautious when it comes to drawing conclusions about the things your earthsuit experiences. A creepy feeling up your spine doesn’t mean some demon has taken possession of you. An intense emotional feeling of isolation doesn’t mean that God has abandoned you. An image in your mind of God scowling down at you doesn’t mean He is actually angry with you. As demons toy with your earthsuit, your earthsuit will bombard your soul with all kinds of negative conclusions. It is then up to your soul to stand firm like the calm adult in a crowd of frantic children and reject all of the nonsense your earthsuit is throwing at it. To do this, your soul needs to stay focused on God.

Your earthsuit is going to focus on everything but God—its physical sensations, its current moods, the frightening images and thoughts in its mind. But your soul needs to stay focused on God: His absolute power over demons, His firm grip on your soul, His love for you, and His unwavering faithfulness towards those who have submitted to Jesus as their God and Savior. Demons will try to do everything they can to get your soul to focus on the state of your earthsuit, because your earthsuit is what they have access to. But the more your soul learns to focus on God instead and ignore the state of your earthsuit, the less affected your soul will be by demons. Remember that manipulating your earthsuit is the only hope demons have of distressing your soul. Demonic possession is simply an extreme form of earthsuit manipulation—one in which demons gain an extra measure of bodily control, enabling them to make your earthsuit go places and do things that it doesn’t want to do. Experiencing the will of your earthsuit being overridden and controlled by a demonic host is extremely distressing to the soul. But here again, hope begins with realizing that your earthsuit and your soul are separate entities and that nothing can stop your soul from communicating with God. In any harassment situation, you want your soul’s first response to be turning its focus onto God.


Remember that learning good spiritual discernment skills, developing strong faith and confidence in God, and learning how to tune out the agitation of your earthsuit takes time.  A two-year-old girl doesn’t evolve into a full grown woman in just one week. Be patient. Have confidence in your Instructor: the magnificent Holy Spirit. He has been maturing human souls for thousands of years and He knows how to mature you. Nothing is impossible when you are living in alignment with God and seeking His best for your life. No matter how defeated, weak, and frustrated you might feel today, you can make progress, and you will make progress as you continue to look to the Holy Spirit and rely on Him to guide you in all things. God doesn’t want you to spend the rest of your life staring up at the soles of demons’ feet, but He also doesn’t want to turn you into Super Christian tomorrow. Spiritual growth is meant to be a journey. There is no button we can press to skip the hard chapters, and this is a good thing, for it is the experience of going through these things with God that will deeply enrich your personal relationship with Him.

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