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Witches & Warlocks vs. the Holy Spirit

Witches & Warlocks vs. the Holy Spirit

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When you find out that someone is a practicing witch or warlock, what should your response be? Should you tremble before their powerful spells? Not at all. You should react to them the same way you would react if you found out a beautiful young teenage girl just joined a gang of burly rapists. The men are all twice her size, yet she boasts to you that she has them wrapped around her little finger and that they live to do her bidding. Right. And meanwhile you know that this particular gang has one goal in life: to violate as many girls as they can. So when their newest victim-to-be goes around boasting of her connections with these creeps, how do you react? You are very grieved. You are worried about her safety. You find the whole situation tragically disturbing. Of course the girl doesn’t want to hear any of your warnings. She is convinced that her new gang would never harm her personally, but they will certainly come in handy when she wants someone to go and beat up her enemies. She’ll just say the word and send her evil henchmen into attack mode. And of course they’ll always do what she wants because they are so desperate to please her, right? Wrong. The men are clearly in charge of this situation. They are just toying with the girl—letting her think they actually care about her so that she’ll introduce them to more of her foolish little friends. The gang has only one goal: to violate as many girls as they can. If they play their cards right, this one stupid teenager could be worth at least a dozen scores. If they just attack her right way, she’ll crawl off wounded and never help them get more victims. It’s all about getting more victims for our fictitious gang of creeps—and it’s all about getting more victims for the very real demonic realm.

Demons loathe humans. We’re such moronic little yucks in their eyes. We’re so easy to push around. We’re so powerless and ignorant and easy to manipulate. The only thing that makes us worth looking at twice is the fact that God loves us so much. What does He possibly see in such dopes? It makes no logical sense to demons, yet the fact that God cares so much about us means that they can use us to try and hurt Him. What else have they got? Direct confrontation is a joke. Demons can’t take God on any more than you can survive a stroll on the sun’s molten surface. But if they can entice humans into defying their Maker, well, that’s satisfying. With this end goal in mind, demons have invented a complex fantasy about humans gaining supernatural powers. Like children playing make believe, demons came up with the fancy titles of witches, warlocks, and sorcerers. Every game is more fun when props are involved, so they came up with tarot cards, crystal balls and spell books. And just as children invent new rules on the fly, demons also make up the rules to their games as they go along. It doesn’t matter how ludicrous they get, we humans will readily believe them. “If you sacrifice a goat to Satan exactly at the hour of midnight, then your curse will be extra potent.” Really?? Oh, but we rush to do it. “If you stick pins in a doll, you’ll inflict pain on the person you hate.” How absurd can we get? Suppose you were having coffee with a friend and she said, “You know if you pour the creamer in with your left hand and at the same time count backwards from 5 to 1, you can give yourself the ability to walk on water.” Would you believe her? Of course not, but you believe that humans who sit around muttering mumbo-jumbo from some “sacred” book can control the forces of the supernatural realms. What fools we are.


A curse is simply a verbal utterance. When we say a curse “worked”, we mean that some human being made certain supernatural events happen just by vibrating his vocal cords. What a crock. Your vocal cords don’t control anyone. There is no power in curses. They are nothing more than wishful thinking.

Now that said, demonic power is very real. Whenever possible, demons will try to time their activities to give the illusion that your curses have power. Suppose you stand in front of a mirror and command it to shatter. As soon as I hear you say the word “shatter,” I hit the thing with a hammer. It shatters. You feel pretty powerful, don’t you? No, because you can see me standing there with that hammer and you know that I acted of my own free will—I wasn’t forced to do anything just because you said a certain word.

But now let’s take the teenage boy who is dabbling in dark magic.  He is tired of watching fictitious characters like Harry Potter have all the fun.  He wants to get his own access to supernatural power, and after reading the moronic advice of other spiritual idiots online, he’s ready to try out his first spell.  He stands in front of a mirror and says a bunch of mumbo-jumbo which he believes is a spell that will cause glass to shatter.  No sooner does he cast his spell, then the glass instantly shatters.  Well, how impressive.  Another sorcerer has just been born, right?  Wrong.  It was a demon who caused the mirror to break. But because he kept himself invisible and timed his actions to coincide with the boy’s verbal declaration, and because the boy is so eager to believe in a lie, it only takes one round of mirror breaking to convince him that he actually pulled off a successful curse. After a few more carefully arranged sequences, the demon has secured a new stooge, and our foolish boy is running around boasting to his friends of his newfound supernatural power. This is how it works in the world of the occult: there are a bunch of foolish humans getting conned by simple parlor tricks into thinking that they can actually make things happen in the spiritual realms. It’s all so laughably easy to demons.

Ever watch two selfish children fight over the same toy? Who ends up winning? The one who is physically stronger. Demons are much stronger than we are. Demons aren’t about to let us push them around, nor are they going to waste their time carrying out our stupid agendas. As far as demons are concerned, we are the slaves, and they are the masters. While we think we are coming up with original ideas of how to inflict our dark powers on people, in reality we are simply responding to the commands that demons are giving us. “I really hate Sally,” they plant in some witch’s mind. “I want her to die.” The witch thinks this is her own thought, when really it’s been planted in her mind by demons. The demons also tell the witch which motions they want her to go through in order to inflict some terrible thing on Sally. What ritual they choose depends on how much time they have and what kind of previous training they’ve already given their little witch slave. Because demons are constantly changing the rules of their little games, they have to keep track of which lies they told to who. One sorcerer thinks that drinking goat’s blood is the way to inflict a certain disease on someone. But a second sorcerer thinks you have to sacrifice a goat in order to bring on the same disease—the demons changed the rules because they knew this second fellow would really gag at the blood drinking thing. Whatever you’re most likely to believe is what demons will tell you. They just want to get you into their clutches as quickly as possible. They don’t really care what curse you use or what rituals you perform—it’s all just a bunch of hooey that was made up to give you the illusion of power.

When demons see some opportunity for attack open up in the spiritual realm, they rush to try and align their witches and warlocks with their agenda. It isn’t hard to do, for these foolish souls have no discernment whatsoever. They don’t realize what pawns they are, and they are so caught up in their own egos that they will jump at any chance to flaunt “their” supernatural powers. If demons see the chance to attack someone, all they have to do is rile up some feelings of hate in their human pawns, and then whisper some instructions on which spells to chant and which rituals to perform. Of course the spells and rituals are superfluous—demons don’t need people to go chanting a bunch of baloney before they can launch an attack. But it is beneficial to them in the long run to keep feeding us “evidence” of our supernatural abilities. Yes, it’s a hassle to get you to stick pins in your stupid voodoo doll before the demons make their strike. If they stall around too long, they might lose their window of opportunity. But if they can manage to get you to go through some ridiculous motions before they actually act, then they’ll have made two scores: they’ll accomplish their attack and they’ll have sucked you deeper in to their web of deception.


Christians aren’t the only targets of curses. Demons hate all human souls, and those who haven’t yet committed themselves to Christ are coveted trophies. So demons are going to try and attack everyone, and the only reason anyone is going to survive their onslaught is due to the protection of the magnificent Holy Spirit. Happily for us, the Holy Spirit was protecting us before we even knew that He existed. So let’s not fall for the delusion that God only defends the saved. He defends everyone. If He didn’t, demons would have killed us all off a long time ago.

How hard is it for the Holy Spirit to protect you from demons? Well, take a towel and swipe it across some dusty surface in your house. Those little dust particles didn’t stand a chance, did they? One light swipe and they were gone. Demons are like dust particles to the Holy Spirit. One little flick and they’re gone. It isn’t hard. Nothing is hard for the Holy Spirit. Nothing ever strains Him. Coordinating the lives of billions of souls on earth, keeping the planet orbiting around the sun, holding the molecules of the universe together—it’s all such effortless work. So let’s not fall for these ridiculous theories of what is happening when the Holy Spirit takes His time in exorcising demons. While we strain in our prayers and talk about how “this one is extra powerful,” the Holy Spirit is delaying simply because He wants to. He casts out demons when He’s good and ready to do so. This obsession we have with trying to name and rank demons is utter foolishness. Compared to the mighty Holy Spirit, all demons are flecks of dust. Does it matter to Him if one speck is a little larger than another? Of course not. Dust is dust and He can flick it all away with such ease. So when He sees a horde of demons rushing towards you, is He anxious? Not at all. Flick. We can hardly call that a battle. Flick. The demons don’t stand a chance. Just when they amass their strongest warriors against you and move in for the kill—flick. Darn it.

The Holy Spirit is flicking demons away from you all the time, but you don’t thank Him. You don’t appreciate His tireless protection of you. You just take Him for granted and then you complain the minute He lets one little dust fleck touch you. Well, come now, we have to grow sometime. The Holy Spirit isn’t going to flick them all away. It’s good for us to experience some degree of demonic harassment. For one thing, it reminds us of how dependent we are on God to protect us. For another, it reminds us that we are not the most powerful beings in this universe. There are many excellent lessons to be learned through demonic harassment, and the Holy Spirit is the perfect Teacher. He views demons as useful little pawns which He can use to further our spiritual development. And as soon as the demons have served His purposes in a certain situation—flick. All gone.

Now here’s a principle we really need to get clear on: the Holy Spirit doesn’t take orders from anyone. He does not flick at our command. So we should never be ordering God to get rid of demons, we should only be making polite requests. All this irreverent flinging about of our Lord’s Name that we do in the Church—the Holy Spirit finds this very irritating. Have you ever noticed how inconsistent the results of your rebuking are? One minute you invoke the Name and there’s instant peace. The next minute you have to keep invoking because it seems like something’s stuck in the gears.

There are many pompous windbags in the Church who are full of ridiculous explanations for what is going wrong when demons don’t instantly flee from you. Of course these people never acknowledge that it simply isn’t God’s will to drive the demons away. Of course it’s God’s will to drive the demons away because that’s what we want and God always wants what we want—this is what these idiots will say. And then they’ll lecture you about having enough faith and rebuking demons by name and using fasting to ramp up your spiritual power. All of this is complete rubbish. The Holy Spirit is very zealous for Jesus to be treated with honor and respect. When we go walking in on some possession situation acting like we are God’s commanders, the Holy Spirit just might feel the time is right to lower a few of His protective shields. “Over here, little demons. Come beat up this arrogant little human who thinks he can treat Jesus’ Name like some powerful incantation.” This is what happened in Acts 19 when seven sons of a Jewish priest thought they could use Jesus’ power as a means of exalting themselves on earth. Marching in on one possession situation, they ordered the demon to leave.

“In the Name of the Jesus whom Paul preaches, I command you to come out.”

One day the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I know about, but who are you?” Then the man who had the evil spirit jumped on them and overpowered them all. He gave them such a beating that they ran out of the house naked and bleeding. (Acts 19:13, 15-16)

This is what happens when the Holy Spirit lowers His guard around us. And He will lower His guard whenever He feels it will be for our spiritual benefit. These seven priests in Acts needed a serious wake-up call. Today, there are many arrogant Christians promoting themselves as masters of the demonic realms. They will lecture you on the magic formulas for driving demons away from you. In other words, they’ll teach you that it is perfectly acceptable to boss God around. They’ll even teach you that this is what Jesus taught His disciples to do in the Bible—to boss Him around and treat Him like their personal Servant. No, this isn’t what Jesus taught. God NEVER authorizes us to tell Him what to do. We are invited to make respectful requests, but that’s it.


So as a Christian, do you need to fear witches and warlocks? Of course not. These people are completely impotent. Their curses have no power whatsoever. Instead of revering the human pawns of darkness, you should pity them. It is tragic to see souls throwing themselves into the path of harm by partnering with demons who hate them. But until the Holy Spirit awakens these people to the truth, they will continue to believe in a power they do not have.

As a Christian, you need to be focused on God, not on demons or their human pawns. While you need to recognize that demons are far more powerful than you are, you shouldn’t spend your life quivering in their shadow as if you are at their mercy. You are not at their mercy. Demons can’t come within a thousand miles of you unless the Holy Spirit allows them to do so. The Holy Spirit is committed to doing what is spiritually best for you. The more you trust in His good Character, the less you will fear. Suppose you walk into some barn at night where a hundred warlocks are all making sacrifices to Satan and chanting your name in their curses. Should you tremble in the presence of such power? No, because there is no power. There’s just a hundred adults acting like idiots in a barn. You should shake your head at the pathetic sight and then look to the Holy Spirit for guidance on how He wants you to handle the situation. As Christians we do not fear humans who are playing the part of Satan’s slaves. We feel sorry for them. We hope that they get a clue before it’s too late. If they get aggressive with us, we have confidence that the Holy Spirit will hand out the appropriate discipline.

When the Holy Spirit does allow demons to mess with us, we want to recognize that it is demons, not their foolish followers, who are hassling us. If you find out some warlock cast a curse on you the very night that you got into some bad accident, don’t fall for the same stupid delusion that the warlock has fallen for. Remember that humans are powerless to control the spiritual realms. The curse isn’t why you got into an accident—the Holy Spirit caused your accident in order to teach you some beneficial spiritual lesson. If He timed things to give the warlock some illusion of power, it’s hardly a compliment to the warlock. When God leaves us clinging to delusions without showing us the truth, it is often a form of discipline. Many witches and warlocks are so caught up in their lust for power that they don’t want anything to do with a God who wants to reduce them to humble servants. So God allows them to stay enslaved to their evil masters, for He knows it’s only a matter of time until the demons attack their own servants.

Remember that demons hate humans. When they offer to help us, it is only because they want to move us into a position where they can hurt us even worse than they could before. Just like our teenage girl who joined a gang of rapists, it’s only a matter of time until witches, warlocks, and everyone else who pursues demonic power will reap some very painful consequences. The rapists are only nice to the girl as long as she is benefiting them by bringing more victims into their reach. Demons are only nice to us as long as we are helping them drag others down. But when they tire of us, they turn on us, and lately we’ve been seeing this dynamic play out quite a bit in the news with this rash of gunmen who go blasting their way onto school campuses only to shoot themselves afterwards. Why are these souls constantly taking their own lives? There’s more going on than criminals not wanting to get caught. Demons are the ones who entice us to go gunning down people we don’t even know and once we’ve done their bidding, they pounce on us with terrible feelings of remorse, self-loathing, and fear so that we end up taking our own lives. One minute they’re telling us how special and brilliant and magical we are. The next minute they’re kicking us aside like useless trash. When we try to partner with those who hate us, we will always end up in a terrible place.

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