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Tarot Cards & Christians

Tarot Cards & Christians

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The term “tarot cards” can either refer to a certain style of playing cards which is simply used for entertainment, or it can refer to a fancy deck of cards which are used for divination. In this post, we are talking about occult tarot cards—those that are specifically designed and used for divination purposes.

When you start laying out tarot cards in the hopes of getting a glimpse into your future, what you are actually doing is trying to communicate with demons on a soul level. Demons are the only ones who are going to be assisting you in interpreting your tarot spread. God is a real wet blanket when it comes to giving us tips about the future. God’s general rule about future knowledge and humans is “the less said the better.” This is because He knows that we humans don’t handle future information very well. Just look at how much trouble we have moving on from the past. The last thing we need is to go searching for reasons to worry about the future.

Now maybe you think the things you want to know are innocent enough. “Will I get married? Will I get rich? How will I die?” But you’re not ready to handle the answers to these questions right now. They would only burden you. You think you would feel enlightened if you got a bunch of good news about your future, but you wouldn’t. You’d just worry, obsess, doubt, and fear. Consider how much worrying we Christians do even though we know that we’re going to spend an eternity in Heaven with God. If future knowledge was so freeing, we ought to be the happiest people on earth, but we’re not. Plenty of us fret about Heaven being some terrible letdown. Others of us fixate on how we will die. Who cares how we’ll die when we’re going to end up in Heaven? Even a long, drawn out death is only a blink of an eye compared to spending eternity in bliss. Yet many of us are spending far more time focused on temporary problems instead of on all the glorious eternal promises that we’ve been given. So much for being enlightened.

God tells us to stay away from all forms of divination. So when we Christians pick up a deck of occult tarot cards, are we obeying God? No, we’re defying Him. And since He’s made it clear that He’s not going to tell us the future, we turn to His enemies instead to see if they’ll give us a few tips.

Here’s the thing about demons: they don’t know diddly about the future. So when you look to demons to give you tips about your future through tarot cards, fortune tellers, horoscopes, or any other divination tool, the most you’re going to get is an educated guess. You’ll never get a rock solid guarantee. And meanwhile, you’ll be defying God. Not a smart move.

Aligning yourself with demons is a very unhealthy thing to do. Demons hate you. They love the idea of causing you misery. The Holy Spirit does not appreciate being defied. The Holy Spirit is the only One standing between you and intense demonic torment. Provoking Him is a very foolish thing to do.

When a stubborn child reaches for a hot burner, his mother snatches his hand away to protect him. But if he refuses to appreciate her protection and keeps trying again, then she might decide to stand back and let him get a nasty burn. Once he’s smarting in pain, he’ll suddenly feel motivated to respect her again. God uses a similar approach with us. He tells us that demons are dangerous and that we shouldn’t play with any of the toys they dangle at us. Tarot cards with all their mystical trappings are just one of many toys that demons offer us. If we don’t listen to God and we keep trying to go around Him by getting tarot cards to “talk” to us, then the Holy Spirit might very well decide to lower His shielding and let us get a nice beating from the demons who we are so anxious to make friends with.

We need to be very clear on this point: playing with occult tarot cards is a spiritual activity. The whole point is to try and access “divine” information. Anytime we start dabbling in the supernatural apart from the leading of the Holy Spirit, we are inviting demons to mess with us. There is nothing innocent about playing with occult tarot cards. They are believed to contain insights from the Egyptian god Thoth—a bird-headed human figure who was considered the god of knowledge. Anytime we go pursuing the knowledge of a supernatural being other than God, we are essentially praying to demons. Do you really want to be praying to demons and inviting them to come close to you? No, you don’t. So leave the tarot cards alone. If your friends break them out and want to have a go at divining your future, you shouldn’t be playing along like it’s no big deal. You need to warn your friends that their fancy little cards could get them into some major spiritual trouble. Throughout history, Satan has invented thousands of religions, games, rituals, and superstitions to try and entice humans into aligning their souls with him. This is because he knows that the choices we make with our souls on earth will have eternal ramifications. So choose wisely. Stay away from tarot cards.

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