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Astral Projection: A Dangerous Delusion


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Astral projection is promoted as a self-induced out-of-body experience in which you guide your soul out of your body and fly about. You can find step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish this on the internet. You basically get yourself in a very relaxed, drowsy, just-about-to-fall-asleep hypnotic state. Then you hyper-focus on a mental image of moving your “astral” body (or soul) out of your physical body. When the soul is about to “take off” and leave the body, many report feeling strange vibrations. But our internet counselors urge us not to let these strange vibrations scare us, or else we might snap ourselves out of our hypnotic state and ruin all the fun.

According to the professionals, you know that your soul has left your body when in your mind’s eye you can see yourself standing beside your bed and observing yourself lying there. You’re now walking about as a kind of ghost while your physical body remains lying on the bed in a hypnotic state. The whole thing plays out as one big mental fantasy as you experience yourself walking about in your ghost body, taking trips to places you’ve never been before, and getting exhilarated by this newfound freedom.

But are you really free? Have you really transported your soul out of your body or have you just transported yourself into the clutches of demons who are now finding it hilarious to toy with you?

Our internet guides (who scoff at the notion of demons) give you a way to test if you have actually succeeded in separating body from soul. The first time you get your soul to launch into the “astral plane”, they tell you to go visit a room in your house and take note of some detail that you never noticed before—maybe a pen that got kicked under the couch or the name of a book that got left lying around. Then get your ghost-self back inside your body, wake up, and go check to see how accurate your vision was. Yep, there’s that pen, just like you saw it with your ghost eyes. Yep, there’s that book, lying open to page 243. Well, that clinches it. You never noticed these things before, so there’s no way you could have possibly guessed right on your own. Clearly you were walking around as a ghost. You’ve gained new knowledge of reality without even leaving your bedroom. How exciting. You still can’t see the future, but this newfound skill certainly has thrilling potential. Now you can spy on people. Now you can see all those fabulous sites in the world for free. Now you can wow people with your extensive knowledge of the present. Look out world, ghost man is on the loose! And since your ghost only goes where you want it to go, you are in complete control at all times. Surely there can’t be harm in this fun little game, right? WRONG. You haven’t gone anywhere and you haven’t seen anything. Demons are messing with your mind and if you keep trying to go on these ghost walks, you’re going to end up in a major crisis.

We humans have ginormous egos. We don’t like how God is always labeling us as frail and limited creatures. We resent the way He compares us to dense sheep. We prefer to think of ourselves as super intelligent beings with snazzy supernatural powers. If we’re going to have souls stuck in bodies, then we ought to have the choice to leave our bodies whenever we feel like it. We’re like toddlers who are fussing and kicking in their car seats because they want to get out but mom won’t unlock those complicated straps. God is being equally unhelpful with us. We get tired of always being stuck in these physical shells, but He won’t free us up. He leaves us stuck in these things and says we’re not going anywhere until He kills us. Well, forget Him—we’ll find our own way out. Now we’re like a child who is trying to get around that child safety latch on the cabinet door. That darn thing is all that’s standing between him and the forbidden jar of cookies. Is this rebellious behavior? Of course it is.

What is it about words like “no” and “don’t” that inspires such determination within us? What is it about “you can’t” that makes us want to prove that we can? God says that He is the only One with the power to separate soul from body. But darn it, we just can’t accept that. And as soon as we start trying to go for something that God has told us to stay away from, demons instantly appear to cheer us on. “Stop it,” God says. “Go for it!” the demons cry. Who do we listen to? The demons, of course, because they are saying what our egos want to hear: “You have much more power than God says you do. You can do whatever you want. You’re not a limited being.” Gosh, we love those demons. They’re so encouraging.

So why would demons want to deceive us about astral projection? What’s in it for them? Many delicious things. First of all, whenever we go chasing after the illusion of control, we are rejecting our total dependency on God. No one sits around asking God to help them drift about in their ghost body. This is an activity that you’re taught to do all on your own. This is about flexing your supernatural muscles and proving your ability to manipulate the spiritual realm. Astral projection is a very self-exalting activity. We cast aside all dependency, submission, and limitations, and we go for complete autonomy. We don’t seek God’s permission or guidance. This is a “leave me alone, I can do it by myself” kind of game. Such a mindset is not going to take us in any positive spiritual directions.

Because we are trapped inside physical shells with very limited senses, our knowledge of reality is very limited. We are all experiencing only a teensy little fraction of the activity in this world. Astral projection promises to free us up from these limitations that God has put on us. “If He won’t let you see more of the world, we will,” demons whisper to us and we eagerly take the bait. But are demons really teaching us how to lift our souls out of our bodies? No, because they can’t separate soul from body, either. The whole thing is a parlor trick which is very easy for them to pull off because all they have to do is plant strong, sensual images in our minds. This is very easy for demons to do.

The human brain is a very fascinating and mysterious organ. If we cut away a piece of a man’s skull to expose a portion of his brain matter, and then we touch certain parts of his brain with some physical stimuli, the man will experience flashbacks, hear music, see images, etc. We’ve done exactly this sort of thing before in curiosity experiments and we’ve recorded the startling results. Physical sensations, audible sounds, emotional rushes—they can all be created by stimulating certain parts of the brain. So if we can give ourselves strange hallucinations just by touching our grey matter in a bumbling fashion, how much easier do you think it is for demons to toy with us? They understand our anatomy far better than we do. Our bodies are like soft clay in their hands—it’s so easy for them to manipulate our senses and take us on an endless variety of “trips”. Do you happen to like big cities? Demons will conjure up images of your ghost man flying over a beautiful glittering scene of skyscrapers. Do you like nature? They’ll give you a stimulating tour of gliding through the forest. If you are gullible enough to believe that you are actually in control of these journeys just because the demons showed you a few visions of items in your house that you never noticed before, well then there’s nothing they can’t get you to believe. Today it’s exhilarating trips over scenic landscapes. Tomorrow it’s something even more enticing. The demons know how to keep you coming back for more. And the more time you spend aligning your soul with them—because this is in fact what you are doing when you surrender yourself to their little games—the more likely it is that the Holy Spirit will get so fed up with your rebellion that He’ll start letting them hurt you. After all, that is their primary objective. Demons aren’t interested in giving you a good time, they want to dominate and torment you. Suddenly you find yourself going on trips that you didn’t want to take. Suddenly the scenery goes from beautiful to frightening. Suddenly you start realizing that some thing is getting inside of your body and forcing you to do things that you don’t want to do. You want it to get out, but it just laughs at you. Where is all your supernatural power now? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any. And now that your little playmates have taken you over, your life is a living hell, and it’s all because you wouldn’t listen to God when He said DON’T.

Astral projection is just one of countless games demons have invented in order to entice you into aligning your soul with them. Be clear on this: your soul is never holding a neutral position. If you are not aligned with God, you are aligning with demons. Humans are responsive creatures. When it comes to spiritual matters, we never lead, we always follow.

When trying to discern whether a spiritual activity is safe or not, think about what kind of bait is being dangled in front of you. Demons often appeal to our pride. They invent activities which promise to reward us with greater independence, power, and knowledge than we have in the natural. Tarot cards promise us access to special knowledge. Incantations promise us access to special powers. Astral projection is also about gaining power. All of these activities appeal to our carnal desire to be in control of our own destinies, yet in reality they will only lead us into greater bondage. Just as a lone sheep cannot survive on its own, so we humans are incapable of finding our own way in life. We need shepherds to guide us, and demons are always trying to woo us into following them down destructive paths. If they can get us to take our eyes off of our Shepherd, it is much easier for them to lead us astray. Once we align ourselves with demons, we often become so hooked on the sensual rushes they give us that we find ourselves not wanting to listen to the warnings of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly we find ourselves fighting against our Guardian while we cling to sadistic monsters. This is a terrible position for any Christian to end up being in, and if we persist in it too long, only violent discipline will blast us loose. Why go there? Stay away from astral projection. If you’re dabbling in it now, stop. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you get back in alignment with His plan for your life. Anytime you get involved in an activity which has even the remotest connection with the supernatural realm, you need to be inviting God to guide you in the moment. Don’t ever go dabbling in strange new games with your friends without praying and asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom. When you’re not listening to God, you are like a lamb who goes trotting off by itself into a dark forest full of wolves. You’re going to end up lost, injured, and afraid, and you’re never going to get the prize you were hoping for. Stick close to your Shepherd. Trying to fly around like a ghost is guaranteed to end in a crash landing.

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